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English Preparation for the National Exam: Senior High School (SMA) Test 4

Prepared by Cambridge University Press for schools using their course material


Author: Margaret Helliwell p. 6, adapted from Indonesiaku Tercinta. Accessed 14 Jan http://indonesiakutercinta.wordpress. com/2010/09/07/the-mousedeer-stole-the-cucumbers-narrative-text-fable/; p. 13,; p. 17,; p. 18,; p. 20, All efforts have been made to contact the copyright holders of material reproduced in this publication which belongs to third parties, and citations are given for the sources. We welcome approaches from any copyright holders whom we have not been able to trace but who find that their material has been reproduced herein. Published by Cambridge University Press in 2012. All references and information relating to people, bodies corporate, places, e-mail addresses and Web sites (with the exception of the Cambridge University Press Web site) in this publication may be fictitious or have been fictionalised, are for illustrative purposes only, are not intended to be factual and should not be relied upon as factual.

English Preparation for the National Exam: Senior High School (SMA) Test 4
The following text is for questions 1 to 3.

Dear Sir, Recently, my 12-year-old daughter and I were walking down a street in Bali, looking for a little girl she had played with on a previous visit. We asked a passer-by if he knew where we might nd Lakshmi. I havent seen her today, he said. But she must be around somewhere. Thats her car. She pointed to a blue car parked nearby. Her car? But Lakshmis a kid, I said, but I wasnt really surprised. In many parts of Asia, children start driving scooters when they are hardly out of primary school, and cars as soon as they can reach the pedals. A recent survey in Bangladesh showed that hundreds of drivers of threewheeled taxis were under-age, some as young as ten. And on YouTube you can nd a video of a four-year-old girl driving a car on a busy road in China with boxes tied to her feet so she can reach the pedals. The last time I was in northern Thailand, I was driven to the airport by a small, nervous boy who needed directions from me all the way along the route. It was hair-raising. My question to your readers is: Do we really want infants driving cars in Asia? I dont think so, but maybe Im just being old-fashioned. Is it really too much to ask that ones taxi driver should be big enough to see over the dashboard? Id like to know what others think. Kind regards, Simon King

1. The main purpose of the letter is to A. explain why there are so many young drivers in Asia. B. describe a YouTube video made in China. C. describe an experience in Bali. D. warn readers about child drivers. E. ask for other opinions on child drivers.
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2. The text tells us that the writer A. saw a 12-year-old girl driving a car in Bali. B. was shocked to hear that Lakshmi had a car. C. took a drive in a three-wheeled taxi in Bangladesh. D. had a bad experience in a taxi in Thailand. E. would not allow his 12-year-old daughter to drive a car. 3. but maybe Im just being old-fashioned. What is the opposite of the underlined word? A. conservative B. modern C. cautious D. broad-minded E. recent

The following text is for questions 4 and 5.


Introduction to art appreciation
for anyone who would like to know more about art and feel more condent when visiting galleries and discussing art with friends By the end of the course you will - know something about the history of Western art, - be able to recognise work from different periods, - have learned something about the elements of painting, e.g. colour, tone and composition. Everyone welcome. No previous knowledge of the subject is necessary. Dates: Location: rst weekend of each month Hackney Art School, York

For more information and prices contact:

4. The advertisement is aimed at people who A. want to learn to paint. B. want to know more about the theory of art. C. want to meet new friends. D. are confident about their knowledge of art. E. know a lot about art. 5. The advertisement tells us that A. courses take place once a month. B. the courses are not expensive. C. the participants should already know something about art. D. the courses will focus on modern art. E. you can get more information on the schools Web site.
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The following text is for question 6.

The British Isles

By the weekend the thundery weather that has been affecting much of the British Isles over the last few days will give way to brighter, cooler weather with the chance of some longer periods of sunshine, particularly in southern districts. Temperatures will remain low for the time of the year, from about 21C on the south coast of England, to 14C in Northern Ireland and Scotland. 6. Which of the following is not correct? A. The south coast of England will be warmer than Scotland. B. There will be no thunderstorms at the weekend. C. The temperatures are normal for the time of the year. D. It might be sunny in the south of the British Isles. E. It will be the same temperature in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

The following text is for questions 7 and 8.

