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Popular Culture Galore

The 21st century is here. So, this work will deal with the music of the 21st century, not just the
past. In many ways, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Folks are waking
up about this issue, especially with the advent of the Internet. This work is what I really
wanted to write for years about Popular culture. Connections among the occult, copying past
movies (or influences to be placed into modern day music), music and secret orders have
existed for eons. Music can be used for good and evil purposes. Music that's mainstream is
obviously controlled. Now, it's time to see who controls this empire. Many elitists do. One
person is the CEO of Universal Group named Doug Morris. The CEO and Chairman of
AOL/Time Warner is Jeffrey Lawrence Bewkes. Warner Brothers is headed by CFR member,
Chairman and CEO Edgar Bronfman Jr. (with the puppet North American Chairman Lyon
Cohen). The UK-based EMI group is ruled by Guy Hands. Sony is headed by Chairman and
CEO Sir Howard Stringer with a high level of Japanese Board of Directors. Viacom's
Chairman is Sumner Redstone. Gentile and Roman Catholic Thomas Daniel 'Tommy' Mottola
is an American music executive and co-owner of Casablanca Records in a joint venture with
the Universal Music Group. There are other big names as well from Geffen, Clive Davis,
Patrick Amory, Jerome Moss, and others. These are some of the leaders of the music
industry. Music and popular culture has been real ways where some people are manipulated.
Music can send messages to some people even if they don't want to listen to it. Dr. Roy H.
Williams wrote a book called, "Thought Particles: Building Blocks of the
Perceptual Reality, Binary Code of the Mind." In it, Williams confirms that music can
go through both hemispheres of the human brain with no resistance. He done scientific
experiments on this issue of music going into our brains even if we don't consent to it. That
is why some people can recite songs immediately even if they don't like it or practice to learn
the song. That is why the enemy (the Devil and his agents) want to fight against the Church
by promoting trash music. Some of these trashy music is infecting some churches. Other
people want to call themselves God or gods. The rap artist KRS-One even has a song called
"The Truth" promoting the idea that man can be a god (plus we need to look into ourselves.
Hezekiah Walker sings background on one of KRS-One's songs) and that we don't need the
Scriptures to help us out as humans.

KRS-One calls people gods and goddesses, which is false (since a human isn't a god at all). In the
Word of God, God says directly that: “…I am the first and I am the last, And there is no God
besides Me…" (Isaiah 44:6). This is a New Age tenet that the 5 Percenters agree with as well. 5
Percenters was created by Clarence 13X in viewing that the Black race are gods. They deny in a sole
Creator or Almighty God existed in the Universe. It's a New Age version of supremacy. Many
musicians were apart of it or supported it. KRS-One is in support of Arika Bambatta's Zulu Nation.
Arika went into Africa to take influence from false gods to get the Zulu Nation going. Zulu Nation
promotes the Anhk symbol, which refers to sexual reproduction. Now, the Zulu Nation claims to
respect the Bible, but lie and say that it was tampered (and it must be reinterpreted). The reality is
that the Bible is the most preserved ancient work in human history with its words preserved in the
Massoretic Text and the Receptus Textus. The Zulu Nation loves the Koran. That's apart of their
creed (which claims that God is Allah, which it isn't. Allah in the Koran denies God of having a Son
when Psalm 2 explains that God indeed has a Son). KRS-One claims to be a Pastor of Hip Hop.
Well, it's been time to reject wicked music completely. Music is powerful, but it's not more powerful
than Almighty God. There are many people from You tube that I would like to thank for their research
into this arena. Their You tube names are: spiritroar, OrangeMoon82, lenonhonor, OldKrypton,
111TRUTH111, PimPb1420, Ainesis3, and many others. You women and men give me the insight
and inspiration to expose the evil people in the world. This is going to be a long, yet interesting work.
First, it's time to prove that major musicians and artists for decades have talked about the new world
order and related subject manner in their songs. Malice Mizer in 1998 had a video called ironically

Wu Tang Clan in 1999 sings about a Wu World Order. Method man is pictured showing the horned Il
Canuto sign (showing it front and back with his hand). The new world order is the wicked utopian
plan for creating an one world government basically. George H. W. Bush have called for the new
world order in 1990. Onyx in his song Last Days in 1995 talks about a new world order, biochips, and
the Apocalypse basically. The Dr. Dre song of "Been there, done that" came in 1997. In it, Dr. Dre.
says: "...ain't trying to stick around for the Illuminati. Got to buy my own island by the year 2
G..." This means that there was a Y2K false scare that the end of the world would occur in
2000. We know that's false. Now, 2001 was the real beginning of the modern war on terror
with 9/11. Dr. Dre was in another video with the rapper B-Real called "The Puppet Master." It's
about how the music industry is manipulated by 2 characters played by a Pope/voodoo figure
(who is played by Dr. Dre) and by the Devil (being played by B-Real). B-Real in the song said
that the mainstream music industry (in his Devil character) is controlled by deception and
manipulation. How much more clear can you get. Eminem's 2002 song of "Lose Yourself" talks
about wanting a new world order making him King metaphorically. In an old song, Eminem said that
he sold his soul to the Devil. I don't know if that's true or not, but no real man would say something
like that in a song (publicly or privately). Sting when he was in the Police wrote a song about "Every
Breath You Take" in 1983 which talks about fearing a Big Brother state controlling society. Sting is
known for studying the Tarot and researching Aleister Crowley's writings.
Sting even had a song about Hell. Crowley was a Satanist, a British
Intelligence agent, a Freemason, and a promoter of cinema to corrupt society
in general. He is a role model for many musicians (like the Beatles, Marilyn
Manson, Ozzy Osbourne, and others) that are worldly to this day. On the
cover of the Beatles’ adult cover of Loney Heart Club Band, they issue images
of their role models (or people that they look up to). Timothy Leary, who was
a LSD drug guru, supported Crowley and the Beatles. He was a defunct
Harvard professor in the 1960’s. Leary believed that recreational drug use of
LSD could open up spiritual horizon. Yet, recreational drug use always
increase chances of damaging the human immune system and our bodies in
general. These people include Aleister Crowley, Carl Jung, Burrows, Huxley,
and others. Now, Hitler was about to be on the cover, but it didn’t show up
since that would be controversial. One photo of Aleister Crowley have him wearing a hat
with a Pyramid with an eye on it. Crowley worshipped the false Greek pagan god of Pan. Pan
was the god of lust, sexuality, and he looked like a goat. Crowley also his poem of “Hymn to
Pan” read at his funeral. Some of his poem outlines that: “…I rave and I rape and I rip and I
rend Everlasting world without end…” Crowley promoted human sacrifice and the break up of
the nuclear family. Crowley influenced greatly the wicked popular culture that you see in the world
today. So, the wickedness in society didn’t come up spontaneously. It was
mapped up and planned by elitists and occultists to break down our moral
code. The good news is that we can reject this brainwashing system and
preserve our God-given moral code with God’s help plus love alone. There is
even a Gangster rapper called “Brotha Lynch Hung” that has a song called “The Return of the Baby
Killa” that talks about cannibalism against a child. Eminem raps about killing people and drinking
blood. He justifies this stuff by saying it’s a metaphor. What person in their right mind would want to
perform lyrics about killing innocent people like a serial killer and say it’s symbolic? No one that I
know of personally. Even Stevie Wonder was manipulated by those around him to perform the video
of Part time Lover in a Pyramid during the 1980's. There is even a band called the Freemasons doing
music (they made a 2006 called Watching with blindfolds and another one called Love on my Mind in
2005 with a black and white checkered floor). Blindfolds and these rituals are used in real Masonic
ceremonies. In 1997, P. Diddy did a song with Jay Z and the Notorious BIG called Young G's (from
the album No Way Out). Jay Z in the song says that: "...Know they ain't fully prepared for this
New World Order..." In Nas' song Where Y'all At, he talks about the words Annuit Coeptis as
being the words of our Latin ancestors outlining the plan (and the message). The truth is that
Annuit Coeptis means Providence (or the Deistic version of God) have favored our undertaking. It's
found on the Great Seal as representing Providence approving of the new American Nation. FDR
placed it on the Dollar Bill to support his New Deal and new world order plans, especially after WWII.
Certainly, the Secret Societies have used a plan to exploit America's greatness to advance the
agenda of the New Atlantis. The phrase of Annuit Coeptis comes from the literature of the ancient
Roman poet of Virgil. Nas in his 2008 song of Be a N____ Too talks about "Cliques still moving like
Freemasons..." His supporters believes that Nas opposes the Freemasons, but he hasn't overtly
criticized Freemasonry in real terms at all. The group Animotion has a song called Obsession in 1985
and one of the album cover of the 13th Floor Elevator music group has the logo of the back of the
Great Seal (with the Pyramid and All Seeing Eye on it). Even Earth Wind and Fire have Pyramid and
Zodiac imagery on their albums covers. The group called Pharao in 1994 had a video called "There
is a Star." In it, they show a Pyramid with an eye on it. Tupac in a song called "They don't give a F___
about us" that: "...Some say they expect Illuminati take my body to sleep...Before I flee computer
chips.." There is a dispute on whether 2pac was trying to expose the Illuminati or not. The Alan
Parson Project is known to promote the Eye of Horus in their records and album covers.

