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IOM MD/MS Entrance 2069 1) Fracture of the base of skull of motorcyclist includes: Pond fracture Depress ed fracture Hinge fracture Comminuted fracture Ans: c 2) Most common complication of neck of femur fracture in a 60 yrs oldfemale: Non union Mal union? ? Ans: a 3) Most common congenital dislocation: Shoulder Hip Clavicle ? Ans: b 4) A patient with fracture shaft of femur is referred from Pokhara to Kathmandu. The best splint that is to be applied in this patient is Thomas splint Bohler Br aun splint Cock up splint Dennis Brown splint Ans: a 5) The histolopathology of retrobulbar mass shows many spindle shaped cells, som e tadpole cells, multinucleated giant cells with interspersed striated cells and immature mitotic figures. The most likely condition is: Leiomyosarcoma Rhabdomy osarcoma Glioma Meningioma Ans: b 6) (?)Best Indication of nasotracheal intubation: Patient without spontaneous re spiration Patient with suspected cervical spine injury Patient without suspected cervical injury ? Ans: 7) Shortest acting mydriatic & cycloplegic: Tropicamide Atropine Cyclopentolate Homatropine Ans: a 8) The fundal examination shows arterial narrowing, flame shaped hemorrhage, cot ton wool spots and ? waxy exudates. The most likely diagnosis is: Arterioscleros is Chronic Hypertension Diabetes ? Ans:b 9) Juvenile Rheumatoid arthritis is associated with Pan uveitis Anterior uveitis Posterior uveitis Sympathetic ophthalmia Ans: b 10) Most common cause of treatable blindness world wide Cataract Glaucoma Optic atrophy ? Ans: a 11) Vitamin A deficiency can be identifiedby Bitots spot Problem in visual adapta tion ? ? Ans:a 12) Feature of megaloblastic anaemia Neutropenia and thrombocytopenia Increasedb ilirubin .? . ? Ans: a 13) A vitamin that is found in green leaves, yeast & liver that help in formatio n of base nucleotide thiamine is Vit C Vit A Vit K Folic acid Ans: d 14) Scurvy is related to Vit Cdeficiency Beri beri Pellagra Scarlet fever Ans: a 15) Intrinsic factor helps in absorption of Vit B6 Vit B12 Vit A Vit C Ans: b 16) Green House gas Keeps the earth warm Radiates heat of earthto atmosphere Low ers the temperature of earth Absorbs harmful rays Ans: a 17) Vitamin K causes activation of clotting factors by Oxidation carboxylation H ydroxylation ? Ans: b 18) A 3years old child with high fever, increased salivation and ulcer in palato faucial region. Most likely diagnosis is Measles Infectiosus mononucleosis Herpa ngina Acute tonsillitis Ans: c

19) Decreased C3 level is found inMembranoproliferative Disease Membranous GN Mi nimal change disease Mesangio proliferative GN Ans: a 20) Cavitary lesion in lungs is found in Staphylococcal pneumonia Pnemoconiosis Primary tuberculosis ? Ans: a 21)Non cardiogenic pulmonary oedema( NCPE) is asso ciated with Diffuse alveolar infiltrates Peripheral oedema Increased JVP A norma l A-a gradient Ans:d 21) The principal artery supplying tonsil is Tonsillar branch of ascending phary ngeal Dorsal lingual branch Tonsillar branch of facial artery Ascending pharynge al artery Ans: c 22) Most common age group for Tinea capitis is <10 yrs 10-20 yrs 20-30 yrs >30 y rs Ans: a 23) Male sex hormone is synthesized by Follicles Seminal vesicle Epidi dymis Interstitial cells Ans: d 24) CS is mandatory in Transverse lie Hydrocephalus Mentoanterior position Frank breech Ans: a 25) Multiple sclerosis is associated with Optic atrophy Optic neuritis ?? Ans: b 26) Pseudobulbar palsy is associated with