Gibbs, Peter. Passed away suddenly on 18th January, 2012 at Manchester Royal, aged 72. Loving and devoted husband of Mary and father of Anne and Sandra. Will be greatly missed by his family, friends and fellow musicians in the Manchester Town Band. Funeral service (family only) will take place on 25th January at St Marys, High Street, Leicester at 11.00 am. Floral tributes may be sent c/o Leicester Co-operative Funeral Service, Dunne Road, Leicester. Tel 0116 891011. 7. The text is A. the announcement of a death. B. an invitation to a funeral. C. the announcement of a family celebration. D. the announcement of a public event. E. a request for flowers. 8. The text tells us that Peter Gibbs A. had no friends. B. was born in Manchester. C. had two daughters. D. worked in Leicester. E. played the trumpet in a band.
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The following text is for question 9.

Obtain card from cashier (5). Close all windows. Remove aerial. Move into position. Apply handbrake. Place card in slot. Press button to start.

9. Where would you see this notice? A. in a laundry B. in a TV shop C. in a bank D. in a car park E. in a car wash

The following text is for questions 10 to 13.

The mouse deer stole the cucumbers

Long ago on Java Island lived a famous animal, the mouse deer. People said that the mouse deer was very clever. The mouse deers favourite food was the cucumber. He loved to eat juicy cucumbers, but the bad thing was he did not want to grow them himself. He liked to steal them from the farmers. Because of this the farmers disliked the mouse deer very much. One day a farmer made a plan to catch the mouse deer. He and his wife made a scarecrow a figure that was dressed in the farmers old clothes and looked like the farmer. The farmer put a lot of sticky glue on the scarecrows shirt. He put the scarecrow in the middle of the cucumber field. The farmer was sure he would catch the naughty mouse deer. Early the next morning, the mouse deer arrived at the farm. He was very surprised to see the farmer there in the cucumber field. He did not know that it was only a scarecrow. He hid behind the trees and waited for the farmer to go away before he could take all the cucumbers he wanted. He waited for a long time and finally grew impatient. He decided to get closer to the farmer. It was then that he realized it was not the farmer at all. It was just a scarecrow. The mouse deer was very angry and kicked the scarecrow. Remember, the farmer had put some glue on the scarecrows body, and that made it very sticky. When the mouse deer kicked the scarecrow, his foot stuck to the scarecrows body. The mouse deer was in a panic. He couldnt free himself. He cried for help. When the farmer heard the cry, he came quickly and caught the mouse deer. The mouse deer begged for mercy, but the farmer refused to set him free. So, that was how the farmer caught the mouse deer, which was famous for being clever!

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10. The farmers disliked the mouse deer because A. it liked cucumbers. B. it stole cucumbers. C. it was a famous animal. D. it was very clever. E. it kicked the scarecrow. 11. Which statement about the scarecrow is not correct? A. It was wearing the farmers old clothes. B. It was made by the farmer and his wife. C. It had glue on its shirt. D. It didnt look a bit like the farmer. E. It was standing in the middle of the field. 12. The mouse deer was very angry and kicked the scarecrow. The underlined word means: A. punch with a fist B. beat with a hand C. hit with a foot D. slap E. destroy 13. What can we learn from the story? A. How to make a scarecrow. B. The best way to grow cucumbers. C. The mouse deer is a popular animal in Java. D. How the mouse deer learned to grow cucumbers. E. The mouse deer is clever, but the farmer is cleverer.

The following text is for questions 14 and 15. Strong earthquake hits Aceh, killing at least one
A 6.7 earthquake struck the area of Singkil Baru in Aceh at around 3 am on Thursday, killing at least one person and causing panic among residents. The quake lasted about 30 seconds and was felt by residents in Subulussalam, Aceh and Medan as well as other cities in the surrounding region. The tremor destroyed the Subulussalam Academy building and a house next to it. A 14-year-old boy, who lived in the house that collapsed, died. According to North Sumatra Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency, the epicentre of the quake was 59 kilometres northeast of Singkil Baru, Aceh, at a depth of 78 kilometres below sea level.