In LL Cool J's son "I shot ya" the rapper Prodigy says that "Illuminati want my mind, soul, and
body....Secret Society, trying to keep they eye on me.." Ironically, in the 21st century, Prodigy says
that he disagrees with the global elite and occult secret societies. In his song called the Illuminati, he
says that he disagrees with Big Brother, and other modes of control by elite Secret orders (He
claimed to have woke up in 32 years old). The song have Prodigy saying: "But I'm a stay incogni' in
places they can't find me. Make my moves strategically.." In his video the "Life" as found in 2008,
there is a Pyramid with an All Seeing Eye pictured in a wall of a room. He believes that Jay Z refuses
to expose real information about the establishment for fear of losing corporate profits. Even Prodigy
now made the error about making a recent song (called the Pearly Gates) about wanting to
fight Jesus if he goes to Hell, using excessive profanity, etc. Raymond L. Johnson wrote a book
entitled “The Thug Mentality” describing this specific issue in an indepth way. The term of Thug
existed in Hinduism as the Thuggee tribes. These tribes acted as murderers and terrorism back in
the time of the 13th century. They follow Kali, which is goddess of death and murder (She is the
female consort to the male god of Shiva). Ironically, Russell Simmons follow Hindu teachings,
Yoga, and has a statue of Kali in his home (according to G. Craig Lewis). He exposed that a
thug mentality is never a true way to act like a man or a human being in general. You can
carry yourself in a strong manner, believe in God, talk with authority, help people, and be
meek without being a thug at all. Historically, thug culture has been embraced by criminals and it’s
in many forms of music (not just the 2 common ones that we know about like Hip Hop and Rock
music). Raymond exposed the fact the essence of thug culture is rebellion against God-ordained
authority in order to benefit man’s selfish will (instead of confirming to the just will of God the Father).
I’m thankful for the fact that I’m not a thug. I’m a grown man. There’s a difference between a real
man and a thug. Raymond has testimonies from ex-criminals and stories that relate to people
who experienced the spiritual battles about the temptations of being a thug. Numerous folks of
this thug lifestyle believe in the lie that material wealth, your clothing, etc. define your value as a
human being. No, you have equal value to any other human being regardless of what you are
or your background. There are also racists and extremists that perceive anyone
wearing certain clothing or acting in a certain way as thugs as well. That’s
false since many law abiding people wear a variety of clothing and they aren’t
a thug. The mainstream media and entertainment constantly push negative
(plus false) and offensive stereotypes against people of color. We should rise
about the lies that media throws at all and not take the bait. So, stereotypes
about people should end. We judge people by their actions not their
appearance. Many of the ex-thugs’ stories outline wisdom for people. The reason is that
one way to stop the cycle of the agitation of violence and unstableness in a society is to
listen to those who experienced that deadly lifestyle (and afterwards escaped it via the grace
of Almighty God). Listening, comprehending, and allowing wisdom to come into our thinking is
certainly apart of true learning. A lot of music today deals with techno and Autotune.
Both Beyonce and Madonna have performances that mimic the old Metropolis film. Their moves are
so similar to the Metropolis film that it's almost like a ritual. The Metropolis film came about in 1927.
The film talks about the year 2026 as being the best and worst of times (as described in Charles
Dickens's literature). The fictional movie makes an explanation that 2026 will be a time that there is
total oppression and manipulation of the masses. The few in power control the masses of the
people in a Big Brother society. Under the city of Metropolis is an Underground City
where machines are controlled by workers. These workers are forces to control machines in a
mechanical fashion that test the limits of their human endurance. Fritz Lang made the film in
1926. The film was shortened against his will for its American release. The reason is that some might
view the story as difficult to comprehend. Some of the scenes are lost forever. The introduction of the
film have Octagons shaped in an O pattern (in the form of lights). There is also the Tower of Babel
image in front of buildings. The elite for thousands of years want a globalized society which will be
similar to the Tower of Babel (i.e. a new world order where all people are united as one under a
control of single man of course). Moving gears exists in the beginning of the movie as well. The
workers in the film seem to look brainwashed and monolithic in their characters (in doing the same
duties day in an day out). In Madonna's Blond Ambition Tour, she performs Express
Yourself (in Japan in 1990). The performance has similar gears that are found in the
Metropolis film (even Whitney Houston performs in a Metropolis female costume). Even the
workers look similar to the male performers in Madonna's tour in Japan. Madonna comes out of the
octagon covering one eye with a glass eye temporarily. Madonna as many know follows the
Kabbalah and embraces the occult (she was the one who kissed Britney Spears and Christina
Aguilera in 2003 as almost signifying that they were apart of the new generation of pop artists. The
whole deal also mocked heterosexual marriage and said that they no longer go by the standards of
right and wrong). Madonna have cuddle women sexually in her performances for over 10 years. This
is similar to the female group Tatu randomly kissing women in their video called, “All the Things She
Said.” Madonna says in that performance with both women that: "...We are bored with the concept of
right and wrong.." Without those concepts, she wouldn't be born on this Earth. Madonna even wore a
shirt with a Pyramid and the All Seeing Eye on the back. Madonna in the Japanese performance
wears an outfit that is a robot costume (that looks similar to the robot costume worn in the film of
Metropolis). Madonna knows about this symbolism. She's a hypocrite by performing sexually
subjective actions, yet she would never let her children watch television at all (and she says that
people are going to Hell for moral corruption recently). Madonna (who says "Share the Light") kissing
the 2 singers Britney and Christiania was about promoting Hollywood's wicked value system, which
have been occultic since Hollywood's inception. In my opinion, Madonna is one of the few musicians
that knows exactly what she is doing in promoting sexual immorality, occultism, and the like. She
even admits that:

"...I'm a tormented person. I have alot of demons inside of me. My pain is as big as my joy."
(Calendar Magazine from the LA Times, May 5, 1991). Madonna blasphemes Jesus Christ by saying:
"I think they probably got it on, Jesus and Mary Magdalene." (The Advocate, may 21, 1991, pg. 40).

