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The Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time

June 23, 2013

Jesus: Who do you say that I am?

Last Thursday evening, a joint meeting of the pastoral team, wardens, pastoral council, and liturgy committee was held in the parish hall. We began by doing what Catholics love most to do when they get together eat! sharing a delicious potluck supper that reflected the diverse cultures and nations that make up our parish. We then moved to the rectory and, after a time of prayer, watched together a video of one of Pope Francis recent homilies: Joy Is a Sign of Christian Freedom, and used this as a springboard for group sharing on what brings us joy in our faith and what empowers us to share this joy with others. We then discussed the challenge of the new evangelization placed before us in this Year of Faith. Again inspired by Pope Francis Pentecost Vigil homily to the members of lay movements in the Church, we proposed a three-year journey focused first on the encounter of Jesus, then on deepening a relationship with Jesus in Prayer and Sacramental Living, leading to a fuller embrace of what it means to give Witness to our faith in the world and share in the mission of the Church. Jesus, Prayer, Witness quite the program!! In todays Gospel, Jesus asks the disciples two questions. The first is generic: Who do the crowds say I am? Then he makes it personal: Who do YOU say I am? The world has all different kinds of opinions about the Catholic Church, about the Christian faith, and even about Jesus. But who do WE say Jesus is? Have we met him and formed a deep friendship with him in his Word, in prayer, in the sacraments, in the joys and challenges of our daily life? We can only bear witness if we ourselves have had a personal, lifechanging encounter with Jesus. To help launch this process and set a fire under us, Fr. Guylain Prince, a dynamic Franciscan preacher and biblical scholar, will be leading our community on a retreat day this coming Saturday, September 21st. Please mark this day in your schedules, and plan to join in this exciting event. Have a wonderful summer!


Faith First registration forms for the 2013-14 season are now available at the entrances of the church, church hall and rectory. All new as well as returning students must fill out a form before August 15th, and return it to the rectory to guarantee a spot. The cost of the program is $70 for one child, $95 for 2 children and $110 for 3 or more. Please note that your child will not be denied access to the program if you are unable to pay the fee. For further information, please contact Jennie Parsons-Armstrong at (514) 481-0267 or by email at


The CDs from the 2013 First Communion and Confirmation are now available. They can be picked up at the rectory during office hours. For further requests, please contact Jennie Armstrong at the rectory or at . Thank you to Robert Ganz, our parish photographer, for all his hard work.

Mass Intentions: June 23-30, 2013

4:00 June 22, 2013 Mary Baker June 23, 2013 Our Lady's Saturday Ding Reyes The 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Vivian & Joseph

The CONCERT All are invited to a CONCERT of Christian Liturgical Music on Sunday June 30, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. in the Eric Maclean S.J. Centre for the Performing Arts at Loyola High School, 2477 West Broadway Ave. Tickets are $25.00 ($10.00 for children under 12) and may be purchased from the website: (, or at the door. This CONCERT will feature some of the best pieces that Montreal musicians wrote for the Diocesan Folk Music Camp (1972-82). Composers like Stan Cyprys, Joanne Donato, Kathryn Laurin and John Pasquini; featured vocalists include world renowned tenor John MacMaster, Stephanie Martin, Nathen Aswell, and Julie Lafontaine, and a choir of 50, backed by a great band! This will be an amazing CONCERT of wonderful, inspiring music not to be missed! NOTE: The Diocesan Folk Music Camp Choir will be singing at the 11 AM Mass on that weekend. (Also not to be missed)


Guglielmo & Agnese Teodori 11:00 In Loving Memory Pasquale Albanese, Giacomo Schiavi June 24, 2013 Monday, St. John The Baptist 8:00 Giovanni Arciero His wife Yolanda June 25, 2013 Tuesday, Weekday 8:00 Antonio & The Piccolino Family Annunziata Castelli June 26, 2013 Wednesday, Weekday 8:00 Giuseppina Fiori Her children June 27, 2013 Thursday, Weekday 8:00 Richard Michael Marie Gordon Clarke June 28, 2013 Friday, St. Irenaeus 8:00 Joseph Rampersaud His wife June 29, 2013 Sts. Peter & Paul 4:00 In Loving Memory Gerry McLaughlin, The deceased members of the Charles A. McDonald Family, Dorothy Moore, Lucille Wong, Domenico Forliano, Edgardo Poce, Luigina Ciccarelli, Mike Kilbertus June 30, 2013 The 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time 8:30 Anna & Italo Luisa & Angelo Falcone Mariani & Italo Falcone 11:00 Bruno Fiori His sister-in-law Berardina & Family Your Generosity
Thank you for your on-going support of our parish Last weekends collection was $2,501.50

Following an exchange of letters with the NDG/ Cte des Neiges borough over parking in this area, new signage has been erected. Please take careful note of the new signage. It is being enforced with vigour!

Summer camp for boys, ages 11 to 17 years, from Tuesday, July 30 to Tuesday ,August 13. Registration and departure from Holy Family Parish (7355 Lajeunesse, Montreal) at 8:45 am, July 30. Cost is $425. Parents Day welcomes parents to visit their sons on Sunday, August 4 from 11am 6 pm (10800 chemin Lac Labelle, Labelle, QC J0T 1H0). Contact Fr. John Baxter at 514-272-1056.