Demyelination Cerebrovascular disease Cerebral degeneration ? Ans: a 27) True about recurrent nerve palsy Complete palsy impairs adduction of vocal c ord Partial palsy impairs adduction of vocal cord Partial palsy impairs abductio n of vocal cord Partial palsy impairs tensor of vocal cord Ans: c 28) Whichof the following is not seen on horizontal section at thoracic inlet ? Superior venacava Arch of aorta Oesophagus Left atrium Ans:d 29) Which of the following is true about conducting system of heart? SA node is located on superior part of sulcus terminalis AV node is located on inferior par t of sulcus terminalis Right bundl e branch supplies ant wall of right ventricle by passing through supraventricular crest ? Ans: a 30) A small bluish transparent lesion is located on mucosal part of lip. Most li kely diagnosis Cystic hygroma Mucocele hemangioma ? Ans; b 31) Transudative pleural effusionis seen in Hypothyroidism Lymphoma SLE Mesothel ioma Ans: a 32) Surgical treatment of chronicconstrictive pericarditis Pericardiotomy Perica rdial window Pericardiectomy Pericaardiostomy Ans: c 33) A 2 year child with failure to thrive and sweating while breast feeding. On examination, the weight of baby is 8 kg, no cyanosis and tender hepatomegaly. Th e likely diagnosis is TOF TGV AS VSD Ans: d 34) Diastolic murmur is best heard in Atrial myxoma Acute rhematic carditis PDA ASD Ans: b 35) The most common valve involve in endocarditis in iv drug users Tricuspid Mit ral Aortic Pulmonary Ans: a 36) Metastasis in lymph node is characterized by Central necrosis Enhancement Ob long shape Adherent nodes Ans: 37) Which of the following lymphnodes are directly related to mammary gland? Ant

erior axillary Posterior axillary Central Infraclavicular Ans: a 38) One of the primary inspiratory muscles External intercostals Internal interc ostals Scalene Sternocleidomastoid Ans: a 39) Spleen is related to which ribs 8th-10th ribs 10th-12th ribs 9th-11th ribs 6 th- 8th ribs Ans: c 40) A 30 years man is brought in casualty with difficulty breathing after blunt chest trauma. On examination, resonant sounds on right side with decreased breat h sound and mediastinal shift. The immediate management is Wait for X ray Needle thoracostomy Tube thoracostomy Oxygen Ans: b 41) Thoracostomy in pneumothorax is done at 2nd intercostal space on mid clavicu lar line 4th intercostals space on mid axillary line 5th intercostals space on m id axillary line 8thintercostals space on posterior scapular line Ans: c 42) A 60 year old man is brought with painful pulsatile abdominal mass. The earl y management is Narcotic analgesic CT angiography Doppler USG"Open iv line and s end blood for cross matching" Ans: d 43) A left loin mass is seen ona 3 day old infant. USG shows hydronephrosis. The most common cause of hydronephrosis in this child is Vesicoureteric reflux Uret eropelvic junction narrowing Wilms tumor ? Ans:b 44) Both ascending anddescending tracts are involved in Amyotropic lateral scler osis Multiple sclerosis Poliomyelitis ? Ans:?b 45) Sensation from sensory axon is carried to Dorsal root ganglion Anteriorhorn cells Brain stem Dorsal horn Ans: d 46) When we talkabout anti anxiety drugs, we remember Mercury poisoning Hiroshim a bombing Chernovyl disaster Thalidomide poisoning Ans:d 47) Longest acting narcotic analgesic Morphine Pethidine Pentazocine Buprenorphi ne Ans: d 48) a 30 yr rikshaw puller with heroine toxicity with hypotension,pupillary cons triction,drug to be given immediately is Naloxone