One of the easiest examples of Madonna using occult/Satanic symbol is in her video "Human
Nature" back in 1995. This was popular when I was in Middle School in Virginia. In the video, she is
on a chair tied up looking similar to sadomasochism. 2 blind men (the blindfold is a famous function
of Masonic ritual in the Blue Degrees) caress her body. Madonna is another scene is next to a tied
woman in a sadomasochism position and Madonna hit the woman lightly with a whip. Some people in
the video show the Il Canuto handsign. She also whips lightly a dog in leather garb. The
message in the video according to her words is "Express Yourself, Don't Repress
Yourself..." In other words, she wants people to don't repress their desires even if they are
unnatural. Now, in one blatant scene, people tie Madonna up in the air in the shape of a Pentagram
with robe. We know the Pentagram represents Nature, the Perfected Man, and the Devil according to
Satanists, Freemasons, etc.

Madonna is listed ironically as a role model in the First Church of Satan according to Pastor Joe
Schimmel. Madonna loves the Kabbalah when the Kabbalah falsely believes that God
Almighty didn’t directly create the Universe. Madonna also use repetition and crowd participation
(plus peer pressure) to persuade (including influencing) her audiences. In one concert in Australia,
Madonna says that she don't even care if she goes to Hell into the crowd (while hypocritically quoting
the Book of Revelation about which people are going into Hell). She hasn't apologized for this
nonsense at all. So, we know what Madonna is really all about. Madonna is famous for using
religious satire going too far like the image of burning crosses in the Pepsi commercial (called Like a
Prayer. She signs in the commercial in a Masonic checkered board floor). Madonna once owned a
company called Siren Film. A siren is a woman (or nymph) who draws men (like sailors in the middle
of the sea) to their deaths via their singing. Sirens are in pagan mythologies. Madonna certainly has
inspired a generation of people to change their values about sexuality and the consequences have
seen more acceptance of sexual immorality.

In the film, the robot from Metropolis has the image of a robot under an inverted Pentagram.
The Inverted Pentagram has many meanings which include Nature. Yet, an inverted
Pentagram according to Manly P. Hall outlines Satanism or the footprint of the Devil. Now, 2
men look at the robot. A man and other scientists used technology to try to make the robot "alive."
The transformation begins. Later, the robot is filled with Light and takes on some human
characteristics. For a long time, occultists obsess with trying to create synthetic life, golem, and
develop cloning. We have complex cloning today in the 21st century. The old human dies in the
transformation ritual to create this new person. Beyonce in the BET Awards years ago is dressed in
the Metropolis robot costume. The performance has a Matrix style background. As exposed before,
the Matrix film is a promotion of Gnostic thought. The Matrix believes that our present reality is a
lie and it bashes the creation of the real Creator God. Even the beginning of her performance
have Beyonce transform from Beyonce to Sasha Fierce (while she is in her robotic suit). Sasha
Fierce according to her is her other personality. Her latest is called I am Sasha Fierce. Beyonce
admits that this persona of Sasha Fierce isn't her (and that she wouldn't want to meet or be like her
in real life):

"Sasha Fierce is the fun, more sensual, more aggressive, more outspoken side and more glamorous
side that comes out when I'm working and when I'm on the stage." Beyonce Press Statement,
October 2008

"I created my stage persona to protect myself, so that when I go home, I don't have to think about
what it is I do. Sasha isn't me." Beyonce, Parade Magazine, December 2006

"I wouldn't like Sasha if I met her offstage." Beyonce, Parade Magazine, December 2006

Why would she create this alter ego if this isn't her. It could be that Sasha Fierce is a why Beyonce
uses to create more popularity, justify her sexual performances (which can engender lust among
people), and go on to be approved in the world. It's doublemindness, because Beyonce is using an
alter ego that she doesn't even agree with, yet she still transforms into Sasha Fierce while on stage.
In other words, Beyonce finds some parts of her performances (Her song "Save the Hero" even has
her crying out for a hero) so reprehensible as contrary to what she knows about God, that she uses
another alter ego to live with herself. The Bible says that: "A double minded man is unstable in
all his ways." (James 1:8). Beyonce admits that Sasha Fierce was born in the Crazy in Love video.
The video first has Beyonce walking down a street with short clothes on. Beyonce dances and
markets her body to Jay Z in order impress him (while her friends disapprove of her actions). The
video show the fame, etc. of the industry. That video shows the old Beyonce in the back seat of a car
being trapped. Jay Z lits the match and the car explodes (This scene is similar to words of Leviticus
21:9). Afterward, Beyonce dances with Jay Z as Sasha Fierce. Many interpret Beyonce in the car as
selling her soul, then the car explodes to destroy any wholesome image she claims to have (her
transformation into Sasha Fierce begins). It's clear that Jay Z's pro-compromising views religiously
has an effect on Beyonce. Being crazy means being demented, insane, or out of control. So,
Beyonce is acting out of control to express her love for a person. Sean Carter and Beyonce Knowles
married secretly. Ainesis3 has amazing information on Beyonce's strange and occult meanings of
some of her songs. Beyonce sings the song of Ave Maria during her "I Am" tour. Now, Ave Maria
is Latin for Hail Mary. That's unscriptural since we only Hail or worship
Almighty God alone not Mary. We respect Mary as a great woman who acted
in accordance to God's will, but she should never be worshipped or
venerated at all. Hail Mary is apart of the unscriptural church of the Roman Catholic Church. It
related to Marian Devotion. Why would Beyonce sing a pro-Catholic song unless she is an
Ecumenical or doesn't know what that song truly means. Ainesis3 mentions that Beyonce change the
words to the song of Ave Maria. Beyonce's version of the song has the lyrics of "...She was lost in so
many different ways. Out in the Darkness with no guide. I know the cost of a losing hand. Never for
the grace of God go I..." Who is she talking about and why does the lyrics talk about never for the
grace of God she goes when God's grace saves us from our sinfulness. Beyonce sings that:"... I
found Heaven on Earth, You are my last, my first, And then I hear this voice inside Ave Maria..." First,
Heaven isn't on Earth on. Second we should never say some Ave Maria since that's worship of a
human being. Ironically, Beyonce singing finding Heaven on earth implies that something from
Heaven came down into Earth. The song has Beyonce finding this "person" and
singing devotions to Mary. Beyonce's version of Ave Maria also have her
she's alone even when her friends are around and she got someone to help
her when the lights go down (or in darkness. She also says that love to you
can make her out of her control). Beyonce talks with this being (which she doesn't overtly
call God) and sings Ave Maria. So, Beyonce's Ave Maria is about a being she believes is helping her
out. She communicates with this person in darkness to promote Marian devotion or worship. Marian
devolution is a slick form of Goddess worship (one of the titles of the Catholic version of Mary is the
Queen of Heaven, which is a Goddess title from the Mystery Religions). Worship of the Goddess is
being revamped in the 21st century. It existed during the ancient times (she was called Semiramis,
Isis,, and other names. The Goddess to the ancients was a consort to the sun deity). Images of
Semiarmis and her son Tammuz exists and influence Papal pictures of their false versions of Mary
(and Jesus). Papal renditions of Mary and an effeminate Jesus in paintings (which
isn't the real Jesus Christ) show halos around their heads. A halo or nimbus relates to
sun worship as well. The halo isn't a Christian symbol at all as this source proves:

