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Complete the following

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. We use gold in manufacturing jewels . Mercury is a liquid metal while bromine is a liquid non-metal We use iron in manufacturing bridges. Poles of electric cells are made up of carbon All the materials you see in your environment are made up of elements The group of elements that have luster is known as metals Aluminum is a metal while Sulphur is a non-metal. metals have high melting and boiling points The substance that can't be decomposed into two substances or more is known as element Elements are classified into metals and non-metals The group of metals has luster while the group of non-metals doesn't have Graphite is a form of carbon and it is a good conductor of electricity Ductility of copper into wires is considered a physical change while iron rust is considered a chemical change. Melting of wax is a physical change while burning of wax is a chemical change. Burning of wood is considered a chemical change The sun is located in the center of the solar system and there are.............................. revolving around it in definite orbital. The earth is located between venus and mars mercury is the smallest plant while neptune is the farthest planet From the sun. Mars is known as redplanet while Neptune is the blue planet

Write the scientific term:

1. it is the simplest form of matter that can not be decomposed into two substances or more. ( element ) 2. A group of elements having luster - good conductors of electricity and heat- high melting point - malleable and ductile- all of them are solids except mercury (metals ) 3. A group of elements that doesn't have luster- bad conductors of heat and electricity except carbon - not malleable and ductile.(non metals ) 4. The simplest form of matter element 5. Elements have high melting and boiling point metals 6. A liquid metal mercury 7. Shining objects radiate heat and light and appears in the sky at night stars 8. Dark objects revolve around the sun in fixed orbits. planets 9. Dark object revolve around earth and reflect the sun rays falling on it the moon

Chose the correct answer:

1. From the elements that have luster................ ( Iron sulphur oxygen) 2. From the elements that conduct electricity................ ( bromine carbon oxygen) 3. The carbon is characterized with: ................ (Good conductor of heat - Good conductor of electricity - Malleable and ductile) 4. Which of the following is considered as a physical change? (Burning of fuel - melting of a candle - Iron rust ) 5.The change produced as a result of malleability of copper into wires is the same change produced from........... (Making bread - melting of wax - Burning of coal) 6 .Which of the following is considered as an element? (Carbon dioxide - Salty water- Oxygen ) 7 The number of the planets in the solar system is (6 - 8) revolves around (the moon - the sun) in definite orbits. 8 The nearest planet to the sun is (Jupiter - Mercury) and the farthest planet is (Uranus - Neptune) while the biggest planet is (Jupiter - Venus).

Write one use for the following:

1. 2. 3. 4. Gold and silver: making jewels Carbon : making Poles of electric cells Copper : making statues Iron: making doors and car frames

Question (2): Give reasons:

1. The sun is a star while the earth is a planet. Because the sun is a shiny body emit heat and light ,while the earth is a dark body revolve around the sun. 1. The stars seem very small in size. Because they are far away from us 2. The moon is dark body but we see it shining.

Because the moon reflects the sun light