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SAP Resume Preparation Tips

SAP Resume Preparation Tips

Resume preparation is not rocket science. With enough information and some sample resumes, you can definitely create a wonderful resume. This article describes a few tips on SAP Resume preparation and some DOs and DONTs.

1. Your Domain Experience Counts : For functional folks, if you do not have tons of IT experience in the module, you dont need to sweat it. Domain expertise counts a lot. For example, if you are applying for an SAP SD or CRM functional job, typically 6 to 7 years of IT functional experience in is mandatory. However, you can easily slip in a couple of years of actual domain experience say as a Sales Manager or a Marketing Manager. This is especially useful for folks who come from industry background with domain expertise but who are just getting trained in the actual module itself. 2. Focus on Problems Solved : Actually this is true for any kind of resume . Specifically more so for SAP for resumes. Try to focus on how you resolved a particular functional issue. For example, an SAP FICO resume could say Configured dummy company codes to deal with Special Logistics Processes as opposed to just saying Configured company code, credit control area.. etc . The interviewer will then ask you, what kind of special logistics process did you deal with. You can explain more on the actual business problem and your solution. 3. Focus on your most recent project : Most interviews do not go beyond the past 2 or 3 projects. So focus 50% on your current project , 30% on your second project and 10% on the third project. Dont bother too much beyond that.In rare situations they go beyond the third project , but only when the interviewer does not understand your first 2 pages. 4. Restrict your resume to 3 or 4 pages : Some people have the habit of expanding their resume beyond 5 or 6 pages. This is totally unnecessary. Interviewers do not have time to read so many pages. Each interview ( atleast contracting jobs ) do not last for more than 30- 45 minutes. And the focus as discussed before will be on the first 2 pages. 5. List Logos of your clients if they are well-recognized. For example, if you have worked with Johnson & Johnson or Google 8 years ago, try to atleast put a logo of these clients in the first page with the heading Major Clients worked with. This will add a professional touch. 6. Use Most-Searched Keywords : Recruiters try to only pick resumes that match the keywords in the requirements. For example, if a recruiter is looking for resumes that contain keywords Campaign Management in SAP CRM Resumes, and if you have worked on CRM campaign

management, try to list the keyword in the resume. Do not just say worked in campaigns. The better the match the better the match of the resume being picked up by the recruiter. However, try not to stuff the resume with all possible keywords. 7. Maintain Multiple Resumes : Yes This might sound very strange, but its true. Candidates with multiple resumes stand a better chance of getting an interview call than someone with a single resume. But you will have to do a fine balancing act here. Over-do it and you will be penalized as a fake. The primary reason why you need to maintain multiple versions is to ensure that you are covering potentially complementary areas if you are really qualified. For example, if you are an SAP Basis, Security, GRC/Virsa consultant, you can maintain 2 resumes one focusing on your general Basis/Netweaver/Security skills and another focusing on Basis and GRC skills in more detail. 8. Avoid Grammatical and Spelling Mistakes : It looks highly unprofessional to have grammatical or spelling mistakes in your resume. Not everybody is very good in English Find a good friend and ask him/her to review it or get professional resume preparation help. Either way, dont let a bad resume go out. 9. Eliminate Not-So-Necessary details : These days recruiters/employers do NOT look at your other interests. Please avoid listing your hobbies that are not related to your area of work. For example, if you are looking for a job in SAP, you can list your language proficiency in German or list your proficiency in Spanish or Japanese Sometimes recruiters look out for functional consultants with specific language skills. However, please do not list your skills in Kite flying or classical music.

Sample SAP SD Resume 1

CURRICULUM VIATE NAME: M.Livin Kumar Contact Number: 9912813497 Summary: Over 3.11 years of experience in implementation & Support of SAP R/3 SD techno functional consultant.