Flumazenil ? ? Ans: a 49) Drugof choice in Myasthenia Gravis Edrophonium Physostigmine Neostigmine? An s: c 50) Plasma drug levelis to be monitored in a.Lithium Ans: a 51) Nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor is Efavirenz Nevirapine Saquinavi r Lamivudine Ans: d 52) Which drug is effective n bird flu Oseltamavir AcyclovirZiduvudine ? Ans: a 53) Permanent discoloration of teeth occurs after treatmentby which antibiotic i n childhood Tetracycline Ans: a 54) Hemophilus influenza is treated by Erythromycin Azithromycin Cephalexin Cefa droxil Ans: b 55) Rapid healing of wound is by using a) Broad spectrum antibiotics b) Drain c) Preventing wound from water for 7 days d) Maintaining haemostasis Ans: d 56) Acute epiglottitis is caused by Hemophilus influenza Streptococcus Staphyloc

occus Ans: a 57) Before surgery, antibiotic is given 1 hour before incision 30 mins before in cision 15 mins before incison Just priorto incision Ans: d( Ref- Sabiston) 58) In general anaesthesia, nothing per mouth for 2 hrs 4 hrs 6 hrs?8hrs Ans: c 59) The first sensation that is list in spinalanaesthesia is Touch Temperature A utonomic Pain Ans: c 60) In cardiac arrhythmia, Lignocaine is used in Supraventricular tach ycardia V entricular tachycardia Supraventricularand ventricular tachycardia ?Ans: b 61)Which drug acts by inhibiting phosphodiesteraseAmiodarone Digoxin Isopretiren ol Dobutamine Ans: none but a may be the answer. Amrinone is PDE inhibitor. Amrino ne may have been mistakenly typed as Amiodarone) 62)Dopamine is used in critically ill patient because of following reason At hig h dose, it increases coronary blood flow At high dose, it increases ? At low dos e, it decreases splanchnic blood flow At low dose, it decreases heart rate Ans: 63)Norepinephrine is converted to epinephrine by Hydroxylation Carboxylation Oxi dative deamination N- methylation Ans: d 64) The required amount of fixative for tissue fixation Same volume 2 times 10 t imes 8 times Ans: 65) Characteristic of visceral pain loacalised Sharp and radiating At midline ca rried by spinal nerves Ans; d 66) Strepto pneumonia and Strepto viridians can be differentiated by Optochin se nsitivity Coagulase test Catalase test Haemolysis Ans: a 67) IMR (2011) of Nepal a. 63 b.57 c.46 d.51 Ans: 46 68) c wave in JVP is due to Atrial contraction Tricuspid valve closure Atrial fi lling with closed tricuspid valve Ventricular filling Ans: b 69)The action verb for objective in affective domainis best represented by LISTE NS ATTENTIVELY LISTS OUT THE equipments required DESCRIBES the method of Iv inje cton DEMONSTRATES THE METHOD OF immunization Ans: 70)Themost effective method to change the traditional belief without hurting the m is Exhibition Lecture Role play Demonstration Ans: c 71) What cannot be calculated in open class interval? Mean Median Mode quartile Ans: d 72) Which distribution is represented when mean is equal to variance Normal Gamm a Poisson ? Ans:c 73) Passive immunity by administration of Vaccine Immunoglobulin ? ? Ans: b 74) The duration of time from entry of organism to itsfirst detection: Incubatio n period Latent period ? ? Ans: b 75) Confirmatory test of HIV Elisa Western blot PCR ? Ans: b 76) Primary syphilis is best diagnosed by a. VDRL b. Wet mount c. TPHA d. TPPA A ns: d ( Ref: Harrison. The microhemagglutination assay for T. pallidum (MHA-TP) h

