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Want to get rid of annoying Debt Collectors from your door, telephoning or sendi ng nuisance letters?

Here s how, with a simple Cease and Desist Notice Firstly, the following letter will only work with civil debts such as the follow ing:Council tax arrears Bank debts Credit card debts Utility companies Mobile phone companies Personal debts County Court Judgements Civil Court orders If you are uncertain then check the type of debt the bailiff is calling for. Secondly, this letter cannot be used on bailiffs collecting for Criminal Court f ines. These are debts involving arrest or caution by the police and prosecution by the Crown, which may have been heard in a magistrates or crown court and res ulted in a criminal record and a fine. If you are uncertain, again, check carefully. We will not be held responsible fo r any mistake you make. Thirdly, and most importantly:ALWAYS PAY YOUR DEBTS BUT DO SO DIRECTLY TO THE COMPANY, INDIVIDUAL OR DEPARTMEN T YOU OWE THE MONEY TOO. If the company who issued the debt or court order will not accept your money and insist you use a bailiff or debt collection agency, REFUSE. It is your right. This will leave you in the strongest position, because you have offered to pay and they have outwardly declined. So KEEP your money. In these instances, make sure you record any conversation or retain any correspondence where the company has insisted you pay the debt collector. So, as long as you re certain of the information above, now do the following Just print off the cease and desist notice in any of the formats at the end of t his page, open it in your word processor, text file or editor adding the necessa ry information in brackets:Your full address. No need to put your name, just leaving it as will suffice. The date The bailiff company name within the first paragraph No need to enter your name at the end or sign it. The Occupier

Get the full postal address of whichever bailiff company is visiting you, callin g you or sending you letters. Send the letter via RECORDED DELIVERY. The signed proof of receipt will be essen tial evidence. That s it! Now here s the letter. You can choose it any of the following formats:

MS WORD FORMAT (Please note this was saved out of a Mac into Word format, so it may not always work. Baliffs Cease and Desist RTF (Rich Text File) This document will open on most word processors and tex t editors across platforms. Baliffs Cease and Desist PDF FORMAT (If you open this in your browser you can highlight and copy the text and paste it anywhere you like)Baliffs Cease and Desist In 90% of the cases the bailiffs will simply go away, purely because most of the m understand the law, and will realise that you do too by sending the letter. Effectively you have done the following things to zap them: Removed rights of access:- Under common law pretty much anyone has the right to walk up to your door. However, if you notify the individual that you are rem oving such a right of access by either letter, a notice on your window or verbally , the unwanted visitor must leave when they are told. If they do not, they are committing trespass. Stopped them from obtaining your details without your permission:- Every com pany has a duty of care to ensure that personal details are collected, retained and distributed in a reasonable and safe manner. Any company that retains excess ive, outdated or untrue data or makes intrusive enquiries about your identity wi th neighbours, landlords or others, is in breach of the Data Protection Act and is liable to prosecution. You don t have to take them to court. You can simply co ntact the ICO and report them from there. The ICO can fine and prosecute compan ies who refuse to comply. They would ask that you first contact the company conc erned and ask them to rectify the situation, which is exactly what this letter i s about. Blocked them from making Nuisance Calls. If you have not already done so, th en register your contact phone numbers with the Telephone Preference Service. O nce doing so, any company that attempts to contact you when you have explicitly told them to stop is in breach of the Telecommunications Act and liable to prose cution. In this instance, any further nuisance calls can be reported to Ofcom. U nfortunately Ofcom are not as proactive as the ICO so unless you want to prosecu te the debt collectors themselves through civil court, it s best advised you conta ct your phone provider to have nuisance numbers blocked. Forced them to Acknowledge Your Letter - By sending the letter via recorded delivery and explicitly stating so inside your letter, the company concerned can not claim to never having received your letter. Your signed recorded delivery sl ip is confirmation enough and you can print off the receipt via the Royal Mail T rack and Trace service. It would be a very unwise and stupid debt collector that continues to pester you after this, but unfortunately too many bailiffs are unwise and stupid. If you still achieve no peace from the debt collectors, or perhaps due to no fau lt of your own, your creditors or the bailiffs have complicated the issue beyond the scope of this article, never fear, help is at hand. There are many forums o n the internet devoted to offering advice and assistance to those having problem s with debt collectors. I would particularly recommend the LEGAL BEAGLES website. It is a community foru m that can offer free expert advice on all matters concerning doorstep cockroach es. Many of them will even offer to draft up free legal letters to send to both bailiffs and creditors. Also try The Bailiffs Forums which covers criminal law court bailiffs. The Consumer Action Group which offers specialized advice on debts. MoneySavingExpert for more domestic orientated advice. Get Out of Deft Free Forum for a full range of advice from credit cards to parki

ng tickets.