14. We know from the report that the earthquake A. took place in the early morning hours. B. destroyed a lot of buildings. C. lasted about half an hour. D. caused the death of many people. E. only affected three cities.
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15. who lived in the house that collapsed The underlined word means: A. crumbled B. broke C. fell down D. cracked E. shook

The following text is for question 16.

Weymouth County Council Parks and Beaches Department Regulations

No ball games on the promenade. Camping is strictly forbidden on the beach. Overnight parking of caravans on the promenade is prohibited. Dogs are permitted only in the Dogs allowed areas of the beach. Do not swim when the red flags are flying. By order Town Clerk


The notice tells us that A. you can spend the night on the promenade in your caravan. B. you are not allowed to play ball games on the beach. C. dogs are not permitted anywhere on the beach. D. you mustnt camp on the beach. E. swimming is allowed at all times.

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The following text is for questions 17 to 19.

19 Richmond Crescent Thornley Durham DH63EL

M&H Headquarters 2 Dimble Street Birmingham B645RU

20th February 2012 Dear Sir or Madam, I bought a pullover from your Durham store for my husband for Christmas. He had only worn the pullover twice when a hole appeared in the sleeve. I was rather shocked as the pullover was not cheap, and your store is known for good quality. I took the pullover back to the shop, but the manager refused to exchange it. She said the pullover had clearly been badly treated. This is nonsense as my husband had only used the pullover in the normal way. You will understand that I cannot accept your branch managers decision. Therefore, I am enclosing the pullover and the receipt showing price and date of purchase. Looking forward to a positive reply, I remain, Yours faithfully, Hetty Bucket (Mrs)

17. The letter is a letter of A. description. B. report. C. warning. D. comparison. E. complaint. 18. We know from the letter that A. M&H headquarters are in Durham. B. Mr Bucket was careless with his pullover. C. Mrs Bucket often shops at M&H. D. Mrs Bucket tried to exchange the pullover in Durham. E. M&H has shops all over the UK.
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19. the pullover had clearly been badly treated. The opposite of the underlined word is: A. good B. worse C. well D. worst E. best

The following text is for questions 20 to 22.

The history of Kuta Karnival

Kuta Karnival is related to the Bali bombing tragedy and is an annual event. The Bali bombings occurred on October 12th, 2002, in the tourist district of Kuta on the Indonesian island of Bali. It was the deadliest act of terrorism in the history of Indonesia. 240 people were injured and 202 killed, of whom 88 were Australians and 38 Indonesian citizens. The rest were other foreign nationals. A memorial statue to commemorate this event was unveiled on October 12, 2004, and provided an opportunity for mourners to lay fl owers and other offerings. The Australian ambassador and Indonesian of cials attended the ceremony. The people of Kuta hope to restore Balis image through an event named Kuta Karnival A Celebration of Life. It is a nine-day event consisting of traditional art performances such as Balinese Sunset Dances, sports on the beach and in the water for young and old, plus lots of stalls selling delicious food. With the return of tourism to Kuta, Kuta Karnival has grown into a promotional event with major coverage by television and newspapers from across the globe. Companies, embassies, non-government organisations, associations and individuals are involved in organising the various events. More than ninety thousand people participated in the numerous events last year. A repeated tragedy in Bali in 2005 did not reduce the Kuta communitys determination to carry out this annual event. Kuta Karnival is conducted to commemorate and pay respect to the victims of violence, and to show the world that the true spirit of the local community has survived in spite of the terrible terrorist attacks.

20. Which of the following statements is not correct. A. More than 400 people were killed or injured in the 2002 Bali bombings. B. A memorial was unveiled on the second anniversary of the attack. C. Most of those killed in the 2002 Bali bombings were Indonesians. D. A lot of individuals and groups organise the Kuta Karnival. E. The Kuta Karnival commemorates a tragic event. 21. From the text we can conclude that A. the Australian ambassador gave a speech at the ceremony. B. the Kuta communitys spirit has not been crushed by the tragedy. C. the Bali bombings have destroyed the tourist trade in Kuta. D. more and more people will attend the Kuta Karnival in future. E. the Kuta Karnival takes place every year on October 12th.
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22. an opportunity for mourners to lay flowers The underlined word means: A. sad people B. visitors C. tourists D. V.I.P.s E. curious people

The following text is for questions 23 to 25.

