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DDP400 and MDP400 SC series, are sealed, compact, high efficiency, small form factor AC-DC power supplies. The series provide a steady 400 W of regulated DC power through the full input range of 90 to 264 VAC. Its 3.27 x 8.34 x 1.65 form factor, enable designers to integrate more advanced features into a system without compromising on its size. By converting energy at 94% typical efficiency, the DDP400 and MDP400 SC series generate less heat facilitating thermal management in space constrained system and offering high reliability. Both the DDP and MDP SC series are available in three standard output voltages: 12, 24, 48 VDC and offer an auxiliary 12 VDC and 5 VDC stand-by outputs. Available control signals include Power Good (P_OK) and remote On/off (PS_ON).



The sealed package offers IP67 ingress protection index, and can be installed in contact with thermo-conductive part of the system so to transfer heat by conduction, therefore, enhancing performances. When conduction cooled, or convection cooled with its optional heat sink assembled, the SC series can deliver full output power from -20 to 50 C. It can operate up to 70 C with de-rating and is capable to start up from 20 C. The MDP400 range comply with the 3rd edition of the UL/IEC 60601-1 safety standards for medical equipments and the DDP400 range comply with the 2nd edition of the UL/IEC 60950-1 standards for IT equipments. Both the series meets the EN55022 EMC limits of Class B for conducted and radiated emissions as well as the IEC/EN 61000-3 and IEC/EN 61000-4 EMC standards. * Test in progress for certification.

Universal input voltage range 400 W rated power (440 W peak) Extremely high efficiency (94% typical) Low stand-by consumption (<0.5 W) 12V, 24V and 48V standard output variants Active PFC, EN61000-3-2 compliant (Class C) Low earth leakage current Over temperature protection OV, OC, and short circuit protections Stand-by +5 V Output Auxiliary fan +12 V output Remote On/off and power good signals ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1 3rd ed. compliant IEC/EN/UL 60601-1 2nd/3rd ed. compliant. RoHS 2 compliant (Directive 2011/65/EU). 4000 m altitude operation.


Video Wall Display and Entertainment Industrial and Process Control Telecommunications Laboratory Equipment Test and Measurement Equipment Medical applications


Model Grade and Output Power ITE: DDP400Medical: MDP400Output Nominal Voltage 12 VDC: US1224 VDC: US2448 VDC: US48Package/Fan Options Sealed Conduction/Convection Cooling: SC

D DP400 M US

12 24 48 SC

Heat sink can be ordered as an accessory using the code:

Mounting kit includes 4X screws, M4x10, and the thermally conductive graphite sheet

Model Number

V1 (V)

I1 1 Convection W/O heat sink (A) 29.2 14.6 7.3


I1 2 Conduction W Heat sink (A) 33.3 16.7 8.3

V1 Ripple (mV) 120 240 480

V2 (V) 12 12 12

I2 1 Rated (A) 1 1 1

V2 Ripple (mV) 240 240 240

5VSB (V) 5 5 5

I5VSB 1 Rated (A) 2 2 2

5VSB Ripple (mV) 50 50 50



12 24 48

The combined output power of V1, V2 and 5 VSB for all models, when convection cooled and VIN 180 VRMS, must not exceed 350 W up to 50 C, and 240 W at 70 C ambient temperature. See de-rating curves below.

The combined output power of V1, V2 and 5VSB for all models, when conduction cooled or convection cooled with heat sink mounted, must not exceed 400 W up to 50 C, and 300 at 70 C ambient temperature. Peak-to-Peak measured at 20 MHz Bandwidth. Convection / Conduction output current ratings, do refer to <50 C ambient temperature and VIN 180 VRMS. In any case, the chassis hot spot temperature TC should never exceed 90 C.