SD Functional Expertise: Configuration expertise in the areas of Order Management, Shipping, Billing, Pricing, Output determination, transfer of requirements, Availability check, Credit Management, Rebate Processing, Batch Management, Inter Company Business Process, Returns Processing, Procurement, Inventory , MRP.
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Hands on Vistex expertise (transactional/composite) for charge backs, bill backs, sales incentives, customer rebates. Excellent expertise in pricing including condition technique, data determination, VOFM routines, Pricing IDOCS (COND_A). Hands on expertise in IS retail , auto systems. Configuration of sales deals, pricing master data management, price uploads, LSMW for pricing upload. Experience in variant configuration, MTO order processing, split valuation, batch management. Experience in the configuration of basic functions including partner determination, output determination, text determination, account determination, material substitution, and free goods determination. Extensive experience in Cross-Module integration of SD with MM, PP, CS, FI and CO-PA. Expertise in the configuration of O2C (Order to Cash) and P2P (Procure to Pay) . Experience in the configuration of stock transfer order, inter company stock transfer orders.

Professional Experience: Company 1:

Description of the company Duration:

Role : Collection of the requirements, creation of blue print, functional design documents. Configuration of new equipment (MTO), used equipment, Distributed equipment order flows. Configuration of the parts order, cash sale orders flows. Configuration of the fixed price service order, time and money service order, warranty service order. Configuration of creation of the release procedure to enable service order creation from a sales order. Configuration of pricing including pricing procedure, condition types, group conditions. Configuration of the alternative plant manufacturing using special procurement key. Configuration of the resource related billing, including DIP profiles from flat price billing and time and money billing. Creation of an enhancement to copy all the long texts into debit memo request, such that debit memo printout will have the long texts. Creation of an enhancement to copy operation work center to sales order line item, so that work center will be used in the pricing determination. Creation of an enhancement to add new field to service order reports. Configuration of the work technical objects including functional location, equipment. Creation of custom fields on the equipment master. Configuration of the pricing procedures, VOFM routines, condition types, access sequences. Writing the user exits to create a new source for resource related billing document. Configuration of order types, item categories, schedule line categories, billing types. Configuration of the milestone periodic and cumulative billing. Variant configuration for the axle. Writing the test scripts, conduction the UAT. Production support. Company 2: Description of the company Duration: Role : Collection of the requirements, creation of blue print, functional design documents. Configuration of customer master, material master, sales organization structure. Configuration of the maintenance plants for service processing. Configuration of the service notifications, service orders.

Configuration of the release procedure. Configuration of the pricing including condition types, access sequences, condition tables, condition records maintenance. Configuration of the sales order types, deliveries, invoices. Configuration of the resource related billing, DIP profile, debit memo requests, debit memos. Configuration of the account determination. Configuration of service task lists, creation of the LSMW to load the service task lists including long texts. Configuration of EDI/ALE, IDOC to receive and transfer the service orders. Writing the user exits required for the EDI processing. Configuration of ATP, transfer of requirements for service order. Configuration of pricing including pricing procedure, condition types, group conditions. Writing the VOFM routines including pricing requirements, group condition routine, alternative calculation procedure, output condition routines. Writing the user exits to assign the custom number to sales order. Configuration of service order, equipment screens. Creation of the custom program to load the labor hours from source time. Configuration of order types, item categories, schedule line categories, billing types. Writing the test scripts, conduction the UAT. Production support.

For more details, visit us at SAP Training and SAP Access

Company 3: Description of the company: Duration: Role : Collecting requirements from users, creation of blue print. Prepared a detailed document of AS-IS study and developed the detailed TO-BE processes to suit the companys operations. Did the gap analysis of the requirements. Configuration of service notifications, service orders. Configured credit memo requests, credit memos, debit memo requests, debit memos to handle the

