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Complaints Management;; ""; Commissioner Houston ISD and Tutors with Computers_SES complaint Wednesday, February 06, 2013 12:52:29 PM NCLB Complaint Procedures Oct 2010.pdf comm112210.pdf

Texas Education Agency Receipt of NCLB Complaint Houston Independent School District Tutors with Computers, LLC NCLB Supplemental Educational Services (SES) Provider Attention: Dr. Terry Grier, Superintendent of Schools Mr. Robert E. Moore, Inspector General, HISD Houston Independent School District 4400 West 18th Street Houston, Texas 77092-8501 Telephone: 713-556-6300 Fax: 713-556-6323 E-Mail: Mr. David Callaway, Program Director Office Tel: 512/419-7983 Cell Tel: 214/264-8080 701 Brazos Street #500 Austin, TX 78701 The Texas Education Agency received information from Education Service Center Region 13 (below). I wish to notify Tutors with Computers, LLC. and Houston ISD that TEA is acknowledging this as a complaint for investigation under NCLB/SES procedures. I will send a formal notice of our NCLB complaint investigation and will request a local

investigative findings and documentation from HISD, as well as Tutors with Computers. In the meantime, please contact me should you have any questions or would like to discuss this matter further. TEA NCLB SES Complaint Process Respectfully, Emi Johnson, TEA
Ms. Emi Johnson, M.Ed.
Director of Special Investigations | Tel 512/463-9342 | | Texas Education Agency

From: Gonzalez, Cynthia A [] Sent: Tuesday, February 05, 2013 5:19 PM To: Brandon Spenrath; Janette Johnson Subject: Just an FYI

Brandon and Janette, Just an FYI, these business cards are being distributed by this provider and now the parents are calling asking for me specifically. They comment that I have left this business card and will give them an ipad if they transfer. I have communicated with the providers state/district contact to investigate. This is not the HISD process for parent transfer requests, nor did we approve these items being distributed to our parents. It is leaving our parents very confused.

Cynthia Amelia Gonzalez

Houston ISD - External Funding/Title I 4400 W. 18th Street Houston, TX 77092 713-556-6928 (OFFICE ) 713-556-6946 (FAX)