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============================= WaveMP3 version 2.

3 (Build 340)
by Peter Luijer <>
Copyright 1999-2004

This program is provided to you without warranties, you may use it at your own
I, Peter Luijer, cannot be held responsible for any damages done by using this

It is released as FREEWARE and may not be sold without my permission.

You may copy this program, unaltered, as much as you like provided that you only
copy the complete unchanged archive.

By executing this program you agree to these terms and conditions.


WaveMP3 is a simple application that will turn your "Normal" MP3's into Waved
A Waved MP3 is nothing more than a normal MP3 with a so called "RIFF/WAVE" header
front of the actual MP3 audio data and the ".wav" extension.

Some, mainly older, programs won't let you use audio files encoded in the MPEG
Layer III
audio format although they support audio-files in the Windows "WAVE" format.
You can think about word-processors and spread-sheet programs that enable you to
audio-files inside the documents.

Because the WAVE format supports compressed audio files it's possible to convert a

normal MP3 file to a file that meets this WAVE specification; this is exactly what

WaveMP3 does: converting a MP3 to a WAVE formatted file.

Asside from converting the file format, WaveMP3 will also convert an existing
ID3v1.1 tag
into the WAVE-format equivalent (a so called "LIST/INFO-chunk).

This single utility replaces the older WaveMP3 (GUI) and MP3Waver (command-line)
It can be used as a GUI as well as a command-line convertor.


Simply extract the file "WaveMP3.exe" from the ZIP archive into a folder.
You can now use it by simply executing this file: a small icon will appear on your

You can also do a "real" installation by running the batch-file "Install.bat"
will add some entries to your registry so you will be able to convert a file by
right-clicking it in Windows Explorer and choosing "Convert with WaveMP3".
This batch file does nothing more than executing WaveMP3 with the "/i" command-
line option.

To remove these entries (uninstall WaveMP3) you can run the "Uninstall.bat" file
will issue a "/u" on the WaveMP3 command-line.
After that you can safely remove WaveMP3 from your system.

Usage (GUI mode):

When you double-(left)click on the drop-target, a dialog will appear where you can
for the file you want to have converted.
You can select either a file with the ".mp3" extension or one with the ".wav"

Secondly, it's possible to "drag 'n drop" (multiple) files from Windows Explorer
the icon (handy for batch processing).

You can also do a right-click on the drop-target which will popup a menu.
In the menu you can choose "Convert" to open up the file-selection dialog.

In the system tray an icon will be added saying "WaveMP3", when left-clicked the
"Drop-target" will be show (if hidden), when right-clicked the same menu will
popup as when
the drop-target was right-clicked.

The popup menu gives you these options:

"Convert..." -> "File" - Will open up a dialog where you can select a
-> "Quick (CBR)" - Estimates the playtime of a MP3 (default)
-> "Exact (VBR)" - Scans the complete MP3 to determine the
"Drop target" -> "Visible" - Hides or shows the drop-target
-> "Small" - Shows a small icon as the drop-target
-> "Large" - Will show a larger window as the drop-target
-> "Custom" - If a file called "Custom.bmp" is available
will be shown as the drop-target
"About..." -> "About WaveMP3" - Shows a dialog with information about
-> "Command-line" - Displays information about the command-line
-> "Visit homepage" - Will open up your browser and loads my
-> "Send e-mail" - Opens up your e-mail program with my e-mail
"Exit" - Exits WaveMP3

Usage (command-line mode):

This mode might be usefull for people that have a real batch of MP3 waiting to be
to WAVEdMP3's and don't want to use the GUI.
They can simply make a batch file that will call WaveMP3 with the correct command-

WAVEMP3.EXE [-?][-e][-q][-i][-u] "MyFile.mp3"

-? will show a help/about dialog
-e exact mode, scan file for exact playtime instead of an estimation; usefull
if you're
WAVing MP3's that are VBR or ABR encoded
-q quiet mode, no messages will be generated (recommended with batch file
-i add (install) registry entries
-u delete (uninstall) registry entries used by WaveMP3

"MyFile.mp3" the file you want to convert; may also be a WavedMP3 (.wav

Although multiple files may be placed on the command-line, this is not

recommended, since
the maximum number of characters on a DOS-prompt may not exceed 127 characters...
So you'd better make a batch file like this:

WAVEMP3 -q me.mp3
WAVEMP3 -q myself.wav
WAVEMP3 -q "and I.mp3"


In case you don't like the provided drop icons, you can use one of your own
by placing a bitmap-file into the same folder as WaveMP3.exe called "Custom.bmp"
(without the quotes).
In theory this bitmap can be of any size (I only checked with 1024*768, 24 bit)
it MUST be in the Windows BMP format.
If you want to use a JPEG, GIF or other image you first need to convert it to the
Windows (or OS/2) bitmap format.

