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or studonts anxiously soarohing or a sub|oot or a PhD

thosis, thoro is ono would liko to suggost: Why doos
ndia produoo tho bost ooonomists and yot mako suoh a
hash o its ooonomy?
Tho quostion oamo to mind in tho atormath o Chio
Eoonomio Advisor Paghuram Pa|an's astonishing romark
that tho Pupoo was not in a shamblos and that tho
Govornmont had onough instrumonts in hand to rotriovo
tho situation. This samo argumont was ropoatod by tho
Finanoo Ministor tho vory noxt day.
Now, Pa|an is an ooonomist with an awosomo
intornational roputation and should, idoally, know what ho
is talking about. Yot, and maybo booauso wo aro all
oollootivoly ignorant, why isn't ndia roassurod that tho
stoop slido in tho intornational valuo o tho ndian Pupoo
is a minor hiooup that a glass o wator will sot right? Why
do Pa|an's words o oomort sound oorily liko a
suggostion that tho Govornmont allowod tho wanton
ooologioal dogradation o hill Statos liko Uttarakhand
booauso it know that tho oountry had an onviablo rooord
o disastor managomont?
Arguably, Pa|an shouldn't havo boon ooorood by his
omployors into making tho statomont. Finanoo Ministor P
Chidambaram, who spont a ortnight or so ovorsoas
trying to talk up tho ndian ooonomy, should havo boon
tho only ono to answor quostions about tho bottom alling
o tho Pupoo, tho ohoppinoss o tho stook markots and
tho latost omploymont iguros that suggost ndia is a land
o shrinking opportunitios.
Howovor, wo know that whon it oomos to aoing up to
harsh roalitios, politioians lovo to bo as ovasivo as
possiblo. Pa|an, it would soom, is on tho ousp o
boooming tho latost all
guy, |ust as his oqually
prodooossor Kaushik
Basu was in tho
atormath o Pranab
Mukhor|oo's inal Budgot.
That ndia is tootoring
on tho brink o an
ooonomio orisis whioh, i
a ormor Chio Eoonomio
Advisor is to bo boliovod,
oould woll rosomblo tho
isoal oarthquako o
1990-91, is somothing that oan no longor bo orodibly
oontostod. From tho ourront aooount doioit to tho loss o
invostor oonidonoo, ndia's ooonomio porormanoo
sooms invorsoly linkod to tho standing o tho national
oriokot toam in tho Champion's Trophy tournamont boing
playod in England and Walos. For too long tho
Govornmont has boon living boyond its moans, making
businossos unoompotitivo, shrinking opportunitios and,
yot, protonding as tho Primo Ministor apparontly doos
that tho ouro lios in an intonsivo oight-wook
ronioally, wo hoard tho samo story about tho magioal
ooots o Govornmont purposoulnoss whon Pulok
Chattor|oo was appointod Prinoipal Soorotary in tho Primo
Ministor's Oioo and whon Chidambaram was roinstallod
as Finanoo Ministor.
nitially, tho invosting olassos ovon boliovod tho yarn
and tho Sonsox roso and lots o pooplo mado good
monoy on spooulation. Thoro was also somo hopo whon
tho Finanoo Ministor also announood that tho Govornmont
was on oourso to moot tho isoal doioit roduotion
targot. Now, onoo again hopo is on tho vorgo o
ovaporating again.
What will transorm oonoorn into a stato o absoluto
panio is any oonirmation that tho UPA is going to pross
ahoad with its plan to onaot tho Food Soourity Bill. Tho
rights and wrongs o ontrusting a loaky and inopt body
suoh as tho publio sootor Food Corporation o ndia
to ovorsoo tho distribution o ridioulously subsidisod
ood grain to somo 70 por oont o tho population is o
somo oonoorn.
What oonstitutos a groator worry is tho aot that this
piooo o ubor wolarism will imposo suoh a burdon on tho
oxohoquor that it may bo a gonoration or two booro
ndia rogains its isoal oomposuro. By thon tho Lady
Bountiul will bo history, tho groat Amartya Son antiquity
and tho boautiul pooplo in tho National Advisory
Counoil, ootnotos.
n tho 1950s and 1960s, tho likos o PC Mahalanobis
wont out o thoir way to kill ndian ontropronourship. Tho
Planning Commissions undor Jawaharlal Nohru and
ndira Gandhi oripplod ndia but thon thoy woro 'groat
ooonomists' who had tho oourago o thoir own
For ton yoars, tho UPA systomatioally damponod tho
spirit o ontorpriso that had bogun to lowor as a
oonsoquonoo o tho dismantling o tho lioonoo-pormit-
quota ra| to tho point whoro looal ontropronours now ind it
moro worthwhilo to invost ovorsoas than at homo. Now, or
tho sako o winning an olootion, it is on tho vorgo o
unloashing a populist sohomo that will dovastato ndia,
kill initiativo and promoto dishonosty.
t was tho East ndia Company's privato trado that
mado oorruption a way o lio in both ndia and Britain.
Tho ill-oonooivod Food Soourity Bill will havo oxaotly tho
samo ooot: it will bankrupt tho oxohoquor, kill tho dosiro
or sol-improvomont and onshrino oorruption. But who
oaros about tho uturo whon tho roal ob|ootivo is to
somohow win (or at loast dony somoono olso a viotory)
in tho gonoral olootion?
Aotually, tho uturo o ndia hingos on tho outoomo o
tho gonoral olootion. short-torm populism provails, ndia
may woll turn out to bo a groat plaoo to got out o. At loast
that will booomo tho most viablo option or thoso who aro
impationt to got ahoad and bottor tho lio thoir paronts
and thoir grandparonts oxporionood.
For tho ontronohod olito, howovor, what will mattor is
whothor thoy oan rotain thoir olout and thoir spooial
privilogos. Thoy woro, ator all, born to rulo and what has
tho stato o tho oountry got to do with olinging on to tho
divino right to party abroad. Who oaros i tho ooonomy
mirrors tho ground roalitios o Uttarakhand?
Populist politios
dovastating ndia
ill-conceived Food
Security Bill will
bankrupt the
exchequer, kill
the desire for
self-improvement &
enshrine corruption
he last 24 hours have seen cops in Bhubaneswar
and Mumbai claiming to have cracked two
spine-chilling cases sharing an uncanny similari-
ty housewives hacked
to pieces. In both the
cases, one committed a
fortnight back and the
other some four months
ago, its their husbands
who are alleged to be the
main accused. Inci-
dentally, the husbands in
both the cases are yet to
confess to their crime fol-
lowing their arrest on
Saturday. A retired Army
doctor from Odisha was arrested on suspicion of
chopping his wife into small pieces (some say 300)
and disposing them of over the past few days.
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13-year-old Bihar boy, Satyam Kumar,
cleared the Indian Institute of Technology-
Joint Entrance Examination (IIT-JEE), securing
679th position, thus becoming the youngest stu-
dent to crack the IIT-JEE.
At least 1,50,000 candidates sat for the exam-
ination this year. Speaking from his native vil-
lage, Akhaurapur, in Bhojpur district of Bihar,
Satyam Kumar told The Pioneer that he wants
to study Computer Science at one of the IITs and
is expecting to get admission to either IIT
Kharagpur or IIT Kanpur.
He passed Class XII in 2012 and subse-
quently appeared in the IIT JEE but secured
8,137th position. He wanted to improve his rank
and therefore re-appeared in the examination
this year. His uncle, Ram Pukar Singh who
stayed with Satyam Kumar during his studies
at Kota in Rajasthan, said that the entire fami-
ly is proud of him as he achieved such a great
feat at such a young age.
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hEw 0ELh/ 0hAZABA0
acing against time before
the forecast for weather
conditions deteriorating again
from Monday turned true, the
Army and IAF on Saturday
carried out unprecedented
rescue and relief operations to
reach out to those stranded in
calamity-struck Uttarakhand.
Nearly 30,000 people are
still stranded even as the
possibility of the death toll
crossing the 1,000-mark was
not ruled out. Officially,
the death toll stood at 680
on Saturday.
If the Army succeeded in
evacuating and rescuing large
number of people from differ-
ent areas of the flood-ravaged
State, then the IAF achieved a
major breakthrough by
transporting more than 8,000
litres of aviation fuel in MI-26
helicopters and C-130 J trans-
port plane to Dharasu to
sustain round-the-clock
helicopter operations.
The next couple of days
will hold the key to the rescue
operations as the supply of avi-
ation fuel will lead to a mani-
fold increase in sorties. Already,
rains on Saturday hampered
operations to an extent.
The Army evacuated all
the 500 people stranded in and
around Gangotri; 350 of the
1,000 people stranded in Jungle
Chatti between Gauri Kund
and Ram Bara on the Kedarnath
axis and all 45 schoolchildren
stranded on the Pindari Glacier
in Bageshwar district.
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8MI 80F8 6I88I IIMF
|p+l |i|+||
luu|, |ul| pil|i|
Fh8 Q hEw 0ELh
ven at times of crisis, polit-
ical considerations contin-
ue to dominate the Centres
mindspace. Just hours before
Gujarat Chief Minister and
BJPs newly-appointed cam-
paign committee chief
Narendra Modi was to under-
take an aerial survey of flood-
hit areas of Uttarakhand, Union
Home Minister Sushilkumar
Shinde went ahead announcing
that no VVIPs, including Chief
Ministers and Union Ministers,
would be allowed to visit the
flood-affected areas by chop-
per, as it was hampering the
relief and rescue operations.
However, Modi ignored
Shindes denial of permission
and undertook his aerial survey
of the catastrophe-hit areas.
Soon after, he tweeted,
Undertook aerial survey of
parts of Uttarakhand. There is
a need of food, medicines and
rescuing those who are strand-
ed there. I went to Devprayag,
Tehri Dam, Badrinath, Rudra-
prayag, Karnaprayag, Chamoli,
Gopeshwar, Gaurikund, Kedar
Ghati, Joshimath, Agastmuni,
Apart from Shinde, senior
Congress leader Digvijay Singh
too criticised Modis plan to
conduct aerial surveys across
the affected areas. At this time,
we must help and evacuate
people in the affected areas. This
is no time to play politics. This
is no time to project oneself,
Singh said, adding the Modi
does not need to visit Uttara-
khand to help people there.
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l|Ji+| A||] ulJi| |lp ||+|JJ pil|i| li|| + |p |uu||+i|iJ i| u1i|J|+| u| S+|u|J+] AP
8hII kMk Q 0uFTKASh
t a time when the Indian
security forces are risking
their lives to rescue as many
people as they can, incidents of
Nepalese men, who come to
Uttarakhand to earn a living as
labourers and porters, attack-
ing and looting people and
even molesting girls have come
to light.
Talking to The Pioneer
Hemlata Tripathi, a 45-year-old
resident of Jhansi, MP, whose
72-year-old mother Fukkan
Pathak died due to the cold
said: After consigning my
mothers body to the river as we
could not cremate her we
sought the help of the Nepalese
men there to help us get out of
the area. However, we were in
for a shock as the men
decamped with our belongings
after promising to help us. We
had given these men our bags
to carry as we could not man-
age it due to the steep climb.
However, those men made off
with our stuff.
Madhulika, a young girl
said that she saw some
Nepalese men carrying a girl to
safety but she died along the
way. The men then calmly
stripped the dead girl of all her
jewellery and other belongings.
Not just her, we saw them
searching other unclaimed
bodies along the way and strip-
ping them of all gold, silver and
money. There are reports of
the men misbehaving with
women pilgrims too.
Madhulika added: We saw
some Nepalese men misbehav-
ing with women pilgrims and
threatening men accompanying
them. Not just this, it seems the
Nepalese are also resorting to
cold blooded murder.
A pilgrim said: On the
way we saw some people beg-
ging the Nepalese porters to
help them climb the steep sides
of the mountain.
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ules and horses are a major help for the pilgrims dur-
ing the yatra season and a good mode of business for
their owners. But this year, several horse and mule owners are
returning empty-handed as they have been struck by tragedy.
Many of them have lost their livelihood as hundreds of their
animals were washed away by the floods .
Talking to The Pioneer Mohammad Shahzad from
Nazimabad, Uttar Pradesh, who came to Uttarakhand with
nine horses said that he and his friends had gone to
Kedarnath with 105 horses. However, several people and hors-
es were washed away by the floods. Now they were going back
home with just 78 horses.
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Livelilooos wasleo
away as lorses orown
8eaI IIfe h0rr0r: wIves
ch0e4 t0 Ieces Ia
04Isha, M0mhaI
13-year-old Bihar
boy cracks T-JEE
|+||J|+ |uJi 1ii| + |li| +|p i|
|+|iJW+| u| S+|u|J+] Pll
wilh bad wealher
orecasl rom
Monday, securily
orces sleed u
oeralions lo rescue
8O,OOO slill slranded
kh MM8kI
8IVE TW 6k8E8
WITh kh h6khhY
Modi-phobic UPA puts
politics above people
Jusl beore haMo's
visil, Shinde barred
vvFs rom aerial
surveys o hil areas
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h0A FLAY Eh0LAh0
h ChAMF0hS
hEW EIhI, 8hkY 1hE Z3, Z013; FkE8 1Z+B+B C4
ts not the usual Bollywood kind of love
story. No Badtameez dil beating up a
frenzy here. No Saans mein teri saans ki
khushboo emanating from lovelorn lovers.
No Kolaveri di of a spurned lover. And
definitely no Tanu marrying Manu, or
thinking of it even once.
Yet, it is a compelling romance, a love
story of full surrender, no ego and
complete emotion. It is small-town, it is
passionate and it is full of moments we
have forgotten ever existed in a romance.
And Dhanush, as the Benarasi launda of a
Tamil pundit, is quite the boy he is made
out to be delightfully real, delightfully
apt and delightfully small town. He talks
of wrist cutting and cuts them too, he
takes 17 slaps to win over the
affection of his girl, he waits
for her for years and does not
give up when she fails to
recognise him after her return
from JNU and its syrupy
student politics.
Not just him, even his
friend is quite a
character uttering
hilarious and
typically Benarasi
one-liners that add
to the ghats and
the bylanes of
Varanasi not seen
in Bollywood ever since Rani Mukherji
emerged from one of its traditional
houses to become an escort girl in
Mumbai in Laaga Chunari Mein Daag.
Director Anand L Rai has done quite
a job here in capturing the nuances of a
Benarasi rehan sehan and he has also done
well to keep this romance in sync with
old-world charm when emotions ruled
the roost and Generation X had not killed
moments with preference for friends-
with-benefits kind of modernese.
Rais main instrument in
orchestrating this romance is Dhanush
who does well to completely merge into
Kundans character. He looks every bit the
callow lad from Varanasi who will never
give up on his love. Sonam, as Zoya, looks
beautiful and plays the avenging angel to
The always dishy Abhay Deol is sadly
in a blink-and-go role here. As an
idealistic student leader of Left-oriented
JNU he scores but its time he did a full-
fledged movie on his own. As for
Raanjhanaa, the film is captivating and
emotional but, going by modern
standards, somewhat impractical in its
seering, one-sided passion.
Perhaps, thats why Kundans love
story loses track by the end of it all,
moving away from Benaras, going into
Punjab and finally being laid to rest in
Delhi with issues taking over love, with
Zoya trying to play politics and with a
scheming Chief Minister getting to trigger
the ultimate casualty of love gone sour.
The redeeming point? Raanjhanaa is
a different kind of hearbeat, one which
refuses to compromise.
o zombie movies need a
premise? Apparently not, if
you were to go by Brad Pitts latest
in the line World War Z. The
scary thing here is not the fact that
the entire human race is turning
into convulsing, carnivorous
zombies. What is scarier is that
they become zombies with no
reasons given or found.
The focus here is more on Pitt
and his mission to save the world
rather than on the fast growing
zombie population devouring the
planet. But despite his journey
from New York to South Korea to
Jerusalem to finally Scotland and
back in search of a cure neither he
nor anyone else explains
convincingly how the zombie
virus has infected the world
population. There is some mumbo
jumbo about India being the
originator of this uncontrollable
mess, but Pitt and the movie fails
to tap the source too!
The scare element, essential to
propel any kind of zombie fare on
screen, kind of gets eaten up by
these crazy beings pretty fast and
early into the film. A dishevelled
and knotty-haired Pitt leads the
way making it apparent he is not
just the lead actor but also the
films co-producer. His family gets
short-shrifted not just by the US
Navy which sends them packing
once Pitt dies or so they are told,
but also by the film itself which
keeps their interaction with him
to the minimum, so emotionalism
is at its barest best. On the whole,
you can call this one an
unexplained story about an
unexplained illness, part
interesting, part boring.
t is hard to believe that Neil
Nitin Mukhesh ever did
films like Jhonny Gaddar,
New York and Jail. Watch
Shorcut Romeo and you will
agree that the grandson of
legendary singer Mukhesh
has become a hybrid of bad
acting and Salman Khan-type
A rich mans wife strays
to his best friend, gets filmed
in action and the rest is about
a oneupmanship battle
between the blackmailer and
his victim. If that wasnt
enough, there are African
tribals in Kenya dressed in
traditional outfits but
fighting like Jackie Chan.
There is Sooraj who
fights like one does in a Rohit
Shetty film, runs like
Bhaag Milkha
Bhaag, sings
songs like
Main shola
tu Coca
and blackmails a gold digger
while falling in love with the
maids daughter Sherry (Puja
Gupta). Ameesha Patel,
despite her limited
expressions, does a decent
job. For Puja Gupta, acting is
not really her thing but she
looks good posing silently to

NEW DELH SUNDAY JUNE 23, 2013 general 02
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to avoio errors or omissions, tlis ullication is leing solo
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in tlis ullication is merely for reference ano must not le
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writers, eoitors, ullislers, ano rinters ano sellers wlo oo
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erson, a urclaser of tlis ullication or not for tle result
of any action talen on tle lasis of tlis worl. All oisutes
are sulject to tle exclusive jurisoiction of cometent court
ano forums in !elli/New !elli only.
w0PL wAP [382) [NeW Pe|ease): 0T Sa|el,
Sa||rar, PVR Sa|el, C|l] wa||, 8|g 0deor, ho|da, Pa|ar
V|ar}, C|rerax, wave ho|da}, Sp|ce ho|da}, lrox
PAANJhANAA [NeW Pe|ease): PVR P|aza, R|vo||, Pr|]a,
Sa|el, C|l] wa||, hara|ra, V||aspur|, Prasarl V|ar, E0V,
Vaagur, V2K Ro|r|, P|lar Pura}, 03S Ro|r|}, 0T
Sa|el, Sa||rar, Vasarl Kurj}, Fur Vol| hagar, P|larPura,
Luxr|ragar, Kar|ardoora}, Vov|e T|re Rajagarder, P|lar
Pura}, Sal]ar Pale| hagar, Jara|pur|, heru P|ace}, 8|g
0deor, ho|da, Va|sa||, Kausaro|, 0.ho|da}, wave
Rajagarder, ho|da, Kausaro|}, Sp|ce ho|da}, VVX, V4u,
SV wor|d, 0a|ax|e, Slarx Va|sa||}, Jars|pra, Vov|e
Pa|ace, Vov|e Vag|c, Caudar] 0.8ad}, Vov|e wor|d &
S||ver C|l] 0az|aoad}, lrox & 0 C|reras Far|daoad}.
$h0PTKuT P0HE0 [NeW Pe|ease): PVR Sa|el, R|vo||,
Sa|el, C|l] wa||, hara|ra, V||aspur|, Prasarl V|ar, Fur
Vol| hagar, P|lar Pura, V2K Ro|r|, P|lar Pura}, 03S
Ro|r|}, Vov|e T|re Rajagarder, P|lar Pura}, Sal]ar
Pale| hagar, Jara|pur|, heru P|ace}, 0T Sa|el, Sa||rar,
Vasarl Kurj}, 8|g 0deor, ho|da, Va|sa||, Kausaro|},
wave Rajagarder, ho|da, Kausaro|}, Srs C|reras lrox
& 0 C|reras Far|daoad}.
VENEHHY [NeW Pe|ease): 8|g 0deor, ho|da, Va|sa||,
Kausaro|}, PVR, Sa|el, Sa|el, C|l] wa||, hara|ra,
Vov|e T|re Rajagarder, P|lar Pura}, wave Rajagarder,
ho|da} 0T Sa|el, Vasarl Kurj}, ard oler Vu|l|p|ex
FuKPEY [NeW Pe|ease): PVR P|aza, R|vo||, Pr|]a, Sa|el,
C|l] wa||, hara|ra, V||aspur|, Prasarl V|ar, E0V,
Vaagur, 03S Ro|r|}, Fur Vol| hagar, P|lar Pura,
Luxr|ragar, Kar|ardoora}, Vov|e T|re Rajagarder, P|lar
Pura}, V2K Ro|r|, P|lar Pura}, 0T Sa|el, Sa||rar,
Vasarl Kurj}, Sal]arPale| hagar, Jara|pur|, heru P|ace},
8|g 0deor, ho|da, Va|sa||, Kausaro|, 0.ho|da}, wave
Rajagarder, ho|da, Kausaro|}, Sp|ce ho|da}, VVX, V4u,
SV wor|d, 0a|ax|e, Slarx Va|sa||}, Jars|pra, Vov|e
Pa|ace, Vov|e Vag|c, Caudar] 0.8ad}, Vov|e wor|d &
S||ver C|l] 0az|aoad}, lrox & 0 C|reras Far|daoad}.
HAN 0F $TEEL [h|N|): 0e||le 0|arord.
$uFEP HAN [h|N|): 0e||le 0|arord.
YEh JAwAAN| hA| EEwAN|: 0e||le 0|arord, 03S
Ro|r|}, PVR P|aza, R|vo||, Pr|]a, Sa|el, C|l] wa||,
hara|ra, V||aspur|, Prasarl V|ar, E0V, Vaagur, Fur
Vol| hagar, P|lar Pura, Luxr|ragar, Kar|ardoora}, V2K
Ro|r|, P|larPura}, Vov|e T|re Rajagarder, P|larPura},
0T Sa|el, Sa||rar, Vasarl Kurj}, Sal]ar Pale| hagar,
Jara|pur|, heru P|ace}, 8|g 0deor, ho|da, Va|sa||,
Kausaro|, 0.ho|da}, wave Rajagarder, ho|da,
Kausaro|}, Sp|ce ho|da}, Vov|e Pa|ace, SVwor|d, VVX,
Jars|pra, 0a|ax|e, Slarx Va|sa||}, Vov|e Pa|ace, Vov|e
Vag|c, Caudar] 0.8ad}, Vov|e wor|d & S||ver C|l]
0az|aoad}, lrox Far|daoad}.
YAHLA FA0LA EEwAN-2 : PVR P|aza, R|vo||, Pr|]a,
Sa|el, C|l] wa||, hara|ra, V||aspur|, Prasarl V|ar, E0V,
Vaagur,C|rerax, 03S Ro|r|}, Fur Vol| hagar, P|lar
Pura, Luxr|ragar, Kar|ardoora}, 0T Sa|el, Sa||rar,
Vasarl Kurj}, V2K Ro|r|, P|lar Pura}, Vov|e T|re
Rajagarder, P|larPura}, Sal]arPale| hagar, Jara|pur|,
heru P|ace}, 8|g 0deor, ho|da, Va|sa||, Kausaro|,
0.ho|da}, wave Rajagarder, ho|da, Kausaro|}, Sp|ce
ho|da}, 0a|ax|e, Slarx Va|sa||}, VVX, Jars|pra, Vov|e
Pa|ace, SVwor|d, Vov|e Vag|c, Caudar] 0.8ad}, Vov|e
wor|d & S||ver C|l] 0az|aoad}, lrox & 0 C|reras
FuPA8 AuP FA0h|H [8h0JFuP|): Vol|.
HAP P|K$hAwALA [8h0JFuP|): lars Azadpur}.
|PE0T0P'$ 0uT - VA$ANTKuNJ
RAAhJlhAA: 10:00 AV, 1:15 PV, 3:30 PV, 4:30 PV, 7:45 PV, 10:55
PV, 30} w0RL0 wAR Z uhlhTERRuPTE0}: 10:00 AV, 12:45 PV,
0:45 PV, 9:30 PV, 30} V0hSTERS uhlVERSlTY
uhlhTERRuPTE0}: 10:10 AV, 4:05 PV, 30} VAh 0F STEEL
uhlhTERRuPTE0}: 12:55 PV, 0:50 PV, FuKREY: 10:45 AV, 5:10
PV, 10:40 PV, YEl JAwAAhl lAl 0EEwAhl: 1:45 PV, h0wY0u
Fuh0AVEhTALlST uhlhTERRuPTE0}: 9:55 PV
RAAhJlhAA: 9:00 AV, 10:00 AV, 11:00 AV, 2:00 PV, 4:00 PV, 5:00
PV, 8:00 PV, 9:55 PV, 10:55 PV, 30} w0RL0 wAR Z: 9:20 AV,
5:50 PV, 11:40 PV, 30} V0hSTERS uhlVERSlTY: 3:10 PV, 30}
VAh 0F STEEL: 12:00 PV, 8:30 PV, FuKREY: 1:00 PV, 3:20 PV,
7:00 PV, 9:40 PV, YEl JAwAAhl lAl 0EEwAhl: 12:00 PV, 0:20
RAAhJlhAA: 10:00 AV, 11:00 AV, 2:00 PV, 3:55 PV, 5:00 PV, 8:00
PV, 9:55 PV, 10:55 PV, 30} w0RL0 wAR Z: 10:00 AV, 3:20 PV,
11:20 PV, 30} V0hSTERS uhlVERSlTY: 12:40 PV, 8:40 PV, 30}
VAh 0F STEEL: 12:45 PV, 0:55 PV, YEl JAwAAhl lAl 0EEwAhl:
10:20 AV, 4:40 PV, FuKREY: 1:40 PV, 8:00 PV, 10:55 PV, h0w
Y0u SEE VE: 0:00 PV
FVP $ELE0T 0|TY wALK - 00L 0LA$$
RAAhJlhAA: 12:00 PV, 3:00 PV, 0:00 PV, 9:00 PV, 30} w0RL0
wAR Z, 1:50 PV, 7:30 PV, 30} V0hSTERS uhlVERSlTY: 4:30 PV,
30} VAh 0F STEEL: 10:40 AV, 10:20 PV
RAAhJlhAA: 10:30 AV, 1:30 PV, 7:30 PV, 10:30 PV, FuKREY:
4:30 PV
RAAhJlhAA: 10:00 AV, 3:40 PV, 9:40 PV, 30} w0RL0 wAR Z:
1:00 PV, FuKREY: 0:40 PV
RAAhJlhAA: 11:00 AV, 5:00 PV, 10:40 PV, 30} w0RL0 wAR Z:
8:00 PV, FuKREY: 2:00 PV
RAAhJlhAA: 10:00 AV, 11:00 AV, 1:00 PV, 4:00 PV, 5:00 PV, 7:00
PV, 9:55 PV, 10:55 PV, 30} w0RL0 wAR Z: 9:50 AV, 3:40 PV,
9:00 PV, 30} V0hSTERS uhlVERSlTY : 0:20 PV, EhEVVY: 7:50
PV, Sl0RTCuT R0VE0: 1:20 PV,
30} VAh 0F STEEL: 12:30 PV, 11:40 PV, FuKREY: 10:20 AV,
2:00 PV, 8:00 PV, 10:40 PV, YEl JAwAAhl lAl 0EEwAhl: 4:30
RAAhJlhAA: 10:00 AV, 11:00 AV, 2:00 PV, 5:00 PV, 8:00 PV, 10:55
PV, 30} w0RL0 wAR Z llh0l}: 1:00 PV, 0:50 PV, 9:30 PV, 30}
SuPERVAh llh0l: 3:40 PV, YEl JAwAAhl lAl 0EEwAhl: 1:00
PV, 7:20 PV, FuKREY: 10:00 AV, 4:20 PV, 10:40 PV
RAAhJlhAA: 10:00 AV, 11:00 AV, 2:00 PV, 5:00 PV, 8:00 PV, 10:55
PV, 30} w0RL0 wAR Z llh0l}: 1:00 PV, 0:50 PV, 9:30 PV, 30}
SuPERVAh llh0l: 3:40 PV, FuKREY: 10:00 AV, 4:20 PV, 10:40
PV, YEl JAwAAhl lAl 0EEwAhl: 1:00 PV, 7:20 PV
RAAhJlhAA: 10:00 AV, 11:00 AV, 2:00 PV, 5:00 PV, 8:00 PV, 10:55
PV, 30} w0RL0 wAR Z llh0l}: 10:20 AV, 4:10 PV, 9:55 PV, 30}
SuPERVAh llh0l: 1:00 PV, 0:50 PV, FuKREY: 4:20 PV, 10:40
PV, YEl JAwAAhl lAl 0EEwAhl: 1:00 PV, 7:20 PV
RAAhJlhAA: 10:00 AV, 1:00 PV, 4:00 PV, 7:00 PV, 9:55 PV, 10:55
PV, 20} ACTl0h TELu0u}: 7:45 PV, l0hEY 8EE lTS TRlPPlh0
VALAYALAV}: 1:25 PV, YEl JAwAAhl lAl 0EEwAhl: 10:05 AV,
4:25 PV, FuKREY: 10:30 AV, 1:30 PV, 4:30 PV, 7:30 PV, 10:30
RAAhJlhAA: 10:00 AV, 11:00 AV, 2:00 PV, 5:00 PV, 8:00 PV
RAAhJlhAA, 10:55 PV, 30} w0RL0 wAR Z llh0l}: 10:20 AV,
4:10 PV, 9:55 PV, 30} SuPERVAh llh0l: 1:00 PV, 0:50 PV, YEl
JAwAAhl lAl 0EEwAhl: 1:00 PV, 7:20 PV, FuKREY: 4:20 PV,
10:40 PV
FVP AH8|EN0E 00L 0LA$$ - 0uP0A0N
RAAhJlhAA: 12:00 PV, 3:00 PV, 0:00 PV, 9:00 PV, 30} w0RL0
wAR Z: 1:50 PV, 7:30 PV, 30} V0hSTERS uhlVERSlTY: 4:30
PV, 30} VAh 0F STEEL: 10:40 AV, 10:20 PV
RAAhJlhAA: 10:00 AV, 11:00 AV, 1:00 PV, 2:00 PV, 4:00 PV, 5:00
PV, 7:00 PV, 8:00 PV, 9:55 PV, 10:55 PV, 30} w0RL0 wAR Z:
10:40 AV, 1:00 PV, 3:40 PV, 9:00 PV, 11:40 PV, 30} V0hSTERS
uhlVERSlTY: 10:20 AV, 0:20 PV, EhEVVY: 1:20 PV, Sl0RTCuT
R0VE0: 5:05 PV, 11:30 PV, 20} ACTl0h TELu0u}: 8:15 PV,
l0hEY 8EE lTS TRlPPlh0 VALAYALAV}: 2:10 PV, 30} VAh 0F
STEEL: 1:20 PV, 4:30 PV, 7:40 PV, 10:50 PV, h0wY0u SEE VE:
7:30 PV, YAVLAPA0LA0EEwAhA2: 11:00 AV, YEl JAwAAhl lAl
0EEwAhl: 10:00 AV, 4:10 PV, 10:05 PV, FuKREY: 10:30 AV, 1:30
PV, 4:30 PV, 7:30 PV, 10:30 PV
FVP $AhAPA - 0uP0A0N
RAAhJlhAA: 10:00 AV, 1:00 PV, 4:00 PV, 7:00 PV, 9:55 PV
30} w0RL0 wAR Z: 0:50 PV, 30} w0RL0 wAR Z llh0l}:10:00
AV, 30} SuPERVAh llh0l: 3:40 PV, FuKREY: 12:40 PV, 9:30
RAAhJlhAA: 10:00 AV, 1:00 PV, 4:00 PV, 7:00 PV, 9:55 PV
30} w0RL0 wAR Z llh0l}: 1:00 PV, 0:40 PV, FuKREY: 10:00
AV, 3:40 PV, 9:20 PV
05:00 0]ar 0arsar
05:30 Te Sou| ol lrd|a
00:00 SWararja||
00:30 Ser|es
00:55 Sars|r|l Saracar
07:00 Saracar
07:15 heWs For lear|rg lrpa|red
07:30 horl Easl Rourd up
08:00 Rargo||
09:00 Cu|ou|| F||r Calpal| 0up
10:00 8oolral
10:30 Ser|es
11:00 Rara]ar
11:59 heWs 0|gesl
12:00 har|eer
02:30 Fourl urp|re
03:00 lCC Carp|ors Trop] 2013
: F|ra|
10:30 Fourl urp|re
11:00 AWard w|rr|rg Reg|ora|
Fealure F||r
$tar $ports
04:00 ThA Ppv : Jo|er's w||d
07:00 lCC wor|d Cup 2007 l/|s :
lrd|a vs. 8erruda
07:30 lCC Carp|ors Trop] 2002
l/|s : lrd|a vs. Z|roaoWe
08:00 Ja| lo
08:30 lCC wor|d Cup 2007 l/|s :
lrd|a vs. 8erruda
09:00 FlFA Corlederal|ors Cup
8raz|| 2013 l/|s : Valc 9:
lla|] vs. 8raz||
09:30 FlFA Corlederal|ors Cup
8raz|| 2013 l/|s : Valc 10:
Japar vs. Vex|co
10:00 lCC wor|d T20 2007 l/|s :
lrd|a vs. Erg|ard
10:30 lCC wor|d Cup 2007 l/|s :
lrd|a vs. 8erruda
11:00 Carp|ors Ka Carp|or :
lrd|a al Cl 2013
01:00 FlFA Corlederal|ors Cup
8raz|| 2013 l/|s : Valc 9:
lla|] vs. 8raz||
01:30 FlFA Corlederal|ors Cup
8raz|| 2013 l/|s : Valc 10:
Japar vs. Vex|co
02:00 Ja| lo
00:30 8esl ol le Carp|ors|ps
w|ro|edor 2011 l/|s : 2011
Ver's F|ra|s: Ralae| hada|
vs. hova| 0jo|ov|c
07:30 8esl ol le Carp|ors|ps
w|ro|edor 2012 l/|s : Ver's
S|rg|es F|ra|: Roger Federer
vs. Ard] Vurra]
09:00 Slar PoWer
09:30 8esl ol w|ro|edor LaWr
Terr|s Carp|ors|ps l/|s :
2008 Vers S|rg|es F|ra|:
Roger Federer vs. Ralae|
10:30 8esl ol w|ro|edor LaWr
Terr|s Carp|ors|ps l/|s :
2009 Vers S|rg|es F|ra|:
Ard] Rodd|c| vs. Roger
11:30 w|ro|edor LaWr Terr|s
Carp|ors|ps : 2005 Ver's
S|rg|es F|ra|
Ten $ports
04:30 ATP 1000 Vaslers 2013 :
F|ra|: Vulua Vadr|d 0per
00:30 lCC Cr|c|el 300
07:00 Raoooar| loc|e] wor|d
League Ser| F|ra| Rollerdar
2013 l/|s : SF: wV13 vs.
07:30 Raoooar| loc|e] wor|d
League Ser| F|ra| Rollerdar
2013 l/|s : SF: wV15 vs.
08:00 Raoooar| loc|e] wor|d
League Ser| F|ra| Rollerdar
2013 l/|s : 7/8l: LV17 vs.
08:30 Raoooar| loc|e] wor|d
League Ser| F|ra| Rollerdar
2013 l/|s : 3/4: LV 19 vs. LV
09:00 Raoooar| loc|e] wor|d
League Ser| F|ra| Rollerdar
2013 l/|s : 1/2: wV 19 vs.
wV 20
09:30 wwE: Superslars
10:30 wwE: Spec|a|s : Pa]oac|
01:30 Raoooar| loc|e] wor|d
League Ser| F|ra| Rollerdar
2013 : 5/0l: w|rrer V17 vs.
w|rrer V18
03:00 Raoooar| loc|e] wor|d
League Ser| F|ra| Rollerdar
2013 l/|s : 1/2: wV 19 vs.
wV 20
03:30 Raoooar| loc|e] wor|d
League Ser| F|ra| Rollerdar
2013 : 3/4l: Loser V19 vs.
Loser V20
05:00 wwE: hXT
00:00 Raoooar| loc|e] wor|d
League Ser| F|ra| Rollerdar
2013 : Lel's Ce|eorale Teur
07:30 Raoooar| loc|e] wor|d
League Ser| F|ra| Rollerdar
2013 l/|s : 5/0l: wV17 vs.
08:00 Raoooar| loc|e] wor|d
League Ser| F|ra| Rollerdar
2013 : F|ra|: wV 19 vs. wV
09:30 Raoooar| loc|e] wor|d
League Ser| F|ra| Rollerdar
2013 l/|s : 3/4l: LV19 vs.
