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Gary's Mum

Ch. 1. Meeting Lena again. Moving rather carelessly around the end of the supermarket aisle, I collided with someone coming around the corner, probably equally carelessly. I think we were both about to mutter a curse when we recognised each other. The person I had collided with was Lena Reynolds, the mother of my best friend, Gary. We had not seen each other for the best part of a year, not since Gary had joined the army. Before that, from the time we were 13 years old, we spent a lot of time at each other's homes so I knew Lena very well. Many is the time that I have tasted her fantastic cooking when I spent the evening at her home. She always made me feel welcome and I loved being at her home. She was the most wonderful woman I had ever met. She looked lovely and when, as a young teenager, I fantasized about a woman, she was almost always the one who came into my mind. How could that be? She was my best friend's mother and 20 years older than me. Now, 7 years later, she was still having the same effect on me. Lena was a widow. Her husband left her about five years ago but, only a week afterwards, he and his girlfriend were killed in a car crash. He hadn't changed his will so his worldly goods, his life insurance and pension all came to her. She didn't grieve for long. It had not been a happy marriage. He wasn't violent to her but he was always chasing after other women and she seemed to lose her trust in men. What made it worse, I guess, was that she was handicapped and I think she saw his actions as a sign that he was no longer willing to live with her disability. Gary told me that, as a young child, she had had an accident and damaged her right leg. From then on, it grew a lot more slowly than the other so by the time I first met her, the right leg was about 15 centimetres shorter than the other. She usually wore a special shoe to make it easier for her to walk although often she would walk barefoot around the house. Really, her disability seemed no big deal to me as a young boy nor did it as I grew up. I still thought she was wonderful. We talked about what we had been doing in the past year and she gave me the latest news about Gary who was really enjoying army life. She lived not far away from the supermarket and she invited me to go home to have a coffee with her so that we could continue our chat without getting in the way of other shoppers as we stood in the aisle. When we reached her place, she told me to put whatever I needed to in the fridge or freezer until I went home. She made the coffee and brought out a plate of her home-made cakes. They looked as good as ever. It was like the old times when, as a teenager, I so much looked forward to the goodies she fed to us. We resumed our chat as we sat in her comfortable chairs whilst we drank the coffee.

"I'm so glad we met up. I miss having you around the house. I know that you were here because you were a friend of Gary's but you were also polite and very helpful to me. It made a big impression on me. Most of Gary's friends seemed to ignore me. I rather got the idea that they didn't want to have a cripple around when they came here. You weren't like that. Why did you treat me so differently? With some embarrassment, I replied "I always thought you were a rather special woman. I had a bit of a crush on you, even though you were Gary's mum". I blushed as I said this. She looked at me in surprise. "What, even with this thing", she said, pointing down to her shoe. And I'm so much older than you. How could you possibly have a crush on me?" "It didn't make any difference to me" I replied. "Being older than me didn't stop you being a beautiful woman. You've no idea just how much I envied Gary having you as a mum. Your limp made you even more interesting, especially when you walked around the house barefoot. I thought the way you walked was really sexy." Blushing slightly she asked whether I would like her to do that today. "What ever you want to do". "Fine. Help me take my shoes off then, please" I walked over to her chair and knelt in front of her. Again I blushed. Being so close to her made me nervous and very excited. She was obviously aware of the tension but it didn't seem to worry her. I slipped off the low-heeled left shoe and started with the right. "Take your time" Lena said. "This could turn out to be something we will both enjoy". The way she spoke made me feel rather daring so I removed the built up shoe very carefully. I rubbed her foot as I did so and she let out a gentle moan. As I stroked her foot gently, it was clear that she was becoming excited, too. The feel of her nylons was driving me wild. I had not seen her shoe close up before and I looked carefully at the way it had been made. The build up at the toe was only about ten centimetres but the shoe sloped upwards very gracefully to a heel that must have measured about 17 centimetres. She pulled me to her and we kissed passionately."Come on" she said. "If it turns you on, I'll give you a little show".With that, she stood up and walked around the room, limping heavily without her shoe on. She grinned at me. "My husband used to make me do this for him but I never enjoyed it as much as doing it for you." Again a kiss! She must have felt my hardness against her and realised just how worked up I was. "Steady on, young man. Let's not rush this. I have to go out soon so, if you can, why not come back tomorrow? And bring your toothbrush

