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(N. B. :- EIGHT COPIES of this application form duly completed along with EIGHT COPIES of the enclosures, if any, should be sent to the Registrar, Solapur University, Solapur through the Principal of the College or Head of the Recognized Institution as the case may be).

1. Name in full : (Beginning with Surname) 2. Age 3. Address 4. College 5. Present Designation : : : :

6. Subject in which recognition is sought :. (Mention Branch/specialization of paper, if any) Faculty : 7. Type of Recognition : Please tick mark for which recognition is asked. By Research

i) Post-Graduate By Papers ii) Post-graduate M. Phil./M. Sc. / M. E., Ph. D.8. Details of Academic Qualifications : Sr. No Diploma /Degree University

Year of Percentage Passing Obtained

(Note :- Separate applications should be submitted for each Subject/Paper of specialization coming under different faculties.) (P.T.O)

(2) 9. A) Experience of Teaching final year of Degree Classes : Name of the Subject * * Class Name of papers College taught No. of years with dates From to year

* * Copy of the approval letter from the University as a Recognised teacher (For fresh applicant only). B) I) Experience of Teaching Post-Graduate Classes : i) College / University : ii) Number of Years :

iii) Subjects / Papers taught : II) Experience of Post-Graduate work by Research : i) College / University : :. ii) Number of Years

iii) Subjects of Research guided : iv) Number of students who have got Ph. D. / M. Tech. Partly by Papers and Partly by Research/M. E. by Research under him/her (if any) :

10. + Professional Experience, if any : No of Years with dates and places

11. * Particulars of Research Publications (books or papers), if any: (Please use a separate sheet if necessary) (Date of publication, journal (Published) conference (papers) Research Publications: + For Teachers in the faculty of Engineering. (Details of the type, duration and approximate cost of the work and position held in relation to each work should be given using a separate sheet, if necessary) * if any research papers are published jointly with others, the extent to which the Applicant contributed and the extent to which the application worked under another persons guidance should be clearly indicted

(3) 12. A) Whether recognised by any other University as a Post-Graduate Teacher _________________________________________________________________ B) If so, state : i) Name of the University : __________________________________ ii) Subject/Paper in which recognised : _________________________ iii) Class for which recognised : ______________________________ iv) Date of recognition :. __________________________________ v) Years of experience of teaching as a recognised teacher :______ vi) Years of experience as a recognised Research Guide :_________ vii) No. of students who have got M.Tech under applicant's guidance: 13. A) Whether recognised by the Solapur University as a Post-graduate teacher : B) If so, state : i) Subject / Paper in which recognized : __________________________________ ii) Type of recognition iii) Date of recognition v) Experience in Teaching Dissertation) / M.E. / : _____________________________________ : _____________________________________ : _____________________________________ M.Phil. / Ph.D. under applicant's

iv) Whether recognised for papers or research : 14. Number of students who have got M. Sc. (P.P.P.R.) / M. Sc. (Theory and guidance

Date _____________________

Signature of the Applicant

Forwarded to the Registrar, Solapur University, Solapur. The Statements made in the application have been verified and found correct by the undersigned. Date ______________ Signature________________________ of the Principal of the College/Head of the recognized Institution

Satisfactory Interest/pursuit and environment with reference to higher studies in the subject shall be assessed by an expert committee on the basis of the papers submitted/information supplied by the teacher relating to

1. Published papers 2. Membership of learned bodies and participation in academic conferences, seminars etc and / or Research work done besides and subsequent to the M.Sc.(PPPR)/Theory and dissertation / M.E. /M.Phil. Doctoral dissertation.

and / or 3. Load of undergraduate and/or Post-graduate teaching work & administrative responsibility. 4. Utilization of long vacations 5. Library or Laboratory facilities at his disposal etc