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HTML, CSS, LESS, Sass, JavaScript (vanilla), jQuery, Node.js (incl. Express.js), CoffeeScript, Knockout.js,
Backbone.js, Ember.js, Ruby, Rails, PHP, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Git, SVN, etc.
2007 - 2009
Cato Middle College High School
High School Diploma
Dual-enrollment with 37 completed hours
2009 - 2012
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Major in Computer Science
Double major in International Studies
Study Abroad One year at Yonsei University (Seoul, Korea)
2014 (Presently)
Senior Front-End Engineer
Ally Financial (Banking; Charlotte, NC)
Engage with product managers and business executives to gather project requirements,
estimate development timelines, and ensure timely and accurate development
Develop new products with specific emphasis on code re-usability, modularity, and
compartmentalization, to be used across multiple products and lines of business
Provide basic and advanced front-end development techniques to junior developers
Work exclusively with HTML, CSS (Sass), and (mostly) JavaScript, with Node.js being used to
develop internal services and toolkits

Software Engineer
Sonobi Media (Supply-side Ad. Platform; Orlando, FL)
Develop new dashboards and tools to help publishers better understand their advertising
metrics and manage their advertising campaigns
Update and maintain systems that sync with multiple ad servers such as AppNexus and Sonobi
Go as well as provide public-facing APIs for publisher-enabled development
Utilize PHP, JavaScript (incl. Prototype.js), CSS3 (incl. LESS) consistently, as well as SVN for
version control

Software Engineer
Vingle (Social start-up; Seoul, Korea)
Develop new features and refactor old ones using a mix of bleeding edge and stable web
Create and maintain a separate Rails API used to serve data to two mobile applications serving
over 150 concurrent users at any given time as well as 30,000+ unique monthly web visitors
Strong implementation of TDD as well as over 20 hours of weekly pair programming with senior
Work with a product and design team to bring compositions to the screen and make them a
working reality
Make sure all new code is IE-compatible to IE7 to serve a largely IE-based Korean user market
Ruby on Rails, JavaScript (CoffeeScript), CSS3 (Sass), Heroku, Git for managing multiple large
projects, Pivotal Tracker/Google suite for project management and communication, etc.

2012 2013
Web Developer (Internship/Temporary)
American City Business Journals (Sporting News, Charlotte, NC)
Worked to rewrite & redesign the mobile web site to be a single-page web application with a
responsive layout for phone and tablet device sizes
Utilize PHP + MySQL + nginx, JavaScript (incl. Backbone + Dust), HTML5, CSS3 (incl. LESS),
Bootstrap, Git, etc. consistently

2011 - 2012
1:1 Private English Instructor
Self-employed (Seoul, Korea)
Offer one-on-one English tutoring
Cover all aspects using reading, writing, speaking, and listening
Grammar as well as conversational topics
High school students to adult ages

Not Included: Delivery Driver, Dominos, 2009 2010; Cashier, Lowes Foods, 2008 2009
Vernon Kesner
+1-704-301-4554 (Mobile)
Coworker, Developer Advocate, Ally Financial

Chris Gomez
+1-704-654-2109 (Mobile)
Supervisor/mentor, Sporting News
Coworker, Senior Front-End Engineer, Ally Financial

Jee, Sanghoon (Korean only)
+82-10-9966-3083 (Mobile)
Coworker, Vingle