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Archetypes in Star Wars

Fill in the blanks with the correct information.

Color Archetypes Character Name

Luke Skywalker Jawas, sandpeople Lukes Uncle Lukes Aunt Obi Won Kenobi C3PO R2D2 Darth Vadar Princess Leia storm troopers Han Solo Alderon (planet) Darth Vadars light sabre Obi Wons light sabre

White Gold/yellow/brown Brown Brown Brown Blue Brown Gold, brass, yellow Blue stripes Red light Black White White Black black vest, white shirt blue pants/red stripe Blue (looks much like Earth) Red Blue

Youth, innocence, untouched by world Comfortable in his universe/world Identify with the land Belongs to the land; comfortable with it. Part of the land; comfortable on it Peacemaker between Luke and Uncle In harmony with the universe; in touch with the land Protocol, purpose; seems pessimistic, but always hopes for the best Peaceful Passionate about his duty Evil, sinister, intelligent, knowledge of The Force Innocence, purity of purpose, goodness Not completely evil-following orders Death, destruction, terror Smuggler(bad), but helps Luke(good) Secure in self; passionate about beliefs Peaceful planet; they have no weapons War, aggression, violence, death, blood Peace; For 1000 generationsJedis guardians of peace before the Empire.

Number Archetypes Number

7 3

Lead characters-Luke, Obi Won, Han, Leia, Chewbaka, C3PO, R2D2-represent order and good Usual number of Imperial fighters attacking at one time

Situational Archetypes Situation
The Quest The Task The Initiation The Fall Death and Rebirth

Movie Reference

Deliver the secret plans of the Death Star to the rebel base to destroy it; thereby bringing peace/fertility to the universe. Luke must destroy the Death Star (superhuman feat) to show himself a true Jedi. Luke must acquire the Force to be a Jedi knight; steps to that goal-meeting Obi Won and Han, rescuing Leia, etc. Darth Vadar turned to the dark side; lives in isolation both physically and emotionally; has few allies or confidantes Aunt and uncles death give Luke motivation to seek the Force; Obi Wons death gives birth to the Jedi in Luke

Symbolic Archetypes Symbol

Light v. Darkness Water v. Desert Haven v. Wilderness Innate Wisdom v. Educated Stupidity Nature v. Mechanistic World Good v. Evil Unhealable Wound Ritual Magic Weapon

Movie Reference

Light in Hans/Leias ships=hope illumination; Death Star darkness = despair, fear, ignorance Lukes home-desert; spiritual and physical starvation and loneliness for Luke Hans ship/rebel camp-safety, a chance to regain peace Death Star/desert a wilderness, places of danger Obi Won = instinctive wisdom (peace will prevail). Death Star commander, General Tak = educated stupidity(force,fear) Death Star/DarthVadar-cold, mechanical; Vadar is kept alive through technology Luke, Han, Leia-no protective gear; rely on nature(force) Good forces of rebels/Leia; evil forces of the Empire Lukes desire to be like his father and avenge aunt and uncles death; gives him the desire to be a Jedi . Ceremony to become a Jedi; the awards ceremony completes the initiation and makes him officially a Jedi The light saber-those who dont believe in the Force cant use it effectively

Character Archetypes Archetype
The Hero The Young Man from the Provinces The Initiate Mentor Mentor-Pupil Relationship Father/Son Conflict Hunting Group of Companions Friendly Beast The Devil Figure The Evil figure with the Ultimately Good Heart The Scapegoat The Outcast The Platonic Ideal The Amazon Warrior The Damsel in Distress Creatures of Nightmare

Character Name
Luke Obi Won (not exact) Luke Luke Obi Won Kenobi Obi Won Kenobi and Luke

Classic definition; saves the day Die for another; simply disappears Raised by aunt and uncle, not real parents; leaves; creates new solutions from old life Must endure the training of a Jedi; wears white until its complete Teacher to Luke; also a father figure Learns the secrets and powers of the Force by watching Obi Won Tension between Luke and his uncle; conflict of desires Face perils as a group Loyal to Han Solo Persuades Darth Vadar to work for evil; evil figure of the movie Redeems himself; realizes his mistakes through his sons love. Death in front of Luke makes him more powerful; shows Darths sin Banished from goodness when he betrays the Jedi for the dark side Goodness; works for good; inspires others to help; Luke and Han attracted to her strength Fearless, uses a weapon, knowledgeable; conflict with Han Must be rescued from Darth Vadar, the garbage heap; allows Han and Luke to save her Create fear in other characters

Luke and his uncle R2D2. C3PO, Han Solo, Leia, Chewbaka, Luke Chewbaka General Tak Darth Vadar Darth Vadar (later films) Obi Won Kenobi Darth Vadar Princess Leia Princess Leia Princess Leia Monsters in the bar, in the desert, in the trash heap

Other archetypes names: Luke comes from Lucas and Lucien meaning light Han gift from God, the first money taken at the beginning of a business day Solo alone, independent Darth death, dark Vadar invader, similar to Vater, father in German