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Check to see if your IP addresses are listed with 80 DNS based anti-spam databases! Will your mail server be blocked by DNSbl filters? Just because the IP is listed with a particular blacklist does not mean that you are sending spam, just that particular blacklist suggests not to accept mail from a mail server running at that IP address. Most residential Cable/DSL IP addresses that are dynamically assigned will indicate that they are blacklisted, meaning you should be sending from your ISP's mail server, not a mail server running on your own internet connection. Check Blacklists

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The following blacklists are offline and should not be used by any systems.



Blacklist Check

If you have questions or would like to discuss DNS based blacklists please visit the DNS based Blacklists Forum. does not run, manage, or have any direct relationship with any blacklist. We provide a single location to check the status of an IP address on 3rd party blacklists. does not recommend the usage of any specific blacklist and does not condone blacklists that require payment for removal. Our inclusion of such blacklists are for the purposes of completeness and should not be considered support of that blacklist's usage.

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