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1) EMI, is a disturbance that effects an electrical circuit due to a) Electro magnetic conduction b) Electro magnetic radiation c) Neither electromagnetic conduction nor radiation. d) Either electro magnetic conduction or radiation. 2) EMI disturbance may ______ circuit .The performance of a) Interrupt b) Obstruct c) Degrade d) All the above. 3) EMI also called RFI because a) EMI also occur in RF range. b) Frequency of E.M. is in the order of R.F. only c) All EMI are occur in RF only d) All the above. 4) Characteristic of source of EMI are a) Carries rapidly changing E.M. fields b) Carries rapidly changing electrical currents c) Carries constantly changing electrical currents d) None of the above. 5) Radio jamming is the application of a) EMI b) EMC c) Both a&b. d) None of the above 6) EMI was categorised into (based on source type & including sub categories) a) 2 b) 3 c) 5 d) None of the above. 7) Which of the EMI was arise from intentional transmission a) Radiated b) c) d) Conducted 8) Thermostats cause a) Radiated EMI b) EMI c) EMI d) Conducted EMI

9) Physical conducted EMI opposed a) Radiated EMI b) EMI c) EMI d) Conducted EMI 10) CISPR means a) Comity Information Special des Perturbations Radio electric. b) Comity Information Special des Problem Radio electric. c) Comity Intentional Special des Perturbations Radio electric. d) Comity International Special des Perturbations Radio electric. 11) Based Noise, generated by EMI categorised into (including all sub groups) a) 5 b) 2 c) 6 d) 7 12) Galactic Noise is categorized under a) Solar noise b) EMI noise c) Natural noise d) Celestial noise 13) The goal of EMC is a) Correct the E.M. environment b) Correct the E.M. Interference c) Correct the E.M. interference & environment d) All the above. 14) External environment is disturbed by a) Emission EMC b) Radiated EMI c) Celestial EMI d) All the above. 15) Which referse correct operation of electrical equipment a) Immunity EMC b) Emission EMC c) susceptibility/Immunity EMC d) susceptibility/emission EMC 16) CISPR 11 works on______ type of EMI. a) Industrial, scientific & medical equipments b) Radio frequency devices c) Home appliances d) All the above

17) Information Technology equipments EMI studied under a) CISPR 15. b) CISPR 22. c) FCC port 18 d) FCC port 15 18) FCC related to a) Force compatibility comity b) Federal communication compatibility. c) Federal communication comity d) Federal communication commission. 19) Limits of harmonic current emission is a) >16A per phase b) >16A total phase c) <16A per phase d) <16A total phase 20) IEC 61000-4-5 studies a) EM field immunity test b) Burst immunity test c) Electrostatic discharge immunity test d) Surge immunity test 21) Radiation emission RE 101, lies in the range of a) 40 KHz -40 GHz b) 30 Hz 100 KHz c) 2 MHz 100 MHz d) 30 Hz 5 KHz 22) Conducted emission CE 101, sets as a) 60dB V b) 100 dB A c) 94 dB A d) 60 dB A 23) Air force ground applications use which category of immunity to radiated emissions a) RE 102 b) RE 103 c) RS 101 d) RS 103 24) RS 101, CE 101 is under application for a) Army & navy aircraft applications b) Army aircraft &navy applications c) Boats aircraft applications d) None of the above.

25) CISPR 7, 7B, CISPR-8B, CISPA-10 a) Performance limits of EMC b) Measurement procedures of EMI/EMC c) General purpose EMI/EMC d) General purpose EMI 26) Coupling are devided into a) 5 types b) 3 types c) 2 types d) 4 types 27) Source & reciver are separated by______ distance in inductive coupling a) < wave length b)> wave length c) < one compression d)> one compression 28) In Transmitter-to-Transmitter EMI coupling, Source & Transmitter falls under a) b) Pass band c) d) All the above 29) Common impedance coupling mode also called a) Common-mode & Multipoint grounding coupling b) Multipoint grounding coupling c) Common-mode coupling d) Impedance coupling 30) Interfering voltage is developed at victim in______ coupling a) T to T coupling b) Common mode coupling c) power-line coupling d) Differential mode coupling

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