as been replaced by the Serodia TP-PA test (Fujirebio, Tokyo), which is more sen sitive for primary syphilis.) 77)Probability of a person without a disease having a test result negative is Po sitive predictive value Specificity Negative predictive value Sensitivity Ans; b 78)Relative risk is calculated from a.Cross sectional study without control b. c ross sectional study with control c. prospective study without control d. prospe ctive study with control Ans: c 79)Odds ratio indicates Statistical significance Causal association Relative ris k ? Ans; c 80)The best mass media in community Flash card Pamphlet Poster Graphic Ans: c 81) Class conflict is seen in Feud system Capitalistic system Primitive system M odern society Ans: b 82)Minamata disease is associated with Ar Pb Hg Gold Ans: c 83)Enamel of teeth is can be compared to Gold Diamond Platinum Iron Ans: c 84) The ominous feature of peripheral vascular disease of lower limb continous a nd sharp pain due to arterial embolus Intermittent muscular pain Numb pain of di gital gangrene skin ulcer with pain Ans: ?a 85)Which is true about binomial distribution Pq Sq root pq npq sq root npqAns: 86) Which muscle causesboth hip and knee flexion Biceps femoris Rectus femoris V astus medialis Sartorius Ans: d 87) First lower limb bone to ossify Upper end of tibia Lower endof femur Calcane um Neck of fibula Ans: b 88) CSF examination from a suspected meningitis case is done. Blood glucose is 1 20mg% and CSF glucose is 80mg%, The moat likely cause is a.Pyogenic b. viral c.T ubercular d. Fungal Ans: b 89) Alkaline phophatase is anisoenzyme due to Different subunit Difference in ca rbohydrate Difference in protein Different gene Ans: 90) Staining of triglyceride is by a.Filipini method b. ,,,,,,PASstain c.Haemati n<<<< Ans: 91)Scraping of skin in fungal infection is examined in 10%KOH Giemsa Wright Ans; a 92) Most common lung infection in acquired immunodeficiency a. Toxoplasma b. Pne umocystis c. Tuberculosis d. Cryptococcus Ans: b ( Ref: Washington Manual) 93) T yphus is caused by a.Rickettsia b. salmonella c. shigella d? Ans: a 94)Dysentry causing zoonoticbacteria: Salmonella Shigella Campylobacter Entamoeb a Ans: c 95)Pseudomembranous colitis is caused by Clostridium difficile Cl perfringes Cl botulinum Cl tetani Ans: a 96)Stool examination of a patient on antibiotic therapy shows Clostridium diffic ile toxin. The likely diagnosis is Pseudomembranous colitis Ans: a

97)Most common cause of intestinal obstruction a.adhesion b. volvulus c. intusus seption d? Ans:a( Ref: Sabiston. Adhesions secondary to previous surgery are by f ar the most common cause of small bowel obstruction today) 98)The level of unconjugated bilirubin is raised in a 3 month old infant. The li kely diagnosis is Blood group incompatability Thalassemia trait Gilbert syndrome ? Ans: c 99) The immediate approach of testicular torsion a.Counselling and explorationb. ? c. observation d. antibiotics Ans: a 100) True about osteoporosis in menopause Spine, hip and wrist are most commonly fractured bones Secondary osteoporosis is the menopausal and age related osteop orosis Osteoblastic response to estrogen is reduced after menopause Osteoporosis is more serious in late periods of menopauseAns: a 101)Active management of 3rd stage of labour Im oxytocin, CCT, uterine massage A ns: a 102)Most common cause of painless PV bleeding in late pregnancy Abruptio placent a Placenta praevia Ectopic pregnancy Incomplete abortion Ans: b 103)Advantage of mediolateral episiotomy over midline episiotomy To reduce the e xtension of tear To decrease bleeding ? ? Ans; a 104) Management of 14 week size hydatidiform