10:00 Raoooar| loc|e] wor|d
League Ser| F|ra| Rollerdar
2013 l/|s : Lel's Ce|eorale
Teur Valc
10:30 wwE: hXT
11:30 Raoooar| loc|e] wor|d
League Ser| F|ra| Rollerdar
2013 l/|s : F|ra|: wV 19 vs.
wV 20
04:00 u|l|rale Predalor
05:00 Caugl |r le Acl
00:00 Creal|ve V|s|or
07:00 w||d Russ|a
08:00 w||d Case F||es
09:00 Creal|ve V|s|or
10:00 T|ger Var ol Alr|ca
11:00 Vosl Araz|rg Vorerls
12:00 Slurlrer ol 8o||]Wood
1:00 8arged up Aoroad
2:00 Co|d 8|ood
3:00 Vor|e] T|eves
L|fe 0k
12:00 8esl ol Savdaar lrd|a: lrd|a
F|gls 8ac| : up F|gls 8ac|
01:00 lur he L| la|...Sapal :
SuperCops vs Superv|||a|rs
02:00 8esl ol Savdaar lrd|a: lrd|a
F|gls 8ac| : 100 F|gloac|s
03:00 8esl ol Savdaar lrd|a: lrd|a
F|gls 8ac| : up F|gls 8ac|
04:00 lur he L| la|...Sapal :
SuperCops vs Superv|||a|rs
05:00 0evor Ke 0ev... Vaadev
00:00 Te|esopp|rg
08:00 0evor Ke 0ev... Vaadev
10:00 lur he L| la|...Sapal :
SuperCops vs Superv|||a|rs
12:00 L|le 0K 8|oc|ouslers
03:00 8esl ol Savdaar lrd|a: lrd|a
F|gls 8ac| : 100 F|gloac|s
08:00 0evor Ke 0ev... Vaadev
09:00 lur he L| la|...Sapal :
SuperCops vs Superv|||a|rs
10:00 Savdar lrd|a lrd|a F|gls
8ac| : up F|gls 8ac|
11:00 Vaadev Ke Vaa Avlaar
NTV |nd|a
00:00 Kaoar lrd|a
07:30 heWs h0TV lrd|a
08:30 0oog|]
09:00 heWs h0TV lrd|a
10:30 E| 0uje Ke L|]e
11:00 heWs h0TV lrd|a
11:30 lrd|a |s alle
12:00 heWs h0TV lrd|a
12:30 8elar Z|rdag|
01:00 heWs h0TV lrd|a
01:30 Za||a lrd|a Ka
02:00 heWs h0TV lrd|a
02:30 C|rera lrd|a
03:00 heWs h0TV lrd|a
04:00 Vuqao|a
05:00 heWs h0TV lrd|a
05:52 0usla|| Vaal
00:00 heWs h0TV lrd|a
07:30 0oog|]
08:00 lur Log
09:00 heWs h0TV lrd|a
09:30 Rallaar
10:00 heWs h0TV lrd|a
10:30 E| 0uje Ke L|]e
11:00 heWs h0TV lrd|a
11:30 Ce|| 0uru
12:00 T8C
01:00 Te|eorards
02:00 ha 8o|e Tur ha Va|re Kuc
Kaa 2}
03:30 ullarar
05:00 lsc|or
05:30 8ar|: lsq 0a Ka|ra a|
00:00 Te|eorards
07:00 hara]ar SeWa Sarslar Trusl
07:30 lore Sop 18
08:00 Sars|aar: 0aroar Apror K|
10:00 T8C
9:00 Ja|a| 0|||a Jaa 0}
10:00 Cored] h|gls W|l Kap||
11:00 Sa|lar: A Cr|r|ra| V|rd
$tar Hov|es
04:40 0arl|e|d: A Ta|e ol TWo K|ll|es
05:53 8all|e Los Arge|es
08:10 Te F|veYear Ergagererl
10:45 Te Losl wor|d: Jurass|c Par|
01:23 Rea| Slee|
03:29 wALLE
05:30 T|lar|c
09:00 You P|c| le F||c|
11:31 XVer: F|rsl C|ass
04:05 Veel Joe 8|ac|
07:07 A||ce |r worder|ard
09:20 Torque
11:03 ho Slr|rgs Allaced
01:00 0osl R|der: Sp|r|l ol Vergearce
02:58 Trarslorrers: 0ar| ol le Voor
00:07 Te Cror|c|es ol harr|a: Te
L|or, le w|lc & le wardrooe
09:00 wral ol le T|lars
11:03 Acl ol Va|or
$ony F|x
03:50 A V|gl] learl
05:35 3 h|rjas: l|g hoor al Vega
07:40 urd|spuled lll: Rederpl|or
09:35 S|road: Legerd ol le Sever
11:15 Arlur Cr|slras
01:10 Vadagascar: Escape 2 Alr|ca
02:50 Kurg Fu Parda
04:35 Te Adverlures ol T|rl|r
00:50 Leror] Sr|c|el's a Ser|es ol
urlorlurale Everls
09:00 Rooocop 2
11:30 Arge|s & 0erors
84u Hov|es
04:00 F|||er
00:00 Te|esopp|rg
08:00 uslad| uslad Se
10:00 Te|esopp|rg
12:00 Sa||aao
03:00 Te|esopp|rg
04:00 E| Aur Prer Pral|g]a
07:00 Te|esopp|rg
08:00 Vuroa| Ver| Jaar
|sney 0hanne|
07:00 0oraeror
10:30 Te Su|le L|le ol Karar & Kao|r
11:00 Sa|e ll up
11:30 0oraeror
03:30 Sa|e ll up
04:00 Arl Allac|
04:30 Cugg|rglor
05:30 lave a Laug
07:00 P|reas ard Fero
08:00 Sa|e ll up
Hov|es 0k
05:00 Te|esopp|rg
00:00 Jos
09:25 L|ll|e Kr|sra lll: Te
worderous Feals
11:45 Valru K| 8|j|ee Ka Vardo|a
03:15 Ca|r Ku||| K| Va|r Ku|||
05:35 lare Rara lare Kr|sra
09:00 Kalla Veela
Zee 0|nema
04:00 Love Aaj Ka|
07:10 8oudda loga Terra 8aap
10:10 Vr. lrd|a
02:05 T|rargaa
05:25 0adar: E| Prer Kala
09:00 Taarzar: Te worder Car
$tar 0o|d
05:00 Te|erarl
00:00 8aaou|
09:55 L|ll|e Kr|sra: Te 0ar||rg ol
12:00 TaqdeerWa|a
03:15 8arood: Var or A V|ss|or
05:50 Ca| Ca|a Ca|
09:00 0aoargg 2
Zee 0|ass|c
00:00 0are Sure Arsure
00:30 Te|esopp|rg
00:51 Aa
09:42 0rear 0|r|
12:53 hasl||
03:57 8ardar
07:00 Sal]ar S|var Surdarar
10:05 lur Paarc
|nd|a Ta|k|es
12:00 0us Kaar|]aar
03:00 u Ve Aur lur
00:00 leroes
09:30 Voler lrd|a
01:00 T 8 A
04:30 0es| 8o]z
08:00 T 8 A
80a, aat0re, m0sIc, aeWs, 40c0meatarIes aa4 feat0res
Fl8 I008 0I 08III0'8 00I0F
Kitchen festival at Auchan
Hypermarkets, Pacific Mall,
Tagore Garden. The month-
long festival is on till July 7, 2013.
There are kitchenware, plastic
storage, appliances, accessories
and more on sale
Celestial Six a group of
eclectic oeuvres dart by six
noted Indian artists at
Dhoomimal City Gallery from
11 am onwards till June 30
Kids summer workshop at
Epicentre, Apparel House,
Sector 44, Gurgaon. On till
June 26, it is an all-day
Watch Ghost Rider: Spirit Of
Vengeance, a supernatural film
on HBO at 1 pm starring
Nicolas Cage, Ciarn Hinds,
Fergus Riordan
Printed and pubIished by Chandan Mitra for and on behaIf of CMYK Printech Ltd., 2nd FIoor, Link House, 3 Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New DeIhi-110 002, and printed at Jagran Prakashan Ltd, D 210,211 Sector-63, Noida (U.P.). Editor: Chandan Mitra. AIR SURCHARGE of C 2.00 East: CaIcutta, Ranchi, Bhubaneswar, North Leh West:
Mumbai & Ahmedabad South: Hyderabad, BangaIore & Chennai. CentraI : Khajuraho, DeIhi TeIephones: Board No. 40754100/ 9871234271. Lucknow Office: 4th FIoor, Sahara Shopping Centre, Faizabad Road, Lucknow-226 016. TeIephones: 0522-2346443, 2346444, 2346445.
Dioront kind o hoartboat
80w IIMF 8FF II 00MI86
8aat 8aa 6ayI
Ia: Fmraaa ashmI, I4ya 8aIaa,
4Itya 80y ka0r, 8ajesh 8harma,
8amIt 0as
Ia: II FataI, 60Ishaa 6r0ver,
mrIta 8aIchaa4, 8attak khaa, aIsa
hen Sanju (Emraan Hashmi), a
suave, master safe cracker wants to
retire from a career in crime, he decides
to team up with two dangerous criminals
to commit one last heist. A bank robbery
that will ensure that he never has to worry
about money again.
The robbery is successful and
everything goes according to the plan.
Sanju is given the task of hiding the money
till things cool down and the booty can be
Three months later, the associates
return to collect their share of the loot, but
Sanju refuses to even recognise them! They
realise he was in an accident and is
suffering from amnesia and decide to stay
with Sanju and his wife Neetu (Vidya
Balan) until Sanju remembers where he hid
the money.
What dangerous game is Sanju
playing? Ghanchakkar is a crazy, quirky
rollercoaster suspense ride that aims to
surprise, shock and entertain the audience
at every turn. The soundtrack of
Ghanchakkar is composed by Amit Trivedi
and the lyrics are written by Amitabh
t: 0I 0Iaemas & 0thers
8ate4: 5.5/10
0haa0sh, 80aam ka00r,
hhay 0e0I, 8Wara
Somewlat of a zomlie
t: 0I 0Iaemas &
8ate4: 4.5/10
8ra4 FItt, MIreIIIe
Fa0s, 1ames 8a4e
0aIe, MattheW F0x
w08l0 w8 L
t: 0eIIte
0Iam0a4 & 0thers
8ate4: 3/10
8IeI 8ItIa M0kesh,
meesha FateI,
F0ja 60ta,
808I00I 80MF0
S|u||u| Ju||
Wu|| |u| |il
aat Bann Gayi is directed by Shuja Ali
and produced by Sayed Asif Jah and
Megha Agarwal. The film is tipped to be
a family comedy drama, where one twin
is in Bangkok, andthe other is in India.
This creates comic situations when people
want to meet one brother only to mistake
him for the other.
small screen 0S
ik Wallenda, King of the
High Wire and seventh
generation descendent of the
legendary Wallenda Family
acrobatic troupe, is on a mis-
sion of a death-defying act. It
will be one of the most daring
and captivating live events in
history when Nik will traverse
the majestic Grand Canyon,
without using a harness.
Discovery Channel will
capture the nail-biting, play-by-
play live event on Monday, June
24, at 5:30 am with a special
repeat at 8 pm.
Announcing the event,
Rahul Johri, senior vice presi-
dent South Asia said: Skywire
Live with Nik Wallenda will be
one of the most unique and
spectacular acts in the history
of world television and for the
first time, Discovery Channel
will bring the experience live.
here is an over-the-top
Punjabi bahu, a hardly
working husband, a flir-
tatious daadi and some other
crazy supporting cast ingre-
dients for a perfect comedy. Add
the names Kapil Sharma,
Sumona Chakravarti, Ali Asgar
and Sunil Grover and heres your
heady cocktail of tamasha
pegged on fun.
Well, thats the plan. We are
here to make people laugh till
their sides ache. Thats the ulti-
mate certificate for a good actor.
We hope we can live up to the
hype. Comedy Nights with Kapil
is a refreshing concept and Im
so glad that I have fallen into
Kapils lap this time too,
Sumona, who plays Kapils bet-
ter half in the show, tells you.
Kapil and Sumona have
been ruling the comedy scene in
Comedy Circus on Sony and the
duo hopes this time too their
jodi is appreciated. But hasnt she
had too much of Kapil already?
There can never be too
much of Kapil. He is such a dar-
ling. Fun loving yet very serious
when it comes to work. He is tal-
ent ka khazana. I dont know
why he took so long to take the
limelight. What makes him a
brilliant co-star is the fact that
he doesnt like to hog undue
footage, Sumona says. She
already has too much on her
plate but is undettered.
I can work 24 hours non-
stop. When it comes to comedy,
I can work for days at length
without complaining, she says.
The show is poised to break
all comedy records and the pro-
ducers are hoping to cash in on
the popularity of the shows
Kapil is a live wire and a
spontaneous performer. The
idea of interacting with a live
audience was born because of
him. He exudes energy and
has been steadily climbing the
popularity charts. Were lucky
to have him on board. The
deal we have with him is
great, Prashant Bhatt, fiction
head of Colors, says. He adds
that they had been toying with
this idea for a year but had to
wait for Kapils dates.
At present, he is TVs most
wanted man and channels are
willing to bend rules to fit in his
schedule, Bhatt adds.
There is speculation that
with this show, Sharma has out-
done even Bollywood hosts on
the small screen. But the man
isnt too uppity about all this song
and dance around his uncanny
ability to make people laugh.
This is one reason Ali Asgar
regards Kapil his best friend on
TV. He has such a great persona.
Im humbled to be working with
him. Kapil is the serious types
who hangs out only with
select friends, Asgar says.
The show also boasts
of other veterans in the TV
circuit. Sunil Grover,
known for roles in Zila
Ghaziabad, also has an
important part to play.
Comedy runs in my veins and
what better platform could Ive
asked for? This is one of the
most challenging roles that Ive
played till date and Im in heav-
enly company. Im looking for-
ward to working with Kapil,
Grover says. The stars have
already shot for seven episodes
and each one was an experience
in itself.
The format of the show
allows audience interjections
and that differentiates it from
regular stand-up comedy shows.
Live audience in a sitcom is
nothing new. Many English
GECs have special
shows where there is
live audience.
Although people
arent allowed to
pass comments,
the applause is for
real. But Comedy
Nights... isnt on
the same lines. My
instinct says yeh
show daudega, TV
critic Arjuna
FhS Q hew 0elhi
he grooved to a racy item
number in a revealing ghaghra
choli, slickly jived to the tunes of
auntyji, and rocked in her salsa
number in a short pink dress
Meghna Mallik aka Ammaji has
indeed surprised the audiences
in her non-
rigid and
u n r e -
form. So
much so that the dancing diva Madhuri
Dixit requested her to always continue
But her Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa jour-
ney ended yesterday when she was
in the bottom two alongside
Karanveer Bohra, and was eventu-
ally the one to be voted out by the
judges post her dance-off.
On the Sunday special episode
which is themed on family, Madhuri
Dixits husband Dr Nene adds charm
to the show. When asked about
Jhalak, he said that:In spite of shoot-
ing with all of you here, she enjoys
watching Jhalak on TV. She does not
watch her own performance though,
she enjoys watching others, he says.
I like the show too not because
Madhuri is in it but because its a great fam-
ily time for us, he adds. His favourite
Madhuri film?
It has got to be Devdas, he tells you
on the show.
FhS Q hew 0elhi
ith the popularity of inves-
tigative legal drama
Adaalat, Sony Entertainment
Television is all set for a mystic
twist. Khauff Ki Adaalat (KKA)
a four week long supernatural
series will showcase stories that
will make chills run down your
spine! And thats not all. The
witty and sharp KD Pathak
(Ronit Roy) will be joined by
two new subordinates to help
him unravel the cases. Prerna
Wanvari and Srman Jain have
been roped in to assist KD
Pathak in his cases.
KKA which has gone on air
from yesterday, showcased K D
Pathak along with Sunaina
(Prerna Wanvari ), a law grad-
uate and Samar (Srman Jain),
a historysheeter, street smart
and a complete charmer.
Inspired by KD Pathak, Samar
joins him to fight against crime.
Samar doesnt mind bending a
few rules to get done what he
wants, as long as the end result
is achieved.
These two bright minds
combating the supernatural
forces, not to forget the court-
room acumen. These thrilling
and exciting episodes will be
packed with suspense, research
and investigation - all set to
make your weekends eerie and
Tune in for spooky legal
drama on every Saturday and
Sunday at 7:30 pm only on
1|+l+| u| || |+|il]
A wall in tle sly!
Adaalat gots a
spooky twist
Comic timing
Be ready lo laugh your way lo bed a la Kail slyle. wilh Colors' lalesl oering lhal
romises lo be dierenl and enlerlaining, viewers can execl some lighl aclion al
rime lime. Bul will lhis haldrama, hallive show work? The channel admils il is
a risky move bul lhey would like lo go wilh lheir inslincl and, o course, wilh
Kail Sharma's growing oularily, he is a erecl lrum card or
exerimenlalion. 0EEBAShREE M0hAhTY lells you why Comedy highls wilh
Kail is lhe erecl odder or eyeballs
QYour dream project is finally going
on air. How does it feel?
Great! Life is moving in the right
direction. Comedy is my world and
with Comedy Nights with Kapil, I have
added another feather to my hat that
of becoming a producer. This show was
conceived long back and we have
been working on it for one
year. I never thought that
this project would be
on air so soon. We
have been shoot-
ing for it tireless-
ly and I have
roped in celebri-
ti es l i ke
Dhar mendr a,
Vidya Balan and
E m r a a n
QWhats the
i dea behind
the show?
I enj oy
performing live
in front of an
audience. The
more the peo-
ple, the big-
ger the chal-
lenge. I wanted
to bring this format to
the small screen as
well. I have done a lot
of TV shows l i ke
Laughter Challenge III,
hosted Laughter
Challenge Season IV and
Bade Miya, Chote Miya.
But I was stuck with
Comedy Circus for a very
long time.
Because there was nothing new hap-
pening, I decided to break away from
routine and do something of my own.
When I was approached by Colors for
Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa, I said I needed time
to work on Comedy Nights with Kapil.
They heard the format and offered me
their platform.
QHow is this show different?
Earlier, there was Laughter
Challenge where we used to do
comedy on daily issues. Then
came Comedy Circus where we
engaged in costume drama
and paired one TV actor with
a comedian. The format of
Comedy Nights with Kapil is
completely new. In this show,
the audience is not there just
to laugh but also to participate
in the proceedings.
QHow has life changed after
Laughter Challenge?
Things were not planned,
they just happened in my life.
When I was a child, I used to do
a lot of masti and never thought
theatre would be my calling.
Before Laughter Challenge, I
was doing serious theatre. When
The Great Indian Laughter
Challenge came, I participated in the
Punjabi version and won. From then
onwards, there has been no looking back.
QIs it difficult to come out with something
funny week after week?
National TV pe itni comedy ho chuki hai
ki hum log bhi sochte hain ki ab naya kya
kare? We are coming out with this format
which is not scripted and based on pronto
Adili in Mumbai
FhS Q hew 0elhi
TV Stars Stars in
Your City explores
amchi Mumbai with girl
next door Aditi Rao
This week, Aditi will
be seen indulging in the
delights that the city has
to offer right from the
Spas to the local pani
puri walah.
Mumbai is known as
the city that never sleeps,
and that holds true when
even the Filmi Stars tend
to work day in and day out to complete their hectic shoot sched-
ule. Aditi took a break from her busy schedule to indulge in some
pampering and explore the city that she has been living in, with
UTV Stars Stars In Your City. While Aditi visited the spas to
get a back and foot massage done, which otherwise she doesnt
get herself to do; she also spoke about how important it is to be
stress free, especially if you belong to a film fraternity.
Street food cannot be ignored, and Hydari did full justice
to her pani puris. Aditi was also given a chance to go shopping,
and the diva picked up many party clothes including her all time
favourite the LBD!
Nights is
poised to break
all records and the
show's producers are
hoping to cash in on
the popularity of
Kapil, the
'l| i +ll p|u||u u|J]
Ah0 00
0F MY 0wh
Ace comedian Kail Sharma has bagged hindi lelevision's irsl ever solo
comedy show and he is oul lo lickle your unny bone as never beore,
he lells SAh0EETA YA0Av
Several recelioncumcare cenlres will be oened in lhe Cailal by
0elhi Folice or roviding lemorary accommodalion lo women in
dislress. For lhe urose, eighl 00A lals have been leased oul by lhe
00A lo 0elhi Folice. The decision was laken during a meeling wilh
various women organisalions lo review 'Securily and Saely' issues or
women in lhe halional cailal, which was chaired by Ll 0overnor
Tejendra Khanna. l was also decided lhal Secial Commissioner o
Folice Taj hasan will now hold regular meelings wilh all women grous
on lasl Friday o each monlh.
6hkhkh IkY8 hEkITh 6EhTE IhkTIh 8ThE
Fw0 and 0evelomenl Minisler Raj
Kumar Chauhan on Salurday laid
lhe oundalion slone or lhe
conslruclion o lhe heallh cenlre al
Rohini. 0n lhe occasion local
councillors Ashok Saukeen, Seema
Jalav, Shambhudyal Sharma and
local dignilaries were also resenl.
wilh lhe conslruclion o lhis heallh
cenlre, lhe eole o vijay vihar and Rohini Seclor 4 will gel irsl
medical acilily and heallh services accessible. 0F0 consullalions
including diagnosis and lrealmenl o common ailmenls, roviding ree
medicines al lhe heallh cenlre, rimary lab acililies, malernal inanl
care, immunisalion, elc will be rovided al ree o cosl lo lhe eole.
8EMIhk h IhIE6T TkXE8 khI8E
nauguraling lhe oneday seminar organised by horlhern ndia Regional
Council o nslilule o Comany secrelaries o ndia on 'ndirecl laxes -
ssues & Frosecls', Addilional 0ireclor 0eneral o Exorl Fromolion o
0earlmenl o Revenue, Minislry o Finance Manoj K Arora said lhal
major source o revenue o lhe Cenlral 0overnmenl come rom direcl
and indirecl laxes. "various reorms are laking lace in lhese areas. 0n
lhe direcl laxes side, il is direcl lax code which lakes almosl GO years
old syslem lo a new syslem where lhe eorls are being made lo kee
lhe syslem lransarenl and eicienl," he said. he urlher added lhere is
going lo be huge challenge o comliance aler coming o new lax
regime and lhe roessionals like comany secrelaries have lo resolve
lhese challenges. "For ensuring comliance in air manner under Cenlral
excise and service lax lhere is a dearlh o serious roessionals like
comany secrelaries," he said.
townhall 04
MkhEhE 8Ihh MkhkI Q
hEw 0ELh
hite-collar criminals,
cheats and fraudsters
are continuing with their
tricks unabated, with the city
fast turning into a haven for
such thugs. Statistics for the
last four years indicate a grad-
ual increase in cases of cheat-
ing, forgery and criminal
breach of trust.
In the current year alone,
1,026 cases have been regis-
tered so far, while 238 cases
were solved by the Delhi Police.
The police manage to solve
quite a dismal number of such
cases. It can be gauged from the
fact that 2,055 cases were
reported in 2012, but only 750
were worked out.
More and more cheating
cases are an alarming indica-
tion of how, in the changing
socio-economic scenario, an
increasing number of educat-
ed people some intelligent
students too are entering the
world of crime for easy money.
Many of these fraudsters fail
to get reformed in jail and
carry on after their release.
Latest statistics by the Delhi
Police reveal that 1,990 cases
were reported in 2011 in 178
police stations, compared to
1,845 cases in 2010. In 2011, we
have solved 974 cases and held
1,776 persons, while 900 cases
were cracked in 2010 and 1,395
arrested, said a police officer.
A police officer tasked with
investigation of such cases, said
many fraudsters take to crime
to fulfill their needs. There are
several type of cheating cases,
such as land grabbing after
showing forged documents,
internet banking, forged visa
applications and many more.
In the last two years, we
have noticed that the volume of
fraudulent applications has
been on the rise. In
Chanakyapuri police station,
more than five cases of cheat-
ing using fake documents on
visa applications are being reg-
istered every month, following
the complaint of a concerned
embassy, while over 70 cases of
internet banking and land grab-
bing are reported in Connaught
Place and Barakhamba police
stations, the officer added.
Data provided by the EOW
shows that 101 cases were
reported till June 20, while 120
cases were reported in 2012. In
2011, 147 cases were reported,
as compared to 148 in 2010,
the officer added.
Frauds related to land
documents are also on the
rise. As for land-related cheat-
ing, 29 cases have been report-
ed till June 10, while 43 were
registered in 2012.
27-year-old good samari-
tan, who tried to intervene
and rescued a boy from being
beaten up, was shot at by armed
miscreants in Noida Sector 64
on Friday night. He has been
admitted to hospital and is
Police said around 10.30
pm Ajay, who works in electri-
cal shop in Sector 63, was head-
ed home on his motorcycle.
The victim spotted that a man
was beaten up by three persons
near the power sub-station locat-
ed near Sector 64. He stopped
and intervened, said Vishwajeet
Srivastava, DSP of Noida.
The trio started manhan-
dling the victim and the man
being thrashed suddenly
escaped. Angry assailants
whipped out a pistol and shot
him, the DSP added.
Some passerby made a call
to the police control room and
the victim was taken to hospi-
tal. A case of attempt to mur-
der was registered and the
hunt is on to nab the abscond-
ing persons.
he Noida Police has arrest-
ed a 26-year-old man for
attempting to murder of his
wife. Shravan Yadav on
Thursday night tried to kill his
wife Bharti Yadav by stabbing
her as the couple was under-
going strained relationship
since their marriage. Bharti
was allegedly stabbed 27 times.
Police said that the victim was
attacked by her husband and
later he cooked up a false story
to mislead the police.
The accused thought that
the victim will die however she
survived and based on her
statement before a city magis-
trate, a case of attempt to mur-
der was registered at Sector 39
police station. And the accused
was arrested. Police is now
looking out for the accomplice
of the accused person and they
have recovered the knife from
the possession of the accused.
The victim also told the police
that Shravan wanted to kill her
because she wasnt fulfilling his
dowry demands and he want-
ed to continue his extra-mar-
ital affairs. The incident
occurred when the couple
reached Sector-41. Yadav
stopped the car and told her
that he wanted to urinate. After
parking his car, he told her that
he would return in a minute
but within seconds, he came
back and told her that someone
was hiding behind the tree.
Then Bharti also came out
from the car and Yadav asked
her wife to look out in the
opposite side, when she turned,
he immediately whipped out
the knife and stabbed her
repeatedly. One of his friends
also came and grabbed the vic-
tim, the victim told the police
in her statement.
The couple got married in
2012, and had been living sep-
arately for the past two
months. After their marriage,
the couple had regular fights
and the victim finally moved
out two months ago. On last
Thursday, Shravan had gone to
the victims parents house in
Bhaupur village and taken her
to a mall. Later in the evening,
he asked to come with him at
his brothers residence and on
the way, he attacked his wife,
the officer added.
Bharti, police said, received
injuries on her chest, abdomen
and throat and is recuperating
at the Kailash Hospital in
Noida. She has sustained
numerous deep wounds on
her neck, face, chin, hands
and arms, said Dr Sarika of
Kailash Hospital.
Police said Shravan had
injuries on his left arm, which
seem to have been made with
a blade-like object. Based on
the victims statement, we again
questioned Yadav and after
the sustained interrogation he
broke down and confessed to
his crime, said Shivram Yadav,
Circle Officer-I, Noida.
F40cate4 c0amea Ive
crIme a aeW 4ImeasI0a
Victim`s luslano arresteo for Noioa stalling
khI8k FkVEEh Q
hEw 0ELh
dmissions through sports
and extra curricular activ-
ities quota have begun in col-
leges. To pep up spirits, Hindu
College is upgrading its premis-
es to provide better facilities.
The college sports ground is
getting a makeover and will be
opened from this academic
session. The college has already
started a gym.
The sports ground, which
was taken over for the
Commonwealth Games, was
lying abandoned. Now, it will
be completely revamped. The
ground was made into a rugby
field but has now got all pre-
existing sports facilities
restored. Additionally, a state-
of-the-art gym has also been
constructed for all students to
follow fitness routines, said
principal Pradumn Kumar.
The gym is well-equipped
and free, unlike many other
colleges like Miranda House,
where students have to pay on
a monthly basis. The col-
lege also plans to intro-
duce few more sports
on the list for admission
under sports quota.
Students adept at
cricket, basketball and lawn
tennis and in swimming and
diving are eligible for admission
under the quota at present.
From next year, football,
table tennis and bad-
minton (boys and girls)
would also find a place.
The college has a lot
to boast of, as it has bred
some famous personalities like
Gautam Gambhir and Murli
Karthik in sports and has a
wide range of artistic fields like
debating, dance (classical and
western), dramatics, creative
writing and music to offer
under the extra curricular
activities (ECA) category.
New Delhi: Expressing concern for the environment, Delhi Chief
Minister on Saturday urged people to grow more trees. She cau-
tioned against ecological imbalance at a time when India is watch-
ing the results of a man-made disaster in horror. According to
the CM, sincere endeavours should be made to put at least one-
third of Delhi under green cover.
Dikshit was speaking at the launch of plantation drive on
Saturday. She kickstarted the campaign by planting saplings at Ujwa
village of west Delhi. Environmental imbalance may cause nat-
ural calamities similar to what happened in Uttarakhand, she said.
Dikshit exhorted citizens to plant saplings now that monsoon
was here and take care of trees. She pointed out how children have
been contributing substantially in expanding the green cover of
Delhi. According to officials, the environment department will
distribute saplings across the city during the drive.
The Chief Minister said the forest department and 20 other
Government agencies have been directed to plant around 15 lakhs
saplings in the monsoon. Staff Reporter
Exand your cily's green cover: CM
27yrold man
shol al while
saving boy
l||u|J B|+||i Y+J+1 +J|i||J i| || |upi|+l +|J
(i||) S||+1+| Y+J+1 Piu|| p|u|u
Ia40 sr0ces 0 s0rts facIIItIes
kpriI 1: vishwanalh Tanlri, 48yearold ormer manager o a
housing inance comany, was arresled by lhe economic
oences wing or allegedly duing lhe comany o C1.5 crore
by disbursing loans lo nonexislenl eole. he was wanled in
85 cases o chealing and declared a roclaimed oender
May 4: Managing direclor o a conslruclion comany was
arresled by lhe Secial Cell o 0elhi Folice or allegedly duing
5OO inveslors o C2O crore. Ralan Lal 0arera has allegedly been
involved in GO cases
May 16: Chie managing direclor o Jv0 0rou, a grou
shul down in 1OOO, was arresled by lhe Crime Branch o 0elhi
Folice. vK Sharma, who aimed al selling u a C12,OOOcrore
business emire, allegedly ended u as a cheal who dued
lakhs o eole o around C1,OOO crore
1une 17: Two Mumbaibased businessmen, bolh direclors
o comanies dealing in manuacluring o edible oils, were
arresled or allegedly duing nduslrial Finance Cororalion o
ndia (FC) o C5 crore. Accused Ashok Kumar Ralhi, who is
direclor o Maven nduslries Lld and vijay B Shelhia o Jayesh
0il Trade Fvl Lld, allegedly oblained working cailal loan rom
FC lhrough raud
Years ToIaI no. 8oIved Fersons
oI rases
2O1O 1,845 OOO 1,8O5
2O11 1,OOO O84 1,77G
2O12 2,O55 75O 1,2O8
2O18 1,O2G 288 411
`Lp tc May 31
h I 6hEkTIh 6k8E8
NEW DELHI: Many col-
leges of Delhi University on
Saturday started conducting
trial and fitness test for
admissions under the sports
quota. St Stephens College
with 20 seats conducted
the basketball trials for
women, which was attended
by around 30 students. The
Sri Guru Teg Bahadur Khalsa
College too conducted bad-
minton trial, while Kirori
Mal College held football
and hockey tr y-ups.
Hansraj College and Sri Ram
Col l ege of Commerce
organised fitness test. SR
Fitnoss tosts start
Su|l+|J |u|] |+| p|+|i +| |i|Ju Cull |u|] |uu|J Ju|i|
Cu||u|W+l|| +| i| 2J!J |il p|u|u
Brand new gym
at Hindu College
is well-equipped
and free, unlike
other colleges
1. Name of work Procurement and laying of 0.5mm (UA)
Jelly Field Cable of various types for
expansion of outdoor plant at Military
Station Palampur.
2. Completion of work Within 210 days from date of issue of
supply order.
3. Date of issue of tender Within 21 days from publication of
document tender notice
4. Closing date for Within 45 days from publication of this
submission of tender tender notice
5. EMD to be submitted C9,00,000/- (Rupees nine lakhs only)
alongwith tender
The above mentioned work consists of the items listed below:-
Ser Items A/U Total Qty
No. (in meter)
1. 200 Pair JFC (0.5mm UA) Meter 2000
2. 100 Pair JFC (0.5mm UA) Meter 20000
3. 50 Pair JFC (0.5mm UA) Meter 8500
4. 20 Pair JFC (0.5mm UA) Meter 15000
5. 10 Pair JFC (0.5mm UA) Meter 12000
6. Pilar Box 200 pr Nos 04
7. 200 pair DP Nos 08
8. 100 pair DP Nos 06
9. 50 pair DP Nos 10
10. 20 pair OP Nos 20
11. 10 pair DP Nos 42
12 Jointing Kit (200 Pairs) Nos 21
13. Jointing Kit (100 Pairs) Nos 10
14. Jointing Kit (50 Pairs) Nos 10
15. Jointing Kit (20 Pairs) Nos 20
16. Jointing Kit (10 Pairs) Nos 10
17. MDF (500 pr) Nos 02
18. Charge of Digging! Refilling Channel Meter 42500
including Trench Marking for UG Cables
19. Route Indicators Nos 460
20. Krone Module (10 lines) Nos 2000
21. Krone Tools Nos 40
22. MDF 400 Pr Nos 05
23. Rozette Bax Nos 2000
24. Jumper Wire (500 Mtr Roll) Meter 15000
Note : Intending (only OEM's and their nominated agencies)
may obtain tender document and detailed specification from the
office of Chief Signal Officer HQ 16 Corps, PIN - 908516, c/o
56 APO at a cost of C 500/- (Rupees five hundred only) on all
working days from 1000 hrs to 1600 hrs within 21 days after
publication of this tender notice. Tender documents completed
in all respects must reach to Chief Signal Officer, HQ 16 Corps,
PIN-908516, c/o 56 APO within 45 days from publication of this
notice. No piecemeal bid will be accepted and the dealers will
be required to produce the equipment during the technical eval-
uation on No Cost No Commitments Basis. No deviation
will be acceptable on specifications. Annual turnover of firm to
be at least C 8.32 Crore. The registered vendor should have
completed similar turnkey projects in the past successfully.
Equipment/items should be approved by DoT/BSNL.
davp 10603/11/00011/1314
landmark 05
fter the first spell of mon-
soon flooded many areas,
t he recedi ng Yamuna i s
leaving behind a trail of
water-borne diseases.
Experts have warned
against dengue and malaria
since stagnant water accu-
mulated in low-lying regions
is bound to breed mosqui-
toes. New Ashok Nagar,
Mayur Vihar, Okhla, Ganesh
Nagar, Lalita Park, Geeta
Col ony, Kai l ash Nagar,
Wazirabad and Timarpura
are particularly vulnerable.
Water-logging breeds
insects, increasing the risk of
vector-borne diseases. This
year, the rain was received at
some parts in larger quantity
and makes them prone. It is
impossible to completely con-
trol our surroundings but pre-
cautions should be taken, said
Sushum Sharma, head of the
department of internal medi-
cine at Max Hospital, Gurgaon.
Sharma pointed out the Aedes
mosquito, which carry dengue,
breed in clean water too.
North Delhi Municipal
Corporation Commissioner
PK Gupta agreed that diseases
are expected to rise and said
NMC would soon start a cam-
paign to make people aware of
precautions. The rains have
just come and now we will start
the process of issuing adver-
tisements, hand bills and radio
publicity to make the citizens
aware. Fumigation is on.
House-to-house checking of
mosquito breeding is also being
looked after. Till now, there has
been no major outbreak,
Gupta said.
We have started fumigat-
ing several locations every
evening where makeshift
camps are set up, to ensure
there is no mosquito breeding,
said Dharam Pal, Divisional
Commissioner (Revenue
Department). He added that
mobile dispensaries were dis-
tributing medicines.
Doctors suggest the usual
precautions. Apply mosquito
repellent cream. Aedes mos-
quitoes dont fly very high, so
parts of foot and lower parts of
body are where they attack,
said Navneet Kaur, internal
medicine specialist at Nova
Specialty Surgery. Fever should
not be taken lightly and self-
medication avoided.
Six malaria cases have been
reported in Delhi in June,
while 13 cases were recorded in
May. Seven cases of dengue
have been reported this season.
In 2012, 2,093 cases of dengue
were reported in Delhi.
kkE8h kh1kh Q hEw 0ELh
o counter the Congress-led
Delhi Governments ongo-
ing publicity campaign ahead
of the Assembly polls, the three
BJP-ruled municipal bodies
have decided to go hammer
and tongs on highlighting
their achievements.
They will use their prop-
erties schools, health centres,
municipal offices and dispen-
saries to showcase projects
and work undertaken by them.
Source said recently, Delhi
BJP president Vijay Goel
directed leaders of the deliber-
ative wing all corporations to
kickstart a rigorous advertise-
ment campaign highlighting
the last years achievements,
since the corporations came
into existence.
All viable options to go to
the public with their achieve-
ments are being explored and
sources said all departments
have directions to compile a list
of their work.
Meanwhile, South Delhi
Municipal Corporation
(SDMC) has almost completed
an aggressive campaign strat-
egy to counter the Congress
hoardings, radio jingles and
television advertisements.
As several corporations
properties will be used to dis-
pl ay work and proj ects,
expenses over campaign will
also be less. It will be strate-
gic campaign health centres
will be used to highlight ini-
tiative taken by us to improve
health services. Similarly,
schools will display improve-
ment in education sectors,
said a source in SDMC.
SDMC jurisdiction includes
588 municipal schools, nearly 40
dispensaries, 52 maternity and
child care centres. All munici-
pal offices and around 30 sites
may also be used.
Leaders of North and East
Corporation said they are
chalking out strategy.
n a pleasant surprise in elec-
tion year, the BJP ruled North
Delhi Municipal Corporation
has cleared decks for regulari-
sation of unauthorised con-
structions. The civic body has
decided to launch a self-assess-
ment scheme for regularisation
of unauthorised construction
already carried out by the pub-
lic to the extent as permissible
in respect of ground coverage,
FAR and height according to
the Master Plan-2021.
The decision was taken in
the standing committee meet-
ing recently. It is being touted
as counter to the Delhi
Governments decision of reg-
ularisation of unauthorised
colonies in the Capital.
As per the decision, a prop-
erty would only be required to
produce a set of documents
with self-assessment of the
portion which is sought to be
regularised. According to the
scheme, the applicant should be
asked to ensure that the file
contains several requisite doc-
uments such as: two sets of plan
of existing construction, duly
signed by owner and registered
architect; copy of ownership
documents, self-attested, sup-
ported by an indemnity bond,
structural stability certificate of
structural engineer; certificate
of registered architect that
building conforms to the devel-
opment control norms as per
Master Plan-2021, the circular
issued in this regard said.
Standing Committee
Chairman Ram Kishan SInghal
said the applicant shall be
required to demolish the unau-
thorised construction, which
does not fall within the ambit
of permissible limit as per
MPD-2021. After the filing of
documentations the corpora-
tion will allot a separate file
number to the applicant. Also
a separate register will be main-
tained by the corporation to
keep record of such cases. The
executive engineer shall main-
tain a direct supervision of the
register, Singhal said.
As per the circular, the
applicant will have to file an affi-
davit that the said property
does not encroach upon the pri-
vate or public land. The owner
has also to file an affidavit that
the unauthorised construction
which does not fulfill the pro-
visions of MPD has been demol-
ished. Requisite NOC from con-
cerned agencies like ASI, Delhi
Metro and others will be manda-
tory if applicable, it read.
Singhal said in order to
make the scheme a success, and
dispel any ambiguity, the var-
ious procedures have been
devised which the zonal build-
ing departments would strict-
ly abide by. With this move,
the sale of properties in the area
will gain momentum and in
turn will benefit public at large
in sale and purchase of prop-
erties, he added.
8M0 Iaas re0IarIsatI0a seIfassessmeat
8Ikhk 8EhFTk Q
hEw 0ELh
he much-publicised ticket
vending machines installed
at various Metro stations by
DMRC for the convenience of
commuters a year ago have
proved to be a flop show.
Nearly half of them dont work
and during peak hours, there
are long queues in evidence.
Three ticket vending
machines have been installed at
Rajiv Chowk Metro Station, but
none of them were found func-
tioning. Taking cognisance of
this, the Ministry of Urban
Development has shot off a let-
ter to DMRC to fix them.
Although we have inti-
mated DMRC authorities in
January, they are still unable to
repair the fault, a senior offi-
cial of the Ministry said.