"...As stated above the nimbus was in use long before the Christian era. According to the
exhaustive researches of Stephani it was an invention of the Hellenic epoch. In early Christian
art the nimbus certainly is not found on images of God and celestial beings, but only on
figures borrowed from profane art, and in Biblical scenes; in place of the simple nimbus, rays
or an aureole (with the nimbus) were made to portray heavenly glory. Hence it follows that the
Bible furnished no example for the bestowal of a halo upon individual saintly personages. As
a matter of fact the nimbus, as an inheritance from ancient art tradition, was readily adopted
and ultimately found the widest application because the symbol of light for all divine, saintly
ideals is offered by nature and not infrequently used in Scripture. In contemporary pagan art,
the nimbus as a symbol of divinity had become so indefinite, that it must have been accepted
as something quite new..." (From, Nimbus, the
Catholic New Advent Encyclopedia)

Halos in ancient times have always been a reference to praise of the sun god. Now, ironically
Beyonce created a song called "Halo." Some believe that this song is just about Beyonce loving
someone who is a man (inspiring her to perform her dances better in a studio). Others believe that
other meanings are in the song. In the beginning, she sings:

“..Remember those walls I built

Well, baby they're tumbling down
And they didn't even put up a fight
They didn't even make up a sound…”

This means that a breach is occuring within Beyonce. Someone is breaking her protective barriers
that she has created. She later sings that she found a way to let a person in. This person stands next
to her and has a halo (she is her angel now). Beyonce said that her career is about letting people
know: "A Better feel for who I really am." Beyonce lets this person in and equates him to a
luminescent angel. Beyonce sings that she's taking a risk and she had him to break rules (and she
won't take him out). This angel is allowing her to influence her. She sings that this angel is her saving
grace and she's near his halo. She credits this being with saving her instead of God. She says that
this angel is everything she needs and more. She prays that this being doesn't go away (she's
addicted to this angel's light, which she compares to the rays of the sun). Her other lyrics proclaim

“…I swore I'd never fall again

But this don't even feel like falling
Gravity can't forget
To pull me back to the ground again…”

God's Word says not to swear. Why is she saying that he love for this angel is pull her to the ground?
As opposed to being uplifted by this relationship, she has the sensation that she is falling. This is
similar to some "Heavenly being for saving her." Could it be that this angel is trying to lead Beyonce
not only into Goddess worship, but sun god worship (since this angel of light is compared to the rays
of the sun). Also, this being is causing her to fall and break all of her rules. What does sun worship
relate to Beyonce? Well, the Egyptian sun goddess was called Sekhmet. With these associations
she can be construed as being a divine arbiter of Ma'at (Justice, or Order), The Eye of Horus and
connecting her with Tefnut as well. Sekhmet in mythology was a fierce warrior and Beyonce's alter
ego is Sasha Fierce. Horus is known as a sky god being pictured as a falcon (some researchers
believe that Horus was related to the sun god). Sekhmet looks like a feline in her image. In the
Beyonce video of "Get Me Bodied" (which means to be in a relationship with a person or to have sex
basically), she manifests the nature of Sasha Fierce as an wild, feline like
animal. In the I am Beyonce tour, she transformed herself into a feline digitally (which looks similar
to the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet). So, when Beyonce wants to act fierce, she symbolically portrays
herself with a feline head and a body of a woman (with a halo on her head). That image look
unmistakably similar to Sekhmet. The big picture is the Beyonce sings that a deceptive "heavenly"
angel has blinded her by its false light and is causing her to fall. The Eye of Horus represents the sun
god. Marian devotion relates to sun god worship. Halos originated from worship of the sun god. The
false sun god in the occult has referred to Satan. That is why Satan is a fallen angel that looks like he
has light.

11 Corinthians 11:14 perfectly mentions that: "...And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into
an angel of light..."

We have to be careful about these brainwashed puppet musicians and their globalist leaders.
There is footage of Beyonce wearing another costume that looks similar to similar to the Metropolis
robot (in a bee format). In Beyonce's song "Diva" she acts just like the women in the Metropolis in her
dancing. You have to be brainwashed or deceived to believe that God approves of someone dancing
half naked on stage along with showing various private parts of her body like some artists do (and
claim that God approves of this. God doesn’t. It’s wrong). The same video have you using the OK
hand sign, which is very ancient. The old TV show of The Prisoner uses it to mean "Be Seeing you"
when using it next to there eye.
Beyonce's husband Jay Z have made anti-God lyrics for a while. In the 1996 song of D'evils, he says
that: "...and never prayed to God, I prayed to Gotti...Ain't askin' for forgiveness for my sins, endz..My
soul is possessed by D'Evils in the form of diamonds and lexuses.." Jay Z hasn't apologized for those
lyrics at all. He's wrong for saying that blasphemy since we have a right to ask God to forgive our
sins. Jay Z is known for promoting materialism in his music. One of Jay Z's most controversial
songs is Lucifer from 2003. His supporters claims that he wants to expose Lucifer and his
detractors believes that he praises Lucifer rather overtly. Here's the truth. Jay Z in the song still
has wickedness in it. Jay Z says in the song that he has a righteous cause for sinning. There is never
a righteous cause to sin or do wrong at all period. Researchers believe that Jay Z gave handshakes
to Nas and Kanye West that look Masonic like the Grip of the Fellow Craft Mason (including the
Lion's Paw). Jay Z also blasphemes God by nicknaming himself Jay Hova (which is similar to the
word of one of God's name of Jehovah. He also calls himself the God MC). Jay Z is an
Ecumenical who believes in the unbiblical, Hindu concept of karma. “But do you
go to church?” asked Egypt (who is a talk radio personality from New York City).
Jay Z says that: “Nah, I’m more spiritual than [having] organized religion. I have
a personal relationship with God. …I believe in karma, I believe in cause and
effect…but religion, I have my opinions about religion." I reject karma
completely. Many of these Hip Hop Artists like 50 Cent, Russell Simmons, Jay Z, etc. love the
teachings from the books of “The Art of War” and “48 Laws of Power.“ The catch in these book is
that it promotes Taoism. Toaism is the belief that that Tao created Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang is
apart of dualism opposites in nature must be merged to create Balance in the Universe. Also, Taoism
believes that negative and positive entities (even things like good and evil) can be mixed to create
completion. This is unscriptural, because the Bible says you ought not to merge good and evil
together at all as mentioned in Isaiah 5:20-21. Good and evil are separate from each other. The Art
of War believes that you must use anger and insults to fight against an enemy. I don’t agree with that
at all. It teaches to give enemy bait to strike that person. The 48 Laws of Power are even worse than
the Art of War in my opinion. The 48 Laws of Power teaches the lie that we should use selective
honesty toward people. No, we should be honest to everyone we contact with 24/7 365. This book
says that concealing your intensions are fine, yet God’s Word says to do nothing in secret (plus be
open about your intensions. The Bible forbids us to create dissension among our brethren as well).
These philosophies relate to much of our culture today. So, these 2 books promote selfishness,
deception, and subterfuge as means to get what you want. Beyonce and Destiny's Child said in the
song "Survivor" that they will never compromise their Christianity. Is Beyonce compromising now? I
can't judge her salvation since only God can do that. Yet, Beyonce is making errors indeed.

