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Republic of the Philippines

Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines
NO.: 2013-010
DATE: MAR 0 6 2013
SUBJECT: Adoption of COA Citizen's Charter Equivalent
WHEREAS, Section 3 of Republic Act No. 94-85, the Anti-Red Tape Act
(ART A), states that the law shall apply to all government offices and agencies including
local government units and government-owned or controlled corporations that provide
frontline services as defined therein except those performing judicial, quasi-judicial and
legislative functions;
WHEREAS, Section 4 of the ARTA defines frontline services as the "process or
transaction between clients and government offices or agencies involving applications for
any privilege, right, permit, reward, license, concession, or for any modification, renewal
or extension of the enumerated applications and/or requests which are acted upon in the
ordinary course of business of the office or agency concerned;"
WHEREAS, after receiving a copy of Civil Service Commission (CSC)
Resolution No. 081471 adopting the Implementing Rules and Regulations ofthe ARTA,
this Commission conducted a re-evaluation of its processes and transactions and
concluded that no part of its mandate and functions can be considered as frontline service;
WHEREAS, while performing its ordinary course of business, this Commission,
nevertheless regularly deals with specific sets of clienteles;
WHEREAS, since the citizen's charter is a tool in promoting integrity,
accountability and proper management of public affairs in dealing with its clientele, this
Commission sees the need to establish its own Citizen's Charter equivalent to the
Citizen's Charter prescribed by the ARTA;
WHEREAS, in compliance to Office Order No. 2012 dated August 28, 2012, the
Committee on Implementation of the Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007 proposed the COA
Citizen' s Charter Equivalent to consist of the following:
a. COA Vision and Mission
b. 2009 Revised Rules of Procedure ofCOA
c. Rules and Regulations on Settlement of Accounts
d. COA Process Flow Diagram
e. COA Key Services - Procedural Flow
and submitted the COA Process Flow Diagram and COA Key Services- Procedural Flow
for approval ;
NOW THEREFORE, the Commission Proper RESOLVES, as it is hereby
RESOLVED to adopt the COA Citizen's Charter Equivalent which is herewith appended
as integral part of this Resolution;
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the COA Citizen's Charter Equivalent
shall be published in the COA Website, and shall be posted at the main entrances of the
COA Central Office, COA Regional Offices, and at the offices of the audit groups/audit
Thi s Resolution shall take effect immediately.