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Grade Level:

High School

Subject: Music

Prepared By: Diana Lambert

Unit Composing and Recording African Percussion Pieces Lesson Objectives

Vocabulary/Concepts to be learned or reinforced 1. Quarter note 2. Eighth note

Students will read rhythmic patterns consisting of both quarter 3. Tempo notes and eighth notes. Students will become comfortable layering these rhythms together using body percussion and 4. Rhythm ultimately create a short rhythmic piece.
Essential Questions 1. How do we read quarter notes and eighth notes? 2. How long do quarter notes and eighth notes last? 3. How do we stay on our part and not jump to another sections rhythm? Students will demonstrate the ability to: 1. Read both quarter notes and eighth notes. 2. Read and play several rhythmic patterns.

5. Blending 6. Quarter rest Materials Worksheet with notated rhythmic patterns Education Standards Addressed

1. Performing on instruments, alone and with others, a varied repertoire of


3. Play these patterns together and stay steady on their specific part. 2. Listening to, analyzing, and describing music.

3. Reading and notating music.

Lesson Development 1. Introduction-get to know the students-any musicians in the room? 2. Explain that were going to create a short rhythmic piece within a few short minutes 3. Explain how to read/play quarter notes and eighth notes(review for those who already know this) 4. Keep a steady beat using just quarter notes in 4/4 5. Work through a few rhythmic patterns together as a class 6. Break the class into two groups, having each group play separate rhythmic patterns at the same time 7. Add a third group (if time permits) and layer all three parts together 8. Shape these patterns into a rhythmic piece by following when I call each section in and out 9. If time permits: experiment with dynamics

Assessments Watching each student play the rhythmic patterns in a group and while playing against other patterns and noting if they can stay in time and on the correct rhythm.

Summary, closure What did we learn today? Did any of you surprise yourself? What did we do well/what could we do better? We are all musicians and can make music anywhere!

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Body Percussion Rhythms First, master each rhythmic pattern and then practice playing them in small groups. Try switching parts until you all have played each pattern. Once youre comfortable, experiment with different dynamics, tempo and form.

Stomp feet

Pat legs

Clap hands