Rihanna once performed her song "Umbrella" inside of a pyramid image. Rihanna in her
Disturbia song (where the video cover up one of the Eyes) said: "...It's like the Darkness is the
Light..." The Bible says that you can't mix evil with good. New Agers believe that you can mix
good and evil into a synthesis of power. While, it's very clear the good is separate from evil.
Gary Numan had his old video called "Cars." Back in his 1979 video, he stands in a lighted
pyramid. So, nothing is new under the sun. He sings that cars is his refuge in life
(representing distance and isolation). The group Draft Punk performs regularly near a
Pyramid. This group consists of 2 men wearing robotic costumes. One of their music
concerts have triangles arranged in a Sacred Geometry pattern. They show the Diamond sign
at the end of their concert. Some musicians certainly promote the robotic agenda. Kanye
West's Stronger song comes from Draft Punk's Harder, Better, Faster, and Stronger song. The
song transforms people into stars. Kanye's Stronger song is about being brought back to life
with the help of robotics. In the video, the police wears the Hexagram symbol. The video is
also based on amine animation, which Kanye West is a fan of. Both Kanye and Daft Punk
performed at the 2008 Grammy Award with the illuminated pyramid symbolism for everyone
to see. One cover of Draft Punk's CDs promote the ascendance of robotics at the expense of
the dehumanization of humans. One member of Draft Punk shows the Il Canuto horned hand
sign. This hand sign existed for thousands of years (as shown in the statue of the false god
Pan and other pagan statues). Even Janelle Monae's Many Moons video talks about robots. It
has her playing many characters. There are people in the audience wearing masks
that are exactly similar to the masks worn from the characters of Eyes Wild Shut
film. That film described a Satanic, sexual rituals done by leaders of the community (which
goes on in real life in groups like the OTO, the Bohemian Grove, etc.). Monae in the video
dances like Michael Jackson (who was a Jehovah Witness and converted to Islam recently).
Michael Jackson tells Oprah that the music he does sometimes acts subliminally. He things
he can mimic the emotion and the sound (i.e. the music impels him to act in a certain way or
he's a slave to the rhythm). Monae's eyes in the Many Moons video acts like a robot or a
mannequin (Beyonce's Diva video ironically starts with mannequins in the trunk of an
abandoned car). Monae is pictured being sacrificed and died by the end of the video.
Recall a track off Em’s 2004 album Encore called — you guessed it — “Rain Man.” Check out the
lyrics: “My aim was not to become what I became with this level of fame/ My soul is possessed by
this devil/ My new name is/ Rain Man.” Eminem's video of Mosh was famous to expose the
corruption of the Bush administration especially in terms of civil liberties and the war on
terror (including his foreknowledge of 9/11). The video compares the Patriot Act (an immoral law)
to death and has the All Seeing Eye image in the video. One problem with the video is that it viewed
that the Democrats with Kerry was the only hope for renewal in American society. The truth is that
both major parties are controlled by the same people of the Vatican/Jesuit network, the
Bilderbergers, the Pilgrims, the other elite bloodlines of Europe, and other organizations. Rain Man is
another personality that Eminem embraces as apart of his performances. Eminem’s new album is
Relapse. This album in some levels is more wicked and demonic than his previous works.
The reason is that he talks about human sacrifice, body dismemberment, incest (as found in
his sick song called “Insane”), murder, possible demonic possession, drug abuse, death, and
disrespecting a husband (and wife like Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey. This doesn‘t mean
both of these people are perfect. They aren‘t) in a perverse type of way. Eminem also mocked
Christopher Reeves’ suffering after he’s been dead for years in a disrespectful way. 3 am is another
song on Relapse where Eminem runs around talking about serial killings, etc. 3 am ironically is
related to the withcing hour or the time period from midnight to 3 am (when many occultists and
witches perform their sick rituals. The “devils hour“ refer to 3 am as well). The music video of 3 am
have Eminem killing people in a fantasy. People justify his lyrics by saying it‘s all about metaphors.
There are chants of “Evil” in the song. Even if it‘s just a metaphor, a real man doesn‘t need to
express sinfulness in a positive light (like Eminem is doing on his new album) and claim it‘s a
metaphor. The Bible is clear to let no filthy communication out of your mouth and worldly
music has disgraceful language in it. On a XXL cover, there are words mentioning
“Vengeance is Eminem.” Obviously, this is mocking the Bible saying that vengeance is only
reserved for God alone. Eminem worked with Marilyn Manson in a song. Manson admits to believe
in Satanism. Manson also admits that Satanism is about individualism to fulfill desires (even if they
are sinful), the dualism of good and evil (which is a Gnostic tenet), and to view man as being your
own god. Satanism is not just about folks worshipping the Devil, but it’s believing that man can be a
god (which is the lie of the Serpent Satan ironically). Eminem has a recently event where Sasha
Baron Cohen laid on him in a staged sketch of the MTV movie awards in early June of 2009. It
was sick and what can you expert from the establishment’s artists. Some researchers believe
that Rain Man is demonic spirit or influence some mainstream artists embrace in order to promote
their work more effectively. Rainman has been spoken of by Jay Z and even Jamie Foxx as well. Jay
Z admits that he goes through his Rain Man in order to create some of his music.