Ticket vending machines at
Dilshad Garden too dont func-
tion. At present, 60 machines
are installed at 32 Metro sta-
tions on Line 1 including
Dilshad Garden, Jhilmil,
Shahdara, Welcome,
Seelampur, Shastri Park, Tis
Hazari, Shastri Nagar, Netaji
Subhash Place, Kohat Enclave,
Pitampura, Rohini East, Rohini
West, Rithala.
On Line 2, Jahangirpuri,
Adarsh Nagar, Azadpur, GTB
Nagar, Vishwavidyalaya,
Kashmere Gate, Chandni
Chowk, Chawri Bazar, New
Delhi, Rajiv Chowk, INA,
AIIMS, Hauz Khas, Malviya
Nagar, Saket, Sikanderpur, MG
Road and IFFCO Chowk have
also ticket Metro station. Half
of them are not in working
A DMRC spokesperson,
however, said that they will
look into the matter and all
machines will be repaired
soon. He also said there is a
plan to install about 90 more
machines at 51 other Metro
stations on the Lines 2,3,4,5
and 6. The move to install
ticket vending machine was
taken in a bid to reduce pres-
sure on the manual ticketing
system. Commuters, who have
credit cards, will also be able
to recharge their Metro Smart
Card through the ticket
vending machine.
k1E8h kMk Q hEw 0ELh
he Delhi Government has
refused to take up extension
projects of three Metro lines in
neighbouring Noida,
Ghaziabad and Faridabad.
Instead, it has asked the States
to set up their own Metro Rail
Corporations, similar to
DMRC, to initiate new projects.
Top Government sources
told The Pioneer that Delhi
Government representatives
said DMRC was already over-
worked due to ongoing pro-
jects in the Capital.
The officials made it clear
that the neighbouring States
must set up corporations on
lines of Delhi Metro to start
new projects in their areas,
said a source.
The Government refused
to kickstart construction of
lines connecting Noida City
Centre to Sector 62, YMCA
Chowk in Faridabad to
Ballabhgarh and Dilshad
Garden to New Bus Terminal
in Ghaziabad near the
Mahamaya Sports Stadium,
at the recently held meeting of
the board of directors of Delhi
Metro. It was chaired by Union
Urban Development Secretary
Sudhir Krishna. Delhi Govern-
ment consent is mandatory to
start new projects in NCR
region as it has 50 per cent
share in Delhi Metro.
Sources further stated that
the three proposed Metro lines
were not even approved by the
Group of Ministers (GoMs) on
mass rapid transit system,
headed by Defence Ministry
AK Antony. Even, the Delhi
Government had not been
consulted before the proposal.
Sources said both Haryana
and Uttar Pradesh are expect-
ed to take up the issue with the
GoM. It is likely to be brought
up in the next board meeting
of Delhi Metro, next month.
However, sources claimed
the Delhi Government refused
to work for Metro line in
Gurgaon because it was not
happy with neighbouring
Haryana Governments atti-
tude over the water issue.
8Ikhk 8EhFTk Q
hEw 0ELh
he DMRC and the State
Transport Department are
at loggerheads over the
increase in fares of Metro
feeder buses. As Delhi Metro
Rail Corporation has been
incurring loses daily by run-
ning feeder bus services, it has
written to the State Transport
Authority (STA) to waive off
composite fee which is C2,400
per month at present.
However, the authority turned
down DMRC proposal instead
it urged to hike bus fare.
DMRC run 120 feeder
buses plying on 15 routes
which connect important
Metro Station to nearby local-
ities. As per an estimate,
around 50,000 passengers trav-
el in those feeder buses per day.
In a recent letter, the
DMRC has requested the
Government to waive off the
composite fees of C2,400 per
month as the average earning
has been decreased substan-
tially. The letter mentions that
earning per/km is C25.43 while
expenditure is C30.50 per/km
and thus the average loss is C
5.26 per/km. However, the STA
declined the facts, said a senior
official of the Delhi Metro.
Presently, fare of feeder is
C5-C15 depending on the dis-
tance travelled. Metro clearly
told them that we wont be able
to increase the fare of feeder
buses to make up their loss as
its an unviable project, he said.
For making up their loss,
the State Transport
Department has asked them to
set up more commercial mar-
kets and shops below the
Metro stations so that they
could be able to make up the
loss, the DMRC official said.
Civic looies to tale B]P
lattle to Congress court
Scleme will lel
F8FF0ll F0I 0F 60l0
li|| 1|Ji| |+|i|
+ |lup |uW |u| |RC
Govt refuses consent to three
new Metro lines in NCR
!MRC, Jransort !et figlt over fare
Floodwators rooodo, loavo
bohind risk o disoaso
Apply mosquito
cream. Aedes
don't fly
high, so
parts of
foot and
lower parts of
body are where
they attack
|AV|EEl |AuR, i||||+l |Jii|
pi+li| +| |u1+ Spi+l|] Su||]

nation 06
Th khhkThk Q MuMBA
ess than 24 hours after a
building crash at Mumbra
in the neighbouing Thane dis-
trict claimed 10 lives, one more
building collapsed at Dahisar in
north Mumbai, leaving seven
persons dead and an equal
number of others injured.
The four-storey Piyush
building, located on Yeshwant
Tawade Marg at Dahisar (east),
caved in like a proverbial pack
of cards, at 6.45 am.
Of the seven persons killed
in the mishap, five had been
identified till the evening. The
dead included an eight-year-
old girl, identified as Bhagpat
Mansingh Lagsal.
During the day, fire brigade
personnel rescued seven others
from under the debris.
Of the seven injured per-
sons, five reportedly sustained
severe injuries. The injured per-
sons are undergoing treatment
at the Bhagawati Hospital at
neighbouring suburb of Borivli.
Having been declared as
dangerous two years ago, the
Piyush building had been
vacated. The affected residents
move to undertake re-devel-
opment work at the vacated
building subsequently did not
materialise as they did not
receive conveyance deed from
the builder concerned.
With the affected residents
not in position to undertake re-
development work in the
absence of conveyance rights,
some local vegetable vendors
had illegally occupied the
vacant building and were living
there for the last few months.
Among those killed in
Saturdays mishap were two
vegetable vendors Fauzan
Shaikh and Dharmendra
Harijan, both aged 22 years.
Later in the day, two other bod-
ies were identified as that of Asif
Shaikh ( 20) and Yadav (40).
Local MP Sanjay Nirupam,
who visited the mishap site,
assured the affected residents that
he would take up the matter with
the authorities concerned and get
them deemed conveyance to
facilitate them to undertake the
redevelopment work.
The Dahisar collapse is
third monsoon-related building
crash witnessed in Mumbai
and surrounding areas during
the last 10 days.
Earlier on June 10, 10 per-
sons were killed when a four-
storey building Altaf Mansion
collapsed at Mahim in south-
central Mumbai. On Friday, a
three-storey building crashed at
Mumbra in the neighbouring
Thane district, leaving 10 per-
sons dead and 14 others injured.
In a pre-monsoon survey
conducted by the Brihan
mumbai Municipal Corporation,
as many as 959 buildings in the
metropolis were identified as
Following the Altaf Mansion
collapse, Mumbai Municipal
Commissioner Sitaram Kunte
reviewed the situation and
directed the civic officials to issue
public notices to residents of all
buildings which are more than
30 year old to carry out an emer-
gency structural audit within 30
days and submit the report to the
local ward office. He also ordered
that eviction notices be issued to
all buildings that were deemed
as extremely dangerous.
Th khhkThk Q MuMBA
mid-air bomb scare that
forced a Kuala Lumpur-
bound Oman Air flight to
make an emergency landing at
the city airport on Saturday
afternoon, proved to be hoax.
Following the bomb threat,
the Kuala Lumpur-bound aircraft
with 190 passengers onboard,
made an emergency landing at
the Chhatrapati International
Airport here at 1.45 pm. Soon
after its safe landing, the aircraft
was directed to an isolated bay
of the airport where cabin lug-
gage was searched and passen-
gers were frisked. The bomb
scare was declared as hoax by the
airport authorities.
Srinagar: Militants on Saturday struck in the heart
of the city shooting two policemen dead from
point blank range in an apparent attempt to viti-
ate the atmosphere ahead of the Prime Ministers
visit to the State.
Using silencer-fitted pistols, the ultras carried
out the attack at busy Hari Singh High Street near
Jehangir Chowk on Saturday, resulting in critical
injuries to Head constable Mohammed Maqbool
and constable Nazir Ahmed, police said.
While Maqbool died on his way to hospital,
Nazir Ahmed succumbed to his injuries when he
was being operated in the hospital, they said.
A 16-year-old girl, identified as Ishrat of
Ganderbal, was also injured in the attack as she
was hit by a bullet in the arm, the police said.
The attack comes three days ahead of high
profile two-day visit of the Prime Minister
Manmohan Singh to the state during which he will
inaugurate the railway section between Banihal
and Qazigund. Singh is scheduled to arrive here
on June 25. PTI
Again, Mumlai cave-in leaves 7 oeao
l| J||i u| || |uu||u|] 'Pi]u| ||+| +| |+|i| JuW| +| +|i+| i| |u|||
|u||+i u| S+|u|J+] Piu|| p|u|u
khmedabad: 0escribing ullarakhand lood as a nalional calaslrohe,
0ujaral Chie Minisler harendra Modi oered all ossible assislance lo
lhe loodaecled eole o lhe hill Slale.
Modi said lhal no words are enough lo console ilgrims rom all over
ndia who losl lheir relalives and riends, and lo share lhe lrauma o
lhe survivors."The loss o lives and roerly o lhe local eole in lhe
ury o loods is jusl beyond descrilion. Breaches on roads and
bridges and breakdown in lhe communicalion syslem made lhe
rescue and relie oeralion in inaccessible and remole areas all lhe
more insurmounlable," he said, adding lhal 0ujaral is willing lo
suorl wholehearledly in lhe rehabililalion o lhe local oulalion.
hk EXTEh8 hEIFIh hkh
6handigarh: wilh ullarakhand in lhe gri o lood ury, haryana Chie
Minisler Bhuinder Singh hooda on Salurday mel his ullarakhand
counlerarl vijay Bahuguna al 0ehradun and assured all hel or relie
and rescue oeralions o lhe eole aecled by lhe devaslalion. he
lel his helicoler al lhe disosal o ullarakhand 0overnmenl or lhe
relie oeralions. hooda said lhe haryana 0overnmenl would soon
disalch 5O,OOO blankels or lhe aecled eole. 0n behal o lhe
eole o haryana, lhe Slale unil o Fradesh Congress is also
roviding one Falcon Jel Aircral or relie oeralions, he added.
8k81F T hkTE hEMhTh 8kIkY
6handigarh: All MFs and MLAs o Funjab belonging lo Shiromani
Akali 0al and lhe BJF on Salurday decided lo donale onemonlh
salary lowards relie and rehabililalion measures or lhe viclims and
lheir amilies aecled by ullarakhand loods.
A sokesman o lhe Funjab 0overnmenl said lhal a dedicaled leel o
over 2OO buses, including over a 15O drawn rom various 0overnmenl
dearlmenls, including lhe Funjab Folice, are lying roundlheclock
or evacualion and sae lransil o lhe ilgrims and olhers being
evacualed rom various arlung loodaecled areas.
hITI8h TEIEFhhE8 8khhk
FaIna: Bihar Chie Minisler hilish Kumar on Salurday lalked lo his
counlerarl in lhe himalayan Slale lo exress solidarily. The CM held
a highlevel meeling and announced Rs 2 lakh comensalion lo lhe
amilies o lhe dead rom lhe Slale. he has also ordered lo send a
leam o oicers lo coordinale relie o ilgrims rom lhe Slale.
EhIT 6kMFIh Ih Ehkh
1aipur: Rajaslhan Chie Minisler Ashok 0ehlol is caming in
0ehradun and is suervising rescue and relie works or eole o
Slale lraed in rainravaged ullarakhand, oicials said.
6FI, 6I8I 6kE hkTE 1kY 8kIkY
heW eIhi: Troos o aramililary orces CRFF and CSF have decided
lo donale lheir oneday salary lolalling aboul Rs 28 crore or lhe
viclims o ullarakhand loods. The orces, rendering inlernal securily
dulies in lhe counlry, will deosil lhe money in lhe Frime Minislers
Relie Fund by lhe nexl week. The Cenlral Reserve Folice Force
(CRFF) conlribulion will be aboul Rs 18 crore while anolher 1O crore
would be ilched in by lhe jawans and oicers o lhe Cenlral
nduslrial Securily Force (CSF) which guards 5O ndian civil airorls.
TTkkkhkh V T hkTE 8kIkY
hainiIaI: ullarakhand 0overnor A/i/ 0ureshi will donale his one
monlh's salary or lhe loodhil eole o lhe Slale. Besides lhis, he
will also give 1O er cenl o his salary every monlh or relie work
lill normalcy is reslored in lhe rainravaged Slale, an oical
sokesman said.
khk6hkI 6h MIk8 TI T hkTE
IIanagar: Arunachal Fradesh Chie Minisler habam Tuki requesled all
Congress MLAs o lhe Slale lo donale lheir one monlh's salary lo lhe
CM Relie Fund or relie and rehabililalion o lhe viclims o lhe nalural
calamily in ullarakhand.
Patiala: The Shri Hemkunt
Sahib Management Trust on
Saturday said no damage has
been caused to the Hemkunt
Sahib shrine by the rain fury
in Uttarakhand and it is safe.
The main Gurdwara
building is intact and no loss
has been caused to the sanc-
tum sanctorum where the
Birs (religious scriptures) is
installed, Vice Chairman
Narinderjit Singh Bindra said.
He told PTI over phone
that he had received informa-
tion from SHSMT staff from
Hemkunt Sahib that on the
intervening night of June 16
and 17, water level of the lake
adjoining the shrine had
increased as glacier from the
uphill came down.
The staffers have erected
embankments of sand bags in
and around the Gurdwara.
Bindra said the Punjab
Government and other organ-
isations should coordinate with
them before sending relief
material and vehicles so that
we could inform them what
type of help is required there.
Asked about the rescue
operation at Hemkunt Sahib
and Gurdwara Govind Dham,
he said that all pilgrims
woul d be evacuated by
Sunday morning. PTI
TE6h 8hk h8
8himIa: 0ne AF choer being grounded due
lo mechanical aull and olhers likely lo be
diverled lo ullarakhand or rescue oeralions,
lhe himachal Fradesh 0overnmenl aces an
uhill lask lo evacuale 5OO slranded eole in
Kinnaur, including 4O oreign nalionals. 0n
Salurday, only 2O eole were evacualed rom
Kinnaur as lhe Slaleowned Fawan hans
helicoler could nol lake u ull load due lo
varialion in air ressure and managed lo make
only lwo sorlies. Such is lhe silualion lhal lhe
Slale 0overnmenl had requesled lhe Cenlral
0overnmenl lo send some more AF choers
lo evacuale over 5OO slranded eole.
hF VT 8EEk8 VE
C1,400 6E kI
8himIa: The himachal 0overnmenl has
demanded an aid o over Rs 1,4OO crore rom
halional 0isasler Relie Fund (h0RF) o
Cenlral 0overnmenl lo carry oul relie and
rescue oeralions in lhe rainaecled areas,
including worslaecled Kinnaur dislricl.
According lo lhe reorl, lill now lolal o 24
dealhs have been reorled, including 2O in
Kinnaur, lwo in Sirmaur and lwo in Shimla and
more lhan 1O,OOO animals have been reorled
lo have erished due lo excessive snowall in
higher reaches o Kinnaur dislricl.
161 Ik FIIIM8 E86E,
11Z h WkY T hME
8hubanesWar: As many as 151 0dia ilgrims
lraed in various localions o ullarakhand due
lo lood and landslide have been rescued so ar
and o lhem 112 ersons are already on lheir
way lo 0disha. however, sources said lhal lhere
was no inormalion o any casually o ilgrims
rom lhe Slale slranded in ullarakhand, amidsl
reorls lhal many more devolees rom 0disha
are slill sluck al various areas in lhe hill Slale.
7 8IE8 E6VEE Ih
TTk FkE8h IVE8
IurknoW: As clear wealher boosled rescue
oeralions in loodravaged arls o ullar
Fradesh, esecially in lhe weslern region,
bodies o seven ersons which reorledly
came loaling rom ullarakhand were recov
ered loday rom Bijnore and Bulandshahr dis
lricls. According lo olice, our bodies - lwo
each in hagla and hajibabad areas o Bijnore,
and lhree in harora area o Bulandshahr were
recovered rom lhe rivers.
8FE6IkI TkIh I 8TkhE
khhk Fk88EhE8
ajahmundry: The Soulh Cenlral Railway
(SCR) which is running a secial lrain wilh 18
coaches rom 0elhi lo Secunderabad or lhe
ilgrims relurning rom ullarakhand has
decided lo exlend il lo visakhaalnam. The
lrain lel 0elhi yeslerday (June 21) al 218Ohrs.
khhk FkE8h 6M 6I8EIY
hyderabad: Andhra Fradesh Chie Minisler h
Kiran Kumar Reddy direcled lhe chie secrelary
and olher senior bureaucrals lo closely monilor
and exedile oeralions lo bring back Slale's il
grims and lourisls who had gone lo ullarakhand
which was ravaged by rains and lash loods.
167 I 671 TkMII hk
6hennai: Tamil hadu 0overnmenl said157 o
lhe lolal G71 ilgrims rom lhe Slale, slranded
in loodravaged ullarakhand, have relurned
home and oicials have eslablished conlacl
wilh over 88O ersons slill awailing relurn.
From Page 1
For the first time, a heli-
bridge was also created at
Govind Ghat in Badrinath
Valley to transport pilgrims
across the Alaknanda River
even as the road from Gangotri
to Harsil was cleared and
opened for light vehicles.
The Army also managed to
restore the road link between
Badrinath and Joshimath there-
by ensuring speedy removal of
pilgrims from Joshimath where
12,000 people were believed to
be trapped. The Army is now
concentrating on evacuating
people from Kedarnath.
Officials said nearly 70,000
people have so far been far res-
cued and Uttarakhand Chief
Minister Vijay Bahuguna said
the death toll could have
crossed the 1,000-mark.
More than 45 IAF heli-
copters and 11 helicopters of the
Army Aviation Corps are now
engaged in the operations and
made more than 800 sorties.
The Army rescued all bar-
ring 25 people from Gagariya
on the Hemkund axis. Weather
permitting the remaining pil-
grims will be evacuated at the
earliest, Army officials said.
Food and medicines were
dropped and two medical
teams were deployed at Gauri
Kund to treat patients.
Incidentally, Gauri Kund is the
last road and pilgrims then trek
14 km on an unpaved track to
Kedarnath shrine.
Flash floods last week
washed away the track trapping
more than 30,000 people and
the Army, IAF and Indo-
Tibetan Border Police (ITBP)
had managed to evacuate most
of them, officials said.
Early on Saturday morn-
ing, Army teams prepared a
helipad at Jungle Chatti which
facilitated evacuation from one
of the most dangerous and
inaccessible areas of Kedar
Valley. This helipad is now
being expanded to facilitate
landing of Dhruv helicopters.
The Army also constructed
two helipads at Gauri Kund.
Focusing on re-establishing
road connectivity, the Army
operationalised the foot track
between Govind Ghat and
Lambagar on Badrinath road.
Another Army team con-
ducting road clearing opera-
tions from Badrinath to
Lambagar successfully
launched a foot bridge over
Alaknanda, thus opening the
foot route from Badrinath to
Govindghat. The road from
Govindghat to Joshimath is
open to vehicular traffic.
Across all landslides, peo-
ple are made to cross on foot
and in between any two land-
slides, vehicles are being used.
Two staging areas at Sukhi
and Gangnani were established
to provide food and medi-
cines to evacuated people. An
Army team reached Barkot on
Yamunotri axis on Saturday
and evacuation of nearly 700
trapped people at Yamunotri
will start on Sunday.
In Tawaghat - Dharchula
axis in Pithoragarh district, the
Army was in the process of
establishing link up with approx-
imately 1,000 people in Sobala
Valley and medical teams and
food was sent to them on
Saturday. The Army has so far
evacuated 18,500 people and
deployed 10,000 soldiers for res-
cue and relief operations.
In a very innovative move,
the IAF established an aviation
fuel supply bridge at Dharasu
to give greater impetus to res-
cue operations which were
severely restricted due to non-
availability of aviation fuel.
The first C 130J aircraft
landed at Dharasu (a landing
ground only 1,300 meters long)
on Saturday despite inclement
weather. On landing the aircraft
de-fueled 8,000 litres of fuel
into an empty bowser which
was airlifted on Friday from
Sarsawa (Punjab) by a MI 26
helicopter. Apart from carrying
fuel to Dharasu, the C-130 J on
its return trip carried about 215
stranded pilgrims to Air Force
Station at Hindon, in
The C-130 transport planes
brought them to the Air Force
base in three trips. Ghaziabad
Police said in the first trip the
airplane lifted 40 people from
Jolly Grant Airport in
Dehradun. Out of this group, 11
people were from Delhi and
adjoining areas and the rest of
the people were the National
Disaster Management Authority
personnel and doctors.
The second sortie res-
cued 114 people and the third
brought 90 victims to the
Hindon Air Force base, where
they were give food, water and
transportation to take them to
their final destinations, SP
City Shiv Shankar Yadav said.
An emergency medical cen-
tre has been set up at Air Force
Station Hindan for the medical
check-up of all the arriving
tourists for immediate attention.
Having paved the way for
fixed wing aircraft landing at
Dharasu, the IAF also pressed its
AN-32 aircraft into action.
These aircraft are carrying dis-
aster communication equip-
ment vehicles, some more avi-
ation fuel, Sudan pumps for
refueling the helicopters and
4,200 kg of bridging equipment
for Border Roads Organsiation
(BRO). The heavy lift MI-26
helicopter will also be airlifting
the heavy equipment of BRO to
facilitate road repair and con-
struction work.
From Page 1
The police cornered Col (Retd)
Somanath Parida, who lived in the Nayapalli
area in Bhubaneswar, after chopped body
parts of his wife Usashri were found inside
nearly two dozen steel containers in two iron
boxes at their home. The police were alert-
ed by some relatives on Friday after they sus-
pected foul play.
During a search, police stumbled
upon 22 steel containers with body parts
along with some dissection instruments.
Police also found a plastic bag inside a bath-
room in which they suspect the leg bones
of the dead woman were kept.
Although police suspect Parida killed
his wife a fortnight ago, he has yet to con-
fess to the crime. He told the police that
his wife committed suicide. However,
Parida admitted that he cut the body into
pieces as he wanted to keep the matter
secret as his wifes death would have
shocked their two children who lived
In the other case, police said a princi-
pal of a junior college in Nalasopara
(East) in Mumbai paid his student Rs
50,000 for murdering his wife.
Amarjeet Singh, 30, hatched a plan to
kill his wife Kiran, 28, as he suspected her
of spying on him.
Singh also roped in his former student
Akbarali Warsi, 20, in the plan.
On February 20, Singh, father of two,
called Kiran from his college and told her
he had planned a surprise. Singh said Warsi
would fetch her and take her to a place
The unsuspecting Kiran was taken to
a flat in Santosh Bhuvan, Nalasopara
(East), where Warsis accomplice Rajaram
Das (23) was waiting.
Warsi and Das administered chloro-
form to Kiran, murdered her and then cut
up the body. They put the head in a gunny
bag and dumped it in Gavrai Pada, an iso-
lated, marshy area in the region. The police
recovered it in the evening after getting calls
from individuals who had stumbled upon
the head.
The police are yet to recover all the
parts, said inspector Kishore Khairnar of
the Thane Rural crime branch.
The police suspected Singh and kept
him under watch and tapped his phone.
They found he was making and getting calls
from Warsi.
Singh, who had also lodged a missing
complaint with the police, told his two chil-
dren that their mother had gone some-
where and would return soon.
While Singh is yet to confess, Warsi has
confessed to the crime. All three accused
have been remanded in police custody till
July 1. The police are looking for two of
Dass friends, who they suspect helped in
the bodys disposal.
From Page 1
Incidentally, both Shinde
and Singhs remarks about
not allowing the VVIPs came
even as Ashok Gehlot, Chief
Minister of Congress-ruled
Rajasthan had undertaken an
aerial survey on Friday.
Congress president Sonia
Gandhi and Prime Minister
Manmohan Singh too had
undertaken a similar exercise
a couple of days earlier.
Earlier, Shinde admitted
there has been a lack of coor-
di nat i on bet ween
Government agenci es
engaged in rescue work in
Shinde was in the State to
oversee the rescue operations
and held a meeting with Chief
Minister Vijay Bahuguna.
The BJP descri bed
Shindes statement as disap-
pointing and asked who was
to be blamed when both the
Centre and the State were
being ruled by Congress.
At this time of peril,
when the people affected by
this calamity need to hear
words of relief from the
Government, contradictory
remarks are being heard,
party vice president Mukhtar
Abbas Naqvi told reporters in
New Delhi.
To say that there is lack
of coordination among the
agencies is very unfortunate
in itself. Uttarakhand as well
as the Centre have Congress
Governments, so who is being
accused of? he asked.
Naqvi said that instead of
taking steps to ensure better
coordination, the Centre was
levelling accusations at the
State Government.
If there is lack of coor-
dination, then there was a
need to correct it and provide
relief to the people, those
who are in pain and agony
should be helped, instead of
the Government at the Centre
accusi ng its St ate
Government, Naqvi main-
8MI 80F8
0rr0r Ia reaI IIfe: wIves ch0e4...
Modi-phobic UPA...
Kedarnath: The unprece-
dented rains turned Kedarnath
into a ghost town with bodies
strewn all over.
Rain water gushed into the
town from the summit behind
the famous shrine carrying
rocks and boulders, destroying
everything on its path.
The outer structure of the
temple, however, seems intact.
The most ironic part of the
tragedy is despite the mobile
phone towers remaining
intact, there is no electricity
due to which people were
unable to contact their fami-
lies as their phones ran out of
charge. A senior Uttarakhand
government official said 123
bodies have been recovered
from Kedarnath where a team
of experts went today to a take
count of bodies strewn all
over the place.
Chief Minister Vijay
Bahuguna said Kedarnath has
been totally evacuated of pil-
grims now. Having several
brushes with death, survivors
of the Himalayan tsunami
which left a trail of destruction
in the hill state were all praise
for Army, which they said has
given them a second life.
Sukhvinder Singh, a
Ludhiana native who was stuck
for eight days on the way to
Hemkund Sahib, said, I was en
route to Hemkund Sahib when
the disaster struck. The situation
was deteriorating with the pas-
sage of time...We were bit
relieved when Army stepped in.
They gave us food and water
and helped us in every possible
way. Had they not been here, we
wouldnt have survived. PTI
From Page 1
Another horse owner, Salman said
that they have been visiting the location
for the past 20 years. Every year they
returned home after making good money,
but this year he was returning empty-
handed as he had lost his belongings and
his mode of income to the natures fury.
Teary-eyed Nazim who had come
with seven horses said that before com-
mencing his journey he had a hope that
he would return with enough money to
repair the ceiling of his house, but he is
now returning with just two horses, as
three of his horses were washed way.
Nazim said that several organisations
and local residents are operating com-
munity kitchens which are helping many
like him in surviving.
|p+l |i|+||...
From Page 1
The Nepalese men agreed
to help them for a price and
asked the pilgrims to hand over
their belongings so that it
would be easier to pull them
out. However, once the pil-
grims handed over their
belongings to the men, the
men made a pretence of
pulling them up and then
calmly let go of their hands so
that many of the people fell
into the river below and died.
The local populace is livid at
the fact that the Nepalese are giv-
ing a bad name to their State and
have vowed to punish them.
From Page 1
His father, Sidhnath Singh is all applause
for his son, he proudly said that his son stud-
ied very hard to achieve something extraor-
dinary in his life.
Thanking his teacher, RK Verma, at Kota
for his immense support, Satyam Kumar said
he wants to create a social networking site and
also establish himself as a leading technocrat.
But his ultimate goal is to join Civil Services
and he has made up his mind to appear in the
examination once he reaches the age of 21.
Satyam said that he had been living in Kota
since 2007 when he first got admission to the
9th Class in a local school. IIT-JEE (Advanced)
results for admission into IITs were declared
on Friday. Satyam plans to assist other IIT aspi-
rants by organising special classes for them
whenever he visits Bihar on vacation.
He said that he would try to form a group
of IITians through Facebook and subsequently
persuade them to guide IIT aspirants by
organising classes for them either at the dis-
trict headquarters or in Patna.
80 4amae t0 emk0at
8ahIh 60r4Wara: Ir0st
Pil|i| ull|i| |luuJ |li| |+||i+l +||| ||]
W| ||uu|| +| 1ull] |+|| +i|pu|| i| ||+Ju| Pll
Keoarnatl turn
into glost town
|u| uW|| +| ||u||i| |u |+i|+|+J ||u|
|J+||+|| +||| lui| ||i| +|i|+l +|J
|+|J+||J |u|] |+|| |u|+| | Piu||
Bu|| |u+/
|uu|J |+| Ai|
|li|| i| |u||+i
Militants lill two
olicemen in Srinagar
I, Suresh Kumar Mahendroo
S/o Late Jagdish Mitra
MahendrooR/oF-5, Sector-40,
Noida have changed my name
Suresh Kumar Mahendroo to
Suresh Kumar Mahendroo for
all purposes.
I, Nirmala Devi W/o Jawahar
Mittal R/o F-56, Sector-27,
Noida (U.P.) have changed my
name to Nirmala Mittal after
marriage for all purposes.
nation 07
khhkFhk1hkn hEw0ELh
he Congress has decided to
support DMK nominee
Kanimozhi for Rajya Sabha
poll in Tamil Nadu scheduled
on June 27, but has clarified
that it would expect the
Dravidian partys support for
the passage of Food Security
Bill in Parliament.
Congress president Sonia
Gandhi on Saturday conveyed
to DMK leader TR Baalu the
decision to provide support of
five Congress MLAs to DMK
patriarch M Karunanidhis
daughter. Sonia, whom Baalu
had met two days back also,
told the DMK leader that she
would expect his partys 18
MPs support for the crucial leg-
islations of the UPA
Government Food Security
and Land Acquisition in
Parliament, sources said.
Though the DMK had exit-
ed the UPA Government ear-
lier, the Congress is now con-
fident that after the NDA split
the political situation has
changed and become
favourable for the UPA. So, it
is making overtures to various
political parties to lure them to
the UPA in future be it either
through pre or post-poll
alliances for the 2014 Lok
Sabha elections.
Under this strategy, the
Congress first it gave uncon-
ditional unilateral support of
its four MLAs to the JD(U)
Government of Nitish Kumar
during the trust vote in the
Bihar Assembly and now it has
offered support of its five MLAs
to DMK in Tamil Nadu.
But DMK, which has 23
MLAs in Tamil Nadu, heaved
a sigh of relief after the
Congress support has bright-
ened the prospects of
Kanimozhi. But, she still faces
stiff competition from DMDK
candidate AR Elangovan. Four
AIADMK candidates and its
supported CPI nominee D
Raja have smooth sailing in the
biennial elections.
Meanwhile, Baalu also met
Defence Minister AK Antony
and provided a cheque of Rs 25
lakh as part of the DMKs con-
tribution for relief operations in
flood affected Uttarakhand.
Karunanidhi has also directed
each of his MPs 18 in Lok
Sabha and seven in Rajya Sabha
and MLAs to contribute one
months salary for the relief
Fh8 n hEw0ELh
he Congress high com-
mand on Saturday directed
AICC general secretary Mukul
Wasnik to visit Kerala and
take stock of the political situ-
ation in the State as Chief
Minister Oommen Chandy is
embroiled in a major contro-
versy after his personal staff
were found involved in solar
power scam.
Wasnik will visit the State
on June 24 and convene a
meeting of the partys State
executive and parliamentary
party on June 25. He will also
hold discussions with leaders of
the Congress allies in the State,
sources said.
The decision to send
Wasnik, who has recently been
given charge of Kerala, has
been taken as the image of the
Congress-led UDF
Government in the State has
been severely hit following the
allegation of involvement of
some members of Chandys
personal staff in the scam.
State Congress president
Ramesh Chennithala and
AICC secretary VD Satheesan
had met Congress president
Sonia Gandhi separately and
briefed her about the situation
in the State. They had also held
discussion with the Political
Secretary of the Congress pres-
ident Ahmad Patel, Defence
Minister AK Antony and
Wasnik about the issue.
Chandy had removed a
personal assistant and a gun
man from the Chief Minsters
Office a week back after they
were found to have engaged in
frequent telephonic conversa-
tions with Saritha Nair, an
accused in the solar panel
scam. But this has not deterred
Opposition LDF which has
unleashed a strong campaign
demanding the Chief Ministers
JP president Rajnath Singh
on Saturday said that minor-
ity Muslim community has been
benefited the most in the BJP-
ruled States as party doesnt
believe in discrimination. The
BJP Governments in these States
are working for all round devel-
opment and Muslims are getting
their due share in it, he asserted.
Presiding over a seminar on
challenges before minorities, the
BJP president said that his party
doesnt believe in words but in
action which could be visible in
the BJP-ruled States taking into
account the progress made by
minorities there.
The one-day seminar was
organised by Urdu channel of
ETV and was attended by sev-
eral top literary, social, religious
and political personalities.
Without referring to Gujarat,
Singh said the BJP Governments
should not be judged only by
some minor incidents but by the
work carried out by them for
development. He said not a sin-
gle riot took place in the BJP-
ruled States since 2002 and this
fact should be remembered by
the critics of the party.
BJP spokesman Shahnawaz
Hussain said no one in the
country has the authority to give
certificates of secularism and
communalism merely on utter-
ances of someone or wearing or
not wearing a particular kind of
cap. They should be judged on
their performance.
! SulJi|||]|u||u1+||||u|+|i1||+||||u|J+||
2 +|+J|uu+|J|u+J|+|+u|i|u|Ji|u||+|+||+|J
J AW+|J+W+]|u+J|+||+|+lii|u||+|+||+|J
4 A||+|JJWu|+||ulJ|||ilJu||||+|+|W+l|JuW|+
5 RuJpil|i||i|i1||Ji+l+iJ|]||A||]+|+|li|
c A||]p+|+u||+|Jui|+|iu||u|upupl+|+u|i|u|J
8 V|il||+ppJi||u||l+|+|u+J+||+|+li|+|||i|u||+|+||+|J
9 Pil|i||uJ||u|+|u||i|u+|J+i||+||+||+|+u Pll/AP
1 1
4 4
5 5
6 6
7 7
8 8
3 3
DMK loador TP Baalu
mot Doonoo Ministor
AK Antony and
providod a ohoquo o
Ps 25 lakh as part o
tho DMKs oontribution
or rolio oporations in
lood aootod
Karunanidhi has also
dirootod oaoh o his
MPs 18 in Lok
Sabha and sovon in
Pa|ya Sabha and
MLAs to oontributo
ono months salary or
tho rolio oporations
9 9
VIII.14064/03/Engr-IGAR (S)/2013-14/09 Dated : 18 Jun 2013
1. Applications are invited from Assam Rifles approved contractors and enlisted
contractor working with other Central Govt Dept/Org meeting eligibility criteria for
selection of contractor for issue of tender for the following works :-
Ser Name of works Approx Earnest Tender
No cost money Fee
in Rs. in Rs. in Rs.
(a) Prov of augmentation of water supply & 18,92,792/- 37,900/- 500/-
Elect supply at Transit Camp at Minuthong.
2. The last date of receipt of application is 16 Jul 2013. The tender paper will be issued
to suitable applicants wef 19 Jul 2013 at 1200 hours after submission of a prepaid
challan as mentioned above in Govt Treasury as tender fee. The tender will be received
upto 1200 hours on 10 Aug 2013 and opened on the same day at 1230 hours by a
board of officers. For more details in available our website
3. The Earnest money deposit (EMD) should be deposited in any scheduled bank.
4. The department reserves the right to reject or accept any tender paper or application
without assigning reasons.
Lt Col
SO1 (Wks)
for IGAR (S)
$66$0 5,)/(6
Friends of the hill people
1. On behalf of The President of India, sealed tenders in
Two Bid System (Technical Bid and Cost Bid) are
hereby invited from reputed composite manufacturers
and their authorized dealer/distributors/sole agents for
supply of Medical Equipments. The stores have to be
delivered directly from Manufacturer/Supplier at
Assam Rifles Godown, Happy Valley, Shillong-07.
Tender paper alongwith list of items, Terms and
Conditions or any further information can be obtained
from our website
2. Tenderers are required to submit documents and
earnest money as mentioned in schedule attached to
our tender notice No VIII.14034/Non-Exp/2013-
14/Med-2 dated 20 Jun 2013. The last date for
acceptance of tender bid is 24 July 2013 upto 1400 hrs
and will be opened on the same day at 1430 hrs.
VIII.14034/Non-Exp/2013-14/Med-2 Dated : 20 Jun 2013
(Anjani Kumar)
Colonel (Medical)
for DGAR
$66$0 5,)/(6
Friends of the hill people
moneywise 08 NEW DELH SUNDAY JUNE 23, 2013
FITI 8k1k1 Q hEw 0ELh
ith the early onset of
monsoons in the coun-
try, the farmers are looking at
a bumper harvest of kharif
crops this year. But all is not
as well as it seems. The rainy
spell is fast turning into a dis-
aster as the total rainfall from
June 1-17 has been about 50
per cent above average result-
ing in floods in various parts
of the country.
According to a study
Turn Down the Heat: Climate
extremes, regional impacts
and the case for resilience,
released by the World Bank,
Indians may very well have to
get used to extreme summers,
increased drought as well as
increased flooding as precip-
itation patterns change dra-
matically across the sub-con-
Because of the devastating
impact of climate change, the
country is already experienc-
ing shifting rainfall patterns,
leaving some areas submerged
in water as in Uttarakhand
now, while others keep suf-
fering due to scanty rainfall.
Since almost 60 per cent of
India s crop area is rain-fed,
change in precipitation would
adversely impact food pro-
duction. Already policy mak-
ers are finding it tough to han-
dle issues of irrigation, power
generation and drinking water
which are plaguing the coun-
Agricultural experts are
critical of the fact that the
most of the times the policy-
makers are guided by political
pressure and tend to look at
short-term gains in favour of
long-term benefits while mak-
ing policy decisions. The
World Bank study also pre-
dicts that by 2050, a rise in
temperature by 2-2.5 degree
Celsius is likely which would
hit water availability for food
production and 63 million
people in India may not be
able to meet their daily calorif-
ic requirement.
Environmental econo-
mists are of the opinion that
the poor and the vulnerable
are likely to be affected the
most due to global warming
which will lead to an increase
in social conflicts. So, coun-
tries like India should think of
making infrastructure that is
more climate resilient. For
example, generally during
monsoon, hydro power sta-
tions produce maximum elec-
tricity. But heavy rains and the
flooding in the northern parts
of the country have switched
off nearly 4,000 MW of hydro
power generation. Some of the
bi g power stati ons l i ke
Dhauliganga (280MW) and
Tanakpur(120MW) are not
functioning because of rain
water and silt.
Already urban areas are
turning into vast heat islands
and the country needs to pre-
pare for more hot months in
store ahead. Melting glaciers
and loss of snow cover will all
pose a significant risk to sta-
ble water resource. The chal-
lenge for India , experts say,
is to grow in a manner that
can be sustained. This makes
a compelling case for re-look-
ing policies to ensure sus-
tainable development which
will have a long-lasting impact
on economy.
Climate resilience
is tle answer
uropean Union finance min-
isters on Saturday put off a
decision on new bank resolution
and recovery rules till next
Wednesday after negotiations
lasting around 20 hours failed to
produce an agreement.
Their meeting in
Luxembourg was intended to
reach a deal on EU-wide bail-ins
for failed banks forcing loss-
es on shareholders, bondholders
and large savers rather than on
Since the outbreak of the
financial crisis in 2008, taxpay-
ers have been shouldering a
major part of the bailout costs
when banks failed.
Bail-in was applied for the
first time in the three-year euro
zone debt crisis when Cyprus
had to close down Laiki Bank,
the country's second largest
bank, in return for a 10 billion-
euro financial rescue package,
which was offered in March to
avoid bankruptcy and to keep it
within the single currency group.
Ireland's finance minister
Michael Noonan, who chaired
the meeting in Luxembourg,
said it broke up on differences
between a group of countries
calling for harmonised rules
across the 27-nation EU and
those demanding flexibility for
member-nations to decide how
to impose losses on their own
The European Commission
had proposed that the first to suf-
fer should be shareholders of a
failed bank, followed by bond-
holders and finally depositors
holding more than 100,000 euros
in their accounts.
The finance ministers made
significant progress and differ-
ences over several key issues have
been narrowed considerably,
Noonan said as he left the con-
ference venue.
"There are still core issues to
be resolved. So we need a full
meeting next week," he said.
EU nations, which are not in
the euro, are demanding greater
flexibility because they do not
have access to the permanent
bailout fund European Stability
Mechanism (ESM), Noonan
But, several euro group
nations showed understanding
for the difficulties of the non-
euro countries and are prepared
to give them the flexibility they
are seeking, he said.
"I am optimistic that we can
make it," German finance min-
ister Wolfgang Scheuble said at
the end of the marathon nego-
Finance ministers of the 17-
nation euro group on Thursday
reached an agreement to bailout
directly failing banks to prevent
a crisis in the banking sector
becoming a full-blown debt cri-
sis.They set aside 60 billion
euros from the ESM's 500 bil-
lion-euro fund to inject capital
directly into failing banks.
Until now, the ESM and its
predecessor the European
Financial Stability Facility (EFSF)
were allowed to bailout only
national governments and if
banks needed financial support,
as in the case of Ireland, Spain
and Cyprus, concerned govern-
ments had to make a formal
F0 fIaaace mIaIsters
faII t0 aree 0a haak r0Ies
he Securities and Exchange Board of
India (SEBI) has asked Alchemist
Infra Realty Ltd to wind up all 'collec-
tive investment schemes' and refund the
money collected from public investors,
which could be more than C1,000 crore,
within three months.
Besides, the company and its five
directors have also been barred from the
securities market till the time all its
schemes are wound up and the money
is refunded to investors.
The said 'Alchemist Group' is
headed by industrialist K D Singh,
currently a Rajya Sabha MP of
Trinamool Congress from Jharkhand.
In its order dated June 21, Sebi has
also warned the company and its direc-
tors of initiating prosecution proceed-
ings and a criminal case for "offences
of fraud, cheating, criminal breach of
trust and misappropriation of public
funds" if its orders are not complied
Sebi probe also found that the
investment application forms of the
company also mentioned that it was
part of 'Alchemist Group', which was
engaged in diverse activities such as
steel, food and beverages, IT, healthcare,
media, aviation, realty, hospitality, edu-
cation and tea estate, among others,
with asset base of over C5,000 crore.
"Thus, an investor/applicant is mis-
led to believe that the company,
Alchemist Infra Realty Ltd, is part of the
Alchemist Group, whereas the compa-
ny has contended (before Sebi) that it
is not associated with the Alchemist
Group," the Sebi order said.
Sebi began its investigations into the
affairs of the company in 2011 after
receipt of an anonymous complaint
about Alchemist Infra Realty Ltd mobil-
ising money from the public investors
in breach of regulations.
8ehI cracks WhI 0a IchemIst Iafra, 0r4ers ref0a4 t0 Iavest0rs
khIME8h 8Ihh Q hEw 0ELh
n a significant move which is
expected to infuse greater
funds in states' coffers, a hike
of five per cent in royalty rate
for iron ore suggested by a
Mines Ministry panel has been
accepted by all the mineral-rich
states. Royalty for iron ore
which is currently 10 per cent,
would now be 15 per cent once
the panel's report is okayed by
the Union Cabinet.
Interestingly though
Odisha, which is the biggest
iron ore producing state in the
country, according to sources
privy to the information,
expressed its unhappiness over
the 5 per cent hike in iron ore
royalty rate, calling it "inade-
quate". The state has been call-
ing for at least 10 per cent
increase in royalty rate for the
key mineral.
The eastern state though
was the lone dissenter as the
crucial suggestion received
unanimous approval from all
the other mineral-rich states
during a meeting held on June
21 between them and a
Working Group of the Mines
Ministry which had prepared
the report suggesting major
hike in royalty for all key min-
erals. The acceptance of the
panel's recommendations has
paved the way for its imple-
mentation once it is cleared by
the Cabinet.
Apart from Odisha, the
industry body Federation of
Indian Mineral Industries
(FIMI) whose representatives
were also present in the meet-
ing, also was disappointed by
the panel's decision to hike roy-
alty rates of all the key miner-
als, albeit for a different reason,
as it felt that a significant
increase would affect their
Royalty is a charge which
the mine owner has to pay to
the concerned state govern-
ment, under whose jurisdiction
the mine which the entity is
exploiting, falls. It is not relat-
ed to profits earned by the
mine owner (or the lease hold-
er), but is usually related to the
quantity of mineral exploited
by the entity.
Meanwhile the Working
Group which is led by Special
Secretary in the Mines Ministry
Gauri Kumar, will now present
its report to Mines Minister
Dinsha Patel by Monday (June
23) and subsequently the min-
istry will place the report before
the Cabinet for its approval in
the coming weeks, sources
Apart from iron ore, roy-
alty rates for several other
minerals like zinc, aluminium,
lead and copper have also been
upwardly revised, sources
informed, however the extent
of the hike is not clear. Iron ore
being the key mineral, which is
mined the most, though is
expected to generate greater
revenue for states like Odisha,
Goa, Maharashtra,
Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand,
with its royalty rate now hiked
by five per cent.
The amount of revenue
generated through mining
alone by Odisha as a case in
point, gives an idea of how cru-
cial the royalty rate hike is for
state governments' coffers.
In 2012-13, Odisha's min-
ing revenue was Rs 5,352.94
crore, while in 2011-12 it was
Rs 4,586.64 crore.
The Pioneer was the first to
report about the June 21 meet-
ing between the Working
Group and the representatives
of mineral-rich states.
With the states accepting
the hikes suggested by the
panel, it would be after a gap of
four years that the royalty rates
would undergo an upward
revision, though they should be
ideally revised after every three
MIaeraIrIch 8tates aree t0 5% hIke
Ia Ir0a 0re r0yaIty rate, 04Isha s0Iks
MinesMin anel`s recommenoations
to go for Calinet aroval
FTI Q hEw 0ELh
earch engine Google has
launched a map applica-
tion that provides information
on areas impacted by floods,
relief centers and roads closed
in rain-ravaged Uttrakhand.
"This crisis map is only an
early version aimed at provid-
ing quick information, such
as, places affected, relief centres
and road closures," a blog post
by Jayanth Mysore, Google
APAC Senior Product Manager,
The search engine
launched an application 'Person
Finder' to offer information on
missing people in flood-affect-
ed areas in the country, includ-
ing Uttarakhand.
Google Person Finder is a
web application that allows
individuals to post and search
for the status of relatives or
friends affected by a disaster.
IE'8 MkF T
kIIE6TE kEk8 Ih
Swiss banking major uBS has
decided lo surrender ils banking
licence in ndia, which includes
exiling ils ixed income business,
orex oeralions, and credil
services which are cailal
inlensive.uBS ndia has jusl one
branch in lhe counlry, in
Mumbai. The decision comes
aler years o ils alleml lo own a
relail bank here, even as il has
been ighling money laundering
allegalions.when conlacled a
uBS ndia sokeserson reused
lo commenl.
88 T 6I8E 8IE IhIk
8kh6h, T 6hTIhE
WITh I8khkIh
Sealed tenders affixing Court fee stamp of Rs. 8.25 (Rupees eight
and paise twenty five) only are invited from reputed
Manufacturers/Authorised Dealers/Authorised Distributors and
Registered Suppliers for supply of equipments, spares and accessories
etc. for the Directorate of Forensic Science, Assam, Kahilipara,
Guwahati 781019 to be procured under the Modernization of Police
Forces Scheme 2011-2012. The details of the items and necessary
tender documents may be obtained from the office during the office
hours of the undersigned with 7 (seven) days from the publication of
this re-tender notice or may be down loaded from the
Web site
The tenders must accompany up to date Tax Clearance
Certificates, without which the tender(s) will be summarily rejected.
Intending tenderers or their authorised representatives may be present
during the opening of the tenders.
The undersigned reserves the right or rejecting any tender without
assigning any reason thereof.
Directorate of Forensic Science, Assam,
Janasanyog No: 1074/13 Kahilipara, Guwahati - 19.
(Construction Organisation)
TENDER NOTICE NO.CON/2013/JUNE/05 dated 19-06-2013
Sealed open tenders are invited from experienced and reputed
contractor(s)/firm(s) for the following works:
(1) TENDER NO. CE/CON/BDLN-DMC/Protection Work/2013/05
Name of work: Construction of guide bund and protection
work of newly constructed Bridge No. 347 & 347B at Ch.
353322 & Ch. 354422 respectively between stations
BardoIoni - Dhemaji in connection with Gauge Conversion of
North Lakhimpur - Murkongselek Section.
Approximate cost of the work (Tender value): Rs.
7,56,29,510.00, Earnest money to be deposited : Rs.
5,28,150.00 Completion period of the work: 12 (TweIve)
months, Cost of Tender Form (document): Rs. 10,000.00.
(2) TENDER NO.CE/CON/NLP-DMC/L-Xing/2013/06
Name of work: Construction of L-xing road, providing Iifting
barrier of gate, gate gumti and Type-II quarters of L-xing
No. RM 262, 266, 271, 275, 277, 278, 279, 280, 282, 286, 283,
287, 293, 303, 305 from North Lakhimpur to Dhemaji
including all ancillary works in connection with Gauge
Conversion of North Lakhimpur - Murkongselek Section.
Approximate cost of the work (Tender value): Rs.
8,51,89,126.00, Earnest money to be deposited : Rs.
5,75,950.00 Completion period of the work: 12 (TweIve)
months, Cost of Tender Form (document): Rs. 10,000.00.
(3) TENDER NO.CE/CON/DMC-MZS/L-Xing/2013/07
Name of work: Construction of L-xing road, providing Iifting
barrier of gate, gate gumti and Type-II quarters of L-xing
No. RM 306, 308, 309. 313, 314, 318, 326, 327, 332, 333, 334,
335, 336 & 337 from Dhemaji to MurkongseIek including all
ancillary works in connection with Gauge Conversion of North
Lakhimpur -Murkongselek Section.
Approximate cost of the work (Tender value): Rs.
7,24,58,520.00, Earnest money to be deposited: Rs.
5,12,300.00 Completion period of the work: 12 (TweIve)
months, Cost of Tender Form (document): Rs. 10,000.00.
Date & Time of Submission of Tender: From 24-07-2013
and upto 14-30 hrs. of 30-07-2013, Date & Time of Opening of
Tender: 02-08-2013 at 10.00 hrs at the Office of the General
Manager/Con/N.F. Railway, Maligaon, Guwahati-11.
Tender document can be obtained from the office of the (i)
General Manager/Con/N.F. Railway, MaIigaon, Guwahati-11
(ii) Dy.Chief Engineer/CON-3/SiIapathar, & (iii) OSD/CON,
N.F. Railway, 3- Koilaghat Street, 1st Floor, KoIkata-01 and (iii)
The Tender Notice is also displayed on Notice Board of these
Detailed Tender Notice may be seen in N.F. Railway
(Construction) website "".
for Chief Engineer/ Con.
N.F. RaiIway, SiIapathar
For & on behaIf of the President of India
world 09
akistan has raised a 25,000-
strong special force and
put in place extensive measures
to protect and manage its
strategic assets, including its
nuclear arsenal, Finance
Minister Ishaq Dar said on
A special security force of
25,000 personnel, who have
been specially trained and pro-
vided sophisticated weapons,
has been deployed to protect
(the nuclear assets), Dar said,
while winding up the debate on
the 2013-14 budget in the
National Assembly or lower
house of Parliament.
Pakistan has raised a spe-
cial response force, a special
escort force and a marine force
to protect and guard its strate-
gic assets, he said without giv-
ing details. Besides, there are
also counter-intelligence teams
and a personnel reliability
programme to oversee the
strategic programme, he said.
The 25,000-strong securi-
ty force has been equipped with
the latest equipment and the
personnel are fully prepared for
mobility on the ground or in
the air, he said.
The Strategic Plans
Division, which manages the
nuclear arsenal, has set up a
training academy for the secu-
rity force, Dar said.
The security force was
always prepared and it trained
for all conditions and eventu-
alities on the basis of past
experiences and potential sce-
narios involving the strategic
assets, he said.
The system for identifying
dangers is always at high alert
and is constantly being
reviewed, Dar said.
Pakistans strategic assets
programme is based on strong
foundations and meets inter-
national standards for securi-
ty and management of nuclear
assets as laid down by organi-
sations like the Nuclear
Suppliers Group and Missile
Technology Control Regime,
he said.
Over the past year, the
military too has provided
details of the special security
force raised by the Strategic
Plans Division.
Several batches of this force
have passed out of training
academies across the country.
8 k1kFkIkh Q
he United States has
charged whistleblower
Edward Snowden with espi-
onage and theft of Government
property after his sensational
revelations about Americas
far-reaching domestic and
international surveillance pro-
grammes earlier this month.
The US authorities are
reported to have asked Hong
Kong, where the former
National Security Agency
contractor and one-time CIA
staffer is still believed to be hid-
ing, to detain him on a provi-
sional arrest warrant.
A criminal complaint, filed
in a federal court in Virginia on
June 14 but made public only
on June 21, charges Snowden
with unauthorised communi-
cation of national defence
information, wilful commu-
nication of classified commu-
nications intelligence informa-
tion and theft of government
property. Each of the three
charges carries a maximum
prison sentence of 10 years,
making for a total of 30 years.
The filing of the criminal
complaint is seen to mark the
launch of an all-out bid to get
Snowden extradited to the US,
but reports from Hong Kong
indicate the process could drag
on for years, particularly if
Snowden fights the extradition
on the grounds that he is being
prosecuted for political reasons.
Although the US has an
extradition treaty with Hong
Kong and the latter has turned
over several criminally charged
persons in the past, the Snowden
case could be different if it is
deemed to be a political offence.
Hong Kongs former
Secretary of Security Regina Ip
was quoted by The New York
Times as saying that Hong
Kong, a specially administered
region of China, enjoys limited
autonomy, with matters involv-
ing national security and foreign
policy being controlled by the
Chinese Government in Beijing.
If there is an arrest warrant,
Hong Kong authorities would
have no choice but to comply,
but extradition to the US could
be a different story, Ip suggest-
ed, pointing out it could even
take 10 years if Snowden contests
any extradition bid by claiming
it to be a political offence.
An outspoken Hong Kong
legislator, Leung Kwok-hung,
has gone on record saying that
the Chinese Government
should make the final decision
on whether Snowden should be
extradited to the United States.
Leung has even urged the peo-
ple of Hong Kong to take to
the streets to protect Snowden.
Meanwhile, reports have
quoted Olafur Vignir Sigurvins-
son, a business executive from
Iceland, as saying that he is pre-
pared to fly Snowden, who
turned 30 on Friday, to Iceland
where he could apply for asy-
lum. The businessman, known
to have ties to WikiLeaks, has
said that a private aircraft is on
standby to fly Snowden to
It was on June 9, three days
after The Washington Post and
Britains Guardian newspaper
published details of the
National Security Agencys
massive surveillance opera-
tion, that Snowden revealed
himself as the leaker in an
interview to the Guardian from
a Hong Kong hotel. Snowden
turned 30 on Friday.
While the American Civil
Liberties Union has filed a law-
suit against the US Government
over the surveillance operation,
public opinion in America has
been divided on the issue and
on whether Snowden should be
prosecuted. Some bodies, such
as the Government Accoun-
tability Project (GAP), a
Washington-based whistle-
blower advocacy group, argue
Snowden should be shielded
from prosecution.
He disclosed information
about a secret programme that
he reasonably believed to be
illegal, and his actions alone
brought about the long-over-
due national debate about the
proper balance between priva-
cy and civil liberties, on the one
hand, and national security
on the other, it said.
Charging Snowden with
espionage is yet another effort
to retaliate against those who
criticize the overreach of US
intelligence agencies under this
The charges send a clear
message to potential whistle-
blowers: this is the treatment
they can expect should they
speak out about constitution-
al violations, GAP said in a
Pakistan raisos
oroo to protoot
nuoloar arsonal
08 chares 8a0W4ea WIth syIa
8kMk hMIhkTE8 1kME8 6MEY k8 I8I IE6T
WashingIon: uS Fresidenl Barack 0bama has nominaled James
Comey, a Bushera Juslice 0earlmenl oicial, as lhe nexl FB 0ireclor.
conirmed by lhe Senale, lhe 52yearold ormer hedge und execulive
would succeed Roberl Mueller. Comey is besl known or acing o
againsl while house oicials over lhe legalily o lhe eavesdroing
rogram o lhe halional Securily Agency (hSA).
MkIh IkIE T 8E 8ETWEEh TkII8kh, kIhkh VT: 8
washinglon: wilh Fresidenl hamid Kar/ai lhrealening lo ull oul
Aghanislan rom reconcilialion rocess, lhe uS has said lhe main
dialogue in lhe eace lalks would be belween Aghan governmenl and
lhe Taliban and il would have searale lalks wilh lhe oulil only on some
issues. "The main dialogue lhal we suorl is lhe dialogue belween
Aghans, belween lhe Taliban and lhe Aghan governmenl," while
house Fress Secrelary Jay Carney lold reorlers on Friday.
8ThWE8T 6kh6EI8 64 IIIhT8 kITE IIT6h
6hirago: A syslemwide comuler ailure has orced Soulhwesl Airlines
lo ground ils enlire leel o airlanes rearing or dearlures, and al
leasl G4 lighls had lo be cancelled even aler service was ully reslored
hours laler, a comany sokeswoman said.Michelle Agnew lold The
Associaled Fress lhal 5O o lhe cancellalions were lighls scheduled or
lale yeslerday nighl dearlures in lhe weslern hal o lhe uniled Slales.
The olher 14 were on Salurday morning lighls scallered across lhe uS
because crews were nol able lo gel lo airorls in lime lo make lhe
scheduled lakeos.
M8I E8 IkIE k8 TEh8Ih MhT8
6airo: Egylian Fresidenl Mohamed Mursi has reealed a call or
dialogue wilh lhe oosilion in an alleml lo miligale dee olilical
divisions ahead o lanned rallies laler lhis monlh calling or his
resignalion." have said il beore. urge everyone lo sil logelher lo
discuss whal would achieve lhe inleresls o our nalion," Mursi said in
an inlerview ublished in lhe slaleowned Akhbar alYoum newsaer.
The inlerview comes a day aler lens o lhousands o Mursi suorlers
massed in Cairo in a show o slrenglh ahead o oosilion rolesls
lanned or June 8O.
1kFkh'8 MT I1I, hIE'8 kkEZ Ih hE86 8ITE8
Fhnom Fenh: Jaan's Mounl Fuji, a series o ancienl lerraced rice
addies China, and lhe deserl cily o Agarda/ in higer were among lhe
cullural jewels granled world herilage slalus by uhESC0 al ils annual
meeling on Salurday. Fujisan, lhe highesl mounlain in Jaan al 8,77G
melres (12,4GO eel), is one o lhe counlry's mosl recognisable sighls.
The snowcaed eak "has insired arlisls and oels and been lhe
objecl o ilgrimage or cenluries", uhESC0 said.
EIhT 1IhkI8T MIIITkhT8 kE8TE Ih 8FkIh
8pain: Eighl susecled jihadisl mililanls who ormed arl o a lerrorisl
recruilmenl nelwork lhal senl 5O mililanls lo carry oul allacks or Al
0aedalinked grous in Syria have been arresled, Sain's nlerior
Minisler said on Salurday. nlerior Minisler Jorge Fernande/ 0ia/ said
lhe arresls by olice early on Friday in lhe Sanish norlh Arican enclave
o Ceula had isbanded and "neulralised" lhe nelwork.
IsIanbuI: Turkish aulhorilies arresled 28 more eole on Salurady over
lheir alleged role in lhis monlh's anligovernmenl rolesls, accusing
lhem o acling on behal o a arlel "lerrorisl" grou, a news reorl
said.A courl in lhe cailal accused lhem o heling lo organise lhe
rolesls and engaging in violence in lhe name o lhe Communisl
MarxislLeninisl Farly (MLKF), ChhTurk said on ils websile.Anolher
lhree were released bul laced under judicial suervision, lhe reorl
8 k1kFkIkh QwAShh0T0h
n a curious, yet altogether not
surprising move, the Senate
India Caucus has also joined the
current American political and
corporate chorus against Indias
discriminatory trade policies,
with co-chairs Mark Warner and
John Cornyn alleging that New
Delhis policies give Indian com-
panies an unfair advantage and
appear to violate the World
Trade Organisation obligations.
Like the 170 members of the
House of Representatives and 40
Senators, the two caucus leaders
have written an elaborate letter
to Secy of State John Kerry on
the eve of his visit to New Delhi
for the annual US-India Strategic
Dialogue, urging him to strong-
ly raise issues that affect
American businesses and jobs.
Even while conceding that
the bilateral economic relations
have come a long way in recent
years, with the two-way trade
growing to $100 billion annual-
ly, Democrat Warner and Repu-
blican Cornyn focused a great
deal on the unfinished aspects of
Indias economic reforms.
Opportunities for the US
and other foreign companies to
invest in India remain closed in
many sectors, they said,
demanding that the caps be lift-
ed, especially in banking and
insurance sectors.
We also remain
concerned about the Indian
governments enactment of leg-
islation that would retroactive-
ly allow authorities to tax foreign
companies and their assets,
including tax assessments that
are levied on tax years that date
back several years.
These efforts undermine
foreign investment in India and
raise questions about the gov-
ernments commitment to a
transparent and progressive
investment climate, Warner
and Cornyn said.
Stressing that India is an
important export market for
American-made goods and ser-
vices, the two Senators said it is
time for the two countries to
move forward on the long-
pending Bilateral Treaty, which
would provide protections for
investors and help unleash need-
ed investment.
However, we remain con-
cerned about Indias recent
actions to force the local pro-
duction of certain information
technology and clean energy
equipment, they said, adding
these steps are particularly
troubling against the backdrop
of a generally deteriorating
environment for intellectual
property protection in India,
including equitable treatment
for pharmaceutical patents and
medical devices.
They also voiced their
concern over lack of imple-
mentation of the landmark US-
India civil nuclear deal, which
was announced back in 2005.
Eight years later, the agree-
ment has not been implement-
ed, and we have yet to see India
provide a workable nuclear lia-
bility agreement that will allow
nuclear companies to move for-
ward. We need to finish what we
started and realize the full com-
mercial potential of this impor-
tant agreement, they wrote in
their letter to Kerry.
Senale ndia Caucus joins chorus over lrade olicies
Asks hong Kong
lo delain him;
ballle could
slrelch or years
kIF Q L0h00h
ovak Djokovic believes he
can win a second
Wimbledon title with a broad
smile on his face, even if his
rivals fail to see the joke.
The world number one,
who captured his maiden
Wimbledon title in 2011,
warmed up for this years tour-
nament by playing an exhibi-
tion at Stoke Park on the edge
of London.
In one match, he and
Bul gari an st ar Gri gor
Dimitrov stripped off their
shirts to compare physiques
before going on to perform
tongue-in-cheek impressions
of Maria Sharapovas fussy on-
court routine.
The crowd were won over,
although Djokovic has had to
curtail his impressions of other
players in recent years with the
likes of Roger Federer and the
now retired Andy Roddick not
amused by seeing themselves
I have tried all my life to
be who I am. Thats one of my
mottos really, not pretending to
be somebody else. I think that
kind of character and strong
position got me to where I am,
said Djokovic on Saturday
I did hold back (on the
impressions) a little bit, because
I think sometimes there is no
time to really entertain that
much. But I still feel that I am
enjoying what I am doing, and
I try to have fun wherever I go
and as much as I can. Maybe
tennis lacks that little bit of
enthusiastic part of it, you
know, entertainment, fun.
By Friday evening, the
Stoke Park video of Djokovic
and Dimitrov had been viewed
more than 300,000 times on
Sharapova, the 2004
Wimbledon champion and the
girlfriend of Dimitrov, was also
warming up at the plush
Hurlingham Club in the capi-
tal but took the video in good
spirit. Look at these two
clowns, tweeted the Russian in
Djokovic will open his
Wimbledon campaign on
Monday against Germanys
Florian Mayer who he beat in
the quarter-finals last year.
Despite not having played a
competitive grasscourt warm-
up event, Djokovic said he
needed time to recover after his
dramatic five-set, semi-final
defeat to Rafael Nadal at the
French Open earlier this
I would like to have a
warmup tournament to have
time. But I felt like after every-
thing that has happened in the
clay court season, I needed to
prioritise and rest rather than
just going for the matches on
the grass, which is the fastest
surface in our sport, he said.
We get to play only a few
weeks on grass. Its why its very
unique experience for all of us.
Hopefully in the future we can
get that extra week. I think that
would be a big help to all the
players, the 2011 champion
signed off.
ndia have been the team of the tournament
so far. They are a fearless, aggressive
bunch and have not seen that from ndia
before. This team is better than the WC-
winning side in 2011 ~ MCHAEL VAUGHAN
MI8I w8
AuSlRA|l A E||A| l |l A |Ew /EA|A| PA|l SlA| Sul| A|Rl CA SRl |A||A wESl l |l ES
8IT WIh8 1kMkI6kh 100 TITIE
Kingston: Twolime 0lymic reigning srinl
double chamion usain Boll won lhe 1OOmelre
lille al lhe Jamaican Alhlelics Chamionshis lasl
nighl lo qualiy or Augusl's world
Chamionshis. Boll, who broke ree rom lhe
ack aler GO melres, shul il down as he crossed
lhe line in O.O4 seconds, wilh rising slar and
lraining arlner Kemar BaileyCole second in
O.O8 and hickel Ashmeade lhird in O.OO.
8Ih, IFkII WIh I
New Delhi: Binod Swansi o Sleel Flanl Sorls
Board (SFSB) won lhe gold in lhe boy's seclion,
while Assam's 0iali Boro claimed lhe yellow
melal in lhe girl's calegory o lhe junior recurve
evenl al lhe lhird halional Ranking Archery
Tournamenl, here lon Salurday. Binod deealed
Mukesh Tamang o Services Sorls Conlrol
Board GO in lhe boys inal. while Mukesh had lo
conlenl wilh lhe silver, 0haniram Basumalary o
Assam claimed lhe bron/e medal bealing
Jharkhand's 0uru Charan G2 in lhe lhirdourlh
lace layo malch. n lhe girls evenl, 0iali
beal 0avinder Kaur o Chandigarh GO lo claim
lhe gold. Anolher Assam girl, himani Boro won
lhe bron/e medal, deealing Lavanya hamula o
8EE8khTh 8TkT8 TkIhIh
New Delhi: 0ulonbail ndia acer S Sreesanlh
slarled lraining loday or lhe irsl lime aler being
embroiled in lhe solixing scandal and has
exressed hoe o gelling back on lo lhe ield
soon. 'Slarled lraining again..0ods grace..Firsl
day..Slowly gelling back lo normal lie..Thanks a
lol or all ur suorl..,' Sreesanlh wrole on his
lwiller handle.
EVE8 IIhI8h 7Th WITh 6hIIE WIh
Rotterdam: ndian hockey eves eked oul a
hardoughl 21 win over lowerranked Chile in a
layo malch lo avoid lhe woodensoon and
inish sevenlh in lhe Fh world League Round 8,
here on Salurday. Fh8lkgenries
s si in ng gl le es s
utting behind the turbulent phase of
the past few weeks, a red-hot India
are standing on the cusp of winning
their second straight world title as they
take on hosts England in the summit
showdown of the ICC Champions Trophy
here on Sunday.
The reigning World Cup winners
roared into the title clash of what will be
the last edition of the tournament, win-
ning all their four matches with con-
summate ease under the astute leadership
of captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni.
In a contest where the exuberance of
youth will lock horns with the fineness of
tradition, the Three Lions on the other
hand will be gunning for their first
major 50-over international title in their
own lair.
Joint winners with Sri Lanka in the
2002 Champions Trophy in Colombo,
India are the defending World Cup
champions and the No. 1 team on the lat-
est ICC rankings.
But reputation and numbers will have
little significance in a match, where skill
and mental toughness face an acid test at
the Edgbaston.
England, who have lost in the finals
of both the World Cup and the
Champions Trophy over the past two
decades, will aim to exploit home condi-
tions against a new breed of carefree
Indian cricketers who have taken the
tournament by storm.
While India have breezed through to
the final, England have shown their
diehard character by lifting themselves
several notches in key matches.
The hosts thrashed South Africa by
seven wickets in the tournaments first
semifinal at The Oval on Wednesday but
more than the margin of victory, the
teams ability to bowl out a decent batting
line-up in less than 39 overs would have
given the English bowlers a big shot in the
Indias batting has been in ominous
form. Except for the tournament opener
against South Africa on June 6, India have
never batted beyond No. 4.
Indias opening pair of Shikhar
Dhawan and Rohit Sharma has prospered
in every game, but it is not their run-mak-
ing that has impressed the purists. The
temperament to treat the good deliveries
with respect and play
out the first 10-12 overs without any over-
dose of adventurism has stood India in
good stead.
On the flip side, Indias middle order
remains untested. But that should not be
a worry because there is plenty of expe-
rience with Suresh Raina at No. 5 and
skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni at No. 6.
As far as bowling is concerned, the
likes of Bhubneshwar Kumar, Ishant
Sharma and Ravindra Jadeja have
been admirable in unfamiliar but
helpful conditions. Umesh Yadav and
Ravichandran Ashin, too, have been
instrumental in swinging the
momentum Indias way on a few
The Indians continue
to be a relaxed bunch. After
brushing aside Sri Lanka by
eight wickets in Cardiff on
Thursday, it was an off day
after the players drove down
to Birmingham yesterday
The month of June has
always been special for Indian
cricket in England. Never
having lost to England in two
Champions Trophy matches
before, a victory at Edgbaston
will be the perfect way to com-
pliment the 30th anniversary of
Indias first World Cup at Lords
on June 25.
While India have relied on
the dashing Dhawan, the left-
hander has scored a tourna-
ment high of 332 runs in four
innings with back-to-backcen-
turies, England continue to tow
the traditional batting path, where
grammar gains precedence over
The hosts top order has been
quite prolific with the workmanlike
Jonathan Trott providing a calming
influence at No. 3. The South
African-born batsman is the third
highest scorer in this Champions
Trophy and will aim to play a special
knock at Edgbaston, home to his
County side, Warwickshire.
Trott said England have proved a
few people wrong by reaching their
second Champions Trophy final after
sport 10
I80I 8 F86l80
3:00 FM
IhIk EhIkh
1 2
IhIk EhIkh
4G 85
Ih EhIkh
11 18
Ih 6hkMFIh8 TFhY
2 O
number o limes ndia have layed al
Edgbaslon winning lhree and losing lhree.
England have layed 81 00s al Edgbaslon wilh
1O wins and 1O deeals wilh lwo noresulls.
is lhe average irsl innings score al
This is lhe 1OOlh CC Chamions Trohy
malch lo be layed.
ho maller whal lhe resull, ndia will slay lo
and England second in lhe Reliance CC 0ne0ay
nlernalional Chamionshi.
8e4 h0t Ia4Ia at fIaaI fr0atIer
ngland captain Alastair Cook reckons that
India will start as favourites in the final of
the but his team will be raring to set the record
straight by winning their first world ODI title
in all these years.
India are a very strong side. They are
unbeaten and playing very good cricket. They
are batting well at the top of the order and get-
ting early wickets. They will go in as favourites,
skipper Cook told the mediapersons ahead of
Sundays high-profile final against India.
But our record against India last time we
played them in England is a good record. So
we can certainly take a lot from that, he said.
England have a poor record in ODI tour-
naments and Cook said he was aware of this
piece of history. England have not won a major
ODI title, losing three World Cup finals and
the 2004 Champions Trophy final against the
West Indies at home. I keep getting asked this
question in every press conference but yes, I
am aware of our record and very keen to set
it right this time, he said.
Its a big final for us. The boys are raring
to go and ready to play. Its going to be a one-
off day and we will give it all, Cook added.
Cook is banking on his fast bowlers and
wants the troika of James Anderson, Stuart
Broad and Steven Finn to do the job against
the Indians. They have the skills and can get
the early wickets to put pressure on the mid-
dle-order. We have our plans, he said.
The English camp is taking a lot of heart
from the fact that their home record against the
Indians have been very good having beaten
them 3-0 when the two teams played bilater-
al series on English soil during the summer of
2011. We have a good record at home but its
going to be a one-off day and the better team
will win. We have played each other quite often
in the last one and half years and there are no
hidden secrets, Cook said.
ndia have not devised any special plans
for the final against hosts England,
according to captain Mahendra Singh
Dhoni who said his team will just go in with
the same approach like they did in the pre-
vious matches.
We dont have any special plans. We
will go with the same approach like we did
in the match against Pakistan and the semi-
final (versus Sri Lanka), Dhoni said at the
pre-match press conference on Saturday.
Dhoni said his bowlers have done a
good job in the tournament so far but death
bowling was a bit of a concern. We have
exploited the conditions well and we have
bowled in the right
areas which, I feel, is
very important. Also,
what we have done is
bowled in one area
quite consistently.
But still, death
bowling is a concern.
Its an area we need to
improve as a team,
Dhoni said.
India have so far
played very good
cricket in the
Champions Trophy
and Dhoni said the
first 10 overs was very
important for any side
while bowling as well
as batting.
I think so far in
this tournament thats
what we have seen. If
you get off to a very
good start, batting or
bowling, you are able
to put pressure on the middle order and
then you can restrict the opposition from
scoring freely, the Indian skipper said.
Or, if you are batting first if you have
wickets, you can get those extra 20 or 25
runs and it can prove very crucial because
with the five fielders inside, you want that
cushioning of those extra 20 to 25 runs.
Dhoni admitted that Englands pace
attack had the quality to test the best of bats-
men, but said Indias top-order was fully pre-
pared to tackle the English bowlers.
The English are a very good team,
especially the bowlers. What we are posi-
tive about is the fact that our top-order has
done well, and also the fact that they have
played some of the best bowlers in world
cricket so far in the tournament. So I think
they are quite well prepared for the English
bowlers, its just that like in every game, you
have to apply, Dhoni said.
Dhoni was also full of praise for his spin
duo of Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra
Jadeja, who according to him are hunting in
pairs in the ongoing Champions Trophy.
English arm lroika
has lans or ndians
k8hI8hEk FhIT Q hEw 0ELh
he Royal Enfield Himalayan
Odyssey flagging off ceremony is
always preceded by Buddhist monks
prayers. This time the 10th edition is no
different but riders prayers were a lit-
tle more intense.
And, probably, this time these
prayers hold more prominence as a
group of riders with sophisticated bikes,
will embark on a 17-day journey
through the most treacherous of tracks
on the Leh-Ladakh road covering 2700
kms at a time when the rain God has
unleashed his fury.
The above mentioned roads include
the terrains of Parwanoo, Narkhanda,
Keylong, Sarchu via Kalpa, Kaza region
and finally finishing at Khardung La,
the highest motorable pass in the
world at a height of 18,365 ft
and going by the rain, the
journey is expected to be
most arduous voyage ever.
As the odyssey com-
pletes a decade this year,
the organisers have decid-
ed to have 100 riders in two
groups riding via different
paths and later converging at
Leh on June 30. In our 10th year
now, this ride has only become bigger
and better with a record number of 100
riders riding together to Ladakh on
their Royal Enfields, Shaji Koshy,
Senior vice-president sales & market-
ing Royal Enfield, while flagging off the
event at the India Gate in the Saturday
morning, said.
Among the 100 riders, three men
are foreigners and one Snigdha
Chauhan is a married woman.
I am excited about my third jour-
ney 2007 and 2008 being the previ-
ous ones. I am passionate about bikes.
My husband Sachin Chauhan is a
bike enthusiast and he too will be par-
ticipating in the odyssey. Although he
is not in my group but, I am not wor-
ried. Everyone knows me as I am the
lone woman in the team and they
respect me for that. Its a good feeling
knowing that I am lone one in the jour-
ney. I have a four-year girl child and I
am leaving her, which is quite a difficult
decision I have taken. But, I am ready,
Snigdha, who is a Bangalore-based
Chartered Accountant, said.
Another rider Dipak Kumar, said
that they are not worried about rain
and bad roads as this journey is
known for its adventure. The
more the challenges, the
better for us as we have
the passion for taking up
such adventurous rides.
We dont care about
roads or conditions.
What we care about is
that we have to go there.
We have a lot of friends
and I am sure it will be full
of fun, he said.
Also, to mark the 10th year, the
organizers have planned to host dif-
ferent competitions slow racing, fig-
ure of 8 and carry your bike and assem-
bly wars at Leh.
The entire contingent of 100 rid-
ers plus the competitors of those var-
ious events under the Royal Enfield
Reunion North programme will be part
of the celebration.
England hopo to tamo MSD's boys using homo oonditions
'we'll conlinue whal
we've been doing'
1Olh edilion o himalayan
0dyssey laggedo
Als-fal !joler lay
to le entertainer
8irmingham: The inal will be dedicaled lo lhe highly
successul hv awareness camaign, ThhK wSE,
which is a arlnershi belween lhe CC, lhe Joinl
uniled halions Frogramme on hv/A0S (uhA0S)
and lhe uniled halions Children's Fund (uhCEF).
uhA0S 0euly Execulive 0ireclor, Jan Beagle will
allend lhe inal al Edgbaslon on Sunday.
