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Physics 212

Fall 2008
Problem Set #9

Read: 21.1 - 21.5 and then do the problems. Due on Monday, October 20th.

1)An rms voltage of 100 V is applied to a purely resistive load

of 5.0 Ω. Find (a) the maximum voltage applied, (b) the
rms current supplied, and (c) the maximum current
supplied. 6)An AC source produces a current of 0.04 A at a frequency of
4.8 kHz when attached to a 232 Ω resistor and a 0.25 µF
capacitor that are connected in series. Calculate (a) the
2)A 7.5 µF capacitor is attached to an AC source. It has a voltage of the generator and (b) the phase angle between
reactance of 168 Ω. What is the frequency of the AC the current and the voltage across the resistor/capacitor
source? combination.

3)An inductor has a reactance of 480 Ω when attached to an 7)A 215 Ω resistor and a 0.2 H inductor are connected in
AC source of frequency 1350 Hz. What is the reactance series with an AC source of 234 V and frequency 106 Hz.
when the frequency is 450 Hz? (a) What is the current in the circuit? (b) Calculate the
phase angle between the current and the voltage of the AC
4)An AC source, a 275 Ω resistor, an inductor of inductive
reactance 648 Ω, and a capacitor of capacitive reactance
415 Ω are arranged to form a series RLC circuit. The current
8)An RLC circuit containing a 10 Ω resistor, a 17 mH inductor,
and a 12 µF capacitor are connected in series with a 155 V
in the circuit is 0.233 A. Calculate the voltage of the AC
RMS AC source. (a) Calculate the frequency of the AC
source at which the current will be a maximum. (b)
Calculate the maximum value of the RMS current.
5)A series RLC circuit includes a 47 Ω resistor, a 4 mH
inductor, and a 2 µF capacitor. When the frequency is 2550
Hz, what is the power factor of the circuit?

1) a) 141 V b) 20 A
c) 28.3 A
2) 126 Hz
3) 160 Ω
4) 83.9 V
5) 0.819
6) a) 10.7 V
b) -29.8°
7) a) 0.925 A
b) 31.8°
8) a) 352 Hz
b) 15.5 A