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Supervision Essays

24/10/10 The study of kinship was invented by superimposing specific ideas about biology onto human social life (Schneider). Discuss.

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What effects did colonialism have on the consciousness of colonial subjects & colonial rulers & their clients or collaborators? Discuss with reference to two or more ethnographic cases.

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To what extent can religious violence actually be considered to be religious?

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Adoption and new reproductive technologies raise different but related questions for the anthropology of kinship. Discuss.

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Pre-capitalist economies are socially embedded, whereas capitalist societies are embedded in the capitalist economy (Polanyi). Discuss.

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How have anthropologists explained the widespread existence of inversions and reversals in ritual events?

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Set Essay: Are the moralities of kinship and the moralities of the market inevitably opposed? What is problematic about the state-society distinction and how does the study of NGOs challenge it further?

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With reference to the study of Christianity, assess the value of the category of belief for anthropological analysis.

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