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Lucifers Epistle. To the Holy One. King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

The Creator, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last, the Ineffable, the One who Is, YHWH. At the mention of Your name, knees bow and the recalcitrant knees are broken. Yes! At the sound of Your name, the souls genuflect in respect and the stubborn ones are cut off. I salute You, Our Father. It is I again, Lucifer, a morning star, the son of the dawn, the tempter of men, the fallen one (I swear by You, I detest that appellation). I normally dont do this, as You well know, but I had this certain urge to write to inform You that I have decided to lead one of Your chosen away from the kingdom. I dont do this to spite You, but I do it to remind You that You made a big mistake. Before I go on, I must first revel in Your majesty. Today, I let my spirit move freely around the universe and all I could say was My! My! Such splendor! I could write tomes about Your wonder. I could describe the dimensions and I still would not do it justice. I could describe all the stars and how they dispel the caliginosity, but I still would not do it merit. You, after all, are the Grand Architect! You crafted everything with such precision and fine-tuned beauty. The spheres that are hung on nothing in all of those distant systems, and faraway galaxies echo Your glory. I was there when You called them from nothing and Your Word made them be. I was there when You sparked the lights of a trillion stars with just the glowing timbre of Your voice. Was I not the one who held the plan? Was I not the one who kept the hosts of heaven silent when Your Word was set forth into the deep and didnt come back void? I watched You decree laws into existence. All of creation worship You, Our Father. I am quick to add that with just about the same verve I employ to revel in Your glory, I use to rejoice in Your failure. It hurts me to say that You, whom I looked up to as perfect, has failed. And everytime I come across Your mistake, I feel a pang of sadness and disappointment. Heres a population statistic to pique Your Majestys attention- So far, about a hundred and eight billion copies of Your mistake have traipsed on that once-lovely planet, and I can boast of 99.9 percent of them resting (if one wants to call it that) in my bosom. I remember the aeon when I revolted against that dangerous idea of creating man. I know You, who inhabits eternity, have no problem recalling that aeon either. I warned You before the creation of that vile thing, and when You sought to make that creature higher than all animals but a little lower than me and my brothers, I tried to reason with You, but You didnt listen. You saw it fit to put Your ethereal substance into his dusty jacket and then You raised that puny, insignificant beast as guard and vanguard over all the beautiful creation. That, Our Father, was a terrible mistake. How do You put new wine into bad skin? Man is a beast and should have been left as so, but You let him call You Father. Such a horrendous mistake. A mistake that hurt me most- that You allowed the words Father fall out of his imperfect lips. Sometimes, when I am not tempting that worthless mass of clay, I spend my time wondering what exactly caused a lapse in Your otherwise perfect judgment. When I tried to stop You from making a creature in Your image, You silenced me in front of my brothers. You must have seen the way my face reddened with shame and anger. I was filled with pure undiluted vitriol

towards mankind that very day. You reprimanded me and told me You were doing it out of Love and that I should learn to love. It appears that Ill never understand this love You talk of, because I know I love You so much, You probably wouldnt understand. Michael once called it a jealous love as I want You all to myself. I can imagine sharing You with my brothers, at least theyre worth it. You could have created a legion of us to bow and revere You. But Man? Really? You want me to share You with Man? You have denigrated Yourself by wanting a relationship with man, and You have also decried me, the perfect one. Share You with man? Id rather not. Id rather be tormented in my many hells. Now, see what You have done. Man has desecrated Your name. They have blasphemed against The Holy One. They have gone as far as to say You do not exist, and for that, they are fools! Admittedly, I tempted them to do that, but it is their prerogative to accept or decline. After all, Lord, You had the chutzpah to give them free will. Lord, You gave them free-will! That is like giving a bow and arrow to a blind man and asking him to shoot his worst enemy out of a boisterous assembly of his kin and foes. I tried to stop You, but You wouldnt listen. I tried to help You, but You resisted me. It would have been better to create servants, machines, mindless robots rather than give man Free-will. If I were charged with making humans, I would definitely have withheld free will from the beasts. I would have made them servants to Your imperatives. They would have sang praises to Your name like the rest of the beasts do. However, You claim You wanted a relationship with man and You wanted them to love You back. Like the love of my brothers and I werent enough. Were we not sons of God enough for You? Now look at these filthy pieces of waste You have given the opportunity to know You. They have shut You out. They have locked You out of their schools, their politics, their entertainment and many other offices in their pitiful and transient existence. In their science, true to the legends about me (After all, I am phosphorus, Prometheus, Hermes, god of knowledge according to all the obscure religions), I have managed to exert my influence. I have managed to convince men that if they can explain the how, there is no need for the who. Stupid, I know; But thats the faulty reasoning of the men You created. So when they understand some of the divine equations that lit the blue torch paper to the universe, I nudge them to believe they have found the answer to all and can finally excommunicate You from meaningful discussions. When they manage to understand evolution, I try to hide from his memory 2 Peter 3:8 that a thousand years to God is like a day to man and a day to God is like a thousand years to man. (I have to thank Moses for that though. His allegorical description in Genesis of Your work has really caused strife between Faith and Reason.) I didnt stop there. I have deceived them into thinking that You despise knowledge. I let them think You prefer ignorance when I know You prefer mystery. I have hidden Proverbs 25:2 from their eyes Its the glory of God to conceal a matter and glory of a king to search out a matter and I have made them think if they can explain the process, they dont need a cause. I have deluded them with a wicked materialism that all they sees is what exists. I have tempted them to say Science will answer it to all unanswerable questions that could ever point to You. I have given them the options of many perverse philosophies that obviate Your necessity, because as soon as You are finally removed from the equation, man would live as he wants- (A precursor to his ultimate destruction). Every man will be a ruler unto himself. He would relieve himself of responsibility. He would exert his own will to whatever end he deems fit, regardless of how this hurts him or his neighbor. Slowly but surely, if he forgets You, he will also forget that in Genesis 1:38, You exalted him above other beasts,