She will join CC Fresidenl Alan saac, Chairman o
England and wales Crickel Board 0iles Clarke, and
lwo reresenlalives o eole living wilh hv.
Beagle congralulaled lhe CC on ils commilmenl lo
A0S awareness: " am moved lo see lhe incredible
dedicalion o lhe CC and crickel layers lo
romoling hv revenlion and reaching /ero
discriminalion or eole living wilh hv. For a
decade, uhA0S and lhe CC have been using crickel
as an eeclive avenue lo convey liesaving messages
and reach large numbers o eole on key issues
around A0S." FTI
One for HV awareness
|il p|u|u u| |u1+| |u|u1i +||| | Wu| || 2J!2 Au||+li+| p|
think so far we have
seen that f you get off
to a very good start,
batting or bowling, you
are able to put
pressure on the middle
order and then you
can restrict the
We have a good record
at home but it's going
to be a one-off day and
the better team will
win. We have played
each other quite often
in the last one-and-half
years and there are no
hidden secrets
We have
well and we
have bowled
in the right
areas which,
feel, is very
Also, what
we have
done is
bowled in
one area
Still, death
bowling is a
did hold back {on the impressions] a little
bit, because think sometimes there is no
time to really entertain that much. But
still feel that am enjoying what am doing
Novak Djokovic
the 100
riders, three men
are foreigners and
one ~ Snigdha is
a married
l| ||up|] |u| W|i| l|Ji+
+|J E|l+|J Will pl+] AP
|S |u|i (l||) +|J Al+|+i| Cuu| Wi|| ||up|] AP
sport 11 NEW DELH SUNDAY JUNE 23, 2013
Paul di Resta
Formula One
kI8hhkk1 8Ihh 1k8khk Q
hEw 0ELh
rom the glory of twin medals to an
almost ouster as an Olympic sport
and back into the fray as a shortlisted
discipline for Olympics, Indian
wrestling has been on a roller-coaster
much to the disappointment of young
wrestlers who want to be the future
Sushil Kumars or Yogeshwar Dutts.
While the International Olympic
Committee (IOC) would only decide
on whether the sport will be a part of
Olympics come 2020, young and hope-
ful grapplers from the country are doing
their bit to keep up the faith and be
ready if and when their chance comes.
Last week an Indian wrestling con-
tingent toured Phuket for the Junior
Asian Wrestling Championships and
brought with them a total of 17 out of
a maximum of 24 medals to be won.
The male wrestlers won three gold, two
silver and two bronze medals in the
Freestyle category and were declared
overall team champions, they also won
one silver and five bronze medals in
the lesser favoured Greco-Roman
style. The female wrestlers werent far
behind winning two silver and three
bronze medals.
Out of eight categories, the boys
winning seven medals in the Freestyle
event is an achievement but the junior
teams coach Raj Singh, interestingly,
believes it is the lad Pawan Kumar who
could not win a medal as the most
promising. All of our wrestlers per-
formed well but to my estimation it
was Pawan Kumar in the 84 Kg cate-
gory. But unfortunately he couldnt win
a medal. Sometimes a wrestler gets
puzzled during competition and thats
what happened to him, He lost to the
Korean wrestler who lost his next
round and so Pawan could not be a
part of the repechage round. Going
into the tournament, I had thought
that we could win a medal in every cat-
egory, not necessarily gold but a
medal nevertheless, but we got seven,
Raj Singh told The Pioneer.
But what has led to this good per-
formance is that the junior camps are
being held with the seniors after a deci-
sion that was taken by the federation.
This has benefitted the wrestlers a lot,
Singh added.
But the IOCS pending decision has
left a question mark, especially for a
sport like wrestling which is taken up
by children coming from poor families.
Itni saari mehnat karne ka kya matlab
hain sir. Olympic mein to jaa nahin
sakte? Wrestlers would ask me but I
have to motivate them saying that
wrestling would return to Olympics. I
think there is a 99 per cent chance that
it would and you have to keep the con-
fidence, Singh explained.
And, as a coach one might also
have to play the convincing the parents
part. Yes, the wrestlers come from poor
families. You know Sushils father was
a driver while Yogeshwars a teacher. Its
only now they have money. Now
theyve got recognition, they dont
want to leave the sport because they
know that their hard work has paid and
they can get more. Otherwise people
leave the sport and go in search of
avenues where they can earn a living,
the coach who has trained Yogeshwar
in the 90s when he used to fight in the
28kg category pointed out.
Among the present lot, I have spo-
ken to the families of 2-3 wrestlers. One
is Mandeep who won a bronze at
Phuket. He is from Sonepat and his
father is a farmer. He is from a very poor
family. His father is a farmer and has
2-3 acres of land. It is his uncle, who
leases out land. who supports Mandeep
and his family, Singh added.
And, when a girl takes up
wrestling the negativity only increas-
es. It is a power sport which makes
it difficult and coming from a finan-
cially poor background, it is difficult
for women wrestlers but you have to
treat the girls like our own children.
For girls especially, you have to con-
vince the parents that they will be
treated like they are treated at home,
junior womens wrestling coach Jai
Singh told The Pioneer.
But there has been an increase in
the number of wrestlers coming to
camps from different areas after the
twin medals last year. As a result
medals have increased and so has the
participation. Our strength has also
increased and women wrestlers from
akharas and other centres. We were
runners-up last time also in the Junior
Asian Wrestling Championships just
like this year, the coach explained.
k8hI8hEk FhIT Q hEw 0ELh
nce again a prestigious
event comes to India.
Twentieth Asian
Athletics Championships
(AAC) is going to be held in
Pune from July 3 to 7. The
excitement is only grow-
ing. But, the ques-
tion that holds utmost
importance is can
India better the Kobe
After a sumptu-
ous show in the 2010
Commonwealth Games in Delhi,
the 2011 Asian Championships saw
India netting 12 medals in the event
held at Kobe, Japan. India had fin-
ished seventh with one gold, three sil-
ver and eight bronze in the bag. It had
the most number of medals in 1985
and 1989 the last time India had
hosted AAC and performed bril-
liantly. A similar show would be
expected in this edition as well.
Going by the recent perfor-
mances in the Asian Grand Prix
(2013) and the recently concluded
Inter-state meet, the selectors have
named 56 men and 54 women to rep-
resent the country at the meet.
Countries like China and Japan
are dominant forces in Asian circuit
and they will make India athletes
sweat it out for every medal.
Two athletes triple jumper
Renjith Maheshwary and steeple-
chase Olympian Sudha Singh have
qualified for the World Championships
and the duo would be the best bets to
win gold medal. Two Kazakh athlete
Yevgeniy Ektov and Roman Valiyev
will give Renjith tough competition.
Sudha recently
created national
record with a tim-
ing of 9.45.60 and
her timing is the
best in Asia right
now. I am in
rhythm and doing
well recently. I am
confident of a good
show in Pune, Sudha said.
400m sensation MR
Povamma will be a favourite and
this girl has won confidence of many
coaches. Povamma has a good chance.
She is really talented and after couple
of good shows recently, her confidence
must be high, said S Mathew, one of
the sprints coaches.
Mathew said that India should tar-
get around 17-18 medal haul and
believes that relay teams will do well.
A n o t h e r
medal prospect
is OP Jaisha,
who won gold
in two cate-
gories 1500m
and 5000m
in the inter-State
meet. She had also
won bronze in
1500m in Kobe.
Legendary PT
Ushas protg Tintu Luka, a
bronze medallist in 800m at Kobe,
would also be a medal prospect.
In the field events, discus throwers
Vikas Gowda and Krishna Poonia
should earn a medal. Gowdas biggest
rival would be current Asian champi-
on Ehsan Haddadi of Iran. Gowda had
finished eighth at London games while
the Iranian claimed a silver. Haddadi is
a veteran and hurls it to more than two
meter of distance than the Indians best.
In womens discus, Chinas
Olympic silver medal winner Li
Yanfeng will be the favourite and
another girl from China, Ma Xuejun,
and Poonia will be her biggest chal-
lengers. Other Indians in the fray are
Seema Antil and Navjot Kaur Dhillon.
Shot Putter Om Prakash Singh, a
bronze medal i st i n 2011 and
Olympian, has lost the crown of
national champion to his Haryana
state-mate Inderjeet Singh. He is not
in top form and it can be gauged from
the fact that his effort of 18.30m in this
years national meet was two meter
short of his best. The poor show
meant that Om Prakash had to con-
tent himself with a bronze.
Mayookha Johny, the lone gold
medal winner at Kobe will compete in
both long jump and triple jump.
Mayookha had also won bronze in
triple jump. The Keralite is concen-
trating more on long jump and would
be one of Indias main medal hopes.
Olympian Sahana Kumari will
carry hosts hopes in high jump for
women while in the mens decathlon
event, 2011 bronze medalist Bhartinder
Singh will eye a repeat.
As a host, India can field three can-
didates in all the events, providing
opportunities for many young and
upcoming athletes to showcase their
talent at a bigger stage.
But, given the challenge it faces from
other countries and considering the
inconsistency it has shown in last cou-
ple of years, doubts continue to linger.
However, it will do a world of good
to Indian athletics if they can rise from
the doping shame and Londons no-
medal show.
Q How will you evaluate
Indias overall performance at
the Hockey World League
The main goal was quali-
fying for the World Cup (2014).
We have been champions at
eight Olympics. We were a
superpower in hockey and the
game was extremely popular all
over the country. We have pro-
duced numerous legendary
players since long before I
started playing. But we have
come a long way since then and
have a lot of work to do before
we regain that position again.
The performance at HWL was
not very good. The Indian
teams performance is incon-
sistent. Sometimes they play
really well and at other times
they falter. We need to improve
in every department of the
game. If they continue to play
like this, then it will be difficult
to qualify for the World Cup.
QWe have three dragflickers
in the Indian team. But still
our penalty corner conversion
rate is not very good. What is
the reason behind this?
I have watched their per-
formance during the Hockey
India League (HIL). Sandeep
had converted a lot of penalty
corners during that tourna-
ment. But he is not able to score
against the big teams. A play-
er should analyze his own per-
formance and try to eliminate
his flaws. When teams like
Holland or Australia get five
penalty corners, they will con-
vert around three or four of
those. The Indian team does
create a lot of penalty corners
and we need to take those
chances. I had a lot of hope on
Sandeep. But he scores against
the smaller teams and struggles
against strong teams.
QHow will you rate the per-
formance of the junior play-
ers in the Indian team?
They faced really tough
competition at the HWL. It
takes a lot of time and hard
work to develop a really good
player. We had to work hard for
14-15 years before we reached
where did. We cannot expect
the junior players to start per-
forming miracles after just one
year in the senior team because
other teams are much better
than us. I have always main-
tained that our forward line
needs to be absolutely top class
in terms of skill, technique
and ball control.
Q Now we need to win the
Asia Cup in order to qualify
for the World Cup. How do
you see Indias chances?
Hockey is not exciting
enough without India and
Pakistan. I had watched the
Beijing Olympics where India
did not qualify and the com-
petition did not seem spicy
enough. We must qualify for
the World Cup come what
may. Otherwise we will have
to live with the ignominy
that we have missed qualify-
ing for the Olympics as well
as the World Cup.
QHow much benefit did the
Indian players get by playing
in the HIL?
The HIL increased the pop-
ularity of hockey. We had play-
ers from all over the world but
there is huge gap in standards
between the HIL and interna-
tional hockey, but having said
that, we need tournaments like
the HIL. We should also play
test matches against top teams.
Even if we lose those matches,
we should not get disheartened
but strive to plug our loopholes.
QMost memorable match of
your career?
We were playing against
West Germany and conceded
five goals during the first half.
During the half time, one of my
friends, who had gone to watch
the match, remarked that it was
impossible to comeback from
0-5 down. But I replied that the
match is not yet over. Sure
enough we scored five goals
during the second half and the
match ended in a 5-5 draw.
'Evory F1 drivor wants to boat
his toammato irst and oromost'
From a lesl driver in Sahara Force ndia lo becoming lhe leam's besl chance al lhe F1 circuil, Brilish racer Faul di Resla has come a
long way and oinls in six o lhe seven races lhis season are reminiscenl o lhis. KRShhARAJ Sh0h JASAhA chals him u
Nauga| Kadyau (5OKg/lS) Co|d Neda|
P|adeep Kuma| (GOKg/lS) Co|d Neda|
Sum|l (9GKg/lS) Co|d Neda|
V||as (GGKg/lS) S||ve| Neda|
Pa|deep Kuma| (74Kg/lS) S||ve| Neda|
Neha| S|ughm (12OKg/CR) S||ve| Neda|
Namla Rau| (48Kg/lema|e) S||ve| Neda|
Nau|sha |ve|a| (72Kg/lema|e) S||ve| Neda|
Naudeep (GOKg/lS) B|ou/e Neda|
Su|jeel (12OKg/lS) B|ou/e Neda|
Saulosh Yadav (5OKg/CR) B|ou/e Neda|
h|l|u (55Kg/CR) B|ou/e Neda|
P|abhpa| S|ugh (84Kg/CR) B|ou/e Neda|
P|aveeu aga| (9GKg/CR) B|ou/e Neda|
Sheela| Toma| (44Kg/lema|e) B|ou/e Neda|
|vyaush| Tyag| (51Kg/lema|e) B|ou/e Neda|
Seema (G7Kg/lema|e) B|ou/e Neda|
is going to be
held in Pune
from July S
to July 7
[Z The season is only seven races old
but with 34 points youre close to
your aggregate of 46 last year - over
20 races. Youve also already sur-
passed the 27 points you had in
your debut year of 2011. What is the
secret for this change?
It has been a very good start of
the season, but I dont think there is
a real secret behind it. We are in a
position in which we can perform
well on each track because our car is
consistentand well balanced. We
focused on understanding all key
areas of it during the winter and that
approach paid off.
[Z Youve also repeated you best posi-
tion of fourth during the Bahrain
Grand Prix just like in Singapore
last year. Can we say that youre
coming into your own in the third
year? How much have you changed
from a rookie back in 2011?
Stability is important for a driver
and having worked for four years with
the same team helps a lot. Experience
is also massively important: it allows
you to use the natural speed in the
most effective way, it teaches you to
pick the right occasion for an attack
and the best way to defend. Three
years of Formula One teach you more
than you would imagine.
[Z However, were still to see a podi-
um finish for you. Your home
Grand Prix, the Britain GP, is next
so optimism in the air?
Challenging for podium finish-
es is absolutely the target of course.
We have been close on several occa-
sions, and everyone in the team
drivers, mechanics, management
is really determined to achieve this
target. To be able to do it in my home
race would be even more special.
[Z What about Silverstone is it
among your favourite tracks?
As a circuit, Silverstone is one of
the best in the world and features
some of the best corners in Formula
One. Places like the Maggots and
Becketts turns are great to drive, you
can really feel how grippy the car is
and how much performance you can
get out in a lap. Being British, I also
get a lot of energy by the fans: the
atmosphere is always incredible on
race day.
[Z During the Canadian GP you fin-
ished a commendable 7th after
staring 17th. Although the quali-
fying strategy was not ideal, how
was the mood in the team over the
The relationship with the team
is very good. When you work so
closely all the time for a common
objective, its normal to show emo-
tions. We know each other and we
like to keep everything out in the
open: when the race is over, we
regroup and we start thinking about
the next weekend right away. That
were able to get such a good result
in Canada after that qualifying ses-
sion shows how well we bounce back
from a disappointing session.
[Z What do you make of your car, the
VJM06? How different is it from
last year? How has the car changed
over the years?
Its a good car and it performs
well on every kind of track. The
VJM06 is an evolution of last years
car we improved on it and built
on the stronger sides. One of the
main positives of the team is that we
have been improving every season.
[Z How is it to be back with Adrian
Sutil as he returned to the team sta-
ble after a gap of a year?
I have known Adrian for a long
time now and I get along well with
him. When Adrian and I raced
together in 2011, the team got its best
ever result and I hope we will be able
to do even better this year.
[Z Is there a rivalry between the two
of you, even if a healthy one?
We are obviously competitive
every Formula One driver wants to
beat his teammate first and foremost!
But we are both trying to help the
team move forward and the fact
that we are so closely matched
is helping us push and moti-
vate each other.
[Z The Pirelli tyres being
used in 2013 seem to
make headlines for the
wrong reasons.
What do
y o u
have to say about them?
We all have the same tyres, and
some teams make them work better:
its down to us to make the most out
of them. I think Pirelli have done a
very good job since they got in the
sport and Formula One has never
been this competitive. An element of
strategy has always been part of rac-
ing - it used to be the fuel, now it is
the tyres. Thats how the sport is.
[Z Youve been coming to India to
race for two years now. How has
your experience in India been?
What places have you visited in the
country? Anything that has attract-
ed you in the country?
I really enjoy coming to
India - its a mas-
sive weekend for
the team and
the sup-
of the fans is great. I have visited lots
of places in India already we were
in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore and
we even managed to catch on some
cricket games. One
place Id like to
visit is the Taj
Mahal every
time I was in
India I had too
busy a sched-
ule to fit
that in.
0aa Ia4Ia hetter k0he sh0W7
'w |J |u i|p|u1
i| 1|] Jp+|||||
Ev0LuT0h 0F LAST
MFR0vE0 0h T Ah0
BuLT 0h ThE
0hE 0F ThE MAh
FkI I E8Tk
**lS - l|ee Sly|e, CR - C|eco Romau
R||i|| |+||W+|]
|il P|u|u
A W||l| |i1 |J+l ||u| B|i| B|u|+|
S|+|+| Si||, w||li| |J|+|iu| u| l|Ji+
p|iJ|| Piu|| p|u|u
With unoortainty looming ovor wrostling's uturo as an Olympio sport, young
ndian wrostlors aro kooping up aith and roadying thomsolvos or glory
One of the best dribblers hockey has ever seen, Mohammed Shahid
is deeply disappointed at Indias performance at the Hockey World
League (HWL), particularly by its forwards. The former Olympic
champion talks to Ajeyo Basu
SuJ|+ Si||
|il P|u|u
After a five-year hiatus, Neena Gupta is making a comeback with
Issaq, an adaptation of Romeo & Juliet. She talks to
SANGEETA YADAV about her role in the movie, her bond with
her daughter Masaba and her theatre plans
QWhat is keeping you busy these days?
Im busy managing the financial side of my daughters
design and decor business. Masaba wanted somebody
from the family to take care of her finances. When she
asked me to, I couldnt refuse. Since my husband is busy
with his business, I took charge of Masabas accounts.
QYou are making a comeback in Bollywood with Issaq...
For me, there is nothing like making a comeback or
going back to something. Its all about getting the right
kind of projects. In this industry, people of my age hardly
get good roles. So its always better to wait for a one good
one instead of doing all roles that come your way.
In Issaq, Im playing the role of Angelica, Juliets nurse.
When director Manish offered me this role, I found the
character very interesting and gave it a try. I am glad I did.
Because the film looks quite good.
QAny plans to venture into theatre?
I have always been a theatre person and have been in
touch with the medium even during my break. There are
talks about a stage play but nothing concrete has been
decided as of now. But whatever it will be, I am on.
QYou have spent more than 30 years in this industry.
What is it that has changed?
I am not all that aware of the happenings in
Bollywood but I have heard people complaining about
how the music scene has changed. There is a positive way
to look at this too. Actors have become more professional
and respect each others time. The industry is blessed with
a lot of talent and I am pleased with the variety that it
offers in terms of cinema these days.
QTell us about Masaba...
She is an extremely talented, creative and independent
girl. Masaba has a very good sense of colour combination
and design. She comes up with brilliant ideas for her own
collection. I am awed by her talent for design and decor. It
is unbelievable how such a young girl can come up with so
many fresh ideas all the time.
QAre you a strict mother?
I am a disciplinarian who is not very strict. We are a
typical mother-daughter duo. Im a straight forward per-
son and expect my daughter to be honest with me. We
dont keep problems to ourselves. I have never forced a
career option on my daughter. She is free to choose what
she wants to do with her life. I will always be her support
system. She likes dancing and acting but she doesnt want
to enter Bollywood yet.
backpack 12 NEW DELH SUNDAY JUNE 23, 2013
Interesting to be
Juliets nurse
ad ki Maruti is no
longer chalega for gen-
next which fantasises
about luxury cars and what
not on their first date. They
want the perfect restaurant
with an ambience, good food
and a posh car to travel in.
While the hotel and the food
is right there, luxury cars on
hire has been a little bit of a
problem. But no longer so.
With car rental companies
mushrooming in the city, this
too seems to have been taken
care of.
From the uber expensive
limousine (chargeable at
C1lakh for 80 km!) to the chic
Funk Wagon that has an entire
pub inside the vehicle itself,
replete with disco lights and
surround sound (priced at an
unbelievable C70,000 for just
four hours), the roads in Delhi
are getting snazzier.
Its not just the dating cir-
cle which feels the need to
ride in style, even grooms
want to give their newly weds
a safar to remember. During
the marriage season, our
phones dont stop ringing.
There is a huge demand for
the Mercedes E Class and
Jaguars which we rent out on
an hourly basis. While the
Merc comes with a convent-
educated chauffeur and is
priced at C16,000, the Jaguar is
slightly more expensive at
C22,000 per hour. We also
have a fixed guideline on how
the customer can decorate the
car for the wedding night,
Sunil Malhotra, managing
director of Maitre Car Rentals
in Ashok Vihar, says. He
claims that in
one season,
he gets
almost 20
customers a
there is no
shaadi, there
are business
trips where people
prefer to travel and
close deals within the con-
fines of their cars. It is rou-
tine for busi-
The meeting
is usually a top
secret one in
which papers are
signed and discussed in a
hush-hush tone within the car.
Our chauffeurs drop these
people off at expensive five-
star hotels and are happy with
the tip they get for this short
journey, Malhotra tells you.
He adds that sometimes if
it is his day, the driver comes
back, having taxied a celebrity
from the airport to his desti-
nation. We have happily
served Amitabh Bachchan and
Sidharth Basu, ferrying them
from the airport whenever
they are in Delhi on Kaun
Banega Crorepati work. Apart
from them, a number of TV
channels contact us to provide
pick-ups-and-drops to their
hosts. The Aap Ki Aadalat cast
and crew have often utilised
our services, he adds.
The international tourists
are mostly into big SUVs and
Hummers and dont mind tak-
ing the car for an outstation
trip. Agra and nearby areas are
preferred destinations. Many
of our tourists prefer the
Hummer whenever they are
travelling out of Delhi because
it is huge car, Pankaj Verma
from State Express Rentals
says. At C15,000 per day, this
is quite a deal for both.
What makes these luxury
car rental companies thrive is
the fact that the customer
doesnt have the additional
headache of maintenance.
The liability lies with the
service provider. The cars are
insured as commercial vehi-
cles and the chauffeur, too, is
fully covered. In addition to
this, the car has a third party
insurance. In short, the cus-
tomer need not be unneces-
sarily bothered, Verma says.
Luxury li sawari for real
QWhat brings you to India?
Weve been looking at
India as a highly attractive
opportunity for our rare
Highland single malt. We felt
the time is right to take the next
step. The feedback has been
hugely positive.
QDalmore is among the top
10 Scotch whiskys in the
world. What makes it so spe-
Our Highland location
allows an abundance of natur-
al raw material like cold water,
ripe and plump barley and tal-
ented artisans that craft our
spirit. The coastal location
ensures a balanced maturation
in our hand-picked bourbon
barrels and sherry wood casks.
Were also fortunate to
have an iconic master distiller
in Richard Paterson, who has
been responsible for our
whisky for over four decades.
QTell us about the Dalmore
constellation collection.
This is a unique collection
of 21 vintages, single cask,
cask strength bottlings of our
very best stocks. The vintages
range form the youngest in
1992 to the oldest from 1964.
They are presented in hand-
crafted crystal decanters,
adorned with a solid silver stags
head, solid silver collar, num-
bered, certificated and pre-
sented in a bespoke highly
lacquered purple gift box
priced at $2,25,000.
QWhat got you interested in
My father was a distillery
I loved the sight, sound
and smell of the distillery so
much that I decided to follow
in his footsteps. I went to the
University of Edinburgh where
I secured an honours in
Brewing and Distilling.
Q What makes a whisky
The range and variation in
colour, aroma and taste.
Compared to rum and cognac,
the American whisky and Irish
Scotch has greater variation.
QYour favourite Dalmore
I love Dalmore 18 Yo
because it contains a beautiful
balance of flavours from vanil-
la, honey and fresh fruits from
our bourbon barrels fused with
aromatic spices, dry fruit and
citrus orange from our 30 Yo
Matudalem sherry butts.
QWhy has Dalmore released
only 4,000 bottles in this col-
We have released 7,500
bottles and plan to release 20
per cent of this each year for
the next five years.
QWhat are your marketing
We are seeking the right
partners, the right travel retail
places, the best bars and the
most wonderful hotels. We
work with our partners to host
intimate tasting events.
QWhat kind of drinks can
this be blended with?
The Dalmore should be
enjoyed on its own or with a
few drops of still mineral water.
he best part about Dedh Ishqiya
is the fact that there is not
much expectation linked with it.
That is the main reason why the first
version did well. Even now, we dont
want to get bogged down with per-
formance pressure. We will go in
with zero expectations and hope to
come out with flying colours, veter-
an actor Naseeruddin Shah says. The
actor, who has spent more than a
decade in Bollywood, is now busy
wrapping up his upcoming film Sona
Spa where he plays the owner of a spa
in a nook of New Delhi.
But it is Dedh Ishqiya, scheduled
for a 2014 release, that has him smil-
ing all the way. I dont know why I am
so excited about it. Arshad and my
characters are more or less the same
as in the original version. The leading
ladies have changed and so has the
script. There is a surprising twist to the
tale too. But I am not going to spill the
more beans, he tells you, adding that
the inclusion of Madhuri Dixit will
only make the box office buzz.
She is a very peoples actress.
Madhuri has a charm like none other
and I am sure she will do justice to the
role. We are good friends so I am sure
we will be comfortable with scenes that
the script will demand, Shah says
about the steamy scenes he will be
doing in this sequel.
But will Vidya Balan be missed?
Of course she will be sorely missed.
We had become the three musketeers
during the shoot of Ishqiya. Vidya is
a talented actress but she is also a hum-
ble person. She can make any conver-
sation sexy, Shah says. For him, no one
could have performed the role of Silk
better than Vidya in The Dirty Picture.
Shah is not the only one who is
going to miss Balan. Arshad Warsi
admits he was quite sad when he learnt
that Balan would not be a part of the
sequel. Only one of us would have got
the chance to romance Vidya. The
other would have had to be content as
her brother. This way, we are both
happy that Vidya kisi ki bhi nahin
bani, Warsi says, laughing.
The 35-year-old actor is happy to
be part of Dedh Ishqiya, which he says
he was dying to do.
Till the time you sign on the dot-
ted line, you can never be sure of a role
in any film. I was nervous about not
getting the call but when I did, I was
on cloud nine, Warsi tells you. He is
also excited about being paired oppo-
site Huma Qureshi.
I loved her work in Gangs of
Wasseypur. When I was told that she
would be a part of DI, I was pretty
nervous. Qureshi looks like a
pretty tough actress, he adds.
For Dixit, Dedh Ishqiya is a
special film, something that
happened by the way. I was
very impressed with
Ishqiya and had
the team on
the success
of the film. I
had no idea
that I would be
asked to replace
Vidya, Dixit says
about her role as a
naach-gane wali in the
8IhI MI8hk Q hEW EIhI
yushman Khurana credits his success in Vicky Donor to
none other than veteran actor Annu Kapoor.
He is a temple of learning. Annuji is an ency-
clopedia in himself. Just like we Google things that
we dont know, if ever that situation arose with
the search engine, Google should type Annu
Kapoor for a solution, Khurana said at a recent
event. He was promoting Annu Kapoors debut
at a radio station where he will host a programme
titled Suhana Safar. Khurana
had no qualms in admitting
that he was there the instant
Kapoor called him.
Having tried his hands on
multiple things, Khurana is now
waiting for his upcoming movie
produced by John Abraham
called Hamara Bajaj. He con-
fessed he would love to
work with Kapoor
'A||u|i i li| +| |]lupJi+
Traveling wilh om and show is no longer a dislanl dream wilh luxury car renlal comanies oening
lhe doors or dee ockels. while lhe limo slill remains lhe mosl exensive renlal olion, lhe Funk
wagon is lrending in young circles. hKhL 0AwAR seaks wilh service roviders lo bring you a reorl
8hkIIhI 8kk8Ehk Q hEw
ab Papi (Poppy) ne lambe
aur saanwale akarshak
Santino Aeragan (Santino
Aragone) ko khush karne ke
liye Valentain (Valentine) card
bheja, toh Santino ne uske
saath prem ki pratikriya ki.
Papi apne bass (boss) ke bac-
chey ki maa banne wali thhi
aur Santino uski ungli mein
angoothi pehnane ka neshchay
kar chukka thha
Believe it or not, this an
extract from the latest Mills &
Boon that is out in the mar-
ket, this time in Hindi. So all
those not too well-versed
with English but wanted to
read these romantic novels
can now pick up a Hindi ver-
Even t hough Luke
becomes Luk, Bel becomes
Bail and The Boss Valentine
by Lynne Grahm becomes
Raaste Pyar Ke, the Mills and
Boon (M&Bs) essence
remains the same. The
regional M&Bs have used
col l oqui al l an-
guage to keep in
touch with the
local flavour, the
novels retain their
romantic core. That
i s why we have
translated novels by
popular authors like
Penny Jordan. This
way the reader gets to
enjoy the best of both
t he l anguages,
Manish Singh, coun-
try head, Harlequin
India Pvt Ltd says.
He tells you that
regi onal l anguage
M&Bs were i n the
pipel i ne when t he
English version was
launched in India a few
years back. The fact that
there has been a growth
in the economy, that women
are more educated today and
are taking up jobs meant that
there is a huge market for
M&Bs in local languages. At
present, these books are avail-
able in Hindi, Tamil, Marathi
and Malayalam.
We launched
Raaste Pyaar Ke
and Punar Milan in
Jaipur, Lucknow
and Delhi a couple
of weeks back and
the print run of
these books is more
than the Engl ish
M&Bs. We have
launched the Tamil
version as well and
Marathi M&Bs will
be out in the first
week of July, Singh
tells you, adding that
these books are rea-
sonably priced.
The Hindi version
is for C75, Tamil version
for C10 (in a magazine
form) and the Marathi
version priced at C125.
But, how difficult
was it to do translations?
According to DI Aravindan,
co-ordinator for Tamil trans-
lations, the fact that the books
dont have a word-for-word
translation was easy to do.
Our objective was to
sustain the crux of the novel
without getting hampering
by a direct translation,
Aravindan explains.
However, he says that
Indianisation would have
been far easier but he felt that
a European storyline requires
some foreign element, which
is the USP of the story and the
differentiating factor for com-
peting brands.
If we adopt the Indian
route, we may end up com-
promising on the flavour of
the original, Aravindan tells
With the books catering
to women of ages 16 to 60 and
in over 220 tier II and III
towns, the M&Bs are defi-
nitely going local in a big way.
We want to take these nov-
els to each and every house-
hold. By printing two books
in every language every
month, we hope to achieve
our goal, Singh says.
But what about the trans-
lation of intimate scenes?
We wanted to avoid anything
that sounded offensive in the
regional language. We also
used our discretion while
incorporating the intimate
scenes in these novels. That
made our t ask easi er,
Aravindan explains, adding
that it takes around 10 days to
translate one book.
Arshad warsi and
haseeruddin Shah
are back in lhe
second inslallmenl o
shqiya, inlereslingly
lilled 0edh shqiya.
The soul o lhe ilm
remains lhe same bul
lhe characlers have a
dierenl avalar. while
lhe scinlillaling
Madhuri 0ixil
relaces vidya Balan,
huma 0ureshi, loo,
inds sace in lhis
one. EE8k8hEE
MhkhTY chals u
some o lhe slars
The 0almore conslellalion single mall riced al
C18.8 crore is a suerhil wilh Scolch
connoisseurs. ShBAJ R0YCh0u0huRY meels
masler blender 0avid Roberlson al an evenl
organised by lhe 0elhi 0uly Free Services lo lell
you how very secial lhis rare mall is
wTh ThE B00KS CATERh0 T0
w0MEh 0F A0ES 1G T0 GO Ah0 h
0vER 22O TER Ah0 T0whS,
00h0 L0CAL h A B0 wAY
Paasto pyaar ko, M&B stylo
a limousine
for C1 lakh for
80 km, to Funk
Wagon with an
entire pub for C70k
for four hours,
luxury is on the
right road
Blender's ride
Men in shqiya
0Iy sI4e 0f assI0a
The husband oI higeIIa IaWson
admiIs Io assauIIing Ihe reIebriIy
rheI aI a Iondon resIauranI.
0VT]SPexamines Ihe inridenI

6et the eaerIes rIht

Iike a human body being
susrepIibIe Io probIems, a house
Ioo aIIrarIs negaIive energies.
We IeII you Ihe Way ouI
8aa4s 0f tIme
Wadi um oI 1ordan, made Iamous
by IaWrenre oI krabia, is one oI Ihe
mosI sIunning deserIsrapes on
earIh. ead Ihis Io knoW more
he's a smarl man,
and was in love wilh
him when married him.
haven'l heard rom him
since he lexled me saying
he was divorcing me.
- Katy Fcrry
cn Fussc|| 5ranJ
Now Dolhi, Juno 23, 2013
he Iranian presidential election,
throwing up Hassan Rouhani as
a surprise winner in the very
first round, is of great signifi-
cance. It sends multiple mes-
sages, many still being debated in capitals
abroad. First, it is being asked whether this
has surprised Supreme Leader Ali
Khamenei, or it is a
convoluted passion
play designed by him
both to appease his
hard-line supporters,
having let them all
run, and ensure the
victory of a pragma-
tist cleric. Second,
whether or not the
outcome was pre-
planned, as is unlike-
ly, the message of the
Iranian people is
quite clear. They are
sick of the first non-clerical but radical
leadership of outgoing President
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, whose eight
years are ending in an isolated Iran, its
economy damaged and increased friction
with the US, Israel and the GCC (Gulf
Cooperation Council) countries. Iran
chairs the Non-Aligned Movement but this
brings it vain glory without concrete bene-
fits, a case of ideology triumphing over
national interests.
Perhaps no leader could have come to
the job better prepared than Rouhani. He
had been at the fulcrum of Iranian
decision-making for over a decade when
he left immediately after the election of
Ahmadinejad in 2005, having been not
only the Secretary of the Supreme
National Security Council but also the
principal nuclear negotiator from October
2003. He obviously enjoyed the trust of
Khamenei, confirmed by his candidature
not being black-balled by the Guardians
Council, which vetted all candidates. His
deputy Syed Hossein Mousavian, who was
a great help to me during my tenure as
Ambassador to Iran (2003-05), was
arrested, harassed and finally let off in a
vindictive action by Ahmadinejad to show
that earlier negotiators had bargained
away core Iranian interests. Mousavian in
his book The Iranian Nuclear Crisis,
written from Princeton where he now
works, details how a more nationalistic
line complicated the nuclear negotiations
which led to the case going to the UN
Security Council. Thus today, as compared
to when Rouhani relinquished authority in
2005, not only is the nuclear case more
complicated, but also the inter-play of the
influence of Al Qaeda travelling east from
Af-Pak and the democratic force of Arab
Spring moving in the reverse direction
have sucked Iran into a direct
confrontation with the US, Sunni
countries and Israel in Syria.
The initial reaction of the P5 countries
has been encouraging, many of whom
spoke on the sidelined of the G8 summit
in Northern Ireland on June 17-18. France
is willing to let Iran attend the Geneva
conference on Syria if Rouhanis
pragmatism persists. The UK would
like to restore diplomatic relations to the
full level, downgraded since 2011. The US
has made sanguine noises. The taste,
however, of the pudding is in the eating.
This is the same moment that Iran faced
in 1988, when the nation was exhausted
after eight years of blood-letting in the
Iran-Iraq war. H Rafsanjani and others
managed to convince a recalcitrant Imam
Khomeini that national will and treasury
could no longer sustain the war effort.
Iran accepted a peace settlement that
could have come at a lower cost in the first
two years of the war, when Iran had
penetrated up to Basra. Khomeini called it
drinking the poisoned chalice.
Is the current Supreme Leader ready to
do likewise now? The analogy may not be
entirely accurate as the stature that
Khomeini enjoyed has never been
available to Khamenei. His religious
credentials have been suspect and that is
why his peer group has never accepted his
elevation to Grand Ayatollah. His first
backing Ahmadinejad in 2009 and then
falling out with him have caused
distortions in the governance structures
that were created post-Khomeini, in which
the interests of the clerics were balanced
against those from the military and their
auxiliary organisations like the Basij. Thus,
to de-escalate abroad there would have to
be some re-balancing at home with a
push-back of the expanded role of the
Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps
(IRGC), which has tentacles now in oil
and gas sectors. This expansion occurred
when Ahmadinejad began berating the
link of Bazaaris or business community
and clerics, a prime example of which has
been the family of Rafsanjani.
The change is significant for India.
The high points of the India-Iran
engagement were: Prime Minister Atal
Bihari Vajpayees visit to Tehran in 2001
and a return visit by President Mohammed
Khatami to New Delhi in 2003. They
resulted in the Tehran and Delhi
Declarations respectively. Taliban had
been deposed from their perch in Kabul,
US-Iran relations were manageable and
America had still not intervened in Iraq.
By the time I arrived in Tehran in
September 2003, the strategic environment
had changed. The dangerous tentacles of
the AQ Khan nuclear bazaar, emanating
from Pakistan under the sponsorship of
its military, were out in the open. Iran
happened to be at the middle of it. That is
the situation that Rouhani was called upon
to manage. Additionally, with the ejection
of the Saddam Hussein regime, the US was
ascendant in the region, being to Irans
east and west. The suspension of the
Iranian nuclear programme and the
commencement of talks with G3 (the UK,
France and Germany) were the starting
point of a complex game that Iran has
played of talking, incrementally
developing their civilian nuclear
programme and then stone-walling. This
dance went awry after the exit of Rouhani,
leading to the current impasse.
In an op-ed in The New York Times on
June 20, SH Mousavian and MA Shabani
have suggested how the impasse can be
ended. Mousavian having worked closely
with Rouhani obviously is speaking from
knowledge, if not approval. Essentially, he
warns that the US should not assume that
Rouhanis victory is a sign of public
fatigue due to the sanctions and thus opt
for tightening them over engagement.
Similarly, he warns Iranians to not treat
the Rouhani victory as national
resurgence. The warning is valid as the
history of US-Iran relations is littered
with opportunities lost.