complaints of the customer regarding the core charges. Configured pricing procedures for return orders and credit/debit memos. Configuration of loner item replacement procedure using release procedure, return order, return goods receipt, goods issue. Configured pricing exclusion, condition supplements. Configured TAX calculation for USA and Canada using VERTEX. Added new fields to the pricing structures (KOMP,KOMK) , field catalogue, and changed the required user exits to calculate the core price based on the custom fields added to the customer master and material master. Created VOFM routines to extract the core base price from eligibility tables. Configuration of account determination to integrate SD, CS and FI. Configuration of number ranges for service orders, confirmations. Creation of a user exit to prevent service order release when the customer is on credit hold. Configuration of credit check for service orders. Configuration of partner determination for service orders, equipments. Configuration of service contracts. Created order entry checks at sales order entry using the user exits. Configured interfaces to suppliers including Purchase order notification (EDI 850 out bound), EDI 856 (Advance shipment notification inbound), EDI 810 (Vendor invoice inbound). This configuration includes extension of existing IDOCS, creation of partner profiles, creation of new status codes, mapping of EDI data. Addition of cores related fields to sales order header and row. Created functional and mapping documents to integrate the SAP and FCRC FOXPRO system. Configured pricing schemas, account determination for core vendor return orders. Created VOFM pricing requirements, Pricing formulas and output control requirements. Configured custom ATP (available to promise) to perform the availability check based on the plants assigned to the customer in a custom table using user exits. Configured TOR (transfer of requirements) to pass the requirements to MRP. Configured partner determination to add a new partner to ship-to-party customer. Configured vendor return order, return delivery and vendor credit memo. Creation of new pricing schema, condition types, access sequence. Configuration of incompletion log procedure for various order types. Configuration of basic third party returns (SAP does not support third party returns). Creation of new material types for valuation only materials. Creation of new valuation classes and configuration of automatic account determination for the new valuation classes. EDI 850 outbound/inbound interface creation. Creation of the core invoice associated with the core invoice using output determination and BAPI. Creation of open core eligibility report.

Configuration of gross margin rebate, filter rebate to the dealer. Configuration of supplier rebate on the supplier side. Created the required master data configuration for the newly created plants including the storage types, storage sections and storage bins. Configured Batch management. Configured special movement indicator. Whenever this indicator is used goods will be moved into a fixed bin. Training to the super users. Company 4: Description of the company: Duration: Role : Baseline configuration of SD (Sales org, division, distribution channel) and MM (Purchasing Organizations, Plants, Storage Locations, Purchasing Groups). Configuration of inter company stock transfer and intercompany sales process. Configuration of ERS (evaluated receipt settlement) based on the goods receipt for inter company stock transfers. Configured customer master, material master, vendor master based on the organizational structure. Configuration of technical objects, service orders. Configuration of confirmation screens. Configured output determination for invoice printing, sales order confirmation, and delivery note. Configured availability check (ATP) and transfer of requirements (TOR). Configured credit management including credit control area, credit groups. Configured consignment process for the stock which is located at customer location. Configured Batch Management. Configured variant configuration. Preparation of test cases and user documentation. Training to the users. Post production support. Company 5: Description of the company: Duration:

Role : Configuration of the Master Data: Material Master, Customer Master (partner functions), Info Configured of Master Data like Material Master and Vendor master. Configured MM Pricing Procedure. Release Strategy Configured Purchasing documents requisition/source of supply quotas/ RFQ/ quotation entry and analysis/ PO/ automatic, vendor known/unknown, confirmations. Configured the Inventory management of goods at the points of receipt and issue for all stock categories and special stocks viz. consignment, third party, and sub-contracting. Configured Master Data in SD Module Customer Master Record, Customer Material Information Record Configured Sales Documents Basic Sales Order Cycles, Sales Document Types, Special Sales Document Types (Rush Order, Free-of-Charge), Item Categories, Schedule Line Categories, Copy Control for Sales Documents. Configured Deliveries Configuration EDI 850(inbound/outbound). Extension of IDOC. Availability Check, Schedule Line Category, Delivery Item Category, Delivery Document Types, Returnable Packaging, Picking and Interfacing with Warehouse Management Configured Invoice and Billing Process Billing Document Type, Account Assignment / Pricing Data. Configured Basic Functions like Pricing Procedure, Account Assignment, Partner Determination, Text Determination Output Determination, Credit Management. Configured Intercompany Sales and Business Processing Processing an Inter Company Sale, Inter Company Stock Transfer Orders. Involved in interfacing and integration of MM & SD with PP and FI/CO modules. Involved in End user training.