and he will finally return to behaving like an animal. I believe that day when man would lose touch with You is coming, and I cant wait. Was it not You that said in Luke chapter 18:8 When the Son of Man returns, will he find any faith on earth?. Let me give You the answer now. Its a No. This doesnt gladden me. It vexes my spirit to know that You have created a beast so unintelligent as to despise You. In any case, for the time being, I have taught the base animal to exalt himself to the highest thrones. I have shown them that since they have reason, they needs to answer to themselves alone. I have suggested to them that their basal passions, desires and instincts are primarily good and they ought to be true to them. I have told them that there is no objective right or wrong and their vile contorted spirits accepted this as fact. While they have accepted this as fact, hypocrites that they are, they have found it tough to carry out into practice, but slowly its seeping in and I cant wait to see it come to fruition. In the search of Tolerance, men have turned away from Your very laws. They have prized freedom as the ultimate good. They have forgotten that man is only free, not when he has chosen, but when he has chosen well. Can You blame them? Man has always loved to rebel and I have given him the chance to do so, but You gave him the free-will. The root of all evil is self-interest, You once told me. Eve wanted to know the difference between good and evil and out of her self-interest, she disobeyed. Her seed has continued the trend. I laugh at the fools of now. I tempted some to say to the few that have believed in You We are all atheists, I just believe in one less God than you. They have failed to see the stupidity of their platitude. Can a bachelor say to a married man Were all bachelors, I just have one less wife than you? But why should I let them see their stupidity? The road to hell is broad and its filled with dancing stupid people. They have said Our progenitors were gullible and crude. They had believed in gods and myths and legends, but we are far advanced, we dont need those things. I dont know which irritates my spirit more- the fact that they think atheism is their own invention or if they think that their ancients were so gullible to not distinguish miracle from reality (How would they call something a miracle, a violation of reality, if they dont understand the concept of reality?). I have tricked them to ask If God exists, why isnt he giving us more signs?, but You had answered them earlier An evil and adulterous generation seeks after a sign.. They think You, in all Your majesty exist to do party tricks for them. They fail to realize that even after Israel saw signs, I still led them to apostasy and my powers have not dwindled. That being said, I find it difficult to fathom why You sent Your Son to die for these wretched souls. These insolent, self-absorbed, slimy, unintelligent and worthless inhabitants of that blue insignificant ball. I have resented You for trying to bail them out of their rebellion and I have looked upon them with revulsion for putting to You, Our Father to death. You should have just left them to their own condemnation. In their myopia, they couldnt recognize that You were amongst them, yet they crucified You amongst thieves. I led them to temptation, but they carried out their will (and Yours too). I have been grateful, however, that this sacrifice is still not automatic. They still possess their freewill, and I have exploited that. To some, I have said Jesus is not The Way, but He is a way which they do not have to take. To some, I have said Jesus did not even exist, but is a concoction of older foreign myths like a meld between Krishna, Horus, Orisis amongst other depraved gods. To some, I have said the Son of God is not God, but he is an incarnate form of the angel (Michael is my favorite pick), and is not worthy of believing. Its always a pleasure to welcome these souls that chose to believe my lies to my