PimPb1420 from Youtube exposed how Busta Rhymes and Jadakiss worked on a song called
"Respect my Conglomerate." Busta Rhymes is overt with calling himself God (i.e. He calls himself
God rap, God persona, God scrilla, God body in the flesh and Godzilla. That's blasphemy of course),
Emperor of the Roundtable in this song. Busta Rhymes has ties to the 5 Percenters that is why he
calls himself God. Jadakiss also talks about the Round Table. He said that: "Big meetings at the
Round Table, to discuss what the cost is...Money, change you, devils, angels. We the ones
who say what you can and what you can't do. Respect, power.." The Round table is the head of
the board of a corporate meeting. Now, The Round Table was a group that Freemason Cecil Rhodes
supported to in order to try to create the Anglo-American new world order. Rhodes died and the
modern Round Table groups are the Pilgrim Society, the Bilderbergers, the Trilateralists, the CFR,
RIIA, etc. These Round Table organizations influence our economy, politics, etc. They want to
continue our society. One new artist is Asher Roth. He was placed on XXL magazine along with other
new artists. He made it big recently in 2008. XXL said that Roth was one of the 10 artists coming out
as Freshmen in 2009. He raps about college (in his song "I Love College." PimPb1420 believes that
this propaganda is an example of predictive programming). Asher Roth, Kid Cudi Common, and
other "conscious rappers" claim to be on the cutting edge, but in most cases they do what they are
told for money. They act like they are truly independent, but they are puppets promoting global
warming hysteria (which relates to a carbon global tax), etc. Roth admits in his mixtape called the
"Greenhouse Effect" that he wants religion to be decreased to have world peace and that, he doesn't
believe in Jesus Christ as the Messiah (He believe the solar deity of Allah is equivalent to the name
of God. That's false). Bashing religion in general in order to create some sick man-made Utopia
(along with a New Age Nature worship deal) is a goal of the new world order. This is wrong The
reason is that freedom of religion has been a blessing to free societies the world over. Asher Roth
promotes Barack Obama like many musician puppets.

Magic is evil of course since magic involves the unbiblical usage of the occult. Famous magicians
understand fully the basics of human behavior and even animal behavior. Behaviorism is a
philosophy of psychology that believes that all things which organisms do (like acting, thinking, and
feeling) can and should be regarded as behaviors. Magic is the control of emotional states and
responses of an environment (People understand behavior patterns in order to do this). There are
tools in magic as well. Magic is still here and tools (including spells) have changed their names in the
eons of time. For examples, pills replace potions, Hollywood propaganda movies replace wands,
media propaganda can manipulate emotions, and the Elite use popular culture as an engine to cast
spells of corruption in our country. Even the founder and former President of MTV admitted that:

"...The strongest appeal you can make is emotionally. If you can get their
emotions going, make them forget their logic, you've got them. AT MTV, WE
Around the Clock, Philadelphia Inquirer, Nov. 3, 1982)

The new world order is like a global spell used to break down our moral value system (in order to try
to control our behaviors, emotions, and bodies). TV have spewed nihilistic garbage worse than even
15 years ago.
Sex is exploited in bad ways for profits in popular culture. Axe Commercials and Britney
Spears promote it for a long time now. Britney has a recent song called "If You Seek Amy."
People have criticized it for having obscene language and how it influence young girls. The
video has an orgy or swinger party. There are people looking like they finished having an orgy. There
are professional people wearing suits and dresses. Britney talks about Amy in a sexual way. Spears
sings that she want to go the party where Amy wants to go. Men surround Britney and they all thrust
to her. She says that all of the boys and girls seek Amy. Britney says that Amy will
pick her up. Women thrust toward her as men watch. People get up and change seats. Britney
plays another innocent persona with a pink shirt and dress to outline a hypocrite acting
innocent, but is sexually promiscuous. This persona is Amy. Amy leaves an orgy (Men and
women in the video seek her) dressed as a Stepford wife or doll. Later, Amy is portrayed as
the All American girl with a husband, with children, a kitchen, apple pie, etc. acting as a
typical housewife. So, the video describes a sub culture of America where people put up a front
during the day thing, while acting as swingers in night. It's a reflection on American culture today in a
slick way. Some believe that this song spells out the F word in disguise in the form of "F___ Amy".
The overt message is the glamorization of recreational sexual behavior in orgies and a lesbian
infatuation Britney has with a girl named Amy (which is found to be Britney herself). See, Britney in
parts of the song since in her point of view and in the point of view of an obsessed fan. Therefore,
Britney is boasting about her fans' obsession with her and her appeal to the youth culture. Spears is
a puppet promoting these messages, because it's her job to infect the youth with this
garbage. Kid Cudi, Kanye West (who talked about recreational sex and mocks Moses and
God's 10 commandments in the song), Common, and Lady Gaga (who flashes the OK hand
sign constantly) created a song called "I poke her in her face" glorifying oral sex. Yes, these
musicians and the elite are rather overt in promoting their messages now in the 21st century. One
artist named Novel said that he is the sun, the Light, etc. He had the nerve to say that: "I'm
the blade of the knife that slaughtered the lamb..The greatest sacrifice, the son of
Abraham..." See, the Lamb means Jesus Christ, so he blaspheming the Son of God. Novel
had Talib Kweli saying I am the Truth. The Most High told Moses that he is the only "I
AM." The music now makes music even 25 years ago seem almost tame.

LenonHonorFilms (even I disagree with him on the Sacred Feminine. I respect women, but I don't
worship women as a Goddess at all) made the interesting point that the whorish women promoted in
the industry are utilized to bash and debase women. Since women are a sacred part of the family,
humanity, and they can create life, some want to manipulate our views on women (so women can be
unfairly bashed in general or twisted in their actions. An easy example is how Beyonce, Rihanna, and
Ciara are placed in masculine roles in some of their videos, while deemphasizing femininity).
Bashing women and men have been a key goal of these music elitists for
decades. Also, these female artists knowingly or unknowingly promote the stereotypes of
whores. One example, is Ciara's song called “Love Sex Magic” has Justin Timberlake using
a chain around Ciara's neck. Ciara exploits herself in a disgraceful way throughout the video.
Justin Timberlake objectifies Ciara, who is a woman, as well. Justin Timberlake is the one
who doesn't care since he's receiving a pay check for his duties (along with connections to
Disney, ESPN, MTV, and being an Obama supporter). Also, Timberlake like a coward escaped his
responsibility for the Janet Jackson antics during the Super bowl years ago. Sex magic ceremonies
were promoted by Aleister Crowley. Sex rituals is one cornerstone of the occult. It has been done by
witches, Satanists, and other wicked occultists for thousands of years. Leslie Shepard’s writes in
The Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology, "Crowley had rediscovered the
ancient occult secret of sex magic . . . the ritualization of sexual energy for the performance
of paranormal phenomena or enhancement of consciousness." (p. 360) Under "Sex Magic"
Shepherd writes, "The use of sexual energy for occult purposes, derived from a vulgarized
tradition of Tantric Yoga by western occultists such as Aeilster Crowley." (The
Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology, p. 1501). Ciara admits in an interview that she
learns hypnosis from Justin Timberlake. She says: “…Hooking up with Justin Timberlake
taught me all about hypnosis and how to get into people's minds. Now, thanks to JT, I
feel like I can almost hypnotise the listener, take you to another place and tease you…”
Why did she mention hypnosis? The reason is that Illuminists and occultists have use
hypnosis for thousands of years in trying to control people. Hypnosis was
modernized by Freemasons and is wicked. Back then, one form of hypnosis was
called mesmerism. This was named after Freemason Mesmer. Proponents of this
type of hypnosis include Freemasons the Marquis de Lafayette, Court de Gebelin,
etc. Louis Claude de Saint Martin was an early member of Mesmer’s Paris Society
of Harmony. Martin has been named after Martinism (which is a mixing of the
Kabbalah and Catholicism). The reason of hypnosis’ immorality is because that
hypnosis is about using subjection to make a person do something possibly against
their will (Evil always try to strip a person’s free will). Also, hypnosis can implant
unwanted thoughts into a person’s conscience. Hypnosis is common in their musical rituals
anyway. They are blatant with their occultism and deception indeed in this generation. Early
Masonic rituals even in the Blue Degrees uses electric shock and hypnosis upon their new
members. The combination of fear and hypnotism combine to help seal the lips of an initiate
from telling what in some lodges are secrets of criminal activity. The Brahmin caste in
India practice yoga, and other meditations where they regularly go into altered states of
consciousness. Electric shock in Masonry have been going on for a long time. A masonic
magazine for higher masonic rites where sex magic is performed entitled Freemasonry Universal,
Vol. 5, 1929, p. 58 states:

