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Topograpchic Anatomy of the Head

  • 1. Landmarks and topographic regions of cerebral portion of the head. Cerebral compartment- region:

    • 1. Fronto parieto occipital region.

    • 2. Temporal region

    • 3. Mastoid region Fronto parieto occipital region *Limits/Borders

      • 1. Anterior limit Superior margin of orbit

      • 2. Lateral limit Superior Temporal line

      • 3. Posterior limit - External occipital protuberance & Superior nuchal line.

3. Stratigraphy of frontoparietooccipital region. ● Layers for the fontoparietoocepital region:

  • 1. Skin

  • 2. Subcutaneous fatty tissue it contains:

CT septa/bridges (e.g. because of septa edema cannot spread

it will appear edema). Superficial vessels.

  • 3. Epicranial aponeurosis (is connected with the septa of the CT) (other muscles have tendons but these are called aponeurosis it is spread)

  • 4. Subaponeurotic space.

  • 5. Periosteum (fixed only to bone sutures)

  • 6. Subperiosteal space (limited by sutures of bones) present only above the bones. E.g. Fluctuation it means he has Osteomyelits.

  • 7. Bones of skull (Lamina vitra/Intrerna & Lamina externa) Containing diploid veins which move in bone canals and they cannot contract (to stop bleeding simple sterile wax is used). Lamina interna is fridgle.

  • 8. Epidural space is normally not an actual space but a potential one. Here lies braches of the middle meningeal artery (supplied bone and dura too) - (Epidural hematoma never stops to grow).

  • 9. Cranial dura matter encephaly

    • 10. Subdural space

    • 11. Caranial arachnoid matter (arachnoid meneangia)

    • 12. Vascular meaning / Pia matter encephaly

    • 13. Subpia space / Subvascular space

    • 14. Parenchyma of brain.

9. Surgical Anatomy of the mastoid region.

Mastoid area is located behind the ear and covered by it.

The boundaries of the mastoid region meet its outline of the mastoid process, which is well detectable. Top forms the border line, which is a continuation of the posterior zygomatic process of the temporal bone.

9. Surgical Anatomy of the mastoid region. Mastoid area is located behind the ear and covered

Fig. 5.7. Mastoid region. Triangle Shipo. Scheme. 1 - the projection of the posterior cranial fossa, 2 - projection of the sigmoid sinus, 3 - Triangle Shipo 4 - projection of the facial nerve, 5 - external acoustic opening, 6 - projection of the mastoid cave.

Intraosseous education are projected onto the surface in the four quadrants (Figure 5.7).

For the construction of the quadrants of the mastoid draw a line from the top ridge to the base (bottom-up) and a line perpendicular to it at its middle.

On the anterior quadrant of the mastoid region is projected cave, antrum mastoideum, on anteroinferior - bony canal of the facial nerve, canalis facialis, on caudineural - the posterior cranial fossa and lowback quadrant projected sigmoid sinus venosus.