with you this time". In Lena's house When I woke the following morning, I lay back for a while, just thinking of the remarkable events of the previous day. First of all, the surprise meeting with Mark. I had often thought about him and wondered if everything was going well for him. To be honest with myself, I realise that he was not the only one who had a crush. From the time he was about 15, I thought of him as a gorgeous hunk and not just my son's best friend. I had kept those thoughts very much to myself. At that time, I was 37 and I knew that, up top, I looked good. My breasts were not huge but they were large and firm, I certainly was not overweight, my hair was something I was very proud of and I knew that me face was pretty. But, down below When I had my accident (just a simple fall, as I thought at the time), I had damaged my hip. The doctors said something about the growth plate being affected. As the rest of me grew, the leg didn't well, only very slowly. When I left primary school, I already needed a 5-centimetre raise on my right shoe. In my teens, things just got worse and by the time I was seventeen, my right foot could only reach the ground if I bent the left knee. So, unless I was prepared to limp very badly, I needed to have a really high build up on my shoe. My right thigh was very short and that caused problems when I was sitting, even if I was wearing the shoe. In a chair, I usually sat sideways so that the short thigh did not cause my leg to stick up in the air. If I tried to kneel, because my right thigh was so short, I had to have my left thigh behind me at an angle so that I could get both knees on the floor. The leg was strong but, because of its shortness and the need for the special shoe, fun things like dancing and games were out of the question. Not very good for an otherwise attractive girl. I had very few dates and I became thoroughly miserable. Then, when I was 19, I started going out with a guy who worked in the next building to me. It wasn't plain sailing but I dreaded being left without a boyfriend so I stuck with him even though I had many doubts. I let him have sex with me and soon I was pregnant with Gary. This led to us getting married a true shotgun marriage. It was one of the worst things I have ever done. When Gary came along, I had no regrets because he was an adorable child. However, the marriage was not happy. Joe, my husband, didn't pay me much attention and I soon realised that he had only married me because he had got me pregnant. He soon started cheating on me. The inevitable happened. Joe left me and hooked up with another woman. Although we had not been happy, his rejection of me took away whatever selfconfidence I had left and I had not recovered from that. Gary was the shining light of my life but he had his own life to lead. He had always been mad-keen to go into the army but, when he left home, I felt lonelier than ever. And then I met Mark yesterday.

The nice things he said to me bucked me up no end. He made me feel good about myself. So, I looked forward to seeing him again today. I could be wide open to getting badly hurt but that did not matter. No matter how our friendship turned out, I was sure that we could have happy times together. I thought I knew Mark well enough to know that he would never do anything to hurt me. I finally got up and had a shower. Mark was coming round for lunch and I wanted to look as good as possible. Two years ago, I had bought myself a bullet bra. I had not worn it often but it made me look good. I laid that on the bed, together with a pair of panties and some special stockings. I was keeping to the black colouring which attracted him so much yesterday. I was planning to wear a tight blouse and shortish skirt. I looked at my extensive range of shoes. Although the special shoes cost a lot, I was fairly well-off and could afford to spend a lot on my shoes. Over the years, I had developed a good range in various styles. Some of the shoes had a cork buildup, mostly with a curving raise. Apart from keeping the weight of the shoe down, I think they looked far better and more feminine. Others had a metal raise with a couple of 15-centimetre steel tubes attached to the shoe and to a foot-plate at the bottom. Some even had high heels on the left shoe. This meant that my right heel was that much higher off the ground but I liked the look. One very special pair had stiletto heels and the left shoe even had a 5centimetre platform which meant that the raise at the heel of the other shoe was about 20 centimetres. Not a pair that I would wear when I was out but I decided that some time today I was going to wear them. For this morning, though, I decided to wear one of the pairs with a metal raise which I don't think Mark had seen before. Obviously the fact that I was handicapped didn't seem to bother Mark. I knew that from how he had behaved towards me before when he was with Gary. Always pleased to see me, careful around the house and cleaning up if he made a mess in fact, he taught Gary a thing or two about helping me when something needed to be done. Meanwhile, in Mark's house, the night had been a long one. I had not slept well thanks to all the excitement of the previous afternoon. Lena had really turned me on and I could hardly wait for lunch time. She had not said what we would do for the rest of the day but I wanted to take her to a really good restaurant in the evening. I just hoped that the mood of the previous day would continue and that Lena would not be having second thoughts about a flirtation with someone not much more than half her age. Finally, it was time for me to go to Lena's house. The door opened to reveal a smiling, happy Lena. She looked great!! She was wearing a cream-coloured blouse and a short skirt. What she was wearing underneath the blouse I could only guess but it certainly didn't hide those gorgeous breasts. I went inside and she gave me a big hug. She had already set out the meal on the table. There