Memoirs of a successful actor

My parents didnt like the idea of my becoming an actor. Not that they had anything against actors, and they actually enjoyed going to the theatre. They just thought I should find a nice safe profession like teaching or architecture. But they didnt mind my acting in the school play, and it was on that stage that I was discovered by a famous agent, and thus became a successful child actor. My parents were not all that happy, but nobody could ever make me do anything I didnt want to. That sounds very egoistical, but that streak in my character has been valuable all my life. I never married, and now that I am an old man I wish I had married and had lots of children. There were a couple of actresses I might have married, but things didnt work out. So now in later years, I sometimes get a little bit lonely. But I am lucky to have my career. I would like to have known at 18 that I would still be making films at 80. As a young man I didnt think I would survive very long and decided to write my autobiography when I was only 25! I was never very good at finances. I earned a lot, but I enjoyed spending and never saved. Now I wish I had, but at least I can still work and make a living.

23. 24.

Why did the writers parents not want him to become an actor? A. They wouldnt allow their son to go on stage. B. They didnt like actors. C. They thought he couldnt act. D. They didnt like the theatre. E. They wanted him to have a more secure job. What does the writer regret? A. being egoistical B. having to still work at the age of 80 C. writing his autobiography D. not having children E. saving his money
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25. That sounds very egoistical The underlined word means: A. hurtful B. selfish C. unkind D. unhappy E. generous

The following text is for questions 26 to 28.

In 1984 Tabin, which is located in the eastern part of Sabah, Malaysia, on the island of Borneo, was declared a wildlife reserve because of the large number of animals inhabiting its forests, some of which are highly endangered, protected species. Alongside nine species of primates, three species of wild cats, the three largest mammals of Sabah, the Borneo pygmy elephant, the Sumatran rhinoceros and the tembadau can also be found in the forest. 220 bird species have been recorded. The active, mineral-rich, mud volcanoes of Tabin attract wildlife and present an ideal platform for bird-watching and wildlife observation. The Wildlife Department of Sabah is responsible for the care of the animals, and the Forest Department of Sabah is responsible for the trees. Since the Tabin Wildlife Resort began offering accommodation in the area in 2004, the Tabin Wildlife Reserve has become a popular place for eco-tourists to observe the rich bio-diversity of the area and take part in nature-based activities such as jungle trekking and night safaris. Getting there: the most popular way is to take a flight to Sandakan, visit the Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre and Selingan Turtle Island, then on to Sukau in Kinabatangan for at least one nights stay, then by road from Sukau to Tabin Wildlife Resort. 26. 27. Which information about Tabin Wildlife Reserve is not in the text? A. There are lots of special animals there. B. Some volcanoes there are still active. C. There are lots of different sorts of birds there. D. It covers an area of about 123,000 hectares. E. Two separate authorities are responsible for animals and trees. We learn from the text that Tabin Wildlife Reserve A. offers various activities for tourists. B. has existed since 2004. C. has very little eco-tourism. D. can only be reached by air. E. is located in the Indonesian part of Borneo.
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Tabin Wildlife Reserve


28. some of which are highly endangered, protected species. The underlined word means: A. rare B. unusual C. special D. threatened E. unusual

The following text is for questions 29 to 31.

Urban legends or urban myths are strange stories which may or may not be true, but which many people want to believe really happened. They are passed on from person to person and place to place, and their origins can seldom be traced. They can be about any sort of topic, but crime and horror are favourites. Here is a typical example of an urban myth from the 1960s. The storyline has been used in horror films more than once since the story began to circulate.

The babysitter and the man upstairs

A married couple were going out for the evening and called in a teenaged babysitter to take care of their two children. The babysitter started doing her homework while waiting for a call from her boyfriend. After a while the phone rang, but when she answered it, there was only silence on the other end. She hung up, but the phone rang again. This time a mans voice said: Have you checked the children? There was a click and the phone went dead. The girl thought that it might have been the father calling and he had got cut off. The phone rang again; the mans voice repeated: Have you checked the children? Now she was frightened. She called the police and told them what had happened. Im scared, she said. I think there is someone out there watching me. The police told her that they would monitor her phone and try to find out where the call was coming from. She had turned off the lights when another call came. Why have you turned off the lights? the voice asked. Can you see me? the girl asked. Yes, he said after a long pause. What do you want? Blood, he said. She slammed down the phone, but it rang again. She grabbed the receiver and shouted Leave me alone. But it was the police. Weve traced the call, they said. Its coming from another room inside the house. Get out now!