There's a chance this feature doesn't work on NT-core based OS's, but I can't test
at the moment (this includes Windows 2000 and Window XP).

You can also permanently change the icons if you have a "Resource editor".
Open up WaveMP3 in your editor and replace the "SMALL" and "LARGE" images in the
section of the resource.
(If you don't know what I mean, leave this option as it is.)


If you've selected a MP3, WaveMP3 first checks if this a real MP3 file and will
then convert this file to a file with the same name but with the ".wav" extension.
Furthermore, when an ID3v1.1 tag exists in the MP3-file it will be also converted
the corresponding WAVE-format info-chunk.

When you've selected a ".wav" file, WaveMP3 will first check if the file is a real
WAVE file in the correct MPEG Audio format.
If correct the file will be converted to a file with the same name, but with the
".mp1", ".mp2" or ".mp3" extension, according to the MPEG Layer.

If there's already a file with that same name and extension it will be overwritten

WaveMP3 is not able to convert WAVE files encoded/compressed in other formats than
MPEG Audio Layers I, II or III (format-tag 0050h or 0055h).
If it's a real Waved MP3, WaveMP3 will convert it back to a normal MP3, thus
the "RIFF/WAVE"-header and changing the "LIST/INFO" back to an ID3v1.1-tag.

You must have the Frauenhofer codec installed on your system to be able to play
Waved MP3's.
Although WaveMP3 is able to "convert" MPEG Layer I & II files into it's WAVe
only few systems are capable of playing these.

Only if you have an (expensive) ACM codec for layer II installed on your system or
soundcard that has hardware MPEG audio coding/decoding capabilities (mainly only
professional broadcast soundcards) you'll be able to play these through Windows.

WinAmp, on the other hand, is capable of playing these files though; but it is not
to use these WAVes as OLE-objects.
The Frauenhofer codec is only able to play Layer III files.

Use it, abuse it, enjoy it, but give me credit where credit's due...

Comments, questions, reports? Send me an e-mail at:

Visit my pages at:
or check for updates at:

Also take a look at my other great(?) program: MP3Cutter

Edit your MP3's on the frame-level without loosing MP3 quality...

Peter Luijer (AKA The VideoRipper).

PS: If you want to write me a message, please make sure the subject-line is filled
with a real subject, preferably with the word "WaveMP3" in it.
Because I receive loads of spam, I only look at the subject line before
opening it,
Subjects like "Debt consolidation" and "Free XXX pictures" are removed and



- Version 2.3 (Build 340) December 4, 2004:

- Fixed another Lame.exe bug: The "Fact"-header of MP3's created by Lame.exe
that a file has no samples (fact.nNumberOfSamples = 0), which is not correct.
- Icon did not appear in the system-tray (oops), fixed.

- Version 2.3 (Build 338) December 2, 2004:

- Changed some URL's from "" to my own domain ("") and
copyright message.
- Release this version since build 330 was never released officially.
- Fixed Wave-parsing when header is incorrect (due to Lame.exe), thanks to

- Version 2.3 (Build 330) September 29, 2003:

- Added support for VBR and ABR encoded MP3's, by including a frame-scanner to
the exact playtime.
- Added a menu-item to view the command-line usage
- Changed some URL's from "" to "" domain (because I hate those
- Fixed a bug when trying to Wave an MP3 that resides in the same directory as
using command-line mode.
- Fixed a little bug when writing a LIST/INFO block to a WAVed MP3 from a MP3
with an
available but empty ID3 tag.

- Version 2.2 (Build 295) June 22, 2002:

- Replaced large drop-icon by a nicer one (thanks to Radius
- Replaced hidden feature for custom drop-icon (where one could add a "CUSTOM"
into the resource) by using a "Custom.bmp" file instead.
- Clicking on the tray-icon toggles the visibility of the drop-icon.

- Version 2.1 (Build 279) April 22, 2002:

Fixed a little cosmetic bug in the "ToolTip" of the system-tray icon
when running under Windows 95.
- Version 2.1 (build 278) April 12, 2002:
- WaveMP3 now supports all MPEG Audio Layers (Layers I, II & III).
Typically these other MPEG layer files have the MPA, MP1 or MP2 extension.

- Version 2.0 (build 262) February 28, 2002:

- Initial release.


Microsoft Windows� is copyrighted by The Microsoft Corporation

MPEG Layer III Codec is copyrighted by Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft