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Lesson Observation Summary Form


This form is for use as a summary of key features from the Lesson Observation commentary form and may contribute to the Trainee's evidence base when claiming success in achieving the QTS standards. From a single observation it may not be possible to comment in all sections.

Trainees Name: Robby Parker Date & time: 20/11/2012 Session 3 Lesson Theme: Online shopping Observer: Shazul Ahmed

School: Morpeth School Class: KS4 2 Subject: ICT

Teachers Standards - what evidence has the observation provided of the Trainees progress against the Standards? TS1: high expectations TS2: promotion of progression TS3: subject knowledge TS4: planning and teaching wellstructured lessons TS5: response to pupils strengths and needs TS6: use of assessment TS7: classroom management TS8: wider professional responsibilities Strengths/Further comments Detailed and thorough lesson plan delivered well. (TS4) Seating plan used to support learning environment (TS1) Pupils engaged through YouTube clip when entering the class (TS4) Pupils monitors off whilst split into groups for starter task Instructions are clear and pupils attentive Objectives shared to enable progression and share expectation (TS2) Secure knowledge of topic demonstrated (TS3) Use of answer garden for class assessment of knowledge (TS6) Individual pupils feedback using randomizer Classroom managed well and individuals addressed for misbehavior (TS7) Class engaged in discussion about advantages/disadvantages of online shopping and auction sites (TS2) Pupils understanding checked as a whole class and individually whilst pupils on task (TS2) Hot seat activity used for the plenary to consolidate learning (TS4) Homework activity set appropriate for the lesson to extend knowledge for online shopping (TS4)
Standard 1-8 ( for mentor or tutor use)

Targets/Areas for development Provide thinking and response time for pupils (TS2) Identify pupils that require support and differentiate work i.e. simplified worksheets (TS5) Engage pupils with real life examples that pupils/teachers can relate to (TS5) Clarify definition Use other assessment strategies/record assessment (TS6)

Standard 1-8 ( for mentor or tutor use)

Use for grades if there is sufficient evidence: TS1 TS5 1 2 TS2 TS6 2 2 TS3 TS7 1 2 TS4 TS8 1

Special focus (complete if applicable): Making required progress x Not making required progress ________________________ Date: 27 November 2012

Observers Signature:

Trainees Signature: _______________________________ ________________________Date:____________________

London Providers 2012 Lesson Observation Summary Form

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