depths of hell. They have rubbished the Holy Sacrifice. They have denigrated The Blood that speaks better things than the blood of Abel. They must pay, and hell is a condign punishment. Speaking of Hell, I must say that it is a surprise for Man. Since the torture doesnt start immediately, for the first few moments, they think theyre in heaven- their own perverted version of heaven. Their concupiscence, greed and other proclivities to iniquity are all fully exerted. They engage in meaningless debauchery. Once, I heard a newcomer say It all makes sense, God hates sin, we love sin. If God said were going to hate hell, it means were going to love hell, for what God seems to hate, we happen to love. Myopic daughter of Adam. She failed to realize that You, in Your omniscience, can tell her what You know she would hate. Ignorant beast. After they get filled till their spirit gut can take no more, my demons force feed them. There is no end to all their wicked desires. Law of diminishing utility holds steady but the supply increases, and they must consume. Then, they start to realize slowly but surely that the fires of hell are flames of hatred towards You that they had struck in their hearts while they were on earth, that are now magnified. It gives me great pleasure to torment the men who had dared to insult You, Our Father. I have torn his spirit flesh and pushed it down his throat. The torture of hell is the feeling of regret. Its the feeling a soul designed to be with You gets when it is cast away from You forever. I delight in this, and I cannot wait to see more come in. Man caused my fall, now, I will cause his. I have considered repenting and joining my beloved brothers to sing with joy in Your presence, but since some of those slimy creatures have found their way to heaven, I have turned my heart away further from You and vowed to lead more men away from Your presence. (In any case Michael had said there is no repentance for spirit beings. I dont know if thats true and frankly I dont care.) You see Lord, I had known all of this was a possibility beforehand. Man was destined to fall. If I, the loveliest could even think of such, admittedly, wicked thoughts towards man, and I was made from the finest materials, how much so man, who was made from the base nutrients of the earth? How can You then blame me for doing the only rational thing? Seeing as I was the next in command and guardian cherub, I strove to take Your throne so I could make the type of decisions that You, on a good day, would make. What was so wrong in that? I was the most beautiful, the wisest and the most resplendent. I was going to smite man down before he wrecked all the good You had created, but You cast me away from Your presence. Six hundred and sixty six scars I got as I fell from the empyrean abode. It hurts just to think of it. But look, the numbers show it, I was right all along. It didnt even take You long to repent that You made man. You who never repents, repented ten generations after Adam, that You made man. Ha! I laughed at that. In fact, mankind made You so sorry that You sought to do what I wanted to do in the first place- destroy him! Sometimes, I wonder whether You would have called me back into Your presence if You had really destroyed man and all the beasts of the earth. Even more, I wonder if I would have returned. I was (and still am) really offended at Noah because he found grace in Your eyes, and through his righteousness, You spared the whole human race. I tempted the nations even more vehemently after that flood, and I am not done yet. But still, one thought still perturbs me. You who knows the end from the beginning, the Ancient of Days, the Omniscient One who knows past, present and future, how did You not see all of these coming? If You knew I was going to aspire to Your throne and contend with You, why did You create me

in the first place? Michael has tried to appease me by saying that I know not the mind of Our Father, but I am tired of Your many mysteries and paradoxes, and to that I blame You too. If my wariness of Your mystery is what drove me to iniquity, why did You create me to be wary of Your mysteries? It has been rightly said, that I am the father of falsehood, the progenitor of pain and perversion, director of disease and decease, author of agony and angst and forerunner of fire and fear, wellspring of waning and wilting, and architect of all the anguishes of man. But these things would not have existed-If You had not created me. Why, then, did You do so? I have questioned within the heavenly gates and You still havent responded. Why wont You answer? Are You not omniscient? Are you thus the author of evil? Or do You not consider me, the most beautiful and most intelligent, worthy enough to get an answer? You have decried my worth and thus, hurt my pride. Do You think I am not capable of understanding? If You did not want me to question, why did You create me? Why? Why? Why did You create me and that animal Man? Raphael told me that the greatest calling of our minds is to realize that Our Father, who is Mind, is more intelligent than we are and that we cant know all things, and that we have to obey You, for there are many things that are hidden from us by Your will, and that, if You will it, You shall, one day, bring to our knowledge. However, I dont like that answer. I have to stop here as my latent anger and fury are beginning to show. I have tried for many eons to keep it sequestered. I have to return to the original intent of my letter, which is to bring to Your notice one more of Your new sons (those wretched souls) that I have decided to sift as chaff. I dont need Your permission. He is man after all. All he needs is himself to fall. Till we meet again in final battle (I do expect a letter from You. But Ill understand if You choose not to respond). Love, The son of the dawn, Lucifer.