Which of the following statements about urban legends is not correct? A. It is hard to find out the origins of a story. B. The person who started the story is usually unknown. C. People like to think the events of the story really happened. D. The most popular topics are crime and horror. E. They are usually based on true stories.
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30. The story The babysitter and the man upstairs A. tells how the police saved the lives of two children. B. was originally a storyline used in horror films. C. is a typical example of an urban myth. D. has a tragic ending. E. is about something that really happened in the 1960s. 31. She grabbed the receiver The underlined word means: A. slowly picked up B. quickly let go of C. carefully took hold of D. held tightly E. took hold of suddenly and roughly

The following text is for questions 32 to 34.

Friday, November 28, 2012, 11:04 PM Readers Forum Letter: Lets learn Mandarin | Fri, 10/28/2012 9:00 AM

The Chinese economy is growing rapidly. It is estimated that it will overtake the US economy by 2016. Many international airports now have signs in Chinese. Many big-city shopping centres offer payment with Chinese debit cards. There is a high demand for Mandarin-speaking employees, and it is likely that Mandarin will become the second international language after English.

Currently, business relations between China and Indonesia are fl ourishing. With the ASEAN-China Free Trade Area (ACFTA) already in place, more capital, goods and services are expected to fl ow from the Waking Dragon to Indonesia, bringing more opportunities for job seekers.

Studying Mandarin is becoming more and more important, and there is a growing trend among young Indonesians to learn it. It is not an easy language to learn because of the thousands of different characters that need to be memorised. As a teacher of Mandarin, I try to make my classes as interesting as possible in the hope of attracting more students, as I rmly believe that students who can speak and write Chinese fl uently will have excellent professional opportunities. Yao Liang Jakarta

32. The writer thinks that young Indonesians should learn Mandarin Chinese because A. international travel will be easier. B. they will have better job opportunities. C. it is not a dicult language to learn. D. it will be more important than English. E. so many people speak it.
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33. The aim of the first paragraph is to describe A. the Chinese language. B. the use of Chinese internationally. C. the increasing importance of the Chinese language. D. the wide acceptance of Chinese debit cards. E. the Chinese economy. 34. The Chinese economy is growing rapidly. The opposite of the underlined word is: A. quickly B. promptly C. unexpectedly D. fast E. slowly

The following text is for questions 35 and 36.


4 Dorset Rd. Weston-Super-Mare BS228NA

Ms Elisabeth Hunt 14 Gower Rd. Bath BA128AB 20th April 2012 Condential reference Dear Ms Hunt, Jane Bentley has applied to work at one of our summer camps and has given your name as a referee. We would be grateful if you would supply a brief reference and return it to us at your convenience. You cooperation in supplying information about the applicant would be very much appreciated. Yours sincerely, Martha Wheelright (Personnel)

Cambridge University Press 2012. This test is not for sale. Distributed in Indonesia by Mentari Books.


35. The main purpose of the letter is to A. offer Ms Hunt a job at Bentleys Summer Camps B. ask Ms Hunt for information about Jane Bentley. C. inform Ms Hunt that Jane Bentley has applied for a job. D. ask Ms Hunt if she knows Jane Bentley. E. ask Ms Hunt for a job application. 36. From the letter we learn that Martha Wheelright A. is a friend of Jane Bentleys. B. knows Elisabeth Hunt personally. C. works for a summer camp organisation. D. is Jane Bentleys colleague. E. hopes that she can offer Jane Bentley a job.

The following text is for questions 37 to 39.

