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html Apricot Peach Fruit Flan Recipe For Pastry Cream (Custard Cream) 500 ml Milk 4 nos Egg Yolk 120 gm Sugar 30 gm Custard Powder 20 gm Soft Flour 1 tsp Vanilla Essence

For Fruit Flan Flan 3 pcs Vanilla Sponge Cake 50 ml UHT Whipping Cream 1 can Peach (Sliced) Separate syrup and peaches 80 gm Apricot Jam Click here for Vanilla Sponge Cake recipe


Part 1 (Making The Pastry Cream) 1) Bring 3/4 of the milk and 1/2 of the sugar to a boil in a pot. 2) Mix egg yolks, remaining 1/2 sugar, custard powder, flour and vanilla essence in a mixing bowl. 3) Mix everything together into a smooth paste and dilute with the remaining 1/4 milk. 4) Strain the mixture into the milk and stir under low heat till it is thick. 5) When mixture is thick and starts to bubble, it is ready. 6) Transfer to a container and place a piece of cling film in direct contact with the cream surface to prevent the surface from drying out. Chill before use.

Part 2 (Assembling The Apricot Peach Flan) 1) Whisk UHT whipping cream till stiff.

2) Mix into pastry cream (custard Cream) till smooth. 3) Dilute the syrup from the canned fruit with a little water. 4) Place the first piece of vanilla sponge on a cake board, Brush with the syrup from the peach. Spread with 1/3 of apricot jam and coat with pastry cream (custard cream). 5) Place the second piece of vanilla sponge on top, brush with syrup and coat with apricot jam and pastry cream as well. 6) Top off with the third piece of vanilla sponge, spread with remaining apricot jam and coat the whole cake with pastry cream. 7) Arrange sliced fruits on top and decorate with chocolates on the sides. Chill and allow pastry cream to set a little before serving.

Recipe makes 1 X 20cm (8") round cake ring.

Almond Praline Cake

Recipe For Butter Cream Frosting 250 gm Sugar 60 ml Water 4 nos Egg White 500 gm Unsalted Butter (room temperature and chopped) For Almond Cake 100 gm Almond Flakes 100 gm Sugar 150 gm Hazelnut Spread (Nutella / Ferrero) 300 ml Sugar Syrup (Mix 200ml Water with 100gm Sugar) 3 pcs Vanilla Sponge Click here for Vanilla Sponge Cake Recipe

Method Part 1 (Making The Frosting) 1) Place sugar in a heavy pot and pour water covering it evenly. 2) Bring it to a boil (do not stir) until soft ball stage which is about 240F / 116C. Refer to video on how to check consistency without a thermometer. 3) Remove from heat and immediatelt start to whisk egg whites together till fluffy. 4) By the time the egg whites are fluffy the sugar syrup should have cooled a little. Pour sugar syrup while still whisking the egg white. The correct technique would be to let the sugar syrup flow down the sides of the mixing bowl thus cooling it further. 5) Continue to whisk even after pouring in the sugar syrup to cool down meringue. 6) Once meringue has cooled to a warm temperature, add in butter and mix till smooth. If meringue is too hot, the butter will melt and become

Part 2 (Assembling The Cake) 1) Saute almond flakes and sugar together in a pot over medium heat tossing it continuously for sugar to caramelise and coat almonds evenly.

2) When almonds are cooled,pound it a little to loosen the almond pieces. 3) Mix the hazelnut spread with 500gm of butter cream. 4) Place the first piece of vanilla sponge on a cake board, brush with sugar syrup and coat it with the butter cream. Place the second piece on top and coat it evenly doing the same for the third piece of vanilla sponge as well.

5) Coat the whole cake with generous amount of butter cream and sprinkle caramelised almond on top and on the sides. Decorate as per your desire and serve. Recipe makes 1 X 20cm (8") Round Cake Ring.

Balthazer Cake(Chocolate Cheese Mousse Cake)

Recipe 3 pcs Chocolate Sponge Slice 250 gm Ganache

For Cream Cheese Mousse 150 gm Cream Cheese 75 gm Sugar 2 nos Egg Yolk 400 ml UHT Whipping Cream 10 gm Gelatine Powder 50 ml Boiling Water (For Gelatine)

For Chocolate Mousse 125 gm Dark Couverture Chocolate 2 nos Egg Yolk 200 ml UHT Whipping Cream 5 gm Gelatine Powder 30 ml Boiling Water (For Gelatine) 25 ml Dark Rum (Optional) Click here for Ganache recipe Click here for Chocolate Sponge Cake recipe


Part 1 (Making The Cream Cheese Filling) 1) Add cream cheese and sugar in a mixing bowl and beat till soft and fluffy. 2) Add in egg yolk one by one till smooth. 3) Whip up the whipping cream in another bowl till slightly stiff. 4) Fold in whipped cream into the cream cheese mixture. 5) Melt gelatine in hot water and fold into cream cheese cream.

Part 2 (Making The Chocolate Filling) 1) Whisk the egg yolk till fluffy and almost double in volume. 2) Melt dark couverture chocolate on a double boiler (bain marie).. 3) Let chocolate cool a little before adding into the egg yolk mixture. Mix immediately till smooth. 4) You may add in rum or brandy at this stage if desired. 5) Whip up the whipping cream in another bowl till slightly stiff. 6) Fold in whipped cream into the chocolate mixture. 7) Melt gelatine in hot water and fold into chocolate cream.

Part 3 (Assembling Balthazer Cake) 1) Place the first slice of chocolate sponge in a cake ring, brush with sugar syrup and pour cream cheese mousse over it. Level it using a spatula. 2) Place second piece of chocolate sponge on top, brush with sugar syrup and pour chocolate mousse over it. Level using a spatula and cover with the third slice of chocolate sponge. 3) Allow to set overnight in chiller before coating the top with melted Ganache. 4) Decorate and serve.