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2 - June 2013

Head Boy/Head Girl and Assistants.

It has been another exciting and busy time for the Head Boy, Head Girl and Assistants. Since Christmas they have continued to play a key role in many charity events in and around College.
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Students in College were invited to wear a hat and pay 1 with all money collected going to Brain Tumour Research. Once again the Head Boy, Head Girl and Assistants worked hard collecting money from form groups and during break and lunch time. A total of 219.23 was raised for this very worthwhile cause.

Envision Charity Football Match: As part of their Envision project a number of student assistants organised and ran a charity football match to raise money to support a project in the local community. The team of students raised a fantastic 75.00.

The team are looking forward to a few more events leading up to the end of term. These include the OAP Tea Party and the Summer Fete.

This term the SALPS have spent time recording a video clip with Mr Storey to inform staff about the work that we have been doing in college and to let them know how they might use us in the future. We were booked into the Media Centre and spent the afternoon there producing our video clip. Mr Wickett helped us with the filming and using the Green Screen. Although we were worried about being in front of the camera, our nerves soon disappeared and we were able to speak confidently about our work as SALPS. In the video we explain our Code of Conduct and our Vision, which is to work together to improve learning at CHTC so that students and teachers can all feel proud of their achievements. We also talked on the clip about our findings from observing Mr Storey and Miss Hassells lessons, for example, their use of praise and questioning. At the end of our video we also share what we think, what kind of lessons students enjoy most, lessons which include which Praise, Participation and Practical Work. We really hope the staff enjoy our video soon and find it useful. We have also enjoyed contributing to Charity Events this term, for example, Red Nose Day and Wear a Hat Day.

We decided that as a group of Ambassadors it would be nice for the students of Cockshut Hill to have the opportunity to enjoy some nice warm pancakes amid the snowy and cold weather. Armed with strawberry and chocolate sauce we took our stations in the food prep room in Warwick and waited for the masses to arrive. Despite break time being shortened due to the snowy conditions it did not stop us from selling over 150 pancakes and raising money that we proudly added to the schools Comic Relief fund. Ambassadors had valuable experience of planning an event -taking into account the advertising, the costs involved, the serving of the food and the health and safety elements required. We were very proud of our efforts, so being able to contribute around 40 to charity was the icing on the cake.....ah haaaa! That gives us an idea for our next event, June. As we are now looking forward to sunnier days and warmer break times and lunchtimes the SLC Ambassadors are leading a project to improve facilities in the playgrounds during recreational times. We have already sent out an ideas sheet to forms to get an idea of what you the students want in our playgrounds. Ideas have now come back and we are in the position to be able to run a vote on what changes the students would like to see. When the voting has taken place we will be going to local businesses and suppliers to cost the ideas and get the wheels moving for some new exciting improvements to make Cockshut Hill an even more wonderful place to be!

The community ambassador groups main focus over the academic year so far has been to look at charity events and what they can offer back. The community group has been involved in lots of different pursuits including school bazaars where they have been responsible for running stalls and gaining pupil and parent involvement. The pupils general role has been to contribute to the running and involvement of charity events such as red nose day and the sport relief mile, alongside the Macmillan coffee morning and money raising opportunities in school like the quiz evening. Sixth form ambassadors main responsibilities have been the financial side and ensuring monies are collected, stored and recorded correctly. Whilst the younger students have offered ideas to contribute to the planning and delivery of different activities. Over the next year student involvement will hopefully be more vigorous and more responsibility will be taken on by them as their role matures and develops.

The aim of the Parent Ambassadors group is to help build links between the different parts of the community and in particular between the parents, teachers and students. On the last day of the Spring Term we held a very successful cake sale and decided to put the 40 raised to Children in Need. Well done to students who participated in decorating Easter cakes sticky icing, mini eggs, chocolate sprinkles and birds nests abounded. Thank you too for parents who supported by supplying cakes or money. We have a number of events to look forward to in the Summer Term including helping out at the summer fete. Prior to that on May 22nd we look forward to welcoming Y10 parents and students to our teambuilding events in the Parents in Partnership day.

Students have been busy working on their action plan fit the forthcoming year. Alongside this important planning the peer mentors have worked with a range if younger students to help them with any barriers to learning they have. Students who have received this support have been very pleased with the work the peer mentors are doing. Others in the group have focused on re writing the anti bullying policy. There have also been several planning meetings about how best to ensure all our students enjoy all aspects of school. Students will also start to work with our year 6 students shortly.

This year the C4L ambassadors have contributed to all four components of Climate for learning. During the autumn term the C4L ambassadors focused on improving the physical environment but during the last term the focus shifted towards the social and effective environments. Many of the ambassadors took part in the community and charity events that happened last term showing their support to our college community and making a positive contribution.

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