Bolton Summer Camp 4 Dorset Rd. Weston-Super-Mare BS128NA

14 Gower Rd. Bath BA28AB

28 April 2012 Confidential reference To whom it may concern: I have known Jane Bentley since she started this school five years ago. She is one of my most cooperative pupils. She is a pleasant, out-going, wellmannered young person and gets on extremely well with people. Jane participated in this years school camping holiday and helped to look after the younger children. She organised sports events and took care of kitchen duties. Janes skills are practical rather than academic and she excels at sports. She is especially good at water sports. Jane has a strong sense of responsibility. I would not hesitate to recommend her for the post she has applied for. Elisabeth Hunt

Cambridge University Press 2012. This test is not for sale. Distributed in Indonesia by Mentari Books.


37. We learn from the text that Elisabeth Hunt is Jane Bentleys A. friend. B. neighbour. C. employer. D. relative. E. teacher. 38. 39. Which of the following facts about Jane Bentley is not mentioned in the reference. A. She likes young children. B. She has been on a school camping holiday. C. She is sporty. D. She has been in the same school for five years. E. She has good manners. We write To whom it may concern when we are writing A. a letter to a friend. B. a business report. C. a formal reference. D. an informal text. E. to a person whose name we have forgotten.

The following text is for questions 40 to 43.

Media education
The average young person in the US views more than 3,000 ads per day on TV, the internet, posters and in magazines. Advertising is a billion-dollar industry, and as children and adolescents are attractive consumers, advertisers are targeting them at a younger and younger age. This may contribute to problems such as overweight, poor nutrition and cigarette and alcohol abuse, as well as a general sense of dissatisfaction among young people, who feel they cannot live up to the ideals of perfection shown in the advertisements. Research has shown that children younger than eight are defenceless against advertising. Several European countries have forbidden or restricted ads that are directed at children under 12, but there is an increasing number of easily accessible internet Web sites which try to persuade children and teenagers to make direct purchases. In fact, teenagers accounted for more than $1billion in e-commerce last year. With digital TV children can click an on-screen link and go to a Web site during a programme. Such interactive technology may allow advertisers to collect huge amounts of information about childrens viewing habits and preferences. Thus, media education is becoming increasingly important educating children and teenagers about the effects of advertising and teaching them to become critical viewers of the media in all its forms.

Cambridge University Press 2012. This test is not for sale. Distributed in Indonesia by Mentari Books.



The text tells us that the advertising industry A. is directly responsible for teenage problems such as overweight and poor nutrition. B. tries to show us an ideal world where everything is perfect. C. mainly targets children and adolescents. D. opposes bans or restrictions on advertising. E. is not interested in collecting information about childrens viewing habits.

41. Which advertising medium is not mentioned in the text? A. internet B. TV C. radio D. print E. posters 42. The main purpose of the last paragraph is to A. explain why media education is important. B. point out the bad effects of advertising. C. compare the educational needs of children and teenagers. D. define what media education is. E. illustrate the need for media education.

43. there is an increasing number of easily accessible internet Web sites The opposite of the underlined word is: A. inaccessibile B. unaccessible C. non-accessible D. disaccessible E. imaccessible

The following text is for question 44.

Best-selling car brands in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of Asias fastest growing automotive markets. The most popular brand is Toyota, which has a 39 percent share of the market for passenger and commercial vehicles. In fact, the top five positions are all held by Japanese cars. Daihatsu holds second place and Mitsubishi is third. Suzuki is in fourth position and Honda in fifth. Only two American companies appear in the top ten, Chevrolet and Ford, which is flying high with the Fiesta. The German company Mercedes-Benz has also crept into the top ten.


The report tells us that A. Japanese cars are the best cars in the world. B. Japanese cars are the most popular cars in Indonesia. C. no European cars appear in Indonesias top ten. D. Mercedes-Benz make very expensive cars. E. Mitsubishi sells more cars in Indonesia than Daihatsu does.
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The following text is for question 45.

LongLine Cruise Company offers you a unique vacation experience!

There is no better way to experience the diversity and tranquillity of the Indonesian Archipelago than aboard one of our traditional wooden sailing boats, known as Pinisi schooners. In the distant past, the schooners of Indonesias Bugis people carried cargoes of spice and porcelain from the exotic ports of Jakarta, Bali, Ambon and Makassar to China and the Middle East. Now you, too, can experience this ancient form of travel. No matter if you want to travel with family or friends, chartering your own private schooner will prove to be good value for money.

45. The text is A. an advertisement. B. a newspaper report. C. from a history book. D. a personal account. E. a travel diary.

