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Japan Ways Traditional Shotokan Karate-Do

And Shotokan Karate-Do International-United States Federation Present: Training July 12 and 13, 2013 with,

Kancho Nobuaki Kanazawa, 6th Dan


Sensei Fumitoshi Kanazawa, 5th Dan

Hanshi Jonathan Kwok, 8th Dan Chief Instructor SKI-USF

Special Guest:

Friday, July 12, 2013*


Saturday, July 13, 2013


Japan Ways Traditional Karate 7425 N. Palm Bluffs, Ste. 103 Fresno, CA. 93711

NorthPointe Community Church 4625 W. Palo Alto Ave. Fresno, CA 93722

5:30pm-6:30pm: General Training, (open to all ranks) 6:45pm-7:45pm: Advanced Kata Training, (Brown and Black belts only) *Limited class size, early registration advised

9:30am-11:30am: Advanced Training (Brown and Black Belts only) 12:00pm-1:30pm: General Training (All Ranks) 1:30pm: Photos and Signing

July 12 and 13, 2013

Japan Ways Traditional Shotokan Karate, 7425 N. Palm Bluffs Ste 103, Fresno CA (559) 432-7817 Email: Website:

NAME __________________________________________________________________________________ ADDRESS _______________________________________________________________________________ PHONE _________________________________________________________________________________ EMAIL __________________________________________________________________________________ AGE ______________RANK____________DOJO_______________________________________________
Single Class on Friday or Saturday ($40) Two Classes one Friday and one Saturday ($60) Three or Four Classes (Advanced Students Only) ($80) * Advanced Class is limited to Black/Brown Belts * General Class is open to all ranks T-Shirt (navy with graphic) ($15) Adult Size (S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL) _____________ SUBMIT REGISTRATION BY 07/01/2013 FOR T-SHIRT ORDER Kanazawa Books ($35) ____The Complete Kata Spectator x _____ (how many?) ($5 each) ____ Fighting Techniques ____ Black Belt Karate

TOTAL PAID _________

CASH_____ CHECK NO. ________

RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT Read carefully before signing. I intend to participate in one or more Karate seminars with Kancho Nobuaki Kanazawa and Sensei Fumitoshi Kanazawa sponsored by Japan Ways Traditional Karate, LLC and SKIF-USF. I hereby fully understand and acknowledge that there are risks and dangers associated with participation in martial arts events and activities which could result in bodily injury, partial and/or total disability, paralysis and death. I hereby accept such risks and waive and release any and all claims and expenses (including, but not limited to attorney fees, claims for damages, medical expenses, litigation and other costs, etc.), either known or unknown, now existing or arising in the future, that I may have of whatever kind or nature against the organizer, director, member, instructor, owner or anyone else involved in any way with this series of Karate seminars and associated activities, including, but not limited to Japan Ways Traditional Karate, LLC, SKIF-USF and SKIF-Japan. In the event of an accident or illness which requires emergency care, I hereby give permission to Japan Ways Traditional Karate staff to act as necessary to seek medical treatment by qualified personnel on my behalf. I further grant permission to the attending health care provider to administer such medical care as may be necessary for my health and safety. I further agree that any pictures taken of me or by me in connection with this series of Karate seminars and associated events may be used for publicity or promotion or for personal use by the organizers of this event without compensation to me. I fully understand this Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement and I am signing it voluntarily so that I may participate in one or more Karate seminars and associated events sponsored by Japan Ways Traditional Karate, LLC and SKIF-USF. Emergency Contact: Name: _____________________________________________________________________________________ Phone: _________________________________ Please indicate any special needs, medications, or allergies that should be taken into consideration: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Signature: ___________________________________________

Parent or Guardian Signature (if minor): _______________________________________


No videotaping allowed!

Friday July 12, 2013 - Japan Ways Traditional Karate Dojo,

5:30-6:30: General Training, open to all ranks. 6:30 6:45 Break 6:45-7:45: Advanced Kata Training, open to Brown and Black belts only.

Saturday July 13, 2013 NorthPointe Community Church, 4625 W. Palo Alto Ave., Fresno, CA 93722
9:30-11:30: Advanced Training (Brown and Black Belts only) 11:30 12:00 Break 12:00-1:30: General Training (All Ranks) 1:30- 2:00: Photos and Autograph/Book Signing 5:30- BBQ at the home of Sensei Wong, 6431 N. Forkner, Fresno Please bring a dish to share and BYOB Registration form with payment can be mailed to Japan Ways Traditional Karate, 7425 N. Palm Bluffs, Ste. 103, Fresno, CA 93711, Checks are made payable to Japan Ways. Hotel accommodations for our out of town guests: Hampton Inn & Suites 327 E. Fir Ave. Fresno, CA. 93720 You may book the hotel by calling the front desk at 559-447-5900 and asking for the Japan Ways Corporate Rate. Or book online using this corporate code: 0002756554. Rates for standard rooms are $99 or $119 for a suite. MAPS OF EVENT LOCATIONS Dojo Church