moleD &C MVA Suction evacuation? An s: c 105)Expected cervical dilatation in active stage of labor in primigravida a. 0.5 cm/hr b. 1cm/hr c. 1.5 cm/hr d. 2 cm/hr Ans: b 106)Corpus luteum of pregnancy continues to secrete hormone till 4 weeks5 weeks 4 mnths 5 mnths Ans: c 107) True about syphilis in pregnancy Treatment to be started soon after diagnos is More severe if acquired during 2ndtrimi ? ? Ans: a 108) Blood from placenta to fetus is carried by Umbilical artery Umbilical vein Vitelline vein Vitelline artery Ans: b 109) Cause of cor pulmonale in chronic bronchitis a.hypoxia b. hypercapnia c. ac idosis d. alkalosis Ans: a 110)A 3 year old infant is brought to casualty with acute respiratory distress. Chest is dull in percussion and wheezes present. The likely diagnosis is Pleural effusion Foreign body aspiration ? ? Ans: b 111) Aspiration pneumonia is more common in Lower part of upper lobe Medial part of middle lobe Upper part of lower lobe Posterior part of lower lobe Ans: c 112)Which is used for the diagnosis of small intestinal obstruction a.Contrast X ray b. Straight X ray supine and erect c MRI d? Ans: b 113)Aflatoxin, OCP. Is harmful to Liver Kidney ? ? Ans: a 114) The Cardiac output of well trained athlete is 5.5L/min. On exercise, Cardia c Output can reach upto 12 L/min 28L/min 45L/min ? Ans: ?? ( Guyton: 30-40L/min)

115)Total volume of blood in capillaries5% 15% 20% ? Ans: a 116) What is the amount of BUN excreted in urine 5mg% 35mg% 50mg% ? Ans: ?? 117)Value of hemoglobin per RBC is calculated as MCH MCHCPCV MCV Ans: a 118)Difference between irondeficiency anemia and anemia due to chronic disease a . S Iron b. S. hemoglobin c. Transferrin receptor d? Ans: c 119)In order to say depression, sad mood is to be present for 1 wk 2wk 3wk 4wk A ns: b 120)Delusion of persecution in Simple schizophrenia Hebephrenic schizophrenia Ca tatonic schizophrenia Paranoid schizophrenia Ans. d 121)Which if the neurotransmitter is involved in rewarding Serotonin Dopamin Nor epinephrine ? Ans: a 122)A 30 year old man presented with paroxysmal headache and diaphoresis. His BP is 210/ 180mmHg. The most appropriate test to reach the diagnosis is 24 hrs uri nary VMA 24 hours urinary metanephrine 24 hrs serum VMA 24 hr serum metanephrine Ans: d 123) Which of the glands is neural crest origin? Thymus Pineal Adrenal medulla ? Ans:c 124) A 30 year old male wi th testicular hypoechoic mass of 5#4cm. The immediate step for the diagnosis and management FNAC Trucut Biopsy Incisional biopsy Radi cal inguinal orchiectomy Ans. d 125)Seizure in dehydration is due to Excess ADH secretion Hypoglycemia Hypocalce mia Alkalosis Ans: ? 126) Thiazide diuretics is contraindicated in Hypercalcemia Diabetes insipidis H ypertension Pulmonary oedema Ans: a 127)A child with hypokalemia, hyponatremia, hypochloremia and metabolic acidosis . Most probable diagnosis is Pyloric stenosis Celiac disease ? chronic pancreati tis Ans: ? 128)Steven Johnson syndrome is characterized byMucosal ulceration with target le sion Purpura with target lesion Both mucosal lesion with target lesions and purp ura ? Ans: c 129)Agoraphobia is fear of spaces b. closed spaces c.? d? Ans: a 130)A child comes with rapid breathing. Blood glucose is raised and ketone bodie s arefound in urine. Which of the following is true Increase HCO3 ? ? ? Ans: 131)IncreasedRoulex formation shows increased MCV Hematocrit Sedimentation rate Blood volume Ans: c 132)Increased redistribution of drug is d/t Increased lipid solubility of drug I ncreased plasma protein binding C? ? Ans: a 133)Which of the following drug is contraindicated in G6PD def. a.sulfoxazole b. Cefotaxim ? ? Ans: a 134)Protein synthesis takes place in ER Ribosome NucleusGolgi bodies Ans: b