3 4 5

Specification AC Input Voltage DC Input Voltage Input Frequency Input Current Inrush Current Fusing Efficiency Test Conditions / Notes PS starts and operates at 90 VAC at all load conditions Min. 90 170 47 Nominal 100-240 50/60 Max. 264 270 440 2.5 5 20 6.3 1.5 Units VAC VDC Hz A A A %

Input Power Consumption Power Factor Harmonic Current Fluctuations and Flicker Leakage Current

RMS at 180 VAC, maximum load RMS at 90 VAC, maximum load 265 VAC, full load, cold start. 2X Time Lag 6.3 A, 250 V on L and N 230 VAC, From 50% to full load 94 At 20% full load 90 At 115 VAC, 20% rated load 90 At 100% load 92 Power on, 115-230 VRMS, no load 1 Stand by, 115-230 VRMS, no load 0.5 At full rated load, 115 VAC 60 Hz and 0.95 230 VAC 50 Hz input voltages Complies with EN-61000-3-2 Class C at 230 VAC 50 Hz, >40 W load. Complies with EN-61000-3-3 at nominal voltages and full load. Normal conditions, 240 VRMS, 60 Hz. -

W -


Specification V1 Output Voltage Test Conditions / Notes 12V 24V (0.5% set point accuracy) 48V (0.5% set point accuracy) All models, convection cooling All models, conduction cooling / heat sink All models , peak power ( 10 s) All versions. Load on V2: from 5 to 1000 mA Load on V1: from 0.1 to 16.7 A All models, convection/forced air cooling All models (3% set point accuracy) All models, convection cooling All models, conduction cooling / heat sink VAC: 90 264 VRMS V1 Load: 0 33.3 A (12V) 0 16.7 A (24V) 0 8.3 A (48V) V2 Load: 0 1 A 5VSB Load: 0 2 A VAC: 90 264 VRMS V1 Load: 0 33.3 A (12V) 0 16.7 A (24V) 0 8.3 A (48V) V2 Load: 0 1 A 5VSB Load: 0 2 A VAC: 90 264 VRMS 25% load changes at 1 A/s 12V at 2200 F Load / IOUT> 0.5 A 24 V at 1000 F Load / IOUT> 0.5 A 48V at 560 F Load / IOUT> 0.5 A 5VSB at 560 F Load / IOUT> 0.1 A All models, Peak-to-peak, 20 MHz BW. 100 nF ceramic and 10 F tantalum caps at the load. 90<VIN<264, any load conditions. V1 in regulation after PS_ON is asserted V1 in regulation after AC is applied 5VSB in regulation after AC is applied At 500 mA output current, V1 in regulation within 50 ms. At nominal VIN, 365 W, for all outputs At nominal VIN, 350 W, for all outputs At nominal VIN, 200 W, for all outputs All models; V1, V2 and 5VSB At nominal VIN, 25 C ambient 12 V 24 V 48 V Min. 11.25 5 Nom. 12 24 48 12.5 5 Max. 350 400 440 13.75 1 1.5 2 Units V

V1 Output Power Rating

V2 Output Voltage V2 Output Current 5VSB Output Voltage 5VSB Output Current V1 Voltage Adjustment Range

V A V A %V1

V1 Load-Line-Cross Regulation


5VSB Load-Line-Cross regulation


V1 Line Regulation Transient Response (Voltage Deviation) V1, 5VSB


%V1 %V1 %5VSB

V1 Ripple & Noise

5 -

10 10 10 16 20 35 -

1 85 200 750 500 33000 16000 8000 +1.2

%V1 ms ms %V1 %V2 %VSB ms A F mV/C

Start-up Rise Time Start-up Delay

Turn-on Overshoot

0 -1.2

Hold-up Time

Minimum Load * Maximum Load Capacitance

Temperature Drift

*- When the load on the main output is less than 100 mA, V2 output voltage might regulate below its minimum value. Contact ROAL Electronics for details.

