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3 CHIEF OFFICER (Class 2 Deck Officer or above)

a. The Chief Officer is to carry out the duties assigned to him by the Master, he is also the Executive Officer and may assume command of the ship in case of the illness, accident, absence or disability of the Master. b. In addition to his navigational watch keeping duties, the Chief Officer shall also be responsible to the Master for the efficient organization and running of the Deck Department and to ensure that proper economy is exercised within the Deck Department at all times. c. The Chief Officer shall be responsible to the Master for all matters in connection with cargo operation. He must ensure that stability and stress conditions throughout the period of loading, discharging and shipment are always within safety limit and the trim of draft is always positive and as required. d. Prior to loading, the Chief Officer shall prepare the cargo holds for the reception of the intending cargo and shall ensure that all safety regulations are strictly observed by consulting the various IMO publications and Fleet Circular/instruction on the subject. e. The Chief Officer shall keep record and bring to the attention of the proper authority all damages caused by stevedores during cargo operation and do his utmost effort either to have the damage repaired by the stevedores before sailing or to obtain their written acknowledgment of liability by using Stevedore Damage Certificate. In case of vessel under charter period, Charter Party should be thoroughly studied and followed for the particular stipulation. f. Before sailing, the Chief Officer must satisfy himself that the vessel and cargo are properly secured for sea. Master. g. Whilst the cargo is on board, the Chief Officer shall be responsible for its care on passage, guarding against all He

shall also ensure that the ship and all equipment are in a seaworthy condition and make the necessary report to the

possible loss or damage, paying strict attention to all carriage instructions with regard to ventilation and refrigeration or heating so that on arrival at the discharge port the cargo is delivered in accordance with the shippers/receivers requirements. He shall also keep the Master fully advised in the first instant when deficiencies arise. h. The Chief Officer shall, before leaving port, in collaboration with Chief Engineer or his deputy, conduct a search throughout the ship for possible smuggling, contraband goods and stowaways. Results of which shall keep the Master fully advised and entered into the Deck Log Book.

i. Whilst vessel is at anchorage or in port, the Chief Officer shall remain on board when the Master is out. j. The Chief Officer shall assist the Master to maintain the high sanitation standard and general cleanliness of the vessel. k. The Chief Officer shall be responsible to the Master for deck maintenance and upkeep of all deck machineries and

cargo gears in good working condition.

l. When major repair or dry docking is expected, the Chief Officer shall well in advance submit to the Master for his scrutiny a detailed repair specification forwarding to SMD. When the repair is in progress, all safety regulations must be strictly observed and precaution against risk must make. m. On vessels which adopt the open overtime system, the Chief Officer shall be responsible to the Master for all Overtime work which he has authorized and shall keep a detail account of it. n. The Chief Officer shall assist the Master to maintain crew discipline and in dealing with crew disputes. He shall submit to the Master the o. Crew Performance Appraisal Report of his subordinates at intervals as required.

Safe keeping of the master key, pass keys and accommodation keys shall be the responsibility of the Chief

Officer. p. The Chief Officer shall work in close liaison with the Chief Engineer or his deputy in monitoring of reefer cargo

and in ballasting/deballasting operations. Should any abnormality arise; he shall keep the Master fully informed. q. vessels which adopt the GP manning system, the Chief Officer shall coordinated. With the Chief Engineer for allocation of manpower. Meeting in this respect shall be held daily or at intervals as considered most appropriate. r. The Chief Officer is responsible for the order and maintain of deck stores under his consumption control. s. Under the direction of the Master, the Chief Officer shall supervise at station in the fore part of the vessel when

the operation of mooring, unmooring or use of the anchors are needed. t. On vessels which do not carry a Third Officer, the Chief Officer shall, whilst vessel is at anchor, stand 12 hours

anchor watch in every 24 hours and shall perform other duties as designated by the Master for the safety and efficient operation of the vessel. u. The Chief Officer shall assist the Master in training of Deck Cadets. v. Except as stipulated in above, the Chief Officer shall also perform other duties as considered appropriate by the

Master. w. The Chief Officer is assigned as the vessels Security Officer, Environmental Officer and is responsible to the Master for the inspection / maintenance of all security and environmental related equipment and assist the Master provide appropriate training to crewmembers, x. To assist the Master for conducting shipboard drills and training etc., and perform other duties as directed by the Company and its representatives, or duties prescribed in Companys system manuals, documents and instructions as

well as Companys agents constructive advices to safe guard the vessel. y. In case the Master becoming incapable to carry out his lawful command or has passed away whilst the vessel at sea, the Chief Officer shall inform the Company immediately and shall temporarily take over the command of the vessel. He shall also prepare the handover formalities for the new Master to arrive. z. On occasion of duty change over, the Chief Officer shall prepare a detailed and precise Hand over Report with all relevant documents for his relief. Copy of which shall be submitted to the Master for forwarding to SMD.

Format of Hand over Report is recommended as follows:


This is to certify that as of _________ hours, this ________ day of ____________________ (month) 20 ____ , the relieved Chief Officer, __________________________________ , had handed

over his duties in accordance with Companys instruction to the relieving Chief Officer

_________________________________ , at port of __________________________ , on board (name in block letter) (port)

the __________________________________ . (name of vessel)

All relevant documents together with matters associated of the operation of the vessel have also been handed over explicitly.

________________________ Signature / Name

________________________ Signature / Name

Relieving Chief Officer

Relieved Chief Officer

Company representative or the Master : _____________________________________________ (Signature with name inserted)