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served with great distinction as Interim President of Onondaga Community College since July 1, 2012; and WHEREAS, during her tenure at Onondaga Community College, Interim President OConnell has served as a remarkable and highly effective chief executive officer, a passionate advocate for students, and a talented ambassador for Onondaga Community College, conscientiously and consistently communicating the ways in which Onondaga contributes to the Central New York community in order to raise awareness of the Colleges unique role and impact on educational access, economic opportunity and community development in the region; and WHEREAS, Interim President OConnell was instrumental in the completion of numerous initiatives on campus, including the Facilities Master Plan, Human Resources Master Plan, Information Technology Master Plan, Strategic Enrollment Master Plan and Diversity Master Plan, as well as the development of a core infrastructure for the Faculty Development Plan and the completion of the Middle States Periodic Review Report; and WHEREAS, Interim President OConnell led Onondaga through a year of transition on campus with a new shared governance model, overseeing the College Leadership Council and continuing the work of the Ad Hoc Faculty/Trustee Committee and the Joint Labor Management Committees, all through a concerted effort to strengthen institutional effectiveness and the Colleges capacity to contribute to the success of students and the Central New York community; and WHEREAS, Interim President OConnells leadership and transformative contributions were apparent with her visibility on campus, her service on external boards, her work developing global partnerships for students, and the agreements she helped to forge with other educational institutions, paving the way for Onondaga employees and students to have greater opportunities to complete their education; and WHEREAS, as a result of the progress that has been made over the course of the last year under Interim President OConnells remarkable leadership, Onondaga enters its next year well positioned to continue to serve as a critical pathway to new opportunities for individuals of all ages and backgrounds and as a force for regional economic and community development initiatives that will enhance the quality of life in Central New York for generations to come; and WHEREAS, Interim President OConnell will end her tenure as Interim President at Onondaga Community College, effective June 30, 2013; NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, in recognition of her exemplary service, the Board of Trustees of Onondaga Community College hereby bestows this resolution of appreciation to Margaret Meg OConnell. Approved by the Board of Trustees at the regular meeting on June 18, 2013

June 18, 2013 Date

_____________________________ Allen J. Naples, Chair of the Board