135)Which of the following isabsent in prokaryotic cell Cell wall Plasmid Nuclea r membrane ? Ans: c 136)Ptyalin, an amylase present in saliva helps in the digestion of Galactose Fr uctose Starch Glycogen Ans: c 137)Which is the feature of severe hypokalemia a.Plantar extensor? b.neuropathy? cPresent after persistent vomiting dAbsence of deep reflexes Ans: ? 138)Accordingto WHO, flaccid paralysis is tobe reported of the following age gro up 0-15 yrs 0-5 yrs 5-15 yrs ? Ans: a 139)Most common cause of acute osteomylitis in a 3 mnth old child Salmonella Hem ophilus Staphylococcus Streptococcus Ans: c 140)A child with acute lymphoblastic leukemia is treated for remission. After so me time, child comes with relapse. What is the most common organ involved in rel apse Spleen Bone marrow Lymph node ? Ans: b 141)Action Potential in blocked by Local anaesthetic GA ? ? Ans: a 142)The immediate test in mismatching of blood is Indirect Coombs test Direct Co ombs test Serum antibody measurement ? Ans: b 143)Heart has the following autonomic receptor Nm Nn M1 M2 Ans: d 144)Erythropoietin is produced in Kidney Liver Pancreas Lungs Ans: a 145)Hormonal imbalance during stress is similar to a. snoring b.exercise c. memo ryd sleep Ans: 146)Which of thefollowing controls blood volume ANP Pepsinogen Bombesin ? Ans: a

147)A 3 week child with constipation,oedema, .( ? features of congenital hypothyroi he investigation of choice is T3.T4. TSH Ans: a 148)HCL secretion is inhibited by Gastrin Acetyl choline Histamine Somatostatin Ans:d 149)Topical antihistaminic Fexofenadine Cetrizine Azelastine Loratadine Ans: c 150)Dinoprostone during induction of labour is contraindicated in Asthma Anaemia PIH ? Ans: a 151)Receptor for renin is present in (a1) (B1) ? ? Ans: b 152) Soot particles in lower respiratory tract indicates The person was alive wh en burnt Postmortem burning Chronic cigarette smoker Ans: a 153) Acidification of urine occurs in PCT DCT Collecting tubules Collecting duct Ans: c 154) Brocas area is situated in Superior frontalgyrus Inferior frontal gyrus Sup erior temoral gyrus ? Ans:b 155)Prostaglandins are synthesized from a. arachidonic acid b.Linoleic acid nolenic acid Ans: a d. oleic acid 156)Acculturation is Adaptation of culture from outside Adaptation of culturefro

m inside ? ? Ans : a 157)HLA matching is significant only in transplantation of Kidney Kidney, liver Kidney, liver , pancreas ? Ans: a 158)True for diagnosis and management of hypovolemicshock a.Same treatment for a ll generic shock b.early use of inotropic in hemorrhagic shock c. less complicat ion after treatment of hemorrhagic shock than after septic shock d.? Ans:? 159)Thalassemia is not caused by Nonsense mutation Missense mutation Silent muta tion ? Ans: 160)5% prevalence means 5% of population is suffering from the particular diseas e 5% of people have been treated.. ? / Ans: a 161)Aspiration of fluid from aswollen 1st metatarsal joint reveals birefringent needles, blood investigation shows Hyperuricemia ? ? / Ans: a 162)The total number of exposed to the total number of exposed and unexposed is Ratio Rate Proportion Incidence Ans: c 163)Calcitonin is produced byThyroid Parathyroid Pituitary/ Ans: a 164)Histology of Mycobacterium leprae showsCigarette pack appearance Ans: a 165)Bone