was a ham salad to start with and some wine to wash it down. We then had one of her blackberry pies. Obviously, she remembered my love of blackberry pies from years ago. A fairly simple meal but it was most enjoyable and the company was great.We took our glasses of wine over to the sofa and the free and easy talk of the previous night continued. She slipped off her shoes and put her legs up on the sofa and across mine. Remembering how she reacted to me stroking her last night, I put my hands on her feet and caressed them gently though her nylons. She almost purred. After a few minutes, she reached out and drew my hands up to her thighs. As I stroked her there her, I realised for the first time just how much higher her right knee was. The thigh seemed to be only about half of the length of the left one. I caressed her upper legs, even to the point where I could feel the tops of her stockings and the studs of what I guessed was her garterbelt holding them up. We kept up this gentle caressing for quite a while and then Lena got up from the couch, put on her shoes and took off her dress. She stood in front of me wearing some gorgeous black underwear. I don't think I had ever seen anyone so lovely. She was wearing an old style bullet bra. I had read about them but had never previously seen one being worn. I had not realised that she had such large breasts and the bra made them stand out perfectly. Underneath her panties, she had a suspender belt was attached to her stockings. I had not seen stockings like them before. They had lacy black tops. Although she had such a difference in the length of her legs, they both looked very attractive, one being just a shorter version of the other. The fact that one knee was so much higher didn't spoil the picture. All the shortening appeared to be above the knee. And the shoes well, they were fantastic. Black, with about a seven centimetre heel, they set off her underwear beautifully. Underneath the right shoe was a metal framework which gave her right leg the length she needed. She saw the effect she had on me. "Mark, I am going to give you just a little reward for how great you've been. I know it may be a little late to be saying this but I don't want things to get too far, too soon. Keep on touching me and I will do something special for you. Encouraged, I stroked her breasts for some minutes and then moved slowly down her body. When I reached her thighs, I toyed with her stocking tops and then my hands reached down her nylons. She really reacted when I touched her short right thigh. There were some scars from an operation and she was very sensitive in that area. My hands reached down to her shoes and slid them off. More stroking, more reactions of pleasure.Then, kneeling in front of me with one leg partly extended, she opened up my trousers and reached for my bulging penis. "Golly, if I had known you were hiding this in your pants, I would have been after you well before now" she said. Obviously, she was very happy with the size. She stroked me gently with both hands and then .. heaven. She put her lips around

me. I was so excited that, to my regret, I climaxed very quickly but she kept my penis in her mouth for some time after that. I had had very little experience like this with the girls I had dated and the sensations I felt were far, far stronger than any I had previously known. Later, we had a shower together. Earlier, I had reserved a table at a restaurant about 8 kilometres away from Lena's home and we had plenty of time to reach there. We washed each other and explored each other's bodies. Some women who look great when they are dressed, don't look so good when they are nude. Lena certainly didn't fall into this group. We dressed each other. In a rather fumbling way, I hooked up Lena's bra and very carefully slid her stockings on her legs. She chose to wear a rather more conservative pair of shoes than the ones in which she had welcomed me earlier. They had just a modest heel and the right shoe was built up in a way that was far more attractive than others I had seen, curving upwards from the toe. Our evening was perfect. The weather was really pleasant in the early evening and we went for a walk together. Lena could handle the walking ok but needed to watch out when she was on a rough surface. She was afraid of twisting her ankle if she was not careful. With the ankle being so far off the ground, it would be quite nasty. We went into the restaurant. There was a really intimate atmosphere with candles being the main means of lighting. We were like young kids on a first date, holding hands under the table whilst we waited for the meal. I was completely infatuated with this lovely woman. After the meal, we returned to her home and it was not long before we ended up in bed. After undressing each other, we enjoyed the feel of the other's body. Lena loved having her legs stroked and I found the sensation of caressing those different length thighs really arousing. For the first time, we experienced the joy of intercourse. We made love several times during that wonderful night. When morning came, two very tired but very sated lovers had breakfast. I don't know what the future holds. Is it possible that something long-term will develop between us? To be continued.