Sample SAP Resume SAP SD Training Batch, Feb 2011


Many SAP Training students have been asking us for sample SAP SD Resumes and we have compiled some resumes of our previously successful students and are making them available for all SAP SD Training students. This is a beginners resume suitable for an experience of less than 3 to 4 years. John Smith Ph: 503-336-1755 email :

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Professional Summary : 2 Full Life-cycle implementations in SAP Sales & Distribution Ability to work in Global Delivery Teams spread across geographies and timezones. Strong sense of project/task ownership and commitment to client satisfaction. Ability to work under time-sensitive and rapidly changing requirement lifecycle. Strong experience in Order to Cash cycle including custom OTC Process Flows. Domain knowledge in multiple industries like bio-tech, high-tech and heavy industries. Good understanding of base configuration, user exits, custom reports Experienced in working under strict SLA conditions for production support projects and hands-on with help-desk, ticket-management tools. Thorough understanding of the SAP Project lifecycle ( ASAP ) including go-live support and on the spot issue resolution. Ability to smoothly interact with end-users for effective requirement gathering, UAT cycles, sign-offs, production support, scope resolution etc. Ability to work in multi-project environments and optimally achieve goals set forward by PMO. Certifications : SAP SD Certified Trainings : SCM600 Sales Processes SCM601 SAP Delivery Processes SCM620 SAP Pricing Awards : Employee of the Month Accenture ( June 2010 ) Client Satisfaction Awards Johnson & Johnson ( August 2008 )

Stand-up Awards TCS ( July 2009 ) SAP SD Lead Role EnvironmentECC 6.0 Johson & Johnson, New Jersey Client June 2009 till date Period
Company Profile: Johnson and Johnson is a leading consumer care brand specializing in baby-care. Roles & Responsibilities :

1. Participate in the initial requirements workshop and document the blueprint for playback and sign-off Process 2. Co-ordinate with off-shore team in India and China for implementing the Functional specifications and technical objects. 3. Co-ordinate with the off-shore PM, tech lead on hot-button issues and track the due-items to completion with proper followup

4. Co-ordinate power user escalations with senior management by providing timely resolution steps to mitigate project risk. 5. Configure new document types and process flows to accommodate evaluation orders, sample orders, contracts and

6. Write specifications for custom objects required for pricing requirements, user exits. 7. Hand-hold ABAPers through the technical specification, explanation of the business scenario and use cases and provide
data for unit testing.

8. 247 go-live support SAP SD Functional Consultant Role EnvironmentR/3 4.7 AppliedBiosystems, San Francisco Client June 2008 May 2009 Period Company Profile: Applied Biosystems ( now Life Technologies ) is a world leader in providing DNA and RNA testing equipment to Universities and government institutions. Roles & Responsibilities : 1. Create AS-IS documentation, blueprinting, handle scope-creep and co-ordinate scope-resolution with user-community, tech lead and PMO 2. Participate in weekly project support-reviews, SLA status reviews, handle user escalations and provide alternate business process with minimal system impact. 3. Configured copy controls, copying requirements, custom data transfer routine objects. 4. Configured multiple pricing condition types, condition tables, access sequences, pricing procedures, customer and document pricing procedures. 5. Customize existing text determination procedures to accomodate changes required in master data texts and order confirmation forms, ASNs and use of custom text objects. 6. Configured material listing and exclusion for certain government customers to not list non-GSA materials. 7. Customized the existing Credit Management procedure to vary dynamic credit horizon, customer risk groups and credit risk groups to accustom different business processes. 8. Debug critical production support issues and resolve them in a timely manner acceptable for endusers. 9. Maintenance, enhancements, production support 24 x 7 10. Co-ordinate with ABAP development team in India for all custom ABAP objects