The following text is for questions 46 to 48.

The story of the sugar palm tree

Tare Iluh and Beru Sibou lived happily with their parents in a village. Their happy life ended when their father died. Their mother had to work so very hard to keep the family that she soon died, too. Tare Iluh and Beru Sibou went to live with their uncle. Years passed and they grew into adults. Tare Iluh decided to leave his sister and uncle and go to live in another village. He hoped to make a lot of money in a short time and thought gambling was the answer. He gambled using the money his uncle had given him. At rst he won some money. He was so happy, he spent it all. Later he began to lose, and soon all his money was gone. He borrowed money from the villagers. He won and lost, and lost again. He kept on borrowing money until he had a lot of debts. When the villagers asked him to pay the debts, Tare Iluh could not pay. The villagers were angry and put him in prison! In the meantime, Beru Sibou was waiting and worrying, as she had had no news from her brother. When she nally heard that he was in prison, she decided to go and visit him. On the way to the village, she met an old man and asked about her brother. The old man knew that there was a man in prison because of gambling debts. He suggested Beru Sibou should climb a high tree and sing a song about her brother. Her brother might hear her song. Beru Sibou climbed a high tree and sang a song about her brother. She sang and shouted her brothers name. My brother Tare Iluh? Where are you? Villagers, please release my brother. Nobody listened to the song and Beru Sibou was sad and frustrated. She began to pray: Im willing to pay my brothers debts. I will pay with my tears, my hair, and all parts of my body can be used by the villagers. But please free my brother. Right after she nished praying, a heavy storm began. And slowly Beru Sibou changed into a tree. It was not just an ordinary tree. All parts of tree were useful. Her tears changed into sweet water. Her hair changed into strong leaves. People use them for the roofs of their houses. The fruits of the tree named kolang kaling are very delicious. People call it the sugar palm tree or pohon enau. People in other villages call it pohon aren.
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46. The story tells us that A. Tare Iluhs uncle was very rich. B. Tare Iluh and Beru Sibou were orphans. C. Beru Sibou visited her brother in prison. D. Beru Sibou met an old man in the forest. E. Tare Iluh was freed from prison. 47. From the text we know that Beru Sibou A. had a lovely singing voice. B. loved her uncle very much. C. received regular messages from her brother. D. sacrificed herself for her brother. E. gave the villagers the money her brother owed them. 48. kolang kaling are very delicious. The underlined word means: A. very tasty B. very sweet C. very soft D. full of sugar E. very strong

The following text is for questions 49 and 50.

17. There is a lot of Hi, my name is Mia Novita and Im ay, and its true that discussion about teenage stress tod t easy. Our parents growing up in the modern world isn or they think our want us to get good marks at school be accepted by our future is endangered. We want to may suffer our rst peers and loved by our parents. We er pressure to keep disappointments in love. We are und aviour which are set to certain standards of dress and beh e when our bodies are by the media. And all this at a tim h new challenges. changing, too, and presenting us wit all of this. First of I want to tell you how I deal with get eight hours sleep all, its important to keep t. I try to and get some fresh a night. I eat fruit and vegetables being good for air and exercise every day. Apart from work out anger and me, I nd sports are a good way to to my parents about frustration. Im lucky that I can talk nd, too. We talk a lot my problems, and I have a best frie s. I also write a diary, about our problems and our feeling steam. which is another way of letting off

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49. What sources of stress are not mentioned in the text? A. academic expectations B. love C. family problems D. the media E. parental expectations 50. which is another way of letting off steam. The underlined words mean: A. getting angry B. keeping fit C. practising for school D. getting exercise E. getting rid of anger and frustration

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KEY 1. E 2. D 3. B 4. B 5. A 6. C 7. A 8. C 9. E 10. B 11. D 12. C 13. E 14. A 15. C 16. D 17. E 18. D 19. C 20. C 21. B 22. A 23. E 24. D 25. B 26. D 27. A 28. D 29. E 30. C 31. E 32. B 33. C 34. E 35. B 36. C 37. E 38. A 39. C 40. B 41. C 42. D 43. A 44. B 45. A 46. B 47. D 48. A 49. C 50. E

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