For India, the victory could not have
come at a better time. The engagement
with the US became a burden for India-
Iran relations as Washington tried drawing
Delhi into its corner in its fight with
Tehran. The net result was a gradual
downgrading of relations, perforce due to
the difficulty of doing business through the
maze of international sanctions. The
Indian votes at the IAEA, extracted by US
as an article of faith, became concomitantly
an irritant in the Iran-India relations. The
relevance of Iran for India rests on three
considerations: Access to Central Asia,
developments in Afghanistan and oil and
gas or energy security.
The recenl ranian eleclion has lhrown u hassan Rouhani as a surrise winner in lhe residenlial race. will il end
lhe isolalion o ran ollowing Ahmadinejad's hardline olicies? whal does il hold or ndia and lhe resl o lhe world?
F0R h0A, ThE
vCT0RY C0uL0 h0T hAvE
Eh0A0EMEhT wTh ThE uS
wAShh0T0h TRE0
0RAwh0 0ELh hT0 TS
C0RhER h TS F0hT
00wh0RA0h0 0F
T0 ThE 0FFCuLTY 0F 00h0
BuShESS ThR0u0h ThE
>> Z
k0 8I86
jjl !
RABh0RAhATh TA00RE Av00E0 MEhT0hh0
hS 0RAh0FAThER 0wARKAhATh h hS wRTh0S.
Now Dolhi, Juno 23, 2013
F R O M P A G E 1
ts the season of coal. A product that
India has in abundance, it has in
recent months produced enough
power to create a political storm in
the country. Even the office of the
honest Prime Minister isnt left untar-
nished. Coalgate we call it today, the scam
has the potential of tarnishing the well-
groomed image of Manmohan Singh once
and for all. But coal isnt just about wily
politicians, greedy corporate houses and
ruthless mafia. What we miss, sadly, is the
story of coal workers, working incessantly
in mines under inhuman conditions with-
out basic facilities available to them.
As the wretched worker gets complete-
ly marginalised, I come across a documen-
tary, The Dark, produced by Colliery
Mazdoor Sabha of India. Directed by
Debjani Halder and Shauvik Basu, the 28-
minute long film brings out the plight of
the coal mine labourers in the Asansol-
Raniganj belt, administered by the Eastern
Coalfield Limited (ECL).
No one denies the importance of coal,
which contributes over 50 per cent of the
total primary energy production in India.
It is also true that the Raniganj coalfield is
known for its quality, besides being one of
the major coal producers in the country.
But these cant be the excuse to exploit the
poor. The ECL claims that coal labourers
have assured social benefits of contractual
workers like mediclaim, life insurance,
boots, caps, lights, etc. But, as the docu-
mentary shows, the reality is quite differ-
ent. Contractual coal mine workers are
doing their job without these basic facili-
ties. Due to pressure of outsourcing, they
have become puppets in the hands of con-
tractors. The film also highlights the prob-
lems faced by women labourers, who work
in places with no provisions of light, win-
dow, toilet, crches, or even drinking
water. Incidentally, most of the women
workers are widows! This in a way explains
why they are working in such a wretched
condition for livelihood in a world
where their very existence is an issue.
Originally hired for making gooli matti,
needed to tighten the dynamite at the time
of blasting, these women workers are
forced to do heavy works.
Then, there is the issue of opencast
mining, which gradually destroys the very
pulse of a rural life. The most common
problem associated with mining is that of
involuntary displacement. Ask Basu about
its hazards and he would quote the article,
Risk, safe guards and reconstruction: A
model for population-displacement and
resettlement, where Prof Michael M
Cernea says that the opencast mining is
forced upon people for acquiring their
mineral-rich land and in the name of reha-
bilitation people end up being worse off
than before. Other risks associated with
involuntary displacement are livelihood
losses, employment problems and socio-
cultural uprootedness. When we asked the
general manager of the ECL in the Sonepur
Bazari area he assured that the company
had provided proper rehabilitation pack-
ages to displaced people, but the scenario
was quite different when we met the com-
mon people of the Kajora area; they told us
that they had got no packages, and that
some of them had to file a petition in the
high court for getting compensations and
proper rehabilitations, says Basu.
While the ECL officials have claimed
that the company has adequate safety mea-
sures in place, the reality is grim. In
Sangramgarh village, for instance, the total
area is swamped with smoke due to unsafe
opencast mining, says Basu. Geophysicist
Tapas Kumar Ghatak warns that if any fatal
disaster takes place in near future, it would
be man-made rather than natural. Prof
Ranen Sen of Colorado School of Mines,
USA, argues that opencast mining can dis-
turb environment in various ways from
environmental degeneration to displacement
of human beings. He also says that changes
take place in soil texture due to settling of
air-borne dust, leading to deterioration in
the very characteristics of soil in the region.
Today when coal has grabbed the lime-
light for all the wrong reasons, one thing
remains unchanged for centuries now:
Mining has always been regarded as a
dirty profession. Even the illustrious
Tagores, who had undeniable links with
Raniganj, couldnt evade the taint, per-
ceived or real. In the 1830s Dwarkanath
Tagores company Carr, Tagore began
mining in the Raniganj coal belt. The pur-
chase of Raniganj was the most important
single transaction of Dwarkanaths business
career, writes Blair B King in his biogra-
phy Partner in Empire: Dwarkanath Tagore
and the Age of Enterprise in Eastern India.
Carr, Tagore laid the foundation of
the fortunes of the Tagore family. Yet, it was
a legacy which its most celebrated member
viewed with ambiguous feelings.
Rabindranath Tagore hardly referred to his
grandfather Dwarkanath in his writings,
and if King is be believed the poet had
deliberately removed his grandfathers
papers from Jorasanko (family building)
and burnt nearly all of them. Maybe
Rabindranath could see how corruption and
cruelty were part and parcel of the coal
industry and, thus, wanted to avoid the
muck it always brought to those associated
with it. Its time we moved ahead to reform
this ailing industry.
EhER0Y FR00uCT0h
h h0A. AS F0R ThE
T S Kh0wh F0R TS
BEh0 0hE 0F ThE
he Afghan issue is reaching a point where
Indian anxiety is mounting in proportion to
the increasing dependence of the US on
Pakistan to bring the Taliban and their associates like
the Haqqanis to the negotiating table. In the last few
days the manner of the opening of the Doha office of
the Taliban has irked President Hamid Karzai so
much that he has called off talks on the future of US
forces in Afghanistan. By some accounts, US
Secretary of State John Kerry, arriving rather
belatedly in India this weekend for the India-US
strategic dialogue, has been negotiating with Gen
Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, Pakistani Chief of staff, the
engaging of the Taliban. This would be of concern to
other neighbours of Afghanistan, particularly India,
Iran and Russia. In fact, the Russians have thrown
their weight behind President Karzai.
Sadly Prime Minister Manmohan Singhs
advisers are so stuck in the China-Pakistan
quagmire that they took two days to prepare a
congratulatory message for Rowhani. They should
have sensed that the election outcome was an
extraordinary development that needed seizing. It
is hoped that as Iran returns to the diplomatic
track, India would step up its engagement with
Iran. There is still one lurking danger that Rowhani
does not assume office for another month or so.
Even during the transfer of power from Khatami to
Ahmadinejad in 2005, the IAEA seals were broken
in the dying days of the previous regime. I hope
elements in the IRGC, who would be playing a
major role in weaponisation if any, may not decide
to indulge in an adventure. By Western accounts
Iran has enough enriched uranium, if enriched
further to weapons grade, for about six devices.
Hopefully, this will not happen and Iran will take
another swig from the poisoned chalice.
l| W|i|| i + |u||| A||++Ju| |u l|+|
ran`s mooerate turn?
Coalgale is slirring a olilical slorm lhis year, wilh even lhe oice o lhe Frime Minisler nol lel unlarnished.
0ebjani halder and Shauvik Basu, lhrough a documenlary on lhe AsansolRaniganj bell, resenl anolher
side o lhe slory by showcasing how badly we have lrealed our coal mine workers, wriles RAJh SMTA
||+|i |+lJ| +|J S|+u1i| B+u |+1 Ji||J + |il| |u
||i| uu| || pli|| u| u+l |i| Wu||| i| l|Ji+
l|Jtl l
ThE EC0h0MY, ACC0uhTh0 F0R 14 FER CEhT 0F 00F
0EhERATE0 $8.5 BLL0h h REvEhuES h 2O12
Now Dolhi, Juno 23, 2013
s the car pulls into the camp,
a flurry of black and brown
activity catches my attention.
We are a long way from the main
road and quite deep into the forest.
To my great respite, two of the
camps faithful aides arrive just in
time to greet us. Meeting Leo and
Kaalu, two of the four dogs at the
camp, ensures that my cramped
muscles have enough to stretch
about as they sniff out at my clothes
and bags. Satisfied, they lead me to
the dining area where the owner of
the camp, Sunil Gupta, awaits. The
journey has been a short six-hour
drive but the last one hour has taken
its toll. The Shimla road is still
under construction. Once complet-
ed we can expect another half-an-
hour reduced in travelling, he says.
For now, I need the comfort of a bed
and a nice shower.
A small stream runs through the
camp. At its deepest, it is about five
ft but makes a worthy attraction for
birds, animals and reptiles. A baby
monitor lizard, for example, gets
quite upset when I absent-mindedly
walk into its spot for the night. It is,
after all, too late in the evening to
walk around without a local mem-
ber from the camp. Suzie, the camps
white Labrador, jumps ahead of me
causing the creature to scamper off
only to look back quite menacingly.
Suzie is undaunted by the threat and
after a few more growls, returns to
guide me along the stream. Her
confidence inspires me and I follow
her on. Soon, we come across a
meadow most beautiful with a car-
pet of thousands of tiny blue and
yellow wild flowers where Suzie
offers me a stone shes picked up
from the river bed and sits back,
waiting for me to hurl it to a dis-
tance so she can fetch it back for me.
I oblige the dear thing and sit back
to gaze at the wonderous charm of a
place so tantalisingly close to the
city and yet untouched by every-
thing it represents.
I have my fill of the mountain
air and decide to walk back to the
comfort of the camp. Back at the
camp, preparations are on for the
evening campfire. I sit back to
enjoy the sight of the last rays of
the evening sun shimmering the
top of the pine trees. Almost an
hour later, we are told that the
guest who had gone towards the
meadow just after me spotted a
leopard by the stream. A promi-
nent shiver runs down my spine.
8LI6h k0 80kfIL
The sun has set and the cold wind
makes us huddle close to the bon-
fire with snacks. With a leopard on
the prowl, the natural drift of the
conversation veers towards encoun-
ters of a wild kind. We occasionally
have monkeys visiting the camp but
a few months ago when one of their
babies was picked up by one of our
dogs, it became quite an ugly scene.
They do not venture close to the
camp anymore, informs Gupta. Of
course, we also hear a lot about the
leopard that preys on cattle and
dogs in this area but I havent seen
it and I believe that the noise and
sound from the camp keeps it at
bay. A log breaks noisily in the fire
startling all of us into silence. It is
now that I notice the voices of the
creatures of the night, the bright
shiny stars and a moonless sky. At
the same time, I have to admit that
I get a bit scared as soon as the feel-
ing of being watched by a hungry
predator comes to my mind.
Sensing my apprehension, the camp
organisers decide to take me for a
short night drive to admire the for-
est in the dark. It is comforting to
know that I will be inside the car
all the while and I am happy to
find only the sight of a few moun-
tain hare. The surprise comes on
our way back to the camp when
the car stops suddenly in the mid-
dle of the road. The first few min-
utes are frightening but the beauty
of the stars, glittering to their own
tunes in the silence of the forest, is
0Lk0L 6L0L
The following morning, I wake up
to paradise. It is still the early hours
of the morning when I head for a
round of the camp. A range of activ-
ities are lined up for me that day
and I want to know what I am sign-
ing up for. After breakfast, we head
for the first obstacle course the
Burma bridge. It may sound child-
ish but its not childs play, especially
if you take growing up too seriously.
The only other adventure I indulge
in is rappelling over the stream.
Once through, I hardly find time to
catch my breath before I am led to
the impressive display of a five-
course adventure spree that children
and corporates visiting the camp
keep coming back for.
By lunch time, I have a clear idea
of the amount of exercise I need to
get the stamina to keep up with such
an adventure course. But there is
more. As I proceed to check out of
the camp and bid adieu to my four
furry friends, I am told that the jour-
ney back would start with a visit to a
local temple. This ancient temple is
hardly anything to see from outside.
As we climb up at the stairs, I find it
no different from thousands of other
such hill shrines accessed by a flight
of stairs. It is only when I reach the
top that I realise why the organisers
have chosen this particular temple
for a visit. An elaborate under-
ground cave system lies before me.
Compared to the other caves
that I have seen, this one is formed
not by water cutting through the
porous portion of the rocks but by
years of sedimentation of particles
brought in by the water. Leaving the
comfort of sunlight behind, we
dunk, bent only at the hip and soon
on all fours, to the bottom of the
cave. It is here that the sage Bhrigu is
believed to have meditated for years
on Lord Shiva. A small pool of fresh
mountain water lies at one end along
with a host of rock idols which the
locals believe to be crafted by Gods.
The cave system also heads upwards
from the entrance and the more
adventurous ones can relish the
experience. On our way back, we
stop at one of the greenhouses that
are being used to promote horticul-
ture in the region. I walk around
soaking in the small joys of such a
blissful life when a bunch of fresh
colourful carnations is gifted to me.
At that instant I know, this is more
than just another summer romance
with the mountains.
Cup]|i||. 4g^cXRP, || Wll| +|J
li||]l |++i| ||u| l| Piu|| |uup,
+1+il+|l i| +ll |uu| u| l| |i1|+| |u|l
|+i| +|u || uu|||]
At tle foot
of Slivalil
squint my eyes, blink and then once more readjust the
focal to the dry arid surrounds. This is where the leg-
endary Wadi Rum, the Jordanian valley of the moon,
starts. After travelling good distance from the Dead Sea
area in a comfortable van, we have made this stop to
change vehicles. Only a 4x4 can match what the ship of
the desert has been managing in the past many a cen-
turies. I look around, the place is a fuel station. For the
first time, I see so many men dressed in traditional
Bedouin attire. Of women there really is no sign...
My guide from the Jordan Tourism Board, Hani
Heyasat, gives us the last quick set of instructions before
we change our vehicles: Freshen up before you set out;
refresh your sunscreen; cover up and keep yourself
hydrated. No, there is no urgency in his voice, just years
of experience guiding the uninitiated into an unknown
territory. Youll also get to see some amazing sights
nature has created and enjoy the hospitality of some really
amazing and warm people the original inhabitants of
this place the Bedouins, he says, as I pull out my scarf
and make the last ditch effort to tuck in my hair neatly. It
is particularly windy and any effort to cover up my face is
proving to be a futile effort.
Let me teach you how we wear our headgear here,
laughs a young man who helps me climb onto the rear of
his open truck. This is Mahmoud, who is supposed to
drive us to our retreat for the night Captains Desert
Camp after a safari and sunset view in the yellow-red
vale. And in quick (and easy) three-step technique, I find
my face covered and hair neatly tucked in, a la Bedouin
style. My group mates, too, opt for the Bedouin cover-up.
It really is very neat.
LLL1 0f hL M00k
If there is anything that would describe my first impres-
sion of the Wadi, I would say its deceptive. Within min-
utes we are driving past the Seven Pillars of Wisdom,
the iconic rock formation that gets its name from
TE Lawrence, famously known as Lawrence of Arabia,
while he was serving as a liaison officer with rebel forces
during the Arab revolt against the Ottoman Turks
between 1916 and 1918. The Wadi owes a lot to this
Englishman for making it famous first with his role
in history and second, the depiction of the same in the
flick by the same name. I relate more to the latter. Much
of the epic Lawrence of Arabia, starring Peter OToole,
was filmed here in the early 1960s, Heyasat tells me,
adding: We shall be visiting the site soon.
I look at the amazing rock formations around me.
Standing amid pastel-coloured stretches of sandy desert
are these jebels as these rock formations are called
that have been forged by wind and other geological ero-
sion (and evolution) that has taken place over millions of
years. Its a marvel how nature plays God here, more
strongly than any other place that I have seen so far, with
absolutely no help from the humans.
We drive up and down some dunes and scale others
on foot to get the perfect sighting during our safari. The
desert of Wadi Rum makes for some of the most stunning
landscapes on the surface of this earth. We traverse dry
terrain to touch upon the networks of canyons and dry
ravines and naturally-formed rock bridges. These offer
great opportunities for various adventure activities,
shares Heyasat. Other than seemingly simple scrambling,
you can do some serious rock climbing and trekking, he
LNLk6L 0f 8I
Nestled between two gigantic rock surfaces, there now
exists a camp. It really is like any other that I have seen in
India. We make our way into the living, the heart of the
campsite. I notice the tents are made of a thick woven fab-
ric. Goat hair, answers Heyasat. Youd find all camps in
the area are made of the same fabric. It is known to with-
stand the harsh winds and clime of the place. It keeps you
cool during the day and warm at night, he tells me.
Strains of live music catch up to us as we move closer
to the camp. Inside, there is a group of men transiting
from Saudi Arabia. Its a happy group. There is a lot of
chatter happening over cups of tea/coffee and hubbly-
bubbly or hookah as we like to call it. Its a Bedouin tradi-
tion to serve at least three cups of coffee without keeping
the cup down. Hospitality is a great virtue here. There is
so much camaraderie that it is infectious. Soon, we are
all drawn into the ring. And we get
the first taste of Bedouin hospi-
Ik8I0L 8L000Ik Lk
My ears are still ringing with music when our jeep pulls
up to the next halt a Bedouin tent. There are actually
two, both made out of fabric woven out of goat hair. We
enter the main tent and are greeted warmly by the owner.
Within minutes we are served lovely hot tea. This tea is
milk-less and brewed with a special spice mix. The domi-
nating flavour is star anise and cinnamon. We get our
spices from India, warms up the host.
In a corner, the hearth is well lit up with copper
pots boiling water in them and brewing tea. A sizable
area of the tent is covered with Bedouin wares on sale.
These are mainly trinkets made by the women folk,
scarves and exotic belly dancer outfits studded with
sequins and beads. The shopaholic in me is absolutely
excited. I pick up a couple of stone-studded earrings for
myself. Its a happy state.
A Bedouin home in Wadi Rum is a perfect show-
case of a culture and life led by the semi-nomads of the
desert. The Bedouins are extremely warm and hos-
pitable people who are grounded and lead a simple life.
And they would not give up their tents, no matter how
rich they get or whichever city they choose to live in.
Their livestock is very dear to them, Heyasat tells me.
He shares several examples of influential Bedouins who
are known to sleep and even greet dignitaries in their
special tents set up inside their mansions in big cities
like Amman!
6MFIk6 Ik N0I 0M
Mahmoud motions it is time for us to move. It is near-
ing sunset, and we must reach the special point to get
the best view. The sunset point in a big rock that has
the vantage of height. The sun rolls down majestically
behind a set of jebels ahead of us, the horizon changing
colour. I can sense a drop in temperature, and a sense of
calm envelopes me. And I get this urge to be alone.
This is my me moment and I dont wish to share it
with anyone. Suddenly Lawrences description of Wadi
Rum comes alive: Vast, Echoing, God-like. Wadi is all
of that at this moment. I veer away from the rest and
revel in solitude. I dont even know what I am thinking
at this moment and whether I am thinking at all. It is
indeed beautiful...
The magic of the moment is broken many minutes
after the sunset, when other people start breaking the
groups to head back home. We move too, but to our
shelter for the night. This is Captains Desert Camp. It
lies hidden behind two big boulders that make for the
dead-end. The camp is lined with palm trees, almost as
if it were an oasis amid a thick desert. The tents are
comfortable, made of thick cloth, again woven out of
goat hair. There are no zippers or locks, yet one feels so
safe. We are cut off from the rest of the world.
Camp mates offer a warm welcome with a round of
hot tea and hubbly-bubbly. Incidentally, the entire area is
a no-alcohol zone, in keeping with the culture of the
place. Hot food comprising of mezze and barbecue is
being served for hungry guests. It is indeed wholesome.
We exchange pleasantries with other guests. One group
is that of holy men travelling to Turkey. There is chill in
the air now and we all huddle close to the camp fire. The
guests offer to sing verses from the Quran. We are more
than happy to listen. Clear voices fill the air with beauti-
ful sound as they read out portions telling the man
about compassion and love for being. There is some-
thing very beautiful about the night.
Later, as I take a stroll under the clear starlit sky, I
reflect upon the beautiful day that it has been. Just then
Heyasat shares his little secret: You know, for some
strange reason, in as many times that I have visited the
Wadi, I have found it difficult to sleep at night. A lot
many others have had the same problem. There is some-
thing about the place. His words stay in my mind for a
long time after I retire. Could this be the discomfort
stemming out the fact that desert can never be a peace-
ful resting place for many a souls? Thankfully, fatigue
takes over and I slip into a quiet, peaceful slumber. The
Wadi plays a perfect host.
wadi Rum o Jordan, made amous by Lawrence o Arabia, is one o lhe mosl slunning
deserlscaes on earlh. hAvhEET MEh0RATTA lakes a saari lhrough yellowred dunes
Sirmour dislricl in himachal Fradesh
remains unlouched by commercialisalion.
visil lhe risline greens on lhe hahan
Shimla highway lo have a wonderul
holiday, says SuSMTA MuKhERJEE
f there is anything
that would describe
my first impression of
the Wadi, would say
it's deceptive. Within
minutes we are
driving past the
Seven Pillars of
Wisdom, the iconic
rock formation that
has got its name
from TE Lawrence,
famously known as
Lawrence of Arabia.
The Wadi owes a lot
to this Englishman for
making it famous ~
first with his role in
history and second,
the depiction of the
same in the flick by
the same name
rowing up in Singhbhum in
the 1970s was vastly different
from what it would be now
there or what passes for a city in this
wondrous land of ours. As a child I
learned from the Santhals, Oraon
and Mundas, who came looking for
jobs as maids and gardeners in the
colony where we lived, that every
pebble, stone, rock, hill, plant, shrub,
tree, rivulet and river (near our home
Subarnarekha snaked its way to its
rendezvous with Kharkai) was to be
revered, that what we thought was
inanimate was actually a living being,
with a life force of its own. They
would never treat nature with con-
tempt or natural phenomenon with
disdain. The soil, red and rich with
iron deposit, was worshipped as the
giver of all life and provider of all that
life needed to sustain itself.
That was before the dikus irrevo-
cably changed the lives, and the life-
view of the Santhals, Oraons and
Mundas, deracinating them from
their age-old culture and beliefs.
There was nothing benign about this;
it was the necessary prelude to
exploiting nature and plundering its
wealth to fulfil the dikus insatiable
avarice and greed. Nothing was
sacred anymore: Ancient saal trees
were felled and dense, lush forests
rendered barren by the timber mafia;
when there were no more forests, the
hills were denuded of their foliage; the
soil, which sustained lives with its
bountiful crop of cereals and vegeta-
bles, was now the source of illicit
wealth with machines digging up iron
ore from fields converted into illegal
mines; the rivulets disappeared and
the rivers turned into a trickle of
water flowing through parched banks.
The destruction of Singhbhums
environment coincided with the
advent of development. Picture post-
card towns have transmogrified into
hideous cities whose boundaries con-
tinue to be pushed beyond permissi-
ble limits as land is grabbed by venal
builders in cahoots with venal babus
and dishonest politicians. True,
theres more money going around
and the dikus have grown richer.
Simultaneously, the Santhals, Oraons
and Mundas have been impover-
ished. Those who have elected to col-
laborate with the unprincipled
exploiters (Madhu Koda and his ilk)
have prospered, some have aban-
doned the land of their forefathers
and migrated to distant places, others
live in gruelling poverty. Christ the
Redeemer has come to their rescue
using the route of rice bowl conver-
sions. At Yojana Bhavan, babus while
away their taxpayer-funded time tot-
ing up numbers to determine
Singhbhums now split into East
and West Singhbhum districts
development index.
These and other thoughts came
to mind this past week as natures
fury ripped through Uttarakhand,
destroying vast stretches of Dev
Bhoomi. The famous Shiv temple at
Kedarnath built hundreds of years
ago and the stone Nandi in its front
yard have survived the terrible disas-
ter. But everything else lies in ruins.
The devastation has been no less all
along the mountains upwards of
Rudraprayag, especially up to
Kedarnath. Roads and bridges have
been washed away, entire human set-
tlements have fallen off those that
remain are precariously perched.
Huge boulders propelled by flash
floods have destroyed all that stood
in their path. It will be days before
the last of the thousands of people
stranded in remote areas are rescued
and brought to safety; it will take
months to count the dead and assess
the damage. Reconstruction, when it
begins, will take years. Uttarakhands
nightmare has just begun.
There is no percentage in appor-
tioning blame or indulging in politi-
cal point-scoring. It is immaterial
what Union Home Minister Sushil
Kumar Shinde thinks, the destruc-
tion of Dev Bhoomi is a national
calamity, it is a tragedy that should
touch every Indian to the core. This
is not just Uttarakhands problem, it
is Indias too. Sadly, thats not how
events have unfolded over the past
week. Apart from lip sympathy, there
has been little genuine concern.
Gujarat has shown the way by
despatching doctors and officials to
help the struggling, clueless adminis-
tration of Uttarakhand, others have
done precious little. But like all
tragedies, this too shall pass. The
timeless hills and mountains and
lakes and rivers will survive, as will
the people for whom this is the only
home they know and have.
There is, however, no reason to
believe that any lesson will be
learned either by the Govern-
ment or by the people from the
horrific catastrophe that has visited
Uttarakhand. We could debate till
the cows come home whether this is
a natural disaster or a man-made
disaster and yet reach no conclusion.
Treading that path would be nothing
more than wasting time. Instead, it
would be fruitful to look at what is
likely to have gone wrong and con-
tributed to the savage assault by
nature with such terrible conse-
quences. To my mind attention
should focus on three aspects.
First, overselling a State as a
tourist destination is counter-produc-
tive, more so when the infrastructure
is inadequate and there are no regula-
tory mechanisms in place. In
Uttarakhand, successive State
Governments have promoted unre-
stricted tourism because it offers a
lazy way out of undertaking the oner-
ous task of building an economy that
is not dependent on seasonal
holiday-makers and hordes of faithful
looking for instant salvation and
expiation of their many sins. In the
process, two blind eyes were turned
to the mushrooming of illegal hotels,
dharamshalas and assorted buildings
that have now been reduced to piles
of debris. This would be equally true
for much of the construction across
Uttarakhand which has become a
happy hunting ground for land
sharks and carpetbagger builders. We
saw many of these buildings tum-
bling into rivers in spate as the flood-
water washed away the infirm foun-
dations of multi-storeyed structures
built on fragile land.
Second, allowing tens of thou-
sands of pilgrims to embark on the
Char Dham Yatra at the same time is
stunningly stupid. No civil adminis-
tration worth its salt would allow
such large numbers of pilgrims to
gather at remote areas with poor
communications in the best of times
for instance, there were more than
5,000 people stranded at Gangotri
alone. Apart from posing an impossi-
ble challenge to the administration in
the event of a disaster, as it happened
this week, such large numbers also
pose a threat to the fragile ecology of
the area. Dev Bhoomi was meant to
be the abode of gods and goddesses,
not shanty towns the like of which
had crept up in Kedarnath. Nor were
the mountains protecting Dev
Bhoomi meant to suffer the reverber-
ations of helicopters constantly ferry-
ing well-heeled pilgrims seeking
instant moksha. Its time we asked,
did the mountains revolt? Did Dev
Bhoomi rise in protest? Did
Mandakini and Alaknanda wreak
vengeance for the crude commodifi-
cation of faith?
Third, its frightfully wrong to
loot that which belongs to nature.
The illegal quarrying along riverbeds
by the mining mafia despite the
Supreme Courts order prohibiting it,
the felling of trees by the timber
mafia and the blasting of mountains
by the building mafia have all con-
tributed to the amazing plunder that
has been witnessed in Uttarakhand
for decades. Politicians have collabo-
rated in this evil enterprise; the one
who stood up, General BC Khanduri,
was made to pay a huge political
price. Those who indulge in this
smash-and-grab brigandage use
development as a veil to hide their
criminal misdeeds. Development,
this tragedy should convince us, is
not about subtraction but addition.
Hopefully, wisdom shall prevail
on the political class of Uttarakhand.
If not, the Uttarakhandis should rise
in protest and demand that their lives
and livelihood be secured before pan-
dering to those who are driven by
greed. Or else the gods and goddesses
shall extract an even more terrifying
price for the follies of those who have
little or no stake in the long-term
welfare of Uttarakhand.
(The writer is a senior journalist
based in Delhi)
F0x 0a a tr0t, aa4
a0t0crat Ia chare
8JF 000I0 080 I0
00 608 00I00I8N
Reader response to
Swapan Dasguptas column,
Usual Suspects, published on
June 16:
Put your house in order:
The JD(U)s precipitate
action can be attributed to
two developments within the
BJP anointment of
Narendra Modi in Goa and
BJP veteran LK Advanis
Sunset Boulevard act.
Clearly, the BJP has to
fight a lonely battle against
many odds and only innova-
tive measures will bear
results. The BJP, as the
aggressed, should surprise
the aggressor the way Lal
Bahadur Shastri did in 1965
when he suddenly opened a
new front against Pakistan.
A landmark procession,
similar to Mahatma Gandhis
Dandi March, should be
undertaken so as to promote
awareness about the dangers
of a weak Government that
exploits the masses in the
name of phoney secularism.
Secularism, in its present
form, will split Indian society
and has long since failed the
test in the State of
Jammu & Kashmir.
Instead of promoting the
the Gujarat model, the BJP
must conduct a door-to-door
campaign if it wants to gain
more than 200 seats. The
party has to understand the
mood of the moment and
also put its house in order.
The odds are too many and
time is short. The BJP should
get its act straight, instead of
engaging in damaging intra-
party rivalry.
JL Ganjoo
Shed ambivalence over
leader: Much like the influ-
ence of the Nehru-Gandhi
family in the Congress, the
BJP was viewed as function-
ing under the directions of
the Sangh Parivar.
It is ironical that LK
Advani no longer enjoys cur-
rency within the party while
Narendra Modi finds himself
anointed as the chief of BJPs
Election Campaign
Committee. This is the result
of the dichotomy in the pari-
var which had, over time,
seeped into the inner make-
up of the party as well. A
lack of cohesion and way-
ward politics was the result.
The BJP is unwilling to
mend its ways now.
In the process, Modi, a
self-made and able politician,
is being used by his party as
a saviour as well as being
portrayed as a villain. The
party must shed its ambiva-
lence over Modi and back
him all the way.
R Narayanan
808N80l, 18N8...
N08I WIII 00 00xI7
Reader response to
Rajesh Singhs column,
Plain Talk, published on
June 16:
Modi rattles Congress: The
columnist has legitimately
ridiculed Congress leaders
like Union Minister for
Rural Development Jairam
Ramesh and party
spokesperson Rashid Alvi,
for indulging in a vicious
tirade against Gujarat Chief
Minister Narendra Modi
over the latters emergence
on the national political
stage. These personal attacks
symbolise the nervousness of
rivals as Modi poses a seri-
ous challenge to their mis-
rule and corruption.
The writer has rightly
noted that, though the BJP
did expose various scams of
the ruling alliance, the fizz
was missing. Modi has
brought that fizz back, and
this has rattled the Congress.
Modi not only represents the
dreams of millions of people
who see him as a firm and
decisive leader, but also per-
sonifies the hopes and aspi-
rations of a vast majority of
the BJP cadre that is yearn-
ing for a new direction.
M Ratan
So many reasons to fear
him: It is said that the reali-
sation of the presence of
Yamraj around a person is an
omen of the individuals
imminent death. Those
pseudo-secular political lead-
ers who are fearing Narendra
Modi, especially after his
emergence on the national
scenario, have realised that
their political death is immi-
nent. No doubt, Modi will
prove to be the Yamraj for all
these leaders.
Yamraj is also the god of
justice. If Modi becomes
Prime Minister after the
2014 Lok Sabha poll, he too
will do justice to this country
by putting all corrupt leaders
behind bars and taking other
immediate measures to con-
tain widespread graft.
Manoj Parashar
The threat of exposure:
Congress president Sonia
Gandhi knows well that, if
Gujarat Chief Minister
Narendra Modi becomes
Prime Minister after the
2014 poll, not only will her
party leaders lootfest of the
country end but they will all
also be exposed especially
since mainstream media will
no longer be able to push the
Congress agenda. Hopefully,
Modi will turn India around,
and the country will become
militarily strong.
Muslim Bhagwat
A terrille rice aio for
lunoering !ev Bloomi
he dialribe which onelime senior Bharaliya Janala Farly ideologue
Sudheendra Kulkarni wrole some days ago, demonslrales lhal lhe
old guard in lhe BJF, resumably led by LK Advani, is nol reared
lo go wilhoul kicking and screaming. Kulkarni had been a close associale
o Alal Bihari vajayee during lhe laller's lenure as Frime Minisler, bul
aler vajayee's wilhdrawal rom aclive olilics due lo oor heallh, he
has nudged close lo Advani. while il musl be said lo Kulkarni's credil
lhal he had in lhose years conducled himsel wilh dignily lhrough his
ublic slalemenls and wrilings, his lalesl commenls are clearly oul o
characler and seem lo have been made rom a deely ruslraled slale o
mind - in which Advani's ollowers are resenlly in - lhan rom a dis
assionale underslanding o lhe silualion al hand. Lel us lhen address
lhe major issues he has raised.
Kulkarni lamenls in a signed arlicle which he recenlly wrole or a
websile, lhal "an aulocral (Modi) is soughl lo be enlhroned, and a er
ecl democral (Advani) is being marginalised and humilialed". The
Merriamwebsler 0iclionary deines an aulocral as a (1) "Ferson (as a
monarch) ruling wilh unlimiled aulhorily"; (2) "0ne who has undisul
ed inluence or ower". The 0ujaral Chie Minisler does have a level o
undisuled inluence or ower, bul lhal has nol come oul o his being
a monarch or a brulal diclalor. l's lhe eole o 0ujaral who have
given him lhe ower and lhe inluence, and lhe eole have done so
lhrough a democralic rocess. why does Kulkarni have a roblem wilh
lhal? An aulocral has unlimiled aulhorily, bul does Modi? Clearly nol,
because he is bound by lhe law o lhe land (he has nol slruclured il,
unlike whal generally aulocrals do) and is answerable lo lhe eole
who elecl him and lhe arly which he has been leading in 0ujaral.
The ormer ideologue roceeds lo elaborale on why Modi is an 'aulo
cral'. Kulkarni says, "A selcenlered leader who has shown lhal he cares
lwo hools or lhe arly organisalion and longlime arly colleagues in his
own Slale has suddenly become all owerul in lhe BJF's nalional
scheme o lhings". Modi cares lwo hools or longlime colleagues in
his Slale, il is a miracle lhal he has been leading lhe arly lo viclories in
eleclion aler eleclion, since 2OO2. how is il ossible lhal a 'selcenlred'
leader, who swees asides olher leaders and workers wilh conleml, wins
reealedly, and wilh huge margins? l could nol have been ossible wilh
oul lhe suorl o a arly organisalion or which Kulkarni claims Modi
cares lwo hools. The arly leaders whom he has suosedly scorned
could have easily ganged u and ended Modi's reign.
As or lhe observalion lhal
lhe 0ujaral Chie Minisler has
"suddenly become all owerul in
lhe BJF's nalional scheme o
lhings", lhose who have been
ollowing lhe develomenls in
lhe arly will lell a dierenl lale:
Thal Modi's elevalion had been
coming or monlhs now, ese
cially aler he led lhe BJF lo a
record lhird win in lhe 0ujaral
Assembly eleclion in hovember
lasl year. There was nolhing
'sudden' lo his romolion. l's
lhe ersislenl and elly oosi
lion lo his rise rom quarlers
which Kulkarni aears lo rere
senl lhal has added lo Modi's
largerlhanlieimage. Aler all,
you have lo be somebody lo be
so vehemenlly oosed by
orces led by Advani.
Modi may have a slrong indi
vidualislic slreak lhal his crilics can
inlerrel as aulocracy, bul such
'aulocracy' leads lo a quick deci
sionmaking abilily and lhe
slrenglh lo sland by lhose deci
sions. Some o lhe world's inesl
leaders can be lermed 'aulocrals',
i one goes by Kulkarni's deinilion.
Margarel Thalcher and ndira
0andhi are only lwo oulslanding
examles o such 'aulocrals'.
Crilics o Jawaharlal hehru also
olen anned him or his 'aulocral
ic' ways. 0id lhal make lhem ailed
leaders? 0id lhey nol lake lhe eo
le along? Kulkarni will do well lo
realise lhal 'laking colleagues
along' is jusl one asecl o leader
shi; lhe more imorlanl is 'laking
lhe arly cadre and lhe eole
along'. Many believe lhal Modi has
lhe abilily lo do lhal. he can, i lhe likes o Kulkarni slo snaing al his
heels. ncidenlally, while rubbishing lhe 0ujaral Chie Minisler, Kulkarni says
lhal a "erecl democral (Advani) is being marginalised and humilialed".
Bul lhe 'erecl democral' has reused lo endorse his arly halional
Execulive's democralic decision lo elevale Modi. The 'erecl democral' has
also ignored lhe overwhelming suorl his arly's workers have or lhe
0ujaral Chie Minisler. The consensus on Modi, which was "lhere or every
one lo see" - as senior leader venkaiah haidu remarked - seems lo have
nol caughl lhe 'erecl democral's' allenlion.
The ormer BJF ideologue clearly holds Advani in greal resecl (all
arly leaders aarenlly do) and believes lhal he can revive lhe orlunes o
lhe arly (very ew leaders share lhal olimism). Bul, even going by lhe
observalions which Kulkarni had made in his leller o resignalion as an
oicebearer back in 2OO5, il is obvious lhal Advani has ailed. Kulkarni had
lhen gushingly wrillen lo Advani, "You'll begin lo creale a new almoshere
and new 'eleclricily' in lhe counlry - somelhing akin lo whal you
described aboul lhe inilial unexecled ublic resonse lo your Ram Ralh
Yalra. This wave o osilive ideas, osilive emolions and osilive agenda or
ndia's ulure will swee away lhe Congress in lhe nexl eleclions."
Lel alone creale 'new eleclricily', Advani ailed lo ignile even a
liny lame in lhe minds o lhe volers in lhe 2OOO general eleclion. Far
rom sweeing lhe eleclion wilh a "wave o osilive ideas, osilive
emolions and osilive agenda or ndia's ulure", lhe arly under
Advani's leadershi wenl under.
Bul whal Kulkarni had urlher suggesled in his leller lo Advani, is
even more inleresling. he said, "ncreasingly, your communicalion
should lranscend lhe arly boundaries and reach oul lo lhe hearls and
minds o lhe eole o ndia. They are looking or new hoe."
