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Industrial Parts & Service

Industrial Parts & Service

Alfa Lavals industrial Parts & Service organization is supported by key account centres globally. With companies located around the world, we are always close to our customers and their facilities. Alfa Laval offers a complete range of after sales services for all equipment supplied by the Group worldwide ranging from waste incineration plants to industrial plants and power plants: Boilers (steam and hot-water) Waste heat recovery units/HRSG Burners oil/gas Control systems Deaerators Superheaters Economizers 24-hr service From our service stations we can supply materials and spare parts with short lead time and attend your plant to perform repairs and services at any location globally. Alfa Laval is committed to support all our products for their entire service lifetime. Alfa Laval has decades of experience in servicing and manufacturing the worlds best boiler plants with a global production set-up and customers worldwide. Experienced staff We are proud to provide repair of all kinds of boiler makes. Our core competences are within complete boiler retubings, and partial retubing of furnaces, economisers, and superheaters. Highly skilled and factory trained boiler makers and welders are our key to fast and efficient repair. Welding of exotic materials as e.g. P91 and X20 are within our area of expertise and experience.

24 hours a day | 7 days a week | 365 days a year Contact details for all countries are Denmark Bra z il USA continually updated on our web site. +45 40 +1 954 435 5999 +55 24 22 33 9963 Please visit or 16 66 86 Singapore to China UAE access the information. +971 50 654 8708 +65 6261 9898 +86 21 6146 2077
U.K. The Netherlands

+44 1924 242500 +31 181 650 550 / +31 24 356 4995 (IGG) Korea +82 51 703 6162 Japan +81 78 271 5720

Alfa Laval has amongst other things supplied boiler and auxiliary boiler to the coal-fired combined heat and power plant, Nordjyllandsvrket, in Aalborg, Denmark. In addition, Alfa Laval has carried out service on the plant for a number of years.

Our service expertise

In-house manufacturing Alfa Laval generally designs and manufactures all its own products at its own facilities. Alfa Laval offers general and specialized service to your boiler, heater or steam generator, as well as any related equipment of any make. Let Alfa Laval be your partner in boiler service. We provide the service you need all over the world in a commitment to maintain and protect your investment.

will keep your plant in prime condition

The boiler related engineering centres are located in Denmark, the Netherlands, Japan, Finland, Singapore, Australia, and Brazil while the major factories are located in China, Denmark, Brazil, and Vietnam, and local repair workshops are situated in Singapore and Dubai. Protecting your investment A service agreement with Alfa Laval is a partnership involving a close cooperation that will keep your plant in excellent operating condition. We will always be there to help protect your investment and keep your production running. Maintenance is sound economy Any facility with a long active service life requires service and maintenance. We ensure that your boiler plant runs at peak performance. Unscheduled downtime or breakdowns are always costly in terms of lost production capacity and repair time. We recommend servicing your equipment on a regular preventive schedule to reduce the risk of unplanned operation stoppages. Alfa Laval can supply OEM spare parts and replacement parts, prebent tubes, etc. as well as professional manpower for inspections, evaluations, all types of maintenance, and operator training. References During the past decades, Alfa Laval has carried out repair work on large power plant boilers, waste incineration plants and traditional industrial boilers, economizers and superheaters.

Your Preferred Partner

in boiler service
Highly skilled boilermakers and welders from our own factories are trained to carry out effective repair procedures that meet requirements in one go. All materials are produced at our own production facilities to ensure high quality and processes.

Genuine, original spare parts can be offered to any part of the world.

Automation of plants varies from one boiler/burner plant to another, and will normally have to be upgraded during the life-time of the plant. Alfa Laval is capable of designing, upgrading and maintaining any control system.

Alfa Laval can supply replacement of the pressure part or entire boiler which may turn out to be the most cost-effective repair solution. You get a completely new unit that meets the latest standards and laws and is specially designed for a possible new purpose of the plant.

Addition of waste heat recovery systems (HRSG) and economizers can be an excellent option for boosting plant economy. Alfa Laval can do all modification and operating cost calculations to provide a reliable basis for evaluation of feasibility. A service and maintenance contract with Alfa Laval ensures better economical operation at all times.

The control systems that Alfa Laval can supply for boilers, burners, and related equipment are based on PLCs and controls from acknowledged international suppliers.

Time often reveals the need for upgrading with new or alternative technologies to improve plant economy or comply with tougher, new statutory requirements and environmental laws or new safety regulations.

With Alfa Laval you are always guaranteed certified quality and third party approval as well as full and high quality documentation.

Alfa Lavals experienced repair teams and pool of service engineers are factory trained in all service procedures.