Output Power De-rating Curves

Sealed Box w/o Heat Sink


Sealed Box w Heat Sink


Signal PS_ON Notes Active low, +5 V TTL signal compatible. Input low voltage Input high voltage (IIN= 200 A) V1 and V2 disabled when PS_ON is open 5VSB not affected by PS_ON V1 and V2 enabled with PS_ON connected to RTN +5 V TTL compatible Logic level low (<10 mA sinking) Logic level high (100A sourcing) Low to high time after V1 in regulation Power down warning time Active and in regulation after a 90<VAC<264 is applied 5VSB not affected by PS_ON Min 0 3.0 Typ Max 2.0 Unit V V


5VSB output

2.4 0.05 1 -

0.7 5 0.1 200

V V S Ms Ms


Above waveforms are expected with AC Input ON/OFF: Standby on - Main outputs on Main output Rise Time 5 VSB Rise Time Main outputs On P_OK delay Power down warning1 Main Output off Standby off2 Hold-up time (AC off P_OK low) AC_ON - Standby turn on time 50 ms T1 250 ms 5 ms T2 85 ms 4 ms T10 20 ms 40 ms T3 100 ms T4 1 ms T5 1.2 s T6 15 ms (115/ 230 VAC) T7 500 ms

Above waveforms are expected with PS_ON Signal ON/OFF state change: Main Output Rise Time Main Outputs on P_OK delay Power down warning1 PS_ON - Main Output (off) Timing PS_ON - Main Output (on) Timing
1 2

5 ms T2 85 ms 50 ms T3 100 ms 1 ms T4 5 ms T8 1 ms T9 200 ms

T4 parameter measurement setup will assume at least 10% of the maximum load on each output. T5 parameter measurement setup will assume at least 50% of the maximum load on main output.

Specification Input Under Voltage Lockout Input Fuse Over Current Test Conditions / Notes Auto Recovery, Hiccup Mode 2X Time Lag 6.3 A, 250 V on L and N At nominal input voltages. V1: Hiccup mode, auto-recovery. V2: PTC limiting, auto-recovering. 5 VSB: Hiccup mode, autorecovering. At nominal input voltages. V1: Hiccup mode, auto-recovery. V2: PTC limiting, auto-recovering 5 VSB: Hiccup mode, autorecovering. 12V 24V 48V 5VSB Unit shut down and latch off Shut down, latch off. Hiccup mode with auto recovery Reinforced Basic Min. 60 Nominal 75 Max. 6.3 Units VAC A




Short Circuit

Over Voltage




Over Temperature (on primary stage) Over Temperature (on secondary side) Isolation Primary to Secondary Isolation Input to Earth Isolation V1 to V2 Isolation Output to Earth

4000 1500 100 500


Specification Operating Temperature Range De-rated Operating Temperature Range Test Conditions / Notes No de-rating up to 50C PS starts up at -30 C Convection cooling: Linearly de-rate from 350 W at 50 C, to 240 W at 70 C Conduction cooling / heat sink: Linearly de-rate from 400 W at 50 C, to 300 W at 70 C. See graphs above. Min -20 Nominal Max 50 Units C


Storage Temperature Range Humidity Operating Altitude Shock

-40 RH, Non-condensing Operating Non-operating -

85 90 95 4000

C % % m


MTBF Useful Life Cooling

EN 60068-2-27 Operating: Half sine, 30 g, 18 ms, 3 axes, 6x each (3 positive and 3 negative). Non-Operating: Half sine, 50 g, 11 ms, 3 axes, 6x each (3 positive and 3 negative). EN 60068-2-64 Operating: Sine,10 500 Hz, 1 g, 3 axes, 1 oct/min., 60 min. Random, 5 500 Hz, 0.02 g2/Hz, 1 gRMS, 3 axes, 30 min. Non-Operating: 5 500 Hz, 2.46 gRMS (0.0122 g2/Hz), 3 axes, 30 min. Full Load, 120 VAC, 50 C ambient 4000000 Hours 70% Duty cycle, Telcordia Issue 1 Low line range, 200 W, 40 C ambient, 4 Years natural convention. Convection with or without heat sink and conduction providing an adequate thermal path between the unit and the external environment. Case hot spot temperature, Tc, should not exceed 90 C in any working condition.


Phenomenon Conducted Conditions / Notes 115 VRMS, 230 VRMS. Maximum load. 4 dB minimum margin At 10 m distance Standard EN 55022 (ITE) EN 55011 (ISM) EN 60601-1-2 (Medical) EN 55022 (ITE) EN 55011 (ISM) EN 60601-1-2 (Medical) EN 61000-3-3 EN 61000-3-2 C Equipment/Performance Class B


Line Voltage Fluctuation and Flicker Harmonic Current Emission

At 20%, 50% and 100% maximum load. Nominal input voltages. Nominal input voltages. All load conditions > 40 W.


