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Spatial Praxis is described as the process by which space produces and is produced by social relations.

At first I didnt quite know what this meant, but the Reynolds and Staples articles gave me a good idea. After reading the first chapter of King, I think I finally understand. Spatial Praxis is the very thing that defines our society. Its what you see when you go outside, Its the things you hear, and how you react to these things. Spatial Praxis, in my opinion, is the set of natural guidelines today, that somewhat dictate our daily lives. They are not so much as individual actions, but societal tendencies; of course there are always exceptions. As for King, I believe he uses spatial praxis very interestingly. When he tells his story, he has quite a few different tones. He begins by telling his life, but the language hes using is that of meeting someone for the first time. Its almost like hes just standing next to me having a conversation normally. This language he speaks in makes it incredibly easy to read and understand. It took me only about 8 minutes to read all 30 pages. However, towards the tail end of the chapter, he begins to explain more about society instead of himself. He tells the two stories very differently. The first, The Woman Who Fell from the Sky, he assumes we never heard before. Therefore, he adds great detail to the story to assure our understanding. When he tells the Story of Genesis, he is brief, direct, and is much curter in his speech. Now, how does he compare these two? King looks at these two stories and tells us A theologian might argue that these two creation stories are essentially the same. Each tells about the creation of the world and the appearance of human beings. But a story teller would tell you that these two stories are quite different... Earlier in the chapter, he tells the story about the witches; he explains that the greatest weapon of all was storytelling. This line, saying that theologically they are the same, but story-wise are different makes perfect sense. While they are both a whimsical tale of desolateness to harmony and vice versa, the way they are told and carried impacts the world. Obviously, the story of Genesis is the one that stuck, and look at the impact its had on society. We live in a world of Good vs. Evil, instead of just a world of balance, like the in the first story. Kings use of spatial praxis is frequent throughout the chapter. He explains not only what it has done to us as a society, but he uses it in his speech as well. His tone and language is very relaxed and makes the reader want to listen to him. The space hes filling is one we dont necessarily always think about, therefore once he gets us thinking, its very easy to understand what hes attempting to explain.

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