Professional inspections and trouble-shooting followed by a status report and a proposal for solving operational problems.

We know boiler and combustion systems inside out and can assist you from the project phase through to boiler commissioning and maintenance.

Maintenance is sound economy. Any facility with a long active service life requires service and maintenance. We can ensure that your boiler plant delivers peak performance within your maintenance budget.

Alfa Laval has been building burners since the 1920s - you can trust us to recommend the most cost-effective combustion solutions. Apart from our own burner brand (Aalborg KB, Aalborg KBSA, Aalborg KBSD, etc.), we sell and service burners from other manufacturers, also for special fuels and special applications.

Service expertise
Viable solutions Alfa Lavals customers can always expect the right solution and viable alternatives to urgent equipment or operating problems. Most of our sales staff have practical experience from boiler plant operation themselves and understand the daily routines and technical language of our customers. We take pride in offering solutions that not just solve the immediate problem but actually makes future operation unproblematic. The Parts & Service organization of Alfa Laval carries out repairs and service and delivers spare parts for products within all our global business areas. Repairs & upgrading Alfa Laval carries out service and repairs on both our own brands and 3rd party brands of equipment. Whether it concerns scheduled or emergency repairs or an upgrade/retrofit, we supply readymade components, and the plant is professionally serviced with minimal downtime, if any, followed by complete documentation. Inspections & service Alfa Laval experienced supervisors and engineers provide a wide range of call-out services such as inspections, testing, operator training, troubleshooting, and service on combustion plants around the world, 365 days a year. Spare parts Fast response and correct identification of the necessary spare parts followed by fast and precise delivery are factors that makes Alfa Lavals spare parts organization the superior choice in OEM spare parts. Technical support solutions Alfa Lavals know-how and operational experience are made available in a series of newsletters that can be downloaded from our website. The explanations and practical advice help our customers in ensuring optimal function of their equipment. Correct operation of technical equipment helps to avoid disruptions and ensures a long lifetime as well as an environmentally friendly operation profile.

Focus on our customer Our first priority is to secure that our customers are satisfied with their boiler plant. Therefore, we offer highly professional service whenever and wherever it is needed. Alfa Laval operates after sales companies for land-based boilers in a number of countries around the world, offering service to for instance:

Process industries Oil/gas companies Utility companies Power stations District heating stations Food and beverage industries Waste incineration plants

Installation of waste heat recovery units after diesel engines.

Know-how & reliability

Your original equipment manufacturer Alfa Laval has supplied more than 40,000 boilers, thermal fluid heaters and economisers as well as 3,700 inert gas systems of the highest quality since 1919. We guarantee cost-effective technical service and support on all products we supply and remain our customers preferred partner throughout the decades-long lifetime of our products. Alfa Lavals boiler factories and workshops are subject to the highest quality standards and supply certified repair equipment such as replacement boilers, new burners, and pre-bent tubes, ready for erection and installation. Quality Alfa Lavals Global Quality function coordinates the efforts to fulfil our aim of providing the highest quality of products and solutions to our customers in close co-operation with the local quality staff in our companies around the world. The framework for the quality work is the ISO 9001:2008 certification together with a close attention on performance. The Quality Management systems form the basis of all other approvals maintained by Alfa Laval. Cost-effective solutions Alfa Laval is dedicated to developing and offering solutions that are costefficient in terms of operation and focus on environmental aspects. We evaluate repair costs, plant downtime/off-hire, and operation costs before recommending our solution. We have developed solutions for replacement/retrofitting of complete systems leaving the customer with fully up-to-date equipment and, in many instances, with less disruption of the plant than a traditional repair/replacement. Sustainable solutions Our Parts & Service engineers always work out solutions that take into account environmentally compatible technologies and comply with all standards and regulations.

Waste heat recovery units after diesel engines delivered to Wrtsil Finland Oy. Scope of supply: 2 identical individual heat recovery systems according to Wrtsil annual agreement both consisting of 3 Aalborg H exhaust gas smoke tube boilers with Auxiliary Container AIC-40 with Aalborg BH-3000L inside (in total 6 exhaust gas boilers and 2 fired boilers).

Alfa Laval in brief Alfa Laval is a leading global provider of specialized products and engineered solutions. Our equipment, systems and services are dedicated to helping customers to optimize the performance of their processes. Time and time again. We help our customers to heat, cool, separate and transport products such as oil, water, chemicals, beverages, foodstuffs, starch and pharmaceuticals. Our worldwide organization works closely with customers in almost 100 countries to help them stay ahead.

How to contact Alfa Laval Contact details for all countries are continually updated on our web site. Please visit or to access the information.

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