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The Akkadian Empire Describe the formation of the Akkadian empire. What was the most important achievement?

Who is the major person who accomplished this? How did he form the empire. (6.2)
The Akkadian empires greatest achievement was creating Agade, the capital, and cultural center with beautiful palaces and temples Sargon formed the Akkadian empire by defeating all the other city-states He tore down the walls of the cities to make it harder to rebel He had his formation tight and shielded soldiers in front and spear soldiers behind them.


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Sargon formed the first empire What was life like under Akkadian rule? (6.3)
Sargon demanded that his sons would rule after his own death. King Naram-Sin (Sargons grandson) led the Akkadians later on. They worshipped the same gods and goddesses as the Sumerians They had the same kind of writing with cuneiform. The same kind of irrigation as the Sumerians

They had a large army which lots of men King Naram-Sin leads his victorious army up a mountain and crushing the enemy underfoot.
fought for.

The Babylonian Empire Describe the rise of this empire.

Once the Akkadians fell Sumer was once again a lot of city-states After a bit of time King Hammurabi conqured the whole area of Mesopatamia King Hammurabi was originally the King of Babylon a small city-state in the central Mesoptamia After Hammurabi conqured all of Mesopatamia and he made Babylon the capital The area that Hammurabi ruled was called The Babylonian Empire

Describe life in the Babylonian Empire


They made new roads for wagons so they traded frequently with different places They even traded with people on the Persian Gulf for wood, gold, livestock (animals), silver, and even precious gems. They created postal service Death for death, eye for eye, tooth for tooth rule For example if a builder sold someone a house and the house collapsed and killed the owner the builder would be killed Or if its the son of the owner who dies the son of the builder is killed. Slaves can work their way to freedom All classes have rights, except the upper has the most Those are only a couple of the hundreds of laws of Hammurabi, the first laws ever

The Assyrian Empire Describe the formation of the empire. What were the strategies of the Assyrians? (6.6)
The Assyrian Empire was the next empire to rise in Sumer They became very good at Siege warfare, in a siege their army would camp outside of a city and would attack until the city falls The Assyrian were all about war and to win wars to get the throne They were feared by all others because of their cruelty and their great military forces

They perfected the use horses and iron

weapons in war

What was life like under the Assyrians? What were their accomplishments? (6.7)
They made some of the earliest aqueducts wich is a system of canals Everyone including the King had to obey the Gods Some say their greatest achivements were the new weapons they made like battering rams The craftsmen were known for their 2D sculptures bas-reliefs

These knew bas-reliefs were very realistic

and hung on walls in palaces.

The Neo - Babylonian Empire Describe the rise of this empire. What did they achieve?


Neo means new, so Neo - Babylonian Empire means the New Babylonian Empire They rebuilt the citys ziggurat and made it better than before King Nebuchadrezzar was the leader and was a ruthless military leader and expanded his empire whenever possible

Nebuchadrezzar wanted to make sure that Babylon was extra safe so he made lots of protection around the city

They built an inner and an outer wall around the city of Babylon and also dug a moat around the all of that

They also had towers that archers would

stand to shoot over the wall at attackers

What was life like during the time of the Neo - Babylonian Empire?


The Neo Babylonians were very good with math and astronomy They made discoveries that led to the 7 day week and the 60 minute hour They also made the first sundial, a device to tell the time by the sun They invented a special watering system to keep the plants fresh They used the watering system for the gardens in the ziggurats

All of these notes were found in the book History Alive! The Ancient World some of the notes could have come directly from the book.