Modi has been doing recisely lhal - reaching oul lo lhe hearls
and minds o lhe eole o ndia and arousing resh hoe in lhem. So,
why is Kulkarni usel?
Kulkarni is so worked u lhal he has nol sared BJF residenl Rajnalh
Singh eilher, calling him a "oxy" residenl. The reason or lhe 'comlimenl'
is lhal Singh has lhrown in his lol wilh Modi and laken lhe lead in romol
ing lhe 0ujaral Chie Minisler lo a nalional role. Ferhas Kulkarni would
have liked Singh lo go againsl lhe wishes o lhe arly workers and lhe over
whelming majorily oinion in lhe halional Execulive lhal mel in 0oa earlier
lhis monlh. Moreover, i lrulh be lold, a oxy leader is any day reerable lo
an oslrich which has ils head buried in lhe sand.
wisdom shall
prevail on the
political class of
Uttarakhand. f
not, the
should rise in
protest and
demand that
their lives and
livelihood be
secured before
pandering to
those who are
driven by greed
Now Dolhi, Juno 23, 2013
Aler lhe lasl o lhe dead are counled and lie begins aresh, we musl nol orgel lhe
lessons o lhe calaslrohe lhal deslroyed vasl slrelches o ullarakhand
Kulkarni has called
Rajnath Singh a
'foxy' president.
The BJP chief may
be that, or he may
not be. But it's
better to be a fox
than an ostrich
which buries its
head in the sand
and pretends all is
well. Kulkarni and
other Advani
loyalists simply
refuse to read the
writing on the wall
KuLKARh'S 0EFhT0h.
he mind will tell you continu-
ously, Postpone it. There is
always tomorrow. Why be
in such a hurry? You can do it
tomorrow. And the tomorrow
never comes. The person who post-
pones any good act for tomorrow is
postponing it forever; he will never
be able to do it.
I have heard an ancient parable:
A man worshipped God for several
years, and one day God appeared to
him. The man asked only for one
thing. He said, Give me something
thats why I have been worship-
ping you something which can
fulfil all my wishes. Whatever I ask
should be fulfilled, immediately.
God gave him a seashell, a beautiful
seashell and said, You ask anything
from this seashell and immediately,
instantly, it will be fulfilled. The
man was immensely happy. He
asked for a big palace and it was
there. He asked for beautiful women
and they were there, and he asked
for good food and it was there. Since
that day he lived in absolute luxury.
But one day everything got dis-
turbed. A sannyasin stayed with the
man. The wandering monk said to
him, I have heard about your secret,
but that is nothing. I have also wor-
shipped God, far longer than you;
you are a householder, I am a monk
of course God was more gracious
to me. He has also given me a big
seashell. Look at this seashell. This is
double the size of your seashell. It
actually was. And the monk said
again, Whatever you ask, the
seashell gives you double. If you ask
for one palace it makes two palaces
for you. It always gives you double.
The man became greedy. But
there was no need for this as one
seashell was enough; he could have
asked twice or thrice, there was no
problem. But a greedy man is blind
greed is blind. He became infatu-
ated. He told the monk, You are a
monk, you have renounced the
world, give your seashell to me and
you can have my small seashell. For
your purposes that is enough. But I
am a householder.
So the seashells were exchanged.
Early in the morning, after having a
bath, the man worshipped and
asked the seashell to give him C1
lakh. The seashell said, Why one
lakh? I can give you two lakhs! The
man was immensely happy. He said,
Good, give me two lakhs. The
seashell said, Why two lakhs? I can
give you four lakhs. Now the man
was a somewhat puzzled, disturbed.
He said, All right, give me four
lakhs. Again the seashell replied, I
will give you eight lakhs. And so on,
so forth it went on but nothing
was given! Promises and promises...
and whatever he asked, the promise
was doubled.
He rushed to catch hold of the
monk who was to leave early in the
morning. But the monk had already
left. This is a beautiful parable.
Thats how the mind functions: The
seashell of the monk tricky. It
always goes on giving you great
promises, but tomorrow, not today.
And tomorrow never comes. And,
slowly and gradually, hoping
becomes your very life, just hoping
and waiting. And death comes, and
no hope is ever fulfilled.
The mind is afraid of doing
good. But why? For two reasons.
One: To do good is non-nourishing
to the mind; the mind is nourished
by doing evil, by doing bad. For
example, if you say no, the mind is
strengthened; if you say yes, the
mind is not strengthened. Hence the
mind is never interested in saying
yes to anything. The mind is basical-
ly atheistic. It enjoys saying no; no is
its power. Negativity is its food; it
eats negativity. Positivity is its death.
Try to say no and you start feeling
powerful. Whenever you say no,
whenever you can manage to say no,
you feel powerful. Whenever you
have to say yes, you feel humiliated,
as if something has been done
against yourself. To say a total yes is
to destroy the mind totally, and to
remain in a total no is to remain in
the mind, in the ego.
The ego is another name of the
mind. The ego is the centre of the
mind; non-ego is the centre of your
being. At the very core of being,
there is no idea of I; but in the
centre of the mind, its only I. The
more you say no, the more you can
feel your ego. So, say yes, feel yes,
and suddenly there is no ego. The
greatest good is saying yes to exis-
tence and life. Thats what religion is.
E/|p| ||u| CWT3WP\\P_PSP
Say yes to your existence ano life
sji|ilJlil; l
ThE TME, BuT Y0u CAhh0T F00L ALL
Now Dolhi, Juno 23, 2013
xcept when asleep, we are active either through
the body or in the mind. Even during sleep, we
spend our energies dreaming. And such activities
of the mind and the body are more in the form of
struggle; what we consider enjoyment are only a
minuscule part of our lives. The fact of the matter is
that we hardly live, despite being alive. For intelligent
species, it should not be difficult to survive without
being busy. But the reality is that we are looking for
pleasures, but do not know what real enjoyment is; we
think sense pleasures, fame, power, etc, are real plea-
sures. But do they satisfy us? They dont and the frantic
search goes on. Therefore, every intelligent person
should ask himself or herself this question: When will
I live? It is not that we dont ask this question, but the
standard answer is, later. This later never comes.
What should we do to change this mindset? We
need to understand ourselves that is, the soul, body,
mind and intelligence. The soul, being eternal, should
not be in a hurry. Unfortunately, we convince ourselves
to become very busy; some of us even pride ourselves
in multitasking, completely negating the souls essence.
Our minds are always active with all kinds of unneces-
sary and negative thoughts, and often becomes the
main obstacle for us to realise our true self. Similarly,
the human body always remains stuck to sense enjoy-
ments or worldly pleasures, blurring our true vision of
life. And, our intelligence, which is generally of the
material kind, cannot see how we are harming our-
selves. In this mad rush, we dont know where we are
heading as all the basic elements of a human being
have lost track of their true nature.
What is real enjoyment? It can be found in the
samadhi state, when time stands still. This is the high-
est state of human existence. Samadhi is not emptiness,
as some may assume; it is the best activity. The real
enjoyment is within, and not outside; and, in this state
we learn to look within ourselves. When the body is
still and mind peaceful, you are connected to God, and
thus experience bliss the highest state of pleasure.
How does one achieve this state? There has to be
realisation that this is the topmost activity. However,
human body, mind and intelligence will all obstruct,
because they are material in nature and this activity is
spiritual. But if we overcome their opposition, we qual-
ify for bliss. Everyday we waste a lot of time. We can
easily bring out some time for this most important
activity. And once we do it, benefits will begin to
accrue to us. Our world needs to come within our-
selves, otherwise our attention will get distracted. The
best part is Gods help, which becomes available if we
seriously attempt to reach Him.
l| W|i|| i + pi|i|u+l u||||+|u|
When time
stands still
eole can sense a gen
uine smile beore il even
aears on a ace,
researchers say. Bul a
orced or olile smile does
nol lransmil lhe same sig
nals, meaning we only
delecl il when il is visible.
Researchers say lhe
sludy relecls lhe unique
social value o a hearlell
smile, which involves seci
ic movemenls o muscles
around lhe eyes. A leam
rom Bangor universily had
noled lhal airs o slrangers
gelling lo know one anolher
nol only exchanged smiles,
lhey almosl always malched
lhe arlicular smile lye,
whelher genuine or olile.
Bul lhey resonded
much more quickly lo lheir
arlners' genuine smiles
lhan lheir olile smiles, sug
gesling lhal lhey were anlic
ialing lhe genuine smiles.
orm o medilalion made
oular by John Lennon
and his Bealles band males
during lhe "lower ower"
era has been ound lo
imrove sludenls' grades.
A sludy o school
uils ound lhal erorm
ing lwo 2Ominule sessions
o Transcendenlal Medila
lion each day imroves
academic achievemenl. The
raclice involves silling slill
wilh eyes closed while
chanling a manlra - also
somelimes derided as
"oming". l became syn
onymous wilh hiy cullure
in lhe 1OGOs aler The
Bealles embraced il ollow
ing a visil lo ndia where
lhey were laughl lhe lech
nique by lhe lale Maharishi
Mahesh Yogi. how a grow
ing body o research is
suggesling il can have a
osilive eecl on eole's
lives. Recenl sludies have
shown lhal il can be used
lo lreal high blood ressure
and hel eole overcome
sychological roblems.
eading a ball can leave
oolballers wilh brain
abnormalilies and memory
loss, a sludy has ound.
Flayers mosl ond o lhe
"header" suer changes
similar lo lhose seen in
alienls wilh lraumalic brain
injury, scans have revealed.
Researchers in lhe uS used
an advanced magnelic reso
nance imaging (MR) lech
nique lo sludy lhe brains o
87 amaleur adull soccer
layers. The lechnique,
known as diusion lensor
imaging (0T), can idenliy
microscoic changes lo lhe
brain's while maller, which
consisls o billions o nerve
ibres. Like communicalion
cables, lhe ibres, or axons,
connecl dierenl regions o
lhe brain. "There is signii
canl concern lhal heading
lhe ball - a key comonenl
o soccer - mighl cause
damage lo lhe brain," said
sludy leader 0r Michael
Lilon rom hew York.
8MILL 6k 8L
8Lk8L0 8Lf0L I FFL8
80088 800Lk 60L8
hL0L 6k
0M6L FL1L'8 8Ik
Your mind is basically alheislic. l enjoys saying no; no is ils ower. Fosilivily is ils dealh. The grealesl good is in saying yes, says 0Sh0
when your body is slill and mind
eaceul, you overcome lhe agony
o lhis world and exerience bliss
ura is an electromagnetic field around
every living body. In human beings, it
is a storehouse of all energies
negative as well as positive. A healthy
aura signifies healthy body, mind and
spirit. Monitoring the changes in aura colours can
help you in diagnosing ailments. You may even
discover the emotional state and sense lifes
purpose. Like a human body, a house too has its
own aura. Everyone wants an abode of warmth,
peace and prosperity, and for that a lot of rituals
like griha-shanti yagnas, vastu shanti pujas,
feng-shui, etc are performed. It is in this
context that aura scanning comes into effect. In
literal sense it means that every living and non-
living object have an atmosphere that surrounds it.
It is not easy to look at ones aura with the
naked eye but the discovery of the Kirlian camera
by Russian scientist SD Kirlian has enabled us to
take photographs of the aura. Pure and shining
colours in the aura indicate good health, while
those looking dull reveal symptoms of impending
illness. Kirlian photography gives clear picture
which helps to trace the presence of energy levels
in a house. After adopting a few remedial steps,
the aura of the house can be purified to serve the
benefits for the inmates living there. It shows that
living objects consists of a layer which is called
coloured aura an indicator of the internal
state of that particular human being. Similarly,
through this method, flow of energy into a
house can be assessed.
It is already proven by the scientists that the
working of the entire universe depends on the
exchange of energies and the aura is also created
by the energy we receive from atmosphere in the
form of solar energy, cosmic energy, lunar energy,
thermal energy, magnetic energy, light energy
wind energy, etc. The upshot of aura scanning
depends on the amount of sunlight and wind
entering the house, along with the aura of those
living in the house. These energies can be
balanced to enhance peace, prosperity and
success. If a house is made according to these
principles, the inmates enjoy happiness in life.
hL 86kkIk6 F06L88
Ever get the feeling that something is not right in
the energy around you? There is negativity in the
atmosphere. You can feel the imbalance, but you
just cant figure the problem? You try to switch on
the lights, make room for plants in the balcony,
try to change the colour of the curtains and most
importantly, call a priest for a yagna or havan.
However, for me, an easy way is to do the aura
scan of your home.
Aura study has already been accepted by
science. In fact, various equipments have been
manufactured by none other than researchers. In
the process of aura scanning of the house, Kirlian
photography is the first step. The pictures that are
generated shows spectrum of various colours and
these colours help us know where exactly the
negativity lies and which is the most positive area
of the house. Aura scanning actually calculates
and captures the energy field through a device
which picks up the energy and translates the
frequency in the form of a colour spectrum. Each
colour band depicts different vibration frequency
of that person. For example, violet colour would
show immense progress in the spiritual field,
intuitive abilities and connection with the divine,
whereas red would show more interest in power,
money, physical well-being, etc. If the
environment depicts negativity, then it leaves a
dull, discoloured patch in the aura.
One, thus, needs to find a place that can
provide comfort, calmness and solace. Moreover,
it also happens that some people find serenity in a
specific room, no matter how big the house is. In
the same manner, a person sometimes feels
agitated and loses his temper in a certain
environment. This happens due to the non-
adjustment of the aura of a person with the aura
of that house or the particular room. If a plot of
land has surplus energy, then it is not fit for
residential purposes. Even greenery cannot
develop there. Apart from this, some plots have
surgical defects, which means that a few
skeletons or something similar is buried in the
ground. By my own experience I know that
aura scanning can pinpoint the definite place
suitable for living.
House is like our body. As we undergo a
routine health checkup, in the same way we
should also treat our home on a regular basis.
Like a human body being susceptible to attract
problems, a house is also liable to get attracted by
negative energies. It, therefore, becomes necessary
for us to put some efforts in scanning the house to
check the intensity of negativities and for luring
the essence of bliss and tranquility in life.
l| +u||u| i + pi|i|u+l |||u| +|J |uu|J|
u| Ri|i |+li| |uu|J+|iu|
Like a human body being suscelible lo a hosl o roblems, a house loo allracls
negalive energies. The way oul, says hK ShARMA, is aura scanning o lhe building
Pure and
shining colours in
the aura indicate
good health, while
those looking dull
reveal symptoms
of impending
illness. t is, thus,
necessary for us
to put some
efforts in scanning
the house to
check the
intensity of
man I loved once grabbed
me by the throat. Its an
incredibly unpleasant sensa-
tion. Because your jaw is
forced upwards, you cant
make a sound to protest. You just have to
wait meekly till your lover/assailant relax-
es his grip and your chin falls forward
once more. Even after the hold is
removed you can still feel a faint, sicken-
ing pressure on your windpipe.
As one of the leading ad men of his
generation, Charles Saatchi knows that a
picture is worth a thousand words. Well,
the paparazzi pictures showing Saatchis
right hand around the neck of his wife,
Nigella Lawson, must have generated a
thousand times a thousand words this
week. Overnight, the millionaire art col-
lector became the unlikely poster boy for
domestic violence.
Swinging into PR crisis mode, Saatchi
admitted that the pictures, taken on his
70th birthday outside Scotts, the couples
favourite restaurant, are horrific. But he
insisted they give a far more drastic and
violent impression of what took place.
Over the past few days, I have noticed
that men are generally more inclined to
question how much we can really deduce
from a few photos of a chap apparently
being cruel to his wife. Perhaps he was
just trying to brush food off her face?
suggested one hopefully.
Women, by contrast, only have to take
one look at Nigellas eyes. For a split sec-
ond, she was scared. Unmistakably, she has
the expression of an animal in a trap.
Saatchi called it a playful tiff . For the best
copywriter in the business, it was a shock-
ingly inadequate choice of words. If thats
his idea of playful, you wouldnt want to see
him in a bad mood, would you?
Seizing your interlocutor by the throat
is never anything but a brutish way of
silencing dissent. Anyway, if no harm was
done why was Nigella, a famously proud
non-crier, clearly so distraught? Crying in
the street is horribly exposing; the soft
body of the private self is outside its shell
for all to see. How much worse must it be
to lose control like that when youre the
nations Domestic Goddess and your
wretchedness is destined to make front-
page news? I dont know anyone who does-
nt feel desperately sorry for her.
I once sat next to Saatchi at dinner and
liked him a lot. Vast wealth hasnt made
him pompous or a bore. He has a wayward
charisma. When he fixes you with his lan-
guid, slightly wolfish attention, you feel the
gravitational pull that attracted a 40-some-
thing Nigella to a twice-married man 17
years her senior. (If that makes them sound
like a couple out of a romantic novel, thats
because they are.)
But fortunes as large as Saatchis can
also make you a law unto yourself. A
book of his observations, published last
year, was called Be The Worst You Can Be:
Lifes Too Long for Patience and Virtue. In
the light of events, the title no longer
seems like a good joke. More like a bad
omen. A languorous cad might say those
words, but so would a bully.
For the reclusive Saatchi to go into a
police station and accept a caution for
assaulting Nigella is an unimaginable
humiliation. He would only have done it to
try to kill the story. More importantly, he
wants to rescue his marriage, which I sus-
pect the old grump holds very dear.
Meanwhile, Nigella, whom friends say
is devastated, chose not to speak out in his
defence. That duty fell to a previous Mrs
Saatchi, Kay, who said that, although
Charles was hard work, he was never
physically violent. Kay, who had to learn
from a teacher at her childs school that
her husband was divorcing her, has no rea-
son to do her ex a favour. That she insists
he is being unfairly treated must be
chalked up in his credit column.
As the media storm raged, Nigella
posted a recipe on her Facebook page. It
was for tiramisu, a comfort pudding if ever
there was one, although most of us would
be beyond comforting in such a situation.
Food is not just the TV cooks career, its
her refuge. Suggestions that How to Be a
Domestic Goddess, with its emphasis on
nostalgic baking, reflected the authors
blissful home life were always painfully
wide of the mark. Having lost both her
mother and younger sister to cancer,
Lawson then had to watch her husband,
the journalist John Diamond, die of throat
cancer in 2001. A widow at 41, she was left
with two small children and a sense of lifes
darkness. It was hard, she said, not to
believe there was a sniper in the garden
picking off everyone you love.
Charles Saatchi provided Nigella with
a sense of security and permanence that
let her blossom and grow. If the rumour
that he was so besotted with Nigella he
brushed her teeth for her was a bit icky, it
was evidence of a grand passion. And
passion is a far more unstable element
than affection. A crush can be crushing
for the object of desire.
In the 10 years since their marriage,
the dynamic has changed. Nigella, still in
her prime at 53, is now the bigger name,
while Saatchis powers, if not his fortune,
are waning. A 70th birthday can be
depressing for a man of even average
vanity who is sitting across a lunch table
from a woman who has become every bit
as beautiful as he always told her she was.
According to Nigella, tiramisu was
invented in a brothel to give working girls
a pick-me-up. The Domestic Goddess will
need one as she weighs up whether to
heed the advice of total strangers to get
the hell out of the marriage or stick by
the man who has done her much good
before the recent harm. Whatever she
decides, one thing is certain: It should
be her choice, not ours.
l| +il] ll|+p|
itl|tJlitJl |
Now Dolhi, Juno 23, 2013
YkI 8k8Y T IVE $400
Mh 8MF T E6hMY
rom Union Jack booties
to Born to Rule sleep-
wear, the British royal fami-
ly has joined retailers in
offering baby products to
mark the arrival of the
royal heir. Analysts esti-
mate the baby fever could
boost the economy by 240 mil-
lion pounds ($380 million).
A baby sleepsuit mod-
elled on a guardsmans outfit
is one of the gifts on sale at
palace shops by the Royal
Collection Trust, which uses
all profits for the upkeep of
the royal palaces.
Prince Charles, the
grandfather-to-be, is sell-
ing handmade baby shoes
through a shop on his
country estate Highgrove,
while the mother-to-bes
parents, Carole and
Michael Middleton, have
added a range of baby
goods to their party
goods business.
Joshua Bamfield, director of the
Centre for Retail Research (CRR),
estimated that the arrival of the baby,
due in July, could add more than 240
million pounds to the British econo-
my. (Reuters)
I8 EIE6kTE IM kh khIMkI
offee snobs can now take it to a
whole new level. The worlds
most expensive cup of coffee is made
from beans that are extracted from the
excrement of a small animal.
The Kopi Kuwak is famously pro-
duced by the Paradoxurus, a relative of
three different breeds of civet, a slinky
mammal that looks like a cross
between a cat and a mongoose. The
coffee blends originates on the
Indonesian island of Sumatra and is
produced when the Paradoxurus eats
coffee cherries, digests them and
then the beans are extracted,
cleaned and roasted.
Amazingly, a cup of Kopi
Kuwak typically costs about $90.
Or, you can pick up a pound of
the beans for around
$1,000. Just getting a cup
of the coffee typi-
cally requires an
The coffee
website Funnel
Mill describes
the Kopi Kuwak
process as, The
resulting coffee is
said to be like no
other. It has a rich, heavy flavour
with hints of caramel and chocolate.
Other terms used to describe it are
earthy, aromatic, sweet and exotic. The
body is almost syrupy and it is probably
the smoothest coffee known to
mankind. (Yahoo News)
'hkFFY 8IThkY T Y'
production company making a doc-
umentary about the song Happy
Birthday to You is challenging the copy-
right to the famous jingle.
Good Morning To You Productions
Corp, which is working on a film tenta-
tively titled Happy Birthday, argues in a
lawsuit filed recently that the song
should be dedicated to public use and
in the public domain. The company is
seeking monetary damages
and restitution of more
than $5 million in licensing
fees collected by
Warner/Chappell Music Inc
from thousands of people
and groups whove paid it
licensing fees.
More than 120 years
after the melody to which the
simple lyrics of Happy Birthday to You is
set was first published, defendant
Warner/Chappell boldly, but wrongfully
and unlawfully, insists that it owns the
copyright to Happy Birthday to You, the
lawsuit states. (AP)
kITE 6k8h, k8TkIIkh WMkh
hk8 IEh6h k66EhT
n Australian woman is believed to
be suffering from foreign accent
syndrome, one of the rarest syndromes
in the world, reports.
The woman, Leanne Rowe, was
involved in a serious car crash eight
years ago. While healing from her
wounds, including a broken jaw, Rowe
began to speak in what sounded like a
French accent.
At first, doctors and family assumed
the injury to her jaw
was to blame. But, even
now, eight years later, the
accent has stuck.
While the syndrome is
undeniably fascinating, it
has had a serious effect on
Rowe. She told
that she has become
withdrawn and
depressed. She is some-
times so self-conscious
that she asks her
daughter to speak for
her in public.
Doctors believe
foreign accent syn-
drome occurs after
an injury causes
tissue damage to a
specific part of
the brain
involved in
speech. (Yahoo News)
8hI8T Mhk8 6ITI6I8E
I IkVI8h 8EhkVI
hailands Buddhism body
has said it is monitoring
monks nationwide for any
behaviour after
a video showed
several monks
using luxurious personal items while
flying on a private jet.
The YouTube video showed one
of the monks was wearing stylish
aviator sunglasses, carrying a luxury
brand travel bag and sporting a pair
of modern-looking wireless head-
phones. It attracted criticism from
Buddhists nationwide.
Office of National Buddhism
director-general Nopparat
Benjawatananun said that the
agency saw the video early this
year and had warned the monks
from a monastery in Thailands
northeast not to repeat the
lavish behaviour.
A country with the worlds largest
Buddhist population, Thailand has
attempted to help Buddhas 2,600-year-
old doctrine stand the test of time
through a variety of means, including
banning the sale of alcohol on religious
holidays. The efforts, however, are
sometimes tainted by the Buddhist
monks themselves. (AP)
MEAhT T0 Fh0 wAYS T0 Eh0 ThE 12YEAR wAR
Saatchi provided
Nigella with a
sense of security
that let her
blossom. f the
rumour that he
was so besotted
with Nigella that
he brushed her
teeth for her was a
bit icky, it was
evidence of a
grand passion. And
passion is a far
more unstable
element than
he election of Hassan Rouhani
as Irans next President creates
an opportunity to move forward
on a negotiated agreement to stop
Irans nuclear weapons pro-
gramme and to begin to repair
three decades of hostility with the
United States. The question is
whether Rouhani and President
Obama have the political skill and
courage to make it happen.
Rouhani, a cleric, has deep roots
in the conservative establishment,
but he is also pragmatic. His cam-
paign pledge to work to end the
impasse with the West over the
nuclear issue and the sanctions,
imposed because of the impasse,
resonated with voters fed up
with a badly devalued currency,
a battered economy and the ero-
sion of rights and freedoms.
Rouhani promised to follow
the path of moderation and allow
greater openness over the nuclear
programme. But he also restated
Irans refusal to halt uranium
enrichment as the United Nations
Security Council has demanded.
Sanctions were never sup-
posed to be an end in themselves
but a tool to facilitate a deal, and
Obama has done a good job of
ratcheting up the pressure. With
Rouhanis election, Obama
should respond with more cre-
ative diplomatic engagement. It
is a chance neither he nor
Rouhani can afford to squander.
assan Rouhanis victory in
Irans presidential election
certainly generates a breath of
fresh air, as the world closely
monitors his statements on vari-
ous issues at the outset of his
four-year term. Only time will tell
whether Rouhanis positive sig-
nals are translated into concrete
policies and steps, and lead to any
significant changes.
While Ayatollah Ali
Khamenei is signalling that the
new President has his support,
for Rouhani to succeed, he will
require substantive backing from
the supreme leader. Otherwise,
no real changes will be likely on
key domestic or foreign policy
issues, such as the economy, or a
rapprochement with countries in
the region or the international
community. The new President
has a reputation of being a bridge
builder, and not a confrontation-
al figure. If Rouhani manages to
build better ties with Irans
neighbours and key members of
the international community, he
could head off the influence of
extremists in Iran, and this could
lead to fruitful talks with the
West on the nuclear issue. West-
ern and other leaders should
respond positively if Rouhani
initiates any positive moves.
Resolving this item without mili-
tary action will benefit not only
Iran, but the entire world.
ens of thousands of protest-
ers in Brazil held rallies in
at least 11 capital cities in oppo-
sition to such issues as rising
public bus fares and police vio-
lence. Marches coordinated on
social networks took place in
cities including Sao Paulo, Rio
de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte,
where police fired tear gas and
rubber bullets on protesters,
and Brasilia, where a small
group climbed onto the roof of
Congress. In Sao Paulo, esti-
mates indicated at least 65,000
people filled the main arteries
of South America's largest city
in the largest protest in two
weeks organised by the stu-
dent-heavy Free Fare Move-
ment against a 10-cent hike in
the citys bus fare. Support for
the group has mushroomed
since a widely publicised crack-
down by military police recent-
ly that left 120 protesters and
journalists injured.
Protesters in Sao Paulo and
some analysts said the currents
leading to the protests were not
directly about growth, but pub-
lic representation and services,
including the military police,
which was formed and trained
by the military dictatorship and
has been accused of carrying
out executions.
0e f0r Iraa
8ratII er0ts Ia r0test
razil experienced one of its
biggest nights of protest in
decades this week as more than
100,000 people took to the streets
nationwide to express their frus-
tration at heavy-handed policing,
poor public services and high
costs for the World Cup.
The major demonstrations in
Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Brasilia,
Belem, Belo Horizonte, Salvador
and elsewhere started peacefully
but several led to clashes with
police and arson attacks on cars
and buses. The large turnout and
geographic spread marked a rapid
escalation after smaller protests in
recent days against bus price
increases led to complaints that
police responded disproportion-
ately with rubber bullets, tear gas
and violent beatings. Coinciding
with the start of the Confedera-
tions Cup a World Cup test
event the rallies brought
together a wide coalition of peo-
ple frustrated with the escalating
costs and persistently poor quali-
ty of public services, lavish invest-
ment on international sporting
events, low standards of health-
care and wider unease about
inequality and corruption. Com-
parisons have been drawn with
rallies in Turkey and elsewhere by
a more networked society with a
long catalogue of grievances.
The husband o higella Lawson has admilled lo assaulling lhe celebrily che during a violenl
encounler al a London reslauranl earlier lhis monlh. ALLS0h FEARS0h examines lhe incidenl
of passion
of passion
n the digital age where peer
pressure keeps schoolchildren
hooked on to computer games
and e-learning, there is scarcity of
interest-arousing biographies, par-
ticularly on women. The secular
curricula during schooling some-
times digress to such an extent
that inculcating knowledge about
religious personalities is consid-
ered medieval. All religions have
suffered this tragedy in the mod-
ern age. But it is more so with
Islam in the age of reason.
Moreover, for the modern
interpreters of Islam, a religion
which is known for the extremist
form of patriarchy, the endeavour
to show women as leaders in
Muslim society is replete with
danger from radical conservatives.
Therefore, some of the intelligent
interpreters of Islamic history have
taken solace in Buddhas middle
path. While they try to describe
the women as lead protagonists,
they condescendingly conform to
the rigid tenets of Islam.
In this context, The Story of
Khadija: The First Muslim and the
Wife of the Prophet Muhammad,
by Saniyasnain Khan, may be con-
sidered an oasis in the parched
valley of knowledge about women
leaders in early Muslim society.
Also, this biography is different
from an earlier book on the same
theme Khadija: The First
Muslim and the Wife of the
Prophet Muhammad by Resit
Haylamaz in two ways. First,
this biography is meant for
leisure-time reading by school-
children. And second, it is written
in a simpler language.
The book is designed to
inform children, particularly
Muslim kids, about the less known
history of the first Muslim woman
and her struggles in spreading the
message of Islam. Khadijas jour-
ney from riches to rags during the
transition from tribal beliefs to the
new religion has been dealt with
great care in the book.
The biography starts with
Khadijas early life at parents
house to her becoming a trader
after inheriting her late husbands
properties, and employing her
future husband, Prophet
Muhammad. However, except for
the first two chapters, strangely
the book digress and focuses more
on Khadijas third husband and his
intrepid fight to spread the reli-
gion of peace. Even in the first two
chapters, the biography fails to
satiate the inquisitiveness about
the childhood of Khadija. Another
flaw in the biography is its inabili-
ty to be a standalone book on the
topic, as it requires an expert in
Khadijas life to fill the knowledge
gap, more so to satisfy the
enquiries of non-Muslim children
about the idea of Khadijas look
a proscription in Islam.
Nevertheless, the author
seems to have taken pains to
make the book comprehensible
for children. It is a splendid effort
to dispel the notion among
Muslims and non-Muslims about
the treatment of women, especial-
ly during the birth of Islam.
l| |1iW| i + |+|| |ul+| W|i|i|
+ |uu| u| 3T\^RaPcXbPcX^]X]:dfPXc
IF 8I08I 0F k0I1
8aaIyasaaIa khaa
6004W0r4, C375
l|s i
hE Ch0SE T0 wRTE hS FhAL h0vEL, T| ULAFF,
AB0uT A MAh 0Yh0 0F CAhCER. "hA0 hE Kh0wh
hE hA0 CAhCER, hE w0uL0 hEvER hAvE wRTTEh
AB0uT T," hS w00w A0ELE hARTLEY SA0
Now Dolhi, Juno 23, 2013
t is the true story of two
sets of entrepreneurs:
Abhishek and Abhinav
Sinha associated with Eko;
and Moojin Chung associat-
ed with A Passage to India
and the Indo-Korean
Foundation. One group
appears to be on the verge of
a takeoff after a roller-coast-
er ride; the other seems to be
winding down after a che-
quered record, having come
before its time.
Their stories are told
through a fictionalised
meeting at a bar between
the author, a business school
professor, and Moojin, an
old friend he has known as a
spiritual seeker traveling
through India. In a juxtapo-
sition of roles, Moojin tells
the story of Eko, and inter-
sperses his telling with poet-
ic meditations on the five
qualities of an entrepre-
neur. The session ends with
a paean to the true values of
entrepreneurship a desire
for freedom, a longing to be
intensely alive, and a love
for the world that demands
that it be reshaped in an
image more perfect.
Start-up Sutra is one of
the the first books that
reveals the challenges and
opportunities of being an
entrepreneur in India post-
liberalisation. Partly slice-
of-life and experience and
partly management advice,
it is a guide-book for not
just the families and friends
of entrepreneurs, but also
for lay readers.
8I8I0F 80I8
80hIt Frasa4
achette, C199
The book allemls lo accommodale lhe idea o democracy, secularism and eminism in slam, says ShABSTA hAZ
RJ|i|i| Wu|| i| +|l] ll+|i |i|u|]
S0 Burman gave lhe world a orm o music lhal could be bolh lhe boalman's and lhe ustaJ's own. n his long journey he shaed
lhe career o several legends rom Kishore Kumar and Asha Bhonsle lo Manna 0ey and 0ul/ar. A new book lells us more. Excerls
achin Dev Burman has written about
how he introduced Kishore Kumar to the
Hindi film music scene: I was then with
Filmistan, working on Ashok Kumars
own production, Eight Days. The year
was 1946. Kishore used to visit his elder brothers
film studio occasionally after his matriculation
examination. Once, Dadamoni asked me to lis-
ten to Kishores singing. Kishore was never a reg-
ular practitioner of music, never rehearsed regu-
larly. I was charmed with his natural God-given
voice. Then and there, I made him sing a song
for the film. I had to okay him at the first take. I
told Dadamoni, Better not send him to college
for further studies. Let him take up music.
In Kishores own words: I came to Bombay
to act in and produce films. I never dreamt of
singing. But the old man just wouldnt give up,
kept chasing me. I felt quite annoyed. I used to
keep away from him. It so happened one day that
I was travelling by car. It halted at a traffic signal.
All of a sudden, I heard, in chaste Bangla, Ah! Is
it not Kishoira? Before I could say anything the
old man simply opened the door of my car and
entered. He asked the driver to drive out of town.
We drove for quite some time till we reached
some green meadows on the outskirts of the city.
The fellow alighted and proceeded on foot
towards the fields. He lifted his dhoti and started
walking along the earthen boundary. He went on
singing one song after another. I felt as if it was
all a dream. I dont remember being in my sens-
es. Only then did I realise that this was the man I
had been looking for all along. I decided that
from that day on I would always do his bidding.
hL MkIk6 0f 8h
Sachins choice of Asha Bhonsle between 1957
and 1962 owed itself to a rift with Lata
Mangeshkar. As a music director, Sachin could
be quite demanding about how he wanted a
singer to render his compositions. It so hap-
pened that after Lata had recorded a song for
Sitaron Se Aage, Sachin thought it would be bet-
ter to record it again. But Lata was a busy singer.
Busy as she was completing jobs she had on
hand, she could not assign any date to Sachin
despite his repeated calls. Probably piqued at this
behaviour by someone he had given his finest
compositions to sing to, Sachin dropped Lata
altogether and called upon Asha.
Around this period, Asha was struggling to
make a name for herself, largely unsuccessfully,
getting to render only cabarets or leftovers that
Lata would not sing. Sachins call gave Asha the
big break she was looking for and she grabbed
the opportunity. Over the next four to five
years, Asha, thanks to Sachin, emerged out of
Latas shadow, rendering popular numbers in
films like Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi, Kala Pani,
Insaan Jaag Utha, Sujata, Bambai Ka Babu, Kala
Bazaar, Manzil, among others.
60LL 6L8 6hk6L
The tiff between SD and Lata continued till 1962.
Rahul was instrumental in bringing them togeth-
er again. Rahul told his father, I am going to
ring up Lata didi to sing my first song as a music
director. RD Burman wanted no one but her to
sing his first composition for the movie Chhote
Nawab. Latas singing of Ghar aaja had initiated
the process of their reunion.
Letting bygones be bygones, Lata returned
to her favourite music director Sachin-da in
Bandini. Gulzar, who debuted as a lyricist in
Bandini with Mora gora ang lai le, remembers:
Sachin-da was upset with Shailendra at the
time. It worked to my advantage. Bimal-da
(Roy) advised me to go to Sachin-da to work on
the songs for Bandini. That was how I also got
to meet my lifelong friend Pancham. After meet-
ing Sachin-da I wrote the songs all right. But
who would sing them? Sachin-da was not on
speaking terms with Lata. But things changed in
the interest of the film. Lata sang the songs.
What was amusing about Sachin-da getting
annoyed with someone was that the reason was
never substantial. He would get upset on some
insignificant issue. He was unusually childlike in
this, as well as in many other respects. Perhaps
highly talented people have this kind of childish-
ness. Nachiketa Ghosh once narrated an inci-
dent. It was during the Second World War. The
two of them were returning to Howrah by train.
Some time before they reached Howrah, a few
British soldiers boarded the train. At the sight of
the soldiers Sachin-da pulled his chadar over
himself and stayed absolutely still. Shortly before
the train was to reach its destination, Nachiketa
Ghosh asked Sachin-da to pack his belongings.
Sachin-da whispered from under the sheet,
Have they gone? Nachiketa replied in the nega-
tive. In a trembling voice Sachin-da said, Please
tell them I am not Japanese. That is why I used
to address Pancham as Gorkha.
Mkk'8 8I00
The year 1969 saw the release of two more films
Talash and Jyoti. Among the several popular
numbers of Talash, the most remarkable is prob-
ably Manna Deys Tere naina talaash kare jise. It
is one of those ironies of fate that despite a string
of immensely popular songs, he was never the
first choice of either producers or composers.
According to Bengali lyricist Pulak
Bandyopadhyay: The director of the film also
came to listen to the song. Sachin-da asked
Manna Dey to sing the song for the director. In
the presence of Manna Dey, the director told
Sachin-da, Will Manna sing this song? What
about Mukesh? Sachin-da replied, Mukesh can-
not sing this song. The director asked Sachin,
Why have you composed a song that Mukesh
cannot sing? But Sachin-da remained firm. If
you want SD Burmans music for Talash, this
song will have this tune and it is Manna who
will sing it. If you dont like this, you better look
for another music director.
'LIfIk6' 0'8 0kL
In 1956, Funtoosh was released. Rahul found his
tune had been lifted by his father. The song Ae
meri topi palat ke aa had already been stamped
in print as SD Burmans creation as a music
director of Funtoosh. The son did not take it
favourably and asked him, Why have you lifted
my tune without my permission? Appreciating
the sensitiveness of his son, SD replied, Tell me
who has borrowed your tune? Its me, SD
Burman, your father. Dont you consider your-
self fortunate? Pancham was not a boy to give
up ground without a fight. He said, Its alright.
But please admit that I too am a good composer.
Father hugged his son affectionately and said,
This is what I expect from you.
Pancham has quoted SD as saying: I was
testing your tune on the public! Now that Ae
meri topi has proved a hit, I know youll make it
as a composer when your time comes.
