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Animal Farm Chapter one Vocabulary Scullery- is like a food pantry Mincing-defining something Tyranny-absolute powered government with

a single ruler Dissentients- complaining Enmity-everyone agrees that you hate something

Short answer 1. Who owns Manor Farm? Mr. Jones 2. What problem does he have? Not enough food, treats animals poorly, and he drinks 3. Who is old Major? The pig 4. Why does Old Major assemble the animals? Old Major had a strange dream 5. List the ideals outlined by Old Major that should occur after the rebellion. More food, dont drink alcohol, dont sleep in a house, no clothes, no tobacco, dont kill other animals 6. What broke u the meeting? Mr. Jones shoots his gun because he thought there was a fox. 7. What political idea in Russian history does Old Major represent? Bread and jobs for all 8. To what political figure in Russian history does Jones correspond? Czar Nicholas

9. Here are the words to the St. Matthews School Song. List two ways that it is similar to Beasts of England St. Matthews hat off to thee To our colors loyal well ever be Firm and strong united are we Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Cheer for the Red and White

Animal Farm Chapter Two Vocabulary Pre-eminent (25) - Before you or something stands out Expounded (26)-to set forth Spinney (31)-A thorn or thicket Unalterable (32) - something you cant change

Short answer 1. Who are the tree main pigs? Squealer, Snowball, and Napoleon 2. The pigs formulated the teaching of Old Major into a system of thought. What is it called? Animalism 3. The animals encounter a couple of problems as they begin to discuss the coming rebellion. Name one of them. Referring to Jones as a master, fear of starvation 4. What two leaders emerge after the rebellion? Snowball and Napoleon 5. What is done with the farmhouse? Made into a museum 6. What have the pigs been doing for the past three months? Learning to read and write, steeling milk and apples

7. Who came up with the Seven Commandments? The pigs and Snowball wrote them 8. What seems funny about the working conditions after the rebellion? The animals work all the time and they are happy to do it. The pigs supervise but dont help to the actual work. 9. Who was taking the milk? The pigs 10. Who was sent to explain why the milk was being used by the pigs? Squealer 11. Name one of the arguments that he used to explain why the milk was going to the pigs? The needed it so that they could get smarter.

Animal Farm Chapter Three Vocabulary Grudging- Not forgiving Parasitical A living organism that lives off another organism Obstinate - To argue with Cryptic Code like

Short Answer 1. How well did the animals work together? Who do you think so? The animals work well together because the all feel equal. 2. Are all the animals equal? Describe any classes or rankings of animals that you see. The pigs are the leaders and the other animals are the workers. 3. What shows that there are already problems in the leadership of the new government? Snowball and Napoleon argue on every decision. 4. Who among the workers is most admired? Why? Boxer because he works hard and believes everything that he is told.

5. To what do you think the hoof and horn on the flag correspond? Everyone is working on the same thing, symbolizes the Soviet flag. 6. Who was taking the milk? The pigs 7. Who was sent to explain why the milk was being used by the pigs? Squealer 8. Name one of the arguments that he used to explain why the milk was going to the pigs. Mr. Jones would come back.

Animal Farm Chapter Four Vocabulary Tractable Capable of being easily led (chickens, ducks, and goats) Irrepressible Ignominious Posthumously

Short Answer 1. How did Napoleon and Snowball spread the news of the rebellion to the animals on neighboring farms? The pigeons 2. Did Pilkington and Frederick offer to help Jones at First? No the laughed at him. 3. How did they react to their own animals singing Beast of England? They couldnt stand to hear it. They would beat their animals. 4. What name was given to the battle in which Jones and his friends tried to retake Animal Farm? The battle of the Cowshed. 5. Where was Mollie during the battle? Hiding 6. Where did Snowball learn is battle techniques?

