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com presents ----------------------------Dawn of War: SoulStorm Trainer ============================== March 14, 2008 This is for the orignal retail game! This trainer is provided to test the compatibility of our FULL trainer on your system. Two optiond are active and it works fine on your system, all options from our full trainer should also work with no problems. DOWNLOAD THE FULL VERSION OF THIS TRAINER AT WWW.CHEATHAPPENS.COM.

Using this Trainer -----------------Launch Trainer. Launch Game. Press F1 at main menuListen for "Trainer Activated."

Options Working In Promo -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Numpad 1 : Allow FOW Numpad 4 : No Population Cap Options Not Working In Promo -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Numpad 2 : Unlimited Resources Numpad 3 : Unlimited Power Numpad 5 : Special Unit Powers Numpad 6 : Instant Units/Upgrades Numpad 7 : Unit Refills Numpad 8 : Instant Buildings F1 : Invincible Unit On F2 : Invincible Unit Off F3 : Soul Replenish F4 : Soul Drain Numpad 9 : Planetary Requisition Numpad . : Complete WarGear Numpad + : Steal Technology Numpad 0 : Enemy Mind Control Numpad / : Morale Manipulation Numpad * : Rapid Special Abilities

Notes-=-=-=Numpad 1- Activate Menu for Fog Of War option. You can then Press the FOW button and then

it's best to deactivate this for the remainder of the match. Numpad 2- Make Requisition Unlimited Numpad 3- Make Power Unlimited Numpad 4- Remove Unit Cap Numpad 5 : Special Unit Powers - Gives unlimited Soul Essence, Orc Waaaghh, and Sister's Faith. Numpad 6- Activate Instant Creation of Troops Numpad 7- Activate Instant Refill of Squad Spaces for Troops that have fallen. Numpad 8- Activate Instant Build of Buildings. VERY IMPORTANT: It is necessary to click twice on the space where the building is being built to make it build instantly, however you must wait until the builder has already begun building th e structure. If the unit is far away from the build site, you must wait until t he unit is at the site and building before the second click. This is the only w ay I could make it where the enemy doesn't get the same benefits. Also, if you double click before the builder is at the building site, the building may not co mplete and you will have to destroy it. Numpad 9 : Planetary Requisition - Gives you unlimited Planetary Requisition for the Campaign mode. Numpad . : Complete WarGear - you must have at least 1 WarGear Point. Access th e WarGear screen and then press this option and you will be able to select all W arGear options. Numpad + : Steal Technology - Press this button to cycle through all the known D awn of War factions technologies when you are building. Create an army that is a mixture of many races and technologies! Numpad 0 : Enemy Mind Control - Selected Unit will be under your control when yo u have this option activated. Numpad / : Morale Manipulation - Press once and you will increase the moral of the unit selected. Press again and you will degrade the morale of the unit sele cted. Press again to turn it off. Numpad * : Rapid Special Abilities - While this option is activated you will not ice that the rapid special abilities recharge more quickly. Options F1-F4- These work on buildings and troops, both friendly and enemy! Sel ect the troop or units (you must select by clicking on the structure on unit wit h the mouse) and then press the associated key. You cannot select units by drag ging a box around them for this to work, you must select each unit/squad/buildin g to apply these options to. F1 and F2 toggle the invincibility of the unit. F 3 will instantly heal the unit and F4 will instantly drain the unit of life. Having trouble getting the trainer to work? Visit our forums at www.cheathappens .com and check out our TRAINER TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE for helpful tips: ==============================

If you want more trainers or mega trainer versions, when available, with more options then visit us at WWW.CHEATHAPPENS.COM Created by Caliber for CheatHappens. -=CaliberWerkz 2008=-