BETwEEh 1O57 Ah0
1OG2 0wE0 TSELF T0 A
hSTRuMEhTAL h BRh0h0
ThEM T00EThER A0Ah. hE
wAhTE0 LATA T0 Sh0 hS
ThE M0vE 0||UT
80 808M8: IF
w08l0 0F I8 M08I0
khaesh 0ev 80rmaa
80a, CZ95
Slalus issues come inlo lay
in a week where eole use
osilion lo lwisl and lhwarl
acls. You ace aulhorily
bravely bul discover you are
dealing wilh /ealols and
hardliners. 0icialdom
ollows rules slriclly and
makes dialogue diicull.
Financial mallers have you
on guard as eole
hoodwink, cheal or ascribe
molives lo you lhal don'l
exisl. You sidesle
enlramenl much lo lhe
chagrin o adversaries as you
ind a ew or even a single
sleadasl loyalisl who leads
you oul o a ma/e. A loved
one ixes his/her eyes on you
and no one else; journeys
rove inleresling wilh
riendshis blossoming inlo
commilmenls. Migraines,
mineral deiciencies and
crams are bolhersome.
8urprise oI Ihe Week A
relalionshi is healed o
misunderslandings and you
leam u orces lo gel rid o a
common bugbear
Tip oI Ihe Week Be guarded
in seech; eole are
chameleonlike and change
sides requenlly
Iurky number G
Iurky roIour Lavender
8esI day Friday
Iurky gem Amelhysl
IdeaI Iood 0rae juice
iII Io give Aarel
8esI Iime G lo 7 m
MediIaIion aid T|c 5cck cf
Lic|-Tzu, classical Taoisl lexl
March 21-April 20
Feole are u//led by your
claims even as you work
hard lo vindicale your
slances, jusliy asl aclions
and rove your mellle.
Ferormance anxiely hils
sludenls as do unrealislic
execlalions. Somelhing
billed lo ly can aclually
nosedive and you realise lhe
ilalls o exaggeraling or
overselling somelhing.
Markels lay lruanl and
money is losl on lhe slock
exchange. Regular
aymaslers can have a
dierenl sel o commilmenls
and seek lo waler down lheir
involvemenl and oullow.
hew addilions lo lhe amily
are redicled. A loved one
could be al a dierenl
wavelenglh, seeking goals
aarl rom yours or chase a
ersonal dream lhal doesn'l
il inlo your deinilion as a
8urprise oI Ihe Week
Children land lhemselves in
an awkward osilion
Tip oI Ihe Week Address
weak sols, don'l cover
lhem u
Iurky number 1O
Iurky roIour Sunsel gold
8esI day Sunday
Iurky gem FuJraks|a
IdeaI Iood Cheese/vegelable
iII Io give Classical and
lradilional arl
8esI Iime 5 lo 7.45 m
MediIaIion aid 0ivine
molher Kali al 0akshineswar
A challenge lo your belie
arrives and il could be
anylhing - rom a sark o
rolesl lo a wave o
rebellion, a mouse lhal roars
or an anl lhal brings lhe
elehanl down. You
undereslimale lhe abilily o
eole lo oose you or
usel your lans. A backlash
slems direclly rom aully
lans, inancial
lransgressions or ailure lo
honour commilmenls.
nherilances are in jeoardy
as an elder allers succession
lans or wills. Froessional
manlles loo ass on lo
olhers noiselessly simly
because you neglecl lo read
lhe wriling on lhe wall. You
slay aloal by making swil
alleralions and
comromises. Singles lurn
imalienl o wailing around
loo long in a relalionshi and
sellle elsewhere on a whim.
Faligue roves risky i you
are behind lhe wheel.
8urprise oI Ihe Week A
relacemenl or rival arrives
abrully in business mallers
Tip oI Ihe Week Be alienl o
diering voices and lry lo
undersland olher's views
Iurky number 28
Iurky roIour Silver grey
8esI day wednesday
Iurky gem Emerald
IdeaI Iood Thai green curry
iII Io give Furnilure
8esI Iime 5 lo 11 m
MediIaIion aid Archangel
Nov 23-Dec 23
0eclaralions, lall claims and
romises are made and you
nolice all lhal are unusual
and oul o sle wilh lhe
ordinary. Family mallers
wilness orlhodox slances
coming in lhe way o
individual choices; rom
marriage lo career and
inveslmenls, olher eole
lell you whal lo do. You sleer
clear o doubleseak, hoing
or a more eaceul solulion.
Siblings or inlaws ay li
service bul don'l show lhe
inner change o
consciousness lhal you long
or. Financial indeendence
is cramed, arlilions ul on
hold, and righls whillled
down. Kids rolesl againsl a
smaller ockel allowance.
Sinal ailmenls and cervical
ains clear u wilh resl and
nulrilion. Fads and hobbies
have you hooked.
8urprise oI Ihe Week ll
heallh and slress are inler
relaled; cheerulness cleans
u everylhing around you
Tip oI Ihe Week Avoid laking
vengeul slances or making
hurlul seeches
Iurky number 1O
Iurky roIour Terracolla ink
8esI day Sunday
Iurky gem Ruby sinel
IdeaI Iood Fruil aslry
iII Io give Fashion
8esI Iime 8 am lo noon
MediIaIion aid Sohia, lhe
0oddess o wisdom and
A ull laller and yel making
lime or much more - you
resolve lhe conlradiclions o
a heavy workload and
leisure. Your ocus shils lo
increasing meaning and
adding enrichmenl lo lie as
you sil lhrough work and
choices. The door oens lo
roosals, work oers,
inancial olions and
riendshis. You inslanlly hil
lhe righl choices. A sharer
inlellecl is honed and
sludenls lake wings cracking
exams and inlerviews. There
is no room or selily as
you ignore whal you can no
longer do and move swilly
and skillully lo new goals.
0eadends in some venlures
are a sign lo lurn around
and make a new slarl
elsewhere. A comelilor
loses a race againsl you. The
week marks lhe relurn o
normal aelile.
8urprise oI Ihe Week
Relalionshis calch you
o guard
Tip oI Ihe Week Aim high
and lel your crealive
imulses ly
Iurky number 1G
Iurky roIour Aquamarine
8esI day Monday
Iurky gem Aquamarine
IdeaI Iood Cashew nul udge
iII Io give Aromalheray
8esI Iime 7 lo 11 m
MediIaIion aid Sui oelry
o Rumi
An easy viclory now
becomes a maller o ride lo
deend. hardwon gains are
lhrown in lhe ring as
challengers arrive wilh
lhreals lo ease you oul o a
comorlable osilion.
Aoinlmenls, ublic aclions
and asl decisions are
reoened and challenged.
Clash o ego snowballs lhis
week and hasly words come
back lo haunl you.
Relalionshis are ragile as
you have higher execlalions
lhan lhe olher is caable or
willing lo exend. Feole in
lhe same house can hold
dierenl oinions lhal are
oles aarl. A resource
crunch aecls a lan
lemorarily; delays soon
blow over and lhings are
back on lrack. njury lo lhe
uer body and lel arm is
likely due lo a all.
8urprise oI Ihe Week A
legal win is challenged by
anolher, causing an usel in
slalus quo
Tip oI Ihe Week Acl oul o
wisdom and nol oul o a
sense o relalialion
Iurky number 17
Iurky roIour Eleclric blue
8esI day Salurday
Iurky gem Lais la/uli
IdeaI Iood Blueberry
iII Io give Rugs and carels
8esI Iime 5 lo 8 m
MediIaIion aid Sogyal
Rinoche's T|c Ti|ctan
5cck cf Livin anJ Lyin
Your word is your bond; you
kee your romises lhis
week esecially lo loved
ones and children. Feole
lock lo you or advice bul
some lay lwoaced Janus
by misquoling whal you say.
0real erormances or
resulls or hard work in
exams and inlerviews are
jusl a hearlbeal away. 0ood
news is deerred bul or a
grealer cause. Finances are
oul o a morass and relurns
begin lo arrive. Final
louches lo a new home,
wardrobe or rojecl give
immense salisaclion. Yel
you shy away rom
malerialism or quesl or
riches, seeking a deeer
ulillmenl in emolional
mallers. Some mallers al
work are besl lel uninished
as you come u wilh beller
solulions aler some resile.
8urprise oI Ihe Week
Someone exhibils alse
humilily while aclually
seeking raise or validalion
Tip oI Ihe Week you can'l
say whal eole wanl lo
hear, say nolhing al all
Iurky number Mulliles o
Iurky roIour vory
8esI day Sunday
Iurky gem Clear quarl/,
IdeaI Iood Jasmine lea
iII Io give Silver
8esI Iime 7 lo 1O m
MediIaIion aid Kuan Yin, lhe
0oddess o comassion
l's an unexecled conlesl
lhal arrives lesling your skills
and rowess. You ind olhers
leading by honesly, simlicily
or guileless ways. There are
new kids on lhe block al lhe
worklace bringing reshness
o ideas; lhere may be
smoolh layers in
relalionshis lhal charm your
colerie or loved ones and
you realise you could be lel
behind. You are lemled lo a
sirilual way bul don'l quile
make lhe sacriice lhal il
requires. nsecurily has you
hobic o eoles' diversions
or dislraclions, esecially a
souse. Accusalions land al
your door or ailing lo
douse ires when you had
lhe chance as somelhing
goes awry under your
walch. Farlnershis work
rovided you bring a lillle
exlra lo lhe lable. Knee and
joinl ains slow you down.
8urprise oI Ihe Week A rival
relaces you as lhe social,
oice or amily avourile and
gives you sleeless nighls
Tip oI Ihe Week Kee
overreaclions al bay and
don'l overlay your hand
Iurky number 2
Iurky roIour Minl green
8esI day Monday
Iurky gem Jade
IdeaI Iood Feerminl ice
iII Io give Eyewear
8esI Iime 2 lo 11 m
MediIaIion aid Jan vernier's
'n weakness, Slrenglh'
A wail in lhe wings is over
and you make a beeline or
key rojecls. 0orlunily
arrives unexecledly, selling
inlo molion rojecls earlier
lhan execled. All o a
sudden you have lo raise
suorl, cailal and rework
your daily lie around a new
rouline and goals. Financial
mallers are quickly resolved
bul you inadverlenlly land in
lhe clulches o enlramenl
or raud. 0iscrelion and
alerlness have you sli away
unscalhed. The week
ocusses on new deals,
vigorous arleys, new
conlacls and diversiicalion.
You all behind wilh lhe
exhausling ace and never
ending demands. A
business lhal is eole
riendly and aslmoving
lakes o. A second innings
begins or lhe divorced.
Thel is likely in ublic
saces or while lravelling.
8urprise oI Ihe Week
Someone eyes whal
you enjoy
Tip oI Ihe Week Consider lhe
reercussions o every aclion
and inaclion
Iurky number 8
Iurky roIour 0aodil yellow
8esI day Thursday
Iurky gem Yellow sahire
IdeaI Iood Raw mango
iII Io give Books, slalionery
8esI Iime hoon lo 8.8O m
MediIaIion aid Vis|nu
Myslical exeriences dol lhe
week oening your eyes lo
magic, realisalion and
solulions lo inlricale
roblems. A vexalious issue
no longer is lhe crown o
lhorns you lhoughl as you
address il wilhoul hurl or
misgivings. Suddenly lhere
is ocus, clarily, a sense o
meaning and ulillmenl o
lans. As your malerial
asecls slrenglhen, your
conidence relurns lo ollow
u on all lhal you lel
behind. 0uardian angels,
inluilion and rayer give you
an inlimale communion wilh
nalure and you only wanl lo
do whal is righl. A selish
molive is shelved and you
go oul o your comorl /one
lo make someone hay. A
losl love has you relurn lo
memories, be noslalgic or
end searalion. Shoulder
ains, oslworkoul
slressed muscles and
hamslrings lay wel blankel.
8urprise oI Ihe Week You
regrel lhings said in hasle
and relurn lo correcl lhings
Tip oI Ihe Week Follow your
own hearl
Iurky number 18
Iurky roIour Maroon
8esI day Tuesday
Iurky gem 0arnel
IdeaI Iood Cold coee
iII Io give 18 caral gold
8esI Iime G lo O m
MediIaIion aid |anuman
wailing or juslice, you eel
saed al lhe lesl o your
alience wilh elliness al
work. Some deal wilh
humilialion, undermining
lheir dignily or remarks as
eole benl lhe law or
rocedure lo urlher selish
goals. The week brings
solace as lhe lide inally
lurns in mallers o
adminislralion, inquiries or
juslice. wilh or wilhoul
suorl, you slick your neck
oul or someone because
you believe in him/her. Your
inner lenacily is ul lo lhe
lesl as you lake on an
oressive colleague, ighl
or your righls, and revenl
dilulion o owers or erosion
o resecl. Love suers rom
lack o assion or dilhering
over imorlanl
commilmenls. Furchase o
new vehicles is on lhe cards
as are road lris.
8urprise oI Ihe Week A lover
lires o wailing and leaves i
you are all lalk and no aclion
Tip oI Ihe Week Clear lhe
backlog o romises or lhere
will be serious issues o
Iurky number 8
Iurky roIour Midnighl blue
8esI day Salurday
Iurky gem Slar sahire
IdeaI Iood Red lenlils wilh
iII Io give Food and wine
8esI Iime 8 m lo midnighl
MediIaIion aid
Chhinnamasla orm o Kali
Sirilual rereshmenl arrives
jusl as you long or inner
eace. You do your besl in a
rojecl and lhen ul your
eel u. Feole deer a
decision bul inally come
around lo your oinl o view.
0iicullies in dealing wilh
obluse eole and odd
hiccus have you lose your
cool, bul by lhe evening
everylhing is resolved. You
soon learn lo be in louch
wilh lhe nalural rhylhms o
lhe day. Children can alone
or an error or make u or
whal has gone wrong.
Argumenls eal inlo your
energy and you learn lo sol
lhe signs and avoid walking
inlo domeslic lyhoons or
lanlrums o anolher.
Recovery o a home,
building a second home, or a
muchneeded break in a
scenic locale reslore serenily
and beauly in your lie.
8urprise oI Ihe Week An
imorlanl erson lakes a
decision lhal has bearing on
your love lie or ulure weallh
Tip oI Ihe Week A duly
needs careul allenlion and
musln'l be lrealed as a chore
Iurky number 12
Iurky roIour Saron yellow
8esI day Thursday
Iurky gem 0olden loa/
IdeaI Iood La| rearalions
iII Io give Linen
8esI Iime hoon lo 5 m
MediIaIion aid 6ajcnJra
July 23-August 23
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hose who blindly flow with
the impulse of their inher-
ent tendencies (desires and
attitudes) and the environmental
influences have no control over
the sequence of events to follow;
they become the victim of fait
accompli. Naturally, they have to
bear with the consequences to
follow, mostly preordained, as
these come with their lows and
highs with associated shares of
pleasure and pain.
But those who wish to exer-
cise their spirit of freedom can
put their own stamp on their
future, provided they move about
carefully. For, the right to free-
dom carries equal probability of
getting misused as much it could
be productively applied. They,
therefore, need to intelligently
ideate and articulate to set the
premise of their act right. To put
it simply, everyone is within
his/her right to dream big. But a
mere wishful thinking does not
work. So one is supposed to first
reason out whether ones fanciful
dream is actually achievable.
Having thus set a dream destina-
tion, one needs to articulate wise-
ly the ways and means to make it
come true, and then sincerely act
upon them. Any slip in between
can prove disastrous.
What needs to be watched
here again are the inherent ten-
dencies. For, some of the negatives
imprinted in mind can cloud the
faculty of discriminate intelli-
gence, whose function is to
empower you to pick up the right
lead. The biggest dampener could
be the high level of ego, which
narrows down ones vision to self-
defined limits. Naturally, with a
closed mind, it becomes difficult
to look at things holistically and in
right perspective, thus having
obvious consequences.
Remember, mere dreaming and
thinking are not sufficient. One
has to put them into act in all sin-
cerity with great focus, patience
and prudence, having an eye on
bare details. Missing out even on a
small link can derail the whole
process. Evidently, any slip in
between, whether at the level of
thought or action, can prove
counterproductive. It, therefore,
becomes incumbent upon us to
look at the course of life in totality.
Here is the case of a young
man armed with potential to
make it big in life. In his chart,
the prime mover Sun well-aligned
to intelligence-signifying
Mercury, Mars marked with fire
power, mind-indicator Moon,
and intellectually-ordained
Uranus, all occupying watery
signs, need to be marked. The
presence of Uranus makes him
think big, at times even at vari-
ance with conventional wisdom.
This needs to be read together
with karma-defining Saturn in
exaltation in the lagna and the
lagna lord Venus, both occupying
airy signs. That makes him a big
dreamer. He has a fertile mind,
along with vision, foresight and
imagination. He is also very intel-
ligent. His communicative skill is
superb that enables him to easily
reach out to all those who matter
and market his ideas very well.
Presence of Mars brings in the
spirit to work towards his dream
destination. All put together qual-
ify him to make it big in life.
His potentials, however, cant
see the light of day if he fails to
address his inherent infirmities
before it becomes too late. The
first to be noted amongst his
negatives is his inflated ego,
anger and irritability, as would
Jupiter placed opposite debilitat-
ed Mars and the Sun imply. That
makes him vulnerable to lose
sense of reason if ever things
move beyond expected lines or a
tough time comes. Saturn placed
adverse to Mercury too plays a
dampener with its one-track fix-
ated mind trend. Saturn again
conjunct headless Ketu could
play a spoilsport. Remember, at
the end of the day he has to be a
doer. The sooner he realises this
truth the better.
l| W|i|| i +| +||ulu|, 1+|u u|ul|+||
+|J pi|i|u+l uu|llu|. w|i| |u |i| +|
5, B+|||, 1u|pu|+ E/||iu|, |W
l|i !4 ll. 98!8JJ2J/ 24J!JJJ!
E|+il. piu||(u|i@||+|+|+||u.u|
w|i|. WWW.||+|+|+||u.u|
When do I get a breakthrough in
It is expected to happen towards the
second half of 2014.
Between law and management, what
does suit me better?
In my opinion, law seems to be a better
choice for you.
When do I get a chance to quit my job
and take up business?
You do not seem to be made out for
business. Better be contented with what
is already in hand.
When do I get married?
It is too early for you to think of mar-
riage. Better remain focussed to your
academic pursuits and build up a good
ground for future.
lJ|l \
KTE, Ah0 Y0u 00 h0T Kh0w whAT T wLL
BRh0 BACK, A hEw LFE, A hEw FREh0, A
hEw L0vE, A hEw C0uhTRY.
- AhAS hh
Now Dolhi, Juno 23, 2013
!estiny versus oetermination
Whenever looked into his
eyes, started giggling. He has
this effect on you. think most
women feel the same way about
Henry Cavill. He's dreamyl
Amy Adams
80rvIvIa c0IIase
The ana FIata buiIding roIIapse
in 8angIadesh is a sIory oI pain
and suIIering. YaIda hakim
anrhored a shoW on 886 rerenIIy
0aaer00s Ishg
II is noI jusI Ihe men Who
are having exIramariIaI
aIIairs, Women Ioo are
rrossing Ihe Iine. k reporI
6ame Is 0a
WiIh Ihe X 8ox ne and F84
making Iheir Way inIo Ihe
gaming markeI, Ihere is
exriIemenI aneW
tIe pIoneer
Now Dolhi, Juno 23, 2013

hen Hollywood actor Michael
Douglas told the world through
a newspaper interview that his
cancer was not caused by smok-
ing or alcohol but by HPV
(human papilloma virus) transmitted through
oral sex, it amazed the world not because of
his candid confession but because very few
knew of this possibility. Without wanting to get
too specific, this particular cancer is caused by
HPV which actually comes about from cun-
nilingus, the 68-year-old actor said. Another
matter that his outraged publicist Allen Burry
denied Douglas had ever blamed oral sex for his
When contacted by this correspondent,
Burry was not willing to elaborate. Thank you
very much for reaching out but weve no addi-
tional comment, was all he would say.
Contacted again, he insisted: Were going to
kindly pass. Douglas revelation may have creat-
ed a huge controversy, but it also propelled a
fact that cannot be denied that oral sex can
lead to mouth/throat cancer.
A study published in 2012 in the journal of
the American Medical Association says that 10
per cent of men between ages 14 and 69 had an
oral HPV infection, compared to 3.6 per cent of
women. The study also said that the HPV infec-
tion is more common in men than in women.
But it isnt just in the US that this type of cancer
is on the rise. A 2010 Swedish study showed a
correlation between oral cancer and oral sex. In
addition to the known oral cancer risk factors
smoking, drinking alcohol and chewing betel
nuts HPV has been added to the list, the
study published in the Centre for Disease
Control and Preventions (CDC) Emerging
Infectious Diseases report says. The report, that
looked at 542 US students, also said that oral sex
has become more commonplace and people
have more sex partners and have sex earlier in
life all behaviours linked to HPV-related oral
cancers. It has also been reported that open-
mouthed kissing was associated with the devel-
opment of oral HPV infection too.
Dr Ullas Batra, medical oncologist at Rajeev
Gandhi Cancer Institute, New Delhi, agrees.
There has been an increase in the number of
cases in India where the person has got throat
and mouth cancer caused due to sexual trans-
mission. Usually, cancers of the mouth and
throat are caused due to smoking and tobacco.
But recently, there has been a rise in the number
of people coming to us for treatment of mouth
cancer with no history of smoking or chewing
tobacco. Though there is no conclusive proof
that HPV is the only causative, the possibility
cant be ruled out. This is because, unlike the
West, where studies are conducted, no such
research or data is available in India, he says.
He also tells you that the viral infection usu-
ally surfaces in men and women during adoles-
cence. In 80 per cent cases, the infection gets
cured on its own. In the remaining 20 per cent,
may be 10 per cent leads to cancer. Bad
hygiene, multiple partners and multiple preg-
nancies are some of the reasons for HPV cancer.
During oral sex, this virus is transmitted to the
other person when the man kisses the woman
on the mouth, the virus gets lodged in the
mouth. It works in a similar fashion the other
way round. It starts with a small boil in the
mans mouth and grows from there, Dr Batra
This view is shared by US-based Dr Kevin J
Cullen, director of the University of Maryland
Medical Centre and University of Maryland
School of Medicine, who says that there has
been an increase in malignancies directly or
indirectly related to the viral infection. HPV, at
present, is one of the most common sexually
transmitted infections worldwide, with a majori-
ty of individuals who engage in sexual activity
becoming infected at some point in their life-
time. There are more than 130 HPV types iden-
tified and these have been classified into low or
high-risk groups according to their potential for
oncogenesis based on persistent infection, Dr
Cullen says, adding that the association between
HPV and genital cancers has been well estab-
lished with evidence suggesting an infectious
etiology dating as far back as 1842, when Italian
physician Dr Rigoni-Stern noted a positive asso-
ciation between sexual activity and the cervical
cancer mortality rate.
Recently, non-genital cancers (including
head and neck malignancies) were associated
with HPV infection. Through the integration of
viral DNA into the human gene, expression of
onco-proteins and inactivation of the tumour
suppressor genes, HPV evolves to transform its
site of infection with damaging unchecked
growth and oncogenesis.
In the US, it is estimated that approximately
25,000 HPV-associated cancers occur annually
and the virus is responsible for up to 90 per cent
anal cancers, 65 per cent vaginal cancers, 50 per
cent vulvar cancers, 35 per cent penile cancers,
and 45 to 90 per cent oropharyngeal cancers.
Even the CDC says that up to 80 per cent
Americans have HPV infections.
So what exactly is HPV? According to the
Oral Cancer Foundation, US: The human
papilloma virus (HPV) is a double-stranded
DNA virus that infects the epithelial cells of skin
and mucosa. The moist epithelial surfaces
(squamous cells) include all areas covered by
skin and/or mucosa such as the mouth interior,
throat, tongue, tonsils, vagina, cervix, vulva,
penis (the urethra the opening) and the anus.
Transmission of the virus occurs when these
areas come into contact with a virus, allowing it
to transfer between epithelial cells. While its
established now that sexual contacts, both con-
ventional and oral, are means of transferring the
HPV virus through direct skin to skin contact, it
is still poorly understood what other transfer
pathways may exist. It is highly unlikely that the
virus can live for long on inanimate objects out-
side of a cell.
The HPV family contains almost 200 strains
but its important to understand that of all these,
only nine are carcinogenic. Of the nine that are
high risk, only one is strongly associated with
oropharyngeal cancer the HPV 16.
Oncologists tell you that in such a situation,
people should look out for certain signs. An
ulcer or boil in the mouth that doesnt heal
within a few weeks, problem in swallowing, pain
while chewing food, a swelling in the mouth, a
lump is the neck and constant coughing are
signs to watch out for. And though smoking is
still the main cause of mouth cancer 15 per
cent of all cancers in the country are because of
this there has been an increase in oral sex
related HPV cancer. Of this 15 per cent, around
10 per cent is caused due to oral sex. Seeing the
number of other cancers, this percentage is not
>> p7
QhFv is lhe mosl common sexually
lransmilled virus and ineclion in lhe uS. l is
assed on lhrough genilal conlacl, mosl olen
during vaginal, anal and oral sex
QThere are nearly 2OO slrains o hFv, mosl
o which are harmless and nol cancer
causing. 0ul o lhese, nine are known lo
cause cancers and anolher six are susecled
lo cause cancers. n oral cancers, we are
rimarily concerned wilh lhe ho 1G slrain
which is also associaled wilh cervical, anal,
and enile cancers
QYou can have hFv wilhoul ever knowing il
because lhe virus olen has no signs or
symloms lhal you will nolice and lhe
immune resonse lo clear il is nol a rocess
lhal you will be aware o
QEvery day in lhe uS, aboul 12,OOO eole
belween ages 15 and 24 are inecled wilh
hFv. A vasl majorily o lhem will clear lhe
virus nalurally and never know lhal lhey were
exosed or had il
Q you lesl osilive or hFv, lhere is no sure
way lo know when you were inecled wilh il,
or who gave il lo you. A erson can have hFv
or many years, even decades, beore il is
delecled or il develos inlo somelhing serious
like a cancer. n lhe vasl majorily o inecled
eole, even wilh a highrisk version o hFv
known lo cause cancer, lhey may nol develo
QTesling osilive lo hFv ineclion does nol
mean lhal you or your arlner is having sex
oulside o your relalionshi. l is believed lo
have long eriods o inaclivily or dormancy
lhal may even cover decades. These are
eriods lhal you will lesl negalive lo
QSexual arlners who have been logelher or
a while lend lo share hFv. This means lhal
lhe arlner o someone who lesls osilive or
hFv likely has hFv already, even lhough lhey
may have no signs or symloms. Like mosl
Americans, lheir immune syslem will clear il
in under lwo years
QCondoms lower chances o conlracling or
assing lhe virus lo your sexual arlners, i
used all lhe lime and lhe righl way. however,
hFv can inecl areas lhal are nol covered by a
condom - so condoms may nol ully rolecl
againsl hFv |+l C+|| |uu|J+|iu|, uS
when veleran hollywood aclor Michael 0ouglas revealed lhal his lhroal cancer was due lo oral sex and nol smoking, lhe
inlerviewing journalisl wenl inlo a shocked and nervous giggle - as did lhe resl o lhe world, wilh Twiller going hyer on lhe
subjecl. Though 0ouglas' ublicisl now denies his clienl ever meanl whal he said, and lhe aclor's exwie ell lhe comulsion lo
clariy il was nol because o her, ShALh SAKSEhA inds oul lhal oral cancer due lo hFv is, indeed, a aslgrowing disease
ThAT h0h0EhTAL
CAhCERS, hCLu0h0
hEA0 Ah0 hECK
ThE hFv vRuS
s the great immigration
debate rages on Capitol
Hill, with Democrats and
Republicans battling out the
whys and wherefores of the
landmark legislation that is
being assiduously pushed by
President Barack Obama, a
moderate Republican has
come out with his own
earthy rationale on why the
US Congress should pass the
measure without delay.
Jeb Bush, former Florida
Governor and brother of for-
mer President George W
Bush, says America needs
immigrants because they,
unlike native-born
Americans, are more fer-
tile. A potential Republican
candidate for the next White
House race in 2016, Bush
said at the Faith and
Freedom Coalition
Conference in Washington
last week: Immigrants are
more fertile, and they love
families, and they have more
intact families, and they
bring a younger population.
Immigrants create an engine
of economic prosperity.
Married to a Mexican-
born immigrant, Bush has
been a passionate advocate
of comprehensive immigra-
tion reform for years, despite
being in a party that has tra-
ditionally been lukewarm to
the idea of a liberal immi-
gration policy, let alone an
ambitious overhaul of the
type now under considera-
tion to provide a path to citi-
zenship for as many as 11
million illegal immigrants,
most of them of Hispanic
Bush argues that immi-
grants are a definite advan-
tage for the United States
over some other major coun-
tries, including the European
nations, China and Japan
that do not have a compara-
ble immigrant tradition and
are reportedly struggling to
find young workers. He
strongly believes that more
immigrants must be allowed
to pursue their dreams in
our country with a
vengeance to create more
opportunities for all of us,
noting: If we dont do it, we
will be in decline, because
the productivity of this
country is dependent upon
young people that are
equipped to be able to work
His fertility comment,
which evoked mixed com-
ments in the social media, is
definitely based on hard
facts. In projections released
last month, the Census
Bureau has said that white
kids will no longer make up
the majority of Americas
youth in just five to six years.
This is clearly because of the
low fertility or birth rate
among white parents. White,
non-Hispanic people, who
make up about 63 per cent
of the US population right
now, will account for less
than half, beginning 2041,
say the census data.
Demographers say the
minority groups will collec-
tively become the new
Asians, in fact, now hap-
pen to be the US fastest-
growing demographic group,
rising in population 2.9 per
cent last year. The Hispanic
population follows closely,
growing by 2.2 per cent. The
white population is the only
racial group with a negative
rate of natural increase as
of last year, pointing to more
deaths than births in this
group. In contrast, Hispanics
had 872,840 more births
than deaths; African-
Americans had 435,182; and
Asians had 211,537.
A 2012 survey by the
Washington-based Pew
Research Center found that
the birth rate among for-
eign-born women living in
the US was nearly 50 per
cent higher than that among
US-born women 87.8
births per 1,000 women
compared with 58.9 births
per 1,000 women of prime
child bearing age (15-44).
Bushs persuasive efforts
notwithstanding, not many
of his fellow-Republicans
seem willing to drop their
opposition to a liberal immi-
gration reform policy.
The immigration bill will
really face its acid test in the
House of Representatives,
given the dire comment
from Speaker John Boehner
that he would not even bring
up the bill to the floor unless
a majority of Republican
members support it. In the
Senate, where the bill is now
being debated, efforts are
under way to proceed with
the vote before the July 4
(US Independence Day)
A deal hammered out by
two Senate Republicans this
week, addressing the
Republican concerns on bor-
der security, has given rise to
hopes of passing the mea-
sure with sufficient number
of votes in this chamber. The
Senate compromise involves
a new $3.2 billion plan to
bolster border security
before issuance of green
cards to the millions of
undocumented or illegal
immigrants. It involves 700
miles of new fencing along
the border with Mexico,
technology upgrades, and
recruitment of 20,000 new
border patrol agents to keep
out any new influx of illegal
Apart from this deal, the
bipartisan Gang of Eight
Senators who have co-spon-
sored the legislation are
counting on new projections
by the Congressional Budget
Office that the immigration
reform will turn out to be a
big boost to the American
economy and help trim the
budget deficit by $200 billion
over the next 10 years. The
report and the border secu-
rity compromise prompted
Democratic Senator Charles
Schumer, the leading voice
on the bill, to remark: Im
now confident that the
Senate will pass a strong
bipartisan immigration bill.
Great day for immigration
reform for the Senate. Even
if the Senate were to pass,
one may still have to wait
and watch how the House of
Representatives deal with the
hkk FkTY
As the Indian-American
community celebrates the
100th anniversary of the
founding of the Ghadar
Party in the United States to
fight for Indias freedom, two
California lawmakers have
introduced a resolution in
the House of Representatives
to honour the movement
and its leading lights. The
lawmakers to take the initia-
tive are Ami Bera, the only
Congressman, and Mike
Honda, both Democrats.
The resolution, which
has been referred to the
House Committee on
Foreign Affairs, takes note of
the fact that hundreds of
Ghadar party members who
fought and died for Indias
After having been
founded in Oregon in 1913
as the Hindustani
Association of the Pacific
Coast, the movement came
to be known as the Ghadar
Party in due course.
The New York-based
Global Organisation of
People of Indian Origin
(GOPIO) has taken the lead
in commemorating the
Ghadar centennial with
year-long celebrations. A
portrait of Ghadar leader
Kartar Singh Sarabha was
recently unveiled at the
Indian consulate in San
ritish tourists like to be called
by their first names, Brazilians
are easily tactile, Italians are
impatient and the Spanish con-
stantly on the lookout for free-
These are some of the pearls of
wisdom Paris tourist board believe
will help improve the French capi-
tals reputation for being rude,
overbearing, unpleasant and
aggressive towards the 29 million
foreigners who visit the city and
surroundings each year.
The tourist board, along with
the Paris Chamber of Commerce,
has just launched a guide and
accompanying website called Do
You Speak Touriste?, offering shop-
keepers, hoteliers, restaurateurs
and taxi drivers country by country
advice on to how to deal with for-
eign nationals.
The aim is to fight against the
poor reputation for welcome in
Paris and the Paris area, said Jean-
Pierre Blat, general director of the
Paris area tourist board.
You don't welcome a Japanese
tourist the same way as an Italian
one. There are codes to take into
account, so you have to adapt, he
The guide informs Parisians
that the British like to be called by
their first name, spend an average
of 145 euros (124) per person per
day more than their American
counterparts and eat breakfast
from 7.30-8.30am, lunch at 12-1pm
and supper at 6-7pm.
They seek a mixture of
authenticity and relaxedness,
expect smiling and friendly staff
and appreciate architecture, tradi-
tional gastronomy and the need for
a playful (approach to culture)."
The Japanese are the biggest
spenders 186 euros per tourist
per day but need constant reas-
surance and are discreet but
demanding. They never complain
straight away when they are not
satisfied but will criticise once back
in their own country.
The Chinese have an idealised
and romantic view of Paris, and
come above all for luxury shop-
Brazilians, meanwhile are easi-
ly tactile, expect a totally poetic
experience and spend more than
the British, around 166 euros per
Parisians are told that cash-
strapped Spaniards are on the
lookout for freebies and expect
you to speak their language, while
Italians are delighted if you are nice
to their children, like going on
excursions but are impatient
Perhaps the trickiest visitors of
all, judging by the guide, are the
French themselves, described as
particularly demanding guests who
above all dont want to be consid-
ered as tourists.
Pariss image as the world's cap-
ital of tourism and romance has
taken a knock in recent weeks. In
March, a group of 23 Chinese
tourists were robbed in a restaurant
shortly after landing in Paris while
staff at the Louvre walked out on a
one-day protest against aggressive
pickpockets, closing the museum
for the day.
We are working closely with
Paris police and Chinese and
Japanese tour operators to improve
the security of these tourists, said
Mr Blat at the guides launch.
But he insisted overall Paris
image was highly positive. Don't
forget that 50 per cent of tourists
come back and the satisfaction rate
in this region is 97 per cent, he
Y! 6hIhk
The dire manners and
uncivilised behaviour of some
Chinese tourists abroad are harm-
ing the countrys image, said a top
official who lamented their poor
"quality and breeding, according to
state-run media.
Wang Yang, one of China's four
vice premiers, singled out for con-
demnation talking loudly in public
places, jaywalking, spitting and wil-
fully carving characters on items in
scenic zones.
Such uncivilised behaviour
were often criticised by the media
and have damaged the image of
Chinese people and caused vicious
impact, he said, according to the
website of the Peoples Daily, the
ruling Communist Party's mouth-
China proclaims itself a 5,000-
year-old civilisation but at a gov-
ernment meeting on Thursday on a
new tourism law Wang said: The
quality and breeding of some
tourists are not high yet. Chinese
consumers have become increas-
ingly affluent on the back of its
economic boom and foreign holi-
days are ever more popular, with
shopping often a key activity.
Destination countries, includ-
ing debt-laden European states,
have been easing visa restrictions
to attract more tourists from
China, but reports have also
emerged of complaints about eti-
Improving the civilised quality
of the citizens and building a good
image of Chinese tourists are the
obligations of governments at all
levels and relevant agencies and
companies, said Wang, a former
party chief of Guangdong province,
which borders Hong Kong.
Authorities should guide
tourists to conscientiously abide by
public order and social ethics,
respect local religious beliefs and
customs, mind their speech and
behaviour... and protect the envi-
ronment, he said.
A mainland Chinese mother
who asked her son to relieve him-
self in a bottle in a crowded Hong
Kong restaurant sparked an out-
pouring of online anger in
February in the former British
colony, where some locals deride
mainlanders as locusts.
Travel authorities in rich east-
ern province of Jiangsu earlier this
year urged travellers to take less
cash, never show off money or
valuables after 23 Chinese visitors
were robbed in Paris.
Cuu||]. +il] ll|+p|
fertIIe 4ehate
A 2O12 SuRvEY BY
ThE wAShh0T0h
F0uh0 ThAT ThE
w0MEh Lvh0 h
ThE uS wAS
CEhT h0hER ThAh
ThAT AM0h0 uS
B0Rh w0MEh -
87.8 BRThS FER
1,OOO w0MEh
1,OOO w0MEh 0F
For |s e]es or|]
Ar] Adars cou|dr'l slop g|gg||rg Wer se |oo|ed |rlo lerr]
Cav|||'s e]es. Te aclress p|a]s le ur|] aclor's |ove |rleresl Lo|s
Lare |r reW Superrar rov|e 3GTUL9ZKKR ard adr|ls se cou|dr'l
e|p oul succuro lo |s carr Wer le] l||red rorarl|c sceres
logeler. Se sa|d: 'le's exlrere|] carr|rg ard car|sral|c. ll's
ver] eas] lo |rag|re |r as Superrar oecause ol |s |oo| ard |s
preserce. werever l |oo|ed |rlo |s e]es, l slarled g|gg||rg
oecause e as l|s ellecl or ]ou. l l|r| rosl Worer lee| le sare
Wa] aooul lerr]. le's drear] loWever, aWa] lror le l||r sel, le
38]earo|d slar or|] as e]es lor l|arce 0arrer Le 0a||o - W|l
Wor se as lWo]earo|d daugler Av|ara - Wo se cred|ls lor
ra||rg er lee| 'corp|ele. Se gused: 'le's erao|ed re lo groW
up ard evo|ve |rlo a ruc rore ralure ard corp|ele Worar. l l|r|
e a|so e|ped re oecore a oeller aclress. wer ]ou l|rd lal ||rd
ol rar, |l eases a |ol ol arx|el|es ard ]ou jusl erjo] le process ol
|ov|rg soreore W|l a|| ]our earl.
0add] coo|
8rad P|ll sa]s |s lar||] ra|es
|r 'le r|cesl rar a||ve. Te
49]earo|d aclor as s|x