Phenomenon ESD Radiated Field Conditions / Notes Reference standard for the medical version 15 kV air discharge, 8 kV contact, at any point of the system. 3 V/m, 80-1000 MHz, 1 KHz/2 Hz 80% AM. Dwell time is 3 sec for 2 Hz modulation Dwell time is 1 sec for 1KHz modulation 2 kV on AC power port for 1 minute; 1 kV on signal/control lines kV2 line to line; 4 KV line to earth on AC power port; 0.5 kV for outdoor cables 3 VRMS, 0,15-80 MHz, 1 KHz/2 Hz 80% AM Dip to 30% for 5 cycle (10 ms) Dip to 40% for 5 cycles (100 ms) Dip to 70% for 25 cycles (500 ms) Drop-out to 5% for 10 ms Interrupts > 95% for 5 s Standard EN 60601-1-2 EN 61000-4-2 EN 61000-4-3 EN 61000-4-4 EN 61000-4-5 EN 61000-4-6 EN61000-4-11 EN61000-4-11 EN61000-4-11 EN61000-4-11 EN61000-4-11 4 3 3 3 3 A A A A A A B B B C Test Level Performance criteria

Electric Fast Transient Surge Conducted RF Immunity Dips and Interruptions


Certification Body CSA/UL Safety Standards and file numbers CSA C22.2 No. 60950-1, UL 60950-1; 2007, 2nd edition CSA C22.2 No.601.1, ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1 3rd edition IEC/EN 60950-1 2nd edition IEC/EN 60601-1 3

Category Information Technology Eq. Medical Information Technology Eq. Medical Information Technology Eq. Medical

IEC IECEE CB Certification



Low Voltage Directive (LDV) 2006/95/EC Low Voltage Directive (LDV) 2007/47/EC MDD


Overall dimensions: (83.0 X 212.0 X 42.0/70.1) mm; (3.27 X 8.34 X 1.65/2.76) in Weight: 1300 (1665) g; 2.87 (3.67) lb

Connections AC Input

DC Output Auxiliary Voltages Control Signals

Wires Gauge and Length 3X 18AWG, black external insulation, 300V, 105C, UL2517 cord, 310 10 mm extension from grommet. 12 V version: 6X 14AWG, Style 1015, 600V, 105C, 26010 mm 24, 48 V versions: 4X 14AWG, Style 1015, 600V, 105C, 26010 mm Wires: 8X 22AWG, black external insulation, 300V, 105C, UL2517 cord, 220 10 mm extension from grommet to connector. Housed by Connector: Molex 90142-0008 Terminals: Molex 90119-0109 (Tin plating) Mates with Molex 90130-1106 or equivalent. Terminals: Tin plating termination

Assignment Live (L) Neutral (N) Protective Earth (PE) 3X (2X) +V1 Output (+V1) 3X (2X) V1 Return (RTN)

Colour/Pin Brown Blue Green Yellow Red Black Red / 1 Green / 2 Brown / 3 Grey / 4 Yellow / 5 Blue / 6 White / 7 Black / 8

+5 V Stand-by Output (+5VSB) Output Power Good (P_OK) - Fan Voltage (-V2) Remote On/Off (PS_ON) + Terminal Remote Sense (+RS) Stand-by/Signals Return (RTN) + Fan Voltage (+V2) Stand-by/Signals Return (RTN)

Roal Electronics, S.p.A. may change product specifications and accordingly the information presented in this document. Customers are responsible for their products and applications using Roal Electronics, S.p.A. products. Roal Electronics, S.p.A. assumes no liability from the use of its products outside of specifications. No license is granted to any intellectual property rights by this document. ROAL ELECTRONICS, S.P.A. DISCLAIMS ALL REPRESENTATIONS AND WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF NONINFRINGEMENT, MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

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