“Certain Forces are sent through the candidate’s body during the ceremony, especially at the
moment when he is created, received and constituted an Entered Apprentice Freemason.
Certain parts of the Lodge have been heavily charged with magnetic force especially in order
that the Candidate may absorb as much as possible of this force. The first object of this
curious method of preparation is to expose to this influence those various parts of the body
which are especially used in the ceremony. In ancient Egypt, there was another reason for
these preparations, for a weak current of physical electricity was sent through the candidate
by means of a rod or sword with which he was touched at certain points. It is partly on this
account that at this first initiation the candidate is deprived of all metals since they may very
easily interfere with the flow of currents.”

One of the most overt forms of propaganda where an artist is promoting alcohol, recreational
sex, etc. is Jamie Foxx's song called "Blame it on the Alcohol." OrangeMoon82 from You tube
made an excellent commentary on the song. Jamie Foxx starts in the song with some of his
Hollywood friends in real life. They include Jake Gyllenhaal, Forest Whitaker, Samuel L.
Jackson, Ron Howard, Quincy Jones, and others. Jamie Foxx in the beginning of the song
looks serious (including his friends) like they are on a mission. The creepy music signifies
that something not normal or sinister is about to take place. Their mission is to entice people,
especially young women to drink alcohol in a casual fashion. In my opinion, I think some of
them realize what they are doing in the song is wrong, but they are doing it anyway to fulfill a
favor for their friend Jamie Foxx (and to confirm). Foxx seems to deny blame of his activities
in the song on himself, but he wants to blame disregarding his inhibitions to the alcohol.
Women dancers are in the video. Jamie Foxx tries to entice a women to drink
alcohol inside of a club when the women is hesitant at first. The message in the
video is rather overt and clear. Simply, sometimes these wicked message are placed out in
the open. The video wants people to have fun drinking alcohol. This video isn't just targeting
adults. BET's popular 106 and Park show praised Jamie Foxx's video and the kids in the
audience cheered (because of the beat and rhythm of the song). The hosts Terrence and
Rossi justify the video because superstars are in the video. I don't agree with that because
whether you're rich, famous, or whatever, I can't participate in a video promoting alcohol.
Jamie Foxx is wearing a Panda bear suit during certain sections of the video (2 girls kiss
Jamie in the video and they kiss each other). His celebrity friends celebrate and glamorize
alcohol. They should be ashamed of themselves. So, children can be potentially influenced by
this video that drinking alcohol casually is fun. The video wants to glamorize alcohol and
omit the consequences of folks who get drunk from alcohol. Ironically, the Coors Beer
Company supports Jamie Foxx. The corporate elite running the music industry love to bash
moral values.

Many of these rituals, symbolism, and performances are done in plain site with hidden meanings.
One agenda for these occurrences is about the dehumanization of humans, transhumanism, and the
humanization of robots (like when Kylie Minogue wears a robotic hand in one of her performances.
Ciara transforms into a robotic Super C character in one of her videos). Society is dominated by
propaganda about robotic in a sinister way. Even Common ft. Pharrell Williams have a video called
"Universal Mind Control." It's about Common rapping and Pharell Williams wearing a suit making his
mimic the actions of a robot. Both artists are popular. Pharell wears a robot head even. The blending
of humans and machines into a possible godlike being is the agenda of transhumanism. One black
man told Alan Watt that artist T-Pain uses an auto-tune device to make his voice sound more robotic.
He also revealed that many major musicians are members of Fraternal Orders. The man said that it's
a Dialectic to form transhumanist entities (These eugenicists even lie and said that man is becoming
the Homo Evolutis species) if that's possible. Transhumanism is a real agenda. Dean Takahashi
from VentureBeat on April 14, 2009 described about a possible virtual reality system being
created via a nano-bot inject. As for virtual travel, Kurzweil estimates that flawless virtual
travel will be doable by around 2030. Ray Kurzeil believes that this is the truth. Kurzeil
believes in transhumanism. Transhumanism is the dehumanization of man in essence, while
the praise of robotics at the same time. Kurzeil is a futurist who thinks that we can create an
illusion so convincing that you can't tell the fake from the real. He desires virtual travel to be
possible. Ray believes that this faux imagery or fake reality can be formed by injecting
nanobots into the human brain. Kurzweil speculates in an interview with Good magazine that
nanotechnology could simulate travel because an injection of nanobots could trick your
neurons into thinking that you’re really traveling someplace when you aren’t. This
experience can be similar to taking psychedelic drugs. They can have the same effect
on the human mind, but they want nanobots or microscropic robots to engineer this
effect without drugs. Nanotechnology is new and are just approaching its 2nd generation of
advancement. Virtual worlds have been experimented for a while now by intelligence
agencies (including the military). Kurzweil is one of the strongest supporters of the
Singularity view and Transhumanism in the world. Transhumanism relates to
Singularity. Singularity is a belief system that nanotechnology can expand
human lifespans so much that man can be immortal biologically (while
computers will have more technological advancement than man alone).
Singularity is of course a new age tenet since they believe that man can be like
god via science. The Bible is clear that no human being can become God or be
like unto God. Now, transhumanism has been one of the long term goals of the new world
order crowd also (not just population control and global government). The lesson here is that
technology can be used for good things. It can also be utilized for wicked purposes. We
should be very careful on how we apply technology in our 21st century world. News articles all
of the time are talking about a future bionic man (similar humans is found in a story entitled, “The
bionic body 2.0” from or trying to make man live forever. This is one of the secret goals of
the technocrats and the global elite. Man is truly merging with machines in more ways than one.
There is even a YouTube video about The Transhumanism mainframe computer.
Nanotechnology is one part of trying to create super machines as well. Some people believe
that such system are a prelude to the real Mark of the Beast. The African American man told
Alan Watt said that Jay Z throws a roc symbol and looks like an All Seeing Eye in it. In Glastonbury,
Jay Z plays a concert in a Pyramid. The man also says that Jay Z gives Kanye West grip that similar
to an Apprentice Grip. There are many websites that expose how some of these mainstream
musicians might even be MK Ultra slaves or influenced by Monarch Programming (The
victims of these programs according to Fritz Springmeier are exploited sexually, physically,
and emotionally). These websites take the time and effort to not only show symbolism, but
the artists’ words and actions. It’s a sick world out their.

