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Discovery Proposal

[Please read these instructions, then delete them in your final version. The section explanations in fine print will guide you in completing the proposal. Please retain the explanations in your final version. Please follow the file naming convention explained at the end of this document. See your architect, the sponsor or the Discovery staff for assistance. The format resembles an executive summary where brevity and clarity are highly valued; phrases or bulleted lists are acceptable. Most proposals are four pages long.]

Project Name: the project name characterizes the scope of the initiative Discovery Sponsor: Computing Services director who will advocate for the proposal through the
discovery process

Discovery Leader: Computing Services manager who leads the discovery effort, but not necessarily the


the architect provides input on his or her directorates issues

Version: version number, your userID, date

PROJECT This section establishes the foundation for the larger projects importance to
the division. It outlines the principals, assumptions and risks without commenting on how to address them. This section is not about Discovery but about framing the issues.

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Purpose of Project: provide the context for the work in this project domain, what is the highlevel goal of the sponsor and leader for this project domain? Drivers: what are the existing products, services, or customer needs that require this project? Why is this project important to the division? Benefits: share expectations of the hoped-for benefits, added functionality or reduced difficulty? At what risks? How does the benefit/risk equation justify this project? Stakeholders: identify those affected by the issues and their respective roles in this project domain, i.e., service providers, customers, support


DISCOVERY PROPOSAL This section is about Discovery. Describe what we

need to learn to move this project to the next step. What issues will be considered and which ones wont? Define what tasks need to occur, in what order and timeframe, and what expertise you need to complete them. What will the outcome look like when you are finished with Discovery?

version number, userID, date

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Goals of Discovery: describe the chunk of work and set of issues that need discovery, what key questions need to be answered or issues need to be settled? Scope Definition: what questions/issues WONT be considered in discovery?

Desired Outcome: describe the end product of discovery - document the issues, recommend follow-up, evaluate the impact, define technical framework, make management decision? Contingency Approach:
what will you do if you dont get support for this work?

Discovery Work Plan: summarize the tasks required to learn, investigate, document the issues and determine the next major phase of the project People, Roles, Timeline: who can and should help you in this effort, and what will they do in what timeframe? (% of FTEs over what time period, performing which tasks) Architect Opinion: contact your architect to address security and privacy, network utilization, measure of fit with existing infrastructure. The proposal will be reviewed at a weekly architects meeting before going to the Discovery Board.

[File naming convention. Please indicate the file name and version at the end of the proposal. File name = (project name) Proposal (date) (your initials) Add a brief explanation of the changes that were made in the last version of the document. For example: Communication Proposal 9-12 mlpl = modified approach and resources]

Discovery Proposal Template2.2 9-18 mlpl = added definitions to major Project and Discovery Proposal headings

version number, userID, date

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