A book about Julius Caesar. 7. Why did Snowball give the sound for retreat? He wanted to trick the humans. 8. What makes Boxer seem particularly human and lovable? He was sad he killed the boy. 9. What does Napoleon tell Boxer that shows him to be ruthless? The only good human is a dead human. 10. Name two human rituals (traditions) that the animals used to celebrate their victory. Put up the flag, shoot off the gun Animal Farm Chapter Five Vocabulary Pretest- To put in front of something Publican- Bar tender Manifestly- Understood or recognized by the mind or by the people Factions- a party or a group that is self seeking Eloquence- power to win by speaking, graceful in speech and actions Sordid- Dirty or filthy Articulate- Uttered distinct syllables or words Disinterred- To unbury someone

Short Answer 1. If Mollie was a person, what would she be like? Bourquoise- wealthy landowner 2. To what does the power struggle between Napoleon and Snowball relate historically? The struggle between Trotsky and Stalin

3. What idea did Snowball have to improve conditions on the farm? To add electricity (the windmill is the equivalent of the Soviets Nipper Dam). 4. The animals divided into two fractions (they took two sides). What slogans did they come up with?

3 day work week, a full manger- Soviets was food and work for all

5. At the meeting about the windmill. Snowball begins to win over the animals. What does Napoleon do about this? What happens to Snowball? To what event does this relate historically? Napoleon calls for the dogs to chase Snowball away. The secret police tries to kill Trotsky, he runs to Mexico where he is killed.

6. Look again at the Seven Commandments. Which one is no longer in effect? All animals are equal.

7. Name one change that is made after Snowball is kicked out. Who is it that convinces the animals that Napoleon was actually helping them? Pigs move into farmhouse, no Sunday meetings. (Squealer)

8. What phrase always stopped by arguments from the animals? 4 legs good 2 legs bad

9. What two phrases does Boxer use frequently? I will work harder. Napoleon is always right.

10. When Squealer explains about the windmill and the end of the chapter, what causes the animals to go along with his explanation? They cant remember.

11. What do the fierce dogs symbolize? The Secret police.

Animal Farm Chapter six

Vocabulary Laborious-To exert ones mind or body Arable- Cultivated by plowing Repose-a state of resting Perpendicularity - something that is standing straight up Flagstaff- a flagpole Malignity- evil in nature

Short Answer 1. What was ironic about the animals working on the windmill on Sundays?

It is suppose to be their day off 2. Why was the windmill so hard to build?

It was tall and the rocks were down in the quarry. They struggled with moving the rocks. They have to drop them off the ledge to break them. 3. Without whom would the windmill have been impossible? Boxer 4. What did Napoleon tell the hens about giving up their eggs? They had to trade to help the farm. 5. How is Snowball used as a scapegoat? They say he was sneaking in at night. When things were going bad in the Soviet Union, they blamed the USA. 6. Which commandment is changed and how? No animal shall sleep in beds, with sheets

Animal Farm Chapter Seven Vocabulary

Chaff (75) - to tease Mangles (75) - a large course of food grown for calves Infanticide (75) - killing of the young (the chicks) Capitulated (77) - surrender on certain terms coccidiosis (77)- a stomach disorder for animals Stupefied (79)- To make stupid or groggy Categorically (81) - to deny something that is related to Countenance (82) - calm expression

Short Answer 1. What was one of the strongest motivations for competing the rebuilding of the windmill? Wanted to show the humans that they could get it back up in a hurry 2. Why did it finally become necessary for the hens to surrender all their eggs? The animals needed to use them for money

3. What did the hens do to rebel against this? Refused to give them their eggs and dropped them on the floor and cracked them 4. What else is revealed about Snowball? He was a traitor and he was sneaking around 5. What do the confessions and executions of the pigs, hens, goose, and sheep symbolize? Which of the Seven Commandments does this violate? Show trials 6. What does Boxer think was the cause of the frightening slaughter of fellow animals? What is his solution? No animal shall kill another animal

7. What does Boxer think was the cause of the frightening slaughter of fellow animals? Boxer believed it was his (their fault) that the slaughter took place.


What is his solution? Napoleon is always right and he will work harder.

Animal Farm Chapter Nine Vocabulary Vocabulary Superannuated (105) to be too old Complicity (109) participation in a wrongful act knacker (113) A buyer of worn out animals Short Answer 1. What species of animal is increasing in number? Decreasing? Pig and dogs are increasing everything else is decreasing

2. Why are only the young pigs being educated, and why are they discouraged from playing with other young animals? Pigs think their better 3. How was the president of the new Republic elected? Only 1 person was on the ballet no one to run against him What happens to Boxer? Why is this so tragic? He was working, tripped, and fell. He was the strongest animal. How did the pigs use Boxers death to get the animals to work harder? They said Boxer would have wanted it. They said that Boxer said Long live Napoleon, long live the revolution.