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Discover Sunset Gourmet Food Company

Our Story
It all started in 2005 when three good friends from Manitoba shared a common dream of owning their own business. Each friend owned a cottage at Sunset Beach and they all loved to entertain. It was only natural that they would form a food company that would combine great food with great friends Sunset Gourmet. Be it Sunday dinner with the family or a cocktail party for friends, Sunset Gourmet products will provide you with a simple way to add a gourmet touch to your meals. More than that, we offer a wonderful opportunity for anyone looking to fulfill their dream of starting their own business.

Our Mission
S unset G o urmet e nc o ura ges a life of per so nal a nd profe ssi o nal e nric hme nt b y emp owe rii ng ot hers to c om bi ne thei r de sire fo r a v iab le b us ine ss op po rt unity with t hei r pa ssi o n f or f o od, f amil y a nd frie nds.

Our Products
Sunset Gourmet offers easy to prepare gourmet food products. You can enjoy many of the products simply by opening a jar or by adding just one or two ingredients to create wonderful recipes that will quickly become family favourites. Our Product Line includes: Soups Seasonings Dips Sauces Baking Mixes Drink Mixes Desserts All products are tested for taste, quality and ease of use before being released into the Sunset Gourmet Product Line. With an emphasis on high quality and unique flavour, Sunset Gourmet products sell themselves.

Sunset Gourmet is 100% Canadian S o owned and operated.

Our Opportunity
Sunset Gourmet offers you the opportunity to build a career that matches your needs and lifestyle. W h at ev er y ou w an t is i n your rea ch . Fi n anci al Fre e d o m Unlimited earning potential. Supplement your existing income or begin a new career where you will determine your salary.

Fle xi bi li ty Work Full-Time or Part-Timeand have more time for whats important to you.

Fr i en dships Participate in local trainings and incentive programs with Consultants just like you!

Sunset Gourmet is committed to providing you with high quality products and the tools to make your business a success. Where you take the business is up to youthe possibilities are endless. For your efforts you will be rewarded through:

Gourmet Food Sales Discount

Sunset Gourmet Consultants receive a 3% discount on all retail gourmet food product orders.

Leadership Bonuses
Take your Sunset Gourmet business to the next level by becoming a Sunset Gourmet Leader. Earn Team Sales bonuses as high as 6%.

Personal Recruiting Rewards

Sunset Gourmet offers a $0 retail food product credit for each new consultant you bring onto your team.

Get Started with 3 Easy Steps

Step 1 Step 2
Choose to join with either our S mar t St ar t or B u sine ss Essen ti al s Kit , then send your Consultant Agreement and Kit payment to Sunset Gourmet. Once you receive your S m art S ta rt or Bu si ne ss Esse nti al s Ki t , arrange to meet with your mentoring consultant to review the Kit materials and plan your Launch Party. We suggest you also shadow your mentor or another consultant for at least two Taste Testing Parties. Invite friends, family, work associates or anyone you know who will enjoy the Sunset Gourmet Experience to your Launch Party. Get ready for an evening of great friends and great food!

Step 3

Sunset G ourmet F oo d Co mpany 112 King Edward Street East Winnipe g, MB R3H 0N8 W eb: www .sunset g

Talk to your Sunset Gourmet Consultant today about joining our team or contact us directly at: Toll Free: (888) 272-2270 Email: