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Synopsis: Agrigreen, Inc, is an engineering firm, which undertakes various projects and engineering work.

It has clear and well defined hierarchy levels starting from Plant Manager at the top to the Surveyor at the bottom. Due to different working styles of the people there was working disharmony amongst the people working there, which accounted for slow working, lazy behaviours and different attitudes towards work. This harmed the work at the site and often led to delay of work. The case in point relates to ill feeling amongst project engineers and managers towards surveyor Howard Lineberry, who has been working from past several years but much of his work leaves a lot to be desired, his co-workers Richards and Cutler havent had great time working under him as they are of the opinion that he is slow and stupid. Pierson a newly appointed manager has the task at hand of firing Lineberry for his unpopular workstyle, he has consulted the engineers and Lineberrys coworkers and they all seem unhappy with his work. However Pierson is in a dilemma whether to Fire Lineberry as it involves extensive paperwork and also thinks sentimentally of Lineberrys family.

Objectives: This case study reflects on how the attitudes of different people can affect our work. For instance Howard Lineberrys lazy and slack working style has had adverse effect on people around him, he also misused his powers when he moved to a new location to do his work in his own style which some way or the other affected MELs growth and work. This case also makes us understand, work conflicts, leadership styles of different people, and their attitude towards their subordinates.

Solutions: 1) Lack of motivation and training to the lowest working group, Lineberry doesnt understand his responsibilities, which reduces his capacity to work. And as there is no motivation he is also not attached to his work and doesnt seem interested in reposting to work at all. As he is working in the same position for almost 10 years. And due to changing of his bosses he is bit confused on how do do his work. 2) Motivational aspects, if we consider MASLOWs motivation theory, this basic needs that is the Physiological needs are almost complete and his security and safety needs are almost done. He needs the next level of needs acceptance needs where he been looked upon, he is not getting a proper training nor a promotion so that he becomes responsible, and because of it he is not enjoying working with different levels of people having different attitudes. 3) Richard and Cutler did not enjoy working with Lineberry, because he was orthodox in working and cutler being newly joined the company wanted to work till his fullest and was ambitious thats why he was putting an extra 35 hours per week. Which was similar to Richard as he to did not find his subordinate active and hard working whuch his why he was not able to motivate Adams who worked under him and was lazy as Lineberry. 4) As mentioned in the case, there is not much of the informal relations taking place, except the relation between Lineberry and Cutler in the initial days, and between Richards and Pierson and the informal party which Richard had kept. I think informal relationship played an important role in Cutlers carrer as he got to handle additional responsibilities, which was according to his potential.

5) I think the placement group was fine, only thing they lacked was the job rotation, training and job motivation policy which I think they should adopt because that would help the people working in the organization to get more attached to the work, and keep them motivated. 6) The management should take the following responsibilities that created these problems, lack of training, motivation among employees, a facility to relate problems in working, informal sessions with the people who are doing the lowest level job so that they feel that the company is caring for them and they feel motivated, recognition or awards, new improvements with the technology etc. 7) The following are the solutions: I think the culture of the organization is closed one like a box, where a person feels like restricted and cannot come out to perform because of the levels of working, not motivated enough, and little rusty as to nothing new is happeneong except the changing of the managers. As far as Mr. Howard Lineberry is concerned, I think Mr. Tad Pierson, should talk to him regarding his problems, motivate him and make him count for his work which he earlier was not given. May be he must ne dejected as his subordinate Mr. Cutler is getting recognition and he is not even though he is working in the organization since last 10 years. In short he need MOTIVATION.