resorption inmultiple myeloma is due to Langerhan giant cell Plasma cel l Osteoclast / Ans: c 166)Polyhydramnios due to NTD Ans: a 167:The characteristic finding of cutaneous hepatic porphyria Abdominal pain and vomitingIncreased urinary C? ? Ans: 168)Father of antiseptic Joseph lister Lous Pasteur Robert koch ? Ans: a 169)Which plasma protein is synthesized in plasma Albumin Fibrinogen Gamma globu lijn Beta globulin Ans: c 170)Most common site of blockage in nasilacrimal passage is Superior colliculus Inferior colliculus Lacrimal sac Naso lacrimal duct Ans: d 171)variable pulse pressure with normal rhythm is found in Cardiac temponade B. asthma ? ? Ans: cardiac temponade 172:Normal value of HBA1c 1-3% 3-6% 6-10% D? Ans: b 173)Wound healing is helped by Vit C Vit A Vit B12 Ans: a 174)Non neurogenic rabies vaccine BPL treated vaccine Formalintreated vaccine Re combinant DNA vaccine ? Ans: 175)For histopathological examination, the organ is to be preserved in Saturated NaCl Formalin c/ d? Ans:b 176) Most common cause of iron deficiency anemia Poor diet Malabsorption Increas edrequirement Chronic disease? Ans: a 177) Immediate management of cord prolapsed Check for pulsation Presentation Imm ediate CS ? Ans: a

178) While performing basic life support by 1 person, the ratio of chest compres sion toventilation is 5:1 30:2 15:2 50:1 Ans: b 179)What is the GCS score if the patient is confused, opens eyes on painand show s withdrawal response 10 11 12 13 Ans: a 180) A 60 year old male comes with chest pain and diaphoresis. ECG shows ST elev ation in lead 2,3 aVF withreciprocal changes in lead 1 and aVL. The probable dia gnosis is Inferior wall MI Ant wall Mi ? ? Ans: a 181) A person with Hemoglobin 10gm%, MCV 68, s ferittin 10. Most likely diagnosi s Iron def anaemia Thalassemia ? ? Ans: ? 182) Which is the feature of Iron def anaemia Decreased iron, decreased Hb, decr eases ferrritin, Increased transferring Ans: a 183) Development delay is tobe suspected if Child cant hold neck to 90 degree in 3 mnths ? ? ? Ans: a 184) Deficiency of ?Vitamin C/ ? Copper leads to poor functioning of which enzym e during collagen synthesis Prolyl hydroxylase Lysyl hydroxylase Lysyl oxidase ? Ans:b 185) DOC in eclampsia MgSO4 Ans: a 186)True aboutoxytocin Half life of iv oxytoc in is 3 min Oxytocin causes water depletion Oxytocin should not be given before 3rd stage of labour ? Ans:a 187)Common age group for Burgers disease 20-40 40-60 >60 <20 Ans: a 188) In Chronic Hypoventilation basic findingin blood is: A. Increased PCO2 B. D ecreased O2 C. Acidosis D. Increased HCO3 Ans. D 189) What will help in the preparedness of mass disaster a. Mock drill ans: a 190) When the age is not known , which is the best way for the nutritional asses sment in under 5 children a. mid arm circumference Ans: a 191)Longest tendon among the following EOM a. Lateral rectus b. Inferior rectus c. Superior oblique d. Inferior oblique ans: c 192)Metabolic alkalosis is seen in a. CRF b. Hypokalemia c. d. ans: ?

193)Substance transfering charged amino acid is a. t rnab. m rna c. r rna d:? an s: a 194) Tensor of larynx a. Cricothyroid b. c. d. ans: a 195) early nephritic syndrome feature is a. hypervolemia b.hypercholeterolemia c . d. ans. a 196) post neonatal period a. after 4 weeks b. c. d. ans: a 197)all r useful in ectopic except.. A. Methotrexate B. KCL C. Actinomycin D D. Misoprostol ans: d

198) drug that inhibits peptidyl transferase reactiona. chloramphenicol b.tetrac ycline c.streptomycind.??? (UC Browser)