I thought I’ve seen it all, but even more occult symbolism reigns in the world. They exist all over the
place in company logos, even churches, on buildings, on statues, on entrances, and a wide variety of
other locations. Larry Lawson showed that the new movie Aeon Flux movie as the “All Seeing
Eye" logo. The leading lady in Aeon Flux is the pro-abortion advocate Charilze Theron. Scholars
proves that this is the Egyptian sun god Osiris or the Eye of Lucifer. The word “Aeon” was mentioned
by Aliester Crowley (in referring to the New Age) and it also refers to Gnosticism. Aeon in Gnosticism
is an emanation from the Supreme Being. A lot of these movies do indeed try to condition people to
accept or promote incidents or policies that otherwise people won’t except like more militarization of
America, New Ageism, etc. The "A" in the logo does look like a pyramid. Aeon Flux like many movies
today talk about destruction of a stable society, militarization, violence, and a Big Brother police state.
Magic is secrecy. It's about the system of thought that believes that humans have the ability or power
to control the natural world in their own way (plus in manipulation of the world around them). Magic
isn't just about spells. It's the manipulation of emotions.
Blade Runner is another innovative film in science fiction. It broke ground and its story talks
about a futuristic world in concepts of good and evil. It was directed by Ridley Scott. The
move of based on Dick's 1968 novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?. Philip K. Dick
was a controversial man and a literary genius. Dick viewed reality as fictitious and
admittedly held on to pro-Gnostic views. The film deals with religious symbolism and
mortality of humanity. One scene has a Pentagram with a circle around it. Harrison Ford (he
plays Rick Deckard) is the main character of the film. There is a huge building that looks like
pyramid without the capstone. There is a Masonic check and images of and obelisk. In the
film, multiple Television screens outline the All Seeing Eye. There are huge columns in the
film which look akin to the Masonic columns of Jachin and Boaz. Jachin and Boaz represent
the columns in Solomon's Temple according to Freemasonry and the world in general. What does
Jachin and Boaz mean? It comes from the Bible talking about the 2 pillars of
Solomon's Temple. The pillars are incorporated in many occult philosophies spanning
thousands of years. According to some research, Boaz (meaning strength) and represents Horus
and the Spring Equinox. The right phallic pillar is named Jachin (meaning establishment) and
represents Set and the Autumnal Equinox. The globes according to this website means the
sun and the moon. There are so many symbols in this logo of the Lodge. The movie depicts
a big brother society. It's set in November 2019 in Los Angeles where people try to kill
replicants or genetically manufactured beings that look visually indistinguishable from adult
human beings. The plot focuses on a brutal and cunning group of recently-escaped replicants hiding
in Los Angeles and the semi-retired blade runner, Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), who reluctantly
agrees to take on one more assignment. Rick is chosen to hunt down and retire the replicants.
Ironically, Rick subtly finds out that he is in fact a replicant. The film talked about issues that we
are dealing with in the 21st century like globalization, genetic engineering, an excessive Big
Brother state, pollution in the atmosphere, etc. The movie has a police spinner flying beside a
huge advertising laden skyscrapers. These special effects were innovative for its time in
1982. In 2007, it was named the 2nd most visually influential film of all time by the Visual
Effects Society. Numerous science fiction movie in the present, even the Matrix series, has
influence from Blade Runner.

Artists for years acquired many Alter Egos like Rihanna with her Good Girl Gone Bad album
(one of her MTV Awards performances have her singing her of Umbrella. She is surrounding
by the Masonic black and white checkered board image with Chris Brown standing next to
her), Eminem with Silm Shady, 50 Cent with Curtis, Rihanna (with good girl gone bad. She
even had a video called Distrubia where she is possessed), TI and TIP, Mariah Carey calls
herself Mimi, Beyonce has a split personality in her recent album, and Janet Jackson as
Damita Jo. Beyonce is one movie portrayed herself as some fortune teller (she is pictured
with Kanye West). Usher's My Way video is based on Kubrick's film called Clockwork Orange.
He has one eye with a Design, Devil images, and people dressed up like in the Clockwork
Orange film. The song is about doing things in a person's own way. The song represents an
anarchical society where government doesn't exist. Clockwork Orange has the single eye in
its logo looking similar to the All Seeing Eye. The Kubrick film has the Masonic black and
white Checkered board. The film is about a group of hooligans assaulting people for wealth.
One man in the film has a cane and top hat. Some of these criminals wear masks similar to
the masks worn in his Eyes Wide Shut movie.

I want to elaborate on this point. In this generation, there are those (even Christians)
believing that we shouldn’t expose these sinners. They feel that we can’t judge anyone at any
circumstance. Well, that’s a lie and I will refute it shortly. They have gained popularity so
much that many human beings are basically intimidated in expressing any legitimate critique
about anyone. That day is over. I will judge righteous judgment period. Some of them even
use the Bible to say we can’t judge. That’s ironic since numerous folks that use that
argument don’t even believe in the Bible for their development. Here’s what the Bible says on
this issue. Isaiah 1:17 says: “…Learn to do well; seek judgment, relieve the oppressed, judge
the fatherless, plead for the widow…” Hosea 12:6 outlines that: “…Therefore turn thou to
thy God: keep mercy and judgment and wait on thy God continually…” The New Testament
calls us to Judge in certain circumstances as well. John 7:24 proclaims that: “…Judge not
according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment…” JESUS CHRIST
EVEN SAID THAT. Paul said that: “…Wherefore, my dearly beloved, flee from
idolatry. I speak as to wise men; judge ye what I say. The cup of blessing which we
bless, is it not the communion of the blood of Christ? The bread which we break, is it
not the communion of the body of Christ? For we being many are one bread, and one
body: for we are all partakers of that one bread…” (1 Cor. 10:14-17). Matthew 7:1
Judge not, that ye be not judged. (This verse from 7:1-5 refers not to use hypocritical
judgment, not any form of judgment. Even v. 5 commands sincere judgment by saying Thou
hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast
out the mote out of thy brother's eye. Humans can judge on certain areas (i.e. doctrine,
ourselves, angels in the end-times, a preacher or apostles sayings, etc.). There are limitations
on human judgment. You can’t judge someone’s motives or salvation explicitly, you can’t
be a hypocrite and judge, eating, day keeping, heart, fate of individual without knowing
someone better, etc. God will judge in vengeance, punishment, etc. not us. Judgment is not
monolithic as the Ecumenicals falsely assume. It is divided into different categories and
there are many kinds of it. One great commandment from Jesus Christ is to spread the
Gospel unto all creation from Matthew 28:19. It’s a wild world. The good news is that in the
end, the Universe will be tranquil. God will make everything better in the end. In the near
future, I will create a new article on this subject again.

By Timothy

P.S. Always do your own homework. Don’t trust no one 100%

except for Almighty God alone. God is here, so you can easily
pray to God for wisdom, repentance, and advise. We all have
choices in life. Make sure that before you leave this Earth that
you make the right choices in life.