SAP SD Functional Consultant Role EnvironmentECC 5.0 Network Solutions, San Francisco Client Jan 2007 May 2008 Period Company Profile: Network Solutions is a premier storage solutions provider specialized in SAN and NAS equipment for IT infrastructure and VARs. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Roles & Responsibilities : Full lifecycle project including Blueprinting, functional specifications, go-live and post go-live support Participated in blueprint gathering workshops, define project scope in-line with the original project charter, scop-creep resolution and final blueprint sign-off. Plan and co-ordinate offshore and onsite ABAP consultants to develop 18 major ABAP objects and tested them. Configured Service Contracts, consignments, scheduling agreements and other custom order types. Developed specifications and successfully tested various ordering interfaces from web ordering systems to standard SAP via BAPIs Developed specifications for User exits, requirements, alternate calculation types, data transfer routines etc. Write end user BPPs (User Documentation) for various business processes in Network solutions in accordance to the solutions created in SD for the same. Configured and migrated master data from legacy system to SAP via LSMW. Participated in the customer-master and transactional data cutover activities before go-live Co-ordinated go-live activities and post-golive production support. You can also view other resumes like SAP CRM Resumes, SAP BW Resumes, SAP BI Resumes, SAP HR Resumes by visiting their respective training pages like SAP CRM Training, SAP HR Training, SAP BW Training etc. Please feel free to let us know your thoughts on the same based on the detailed discussion we had in the class today.
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giri November 7, 2012 at 9:39 am #

I want to write certification exam in sd ,what is the process i am residence of india



siva002 March 13, 2011 at 6:38 pm #

If you have some sales domain experience in a conventional industry, please do not forge to put it in the resume. It adds significant weight to the resume ( both in terms of number of years and domain experience credibility ) IF you can really back it up of course. Trainer

SAP SD Sample Job Requirements Jan 2011 Online SAP Training batch

This is another sample SAP SD job requirement that we discussed in todays SAP Training class. As usual, this is meant for our online SAP SD Training students. Title : Senior SAP Techno-Functional Consultant Onshore/Offshore Role - Work as Senior Techno-functional consultant in Medical Business Transformation work-stream. - Work on understanding and mapping the current legacy landscape with the ECC 6.0 Landscape. -Understand data flow from current legacy application to SAP 4.6C and map it to To Be ECC. -Write Interface Design documents, Functional Specifications and Technical Specifications. - Work with client managers, SMEs and business contacts to understand the applications and high level requirements. Skill-Set - Good hands-on experience in ECC 6.0 from functional perspective with good technical understanding OR Good hands-On experience in ECC 6.0 from technical perspective with good functional understanding o Overall experience of 5+ years (7+ years for Lead) Should have worked on development projects (Implementation/Upgrade) in complex Excellent communication, analytical and Team skills

environment. Good leadership skills required for the lead. Immediate interview and start Here is another sample SAP SD Job Requirement.
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Sample SAP SD Requirements SAP Training Jan 2011 Batch


Here is a how typically requirements in SAP SD look like. You might get them in e-mails or see the job description like so. This requirement will be analyzed as part of the SAP SD Training class. City : Oklahoma City

Duration : 3 + Months Rates : DOE

Start Date : ASAP Require Resumes today for immediate interviews and immediate start. Client is confidential until the final interview set-up. Requirements : 1. Strong in EDI skills ( Particularly EDI 850,855,856,950 ) 2. At least 5+ years of OTC experience 3. Strong SD configuration skills; focused on sales (contracts, scheduling agreements, sales orders, pricing, and billing) 4. Significant experience with defining enhancements for Contracts and Scheduling agreements 5. Experience with ECC 6.0 and strong business process knowledge 6. Communication skills: strong presentation/ communication / facilitation skills (oral and written) Local Candidates Preferred.