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All of the following muscles undergoes paralysis after injury to C5 to C6 spinal nerves except: a) Biceps b) Coracobrachialis c) Brachialis d) Brachioradialis Q 2 .All of the following are characteristic of a bronchopulmonary segment, except: a) It is surgically respectable b) It is named according to the segmental bronchus supplying it c) It is drained by intersegmental branch of pulmonary vein. d) It is the largest subdivision of a lobe Q 3 .Injury to the common peroneal nerve at the lateral aspect of head of fibula results in all following except: a) Weakness of ankle dorsi-flexion. b) Foot drop c) Loss of ankle reflex d) Sensory impairment on lateral aspect of leg extending to the dorsum of foot. Q 4 .The mesentery of small intestine, along its attachment to the posterior abdominal wall, crosses all of the following structures except: a) Left gonadal vessels. b) Third part of duodenum. c) Aorta d) Right ureter. Q 5 .Venous drainage from neurohypophysis is routed through all of the following except: a) Portal vessels to adenohypophysis b) Superior hypophyseal veins to ventricular tanycytes c) Inferior hypophyseal vein to dural venous sinuses. d) Capillaries to median eminence and hypothalamus.

Q 6 .The efferent fibre bundle of the substantia nigra transmits dopamine to one of the following areas: a) Thalamus b) Corpus striatum c) Tegmentum of pons d) Tectum of midbrain

Q 7 .Knowledge of the segmental Cutaneous innervation of the skin of the lower extremeity is important in determining the level of intervertebral discs ,thus, S1 nerve root irritation will result in pain located along the

a) Anterior aspect of the thigh b) Middle aspect of the thigh c) Antero-medial aspect of leg d) Lateral side of foot

Q 8 .A 59 year old man complains of recurrent attack of pain in the region of the left shoulder radiating to sternum and the pit of stomach. The attack of pain came at lengthy intervals until the last two days, when it became continous. The physician diagnosis is as angina pectoris .In this case the pain path way is carried by:

a) Superior survival cardiac nerve. b) Medial and inferior cardiac nerve c) Thoracic splenic nerve. d) Vagus. ANSWERS AND EXPLANATION 1. b:Explanation The coracobrachialis brachialis and biceps are supplied by musculocutaneous nerve. The coracobrachialis received its supply primarily from C7 when the biceps and brachialis receive

their supply from C5 and C6.Brachioradialis is supplied by radial nerve .The root value of radial nerve is C5-C8,T1,so only coracobrachialis is not supplied by C5,C6. 2.c:Explanation. The bronchopulmonary segments drain into more than one vein which is the tributaries of pulmonary veins running between segments that are intersegmental, so a bronchopulmonary segment is not a complete vascular unit, with an individual bronchus artery and vein. In the resection of segments it is obvious that the plains between them are not avascular but crossed by pulmonary veins and sometimes by branches of arteries. 3.c:Explanation The common peroneal nerve may be damaged at the lateral aspect of the head of the fibula when the knee is in full flexion. It causes patients present with foot drop which is usually painless but presents with weakness of dorsal flexion and eversion of the foot. But inversion and plantar flexion are normal and so ankle reflex is also preserved. 4.a: Explanation Repeat from anatomy 2011 5.c:Explanation The venous drainage of neurohypophysis is by three possible roots. To the adenohypophysis by the long and short portal veins. To the Dural venous sinuses by the inferior hypophyseal veins. To the medial eminence via capillaries. So the venous drainage is not by superior hypophyseal veins. Special note: Tanycytes are special ependymal cells located at the floor of the third ventricle having process extending deep into the hypothalamus. It may be possible that their function is to transfer chemical signals from CSF to CNS. 6.b:Explanation The main afferent to the substantia nigra is mainly from the corpus striatum of basal ganglia. There are mainly two efferents of substantia nigra. 1. Corpus striatum 2. Thalamus According to the Circuit 3 . The substantia nigra inhibits the striatum by dopamine. And striatum inhibits the substantia nigra by secreting GABA. 7.d

8.b:Explantion: **** to proof reading team