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English 25 Zapata Final Prompt This semester we have conducted an in-depth study Latino/a literature.

For your final you must select a common theme expressed between 5 literary texts and write an essay suggesting the significance of that unifying theme. The significance of that theme may vary according to the author, but your central focus should be how that author exemplifies and/or complicates it. You must spread out your authorial selections to cover the entire semester. Note, if you focused on Junot Diazs The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao in your analytical essay, you need to write about Julia Alvarezs How the Garcia Girls Lost their Accents in your final (and vice versa). As always, please pay attention to formal considerations such as grammar, spelling, and organization. (You may bring a dictionary.) Consider the format/mechanics of your essay. All essays must have a title, engaging introduction, a clear and focused thesis statement, examples from the text, close reading of your examples, transitions, and a strong conclusion to receive a passing grade. Since this is an in-class essay you need to make sure you put forethought into your response. Hence: Part One: Outline Bring in a typed outline (10 points) tracing the trajectory of your argument. Your outline should contain: 1. introductory paragraph with thesis statement underlined; and 2. topic sentences for your supporting paragraphs. Part Two: Textual evidence Quotes from your selected texts must be incorporated throughout your essay. Your quotes must be derived from your blue book journals. If you fell behind in your journaling, nows your chance to write out quotes you shouldve written throughout the semester. You may add additional quotes to your already graded journals. If you are uncertain where your essay is going, err on the side of caution by writing out more quotes. I will be collecting your outline along with your essay. YOU MAY NOT TAKE THE ESSAY IF YOU DO NOT PREPARE AN OUTLINE OR TEXTUAL EVIDENCE (quite simply, I will ask you to leave and you will not be able to make it up). Also, I will be briefing skimming through your journals beforehand. Keep in mind that this essay will *not* be available for revision, so you want to represent your best work. Unless you have a written medical emergency this essay can not be made up. So come to class and be sure you are on time. You will have the entire class time to complete your work. Make sure you bring in a blue book. YOU MUST ARRIVE ON TIME. INTERUPTIONS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED FOR THEY ARE EXTREMELY DISTRACTING, DISRESPECTFUL, AND CAN BREAK THE THOUGHT PROCESS. Final Date and Time: Thursday, June 6th 2-4:30. Please note the time change. Materials: Outline, journals, and new large Blue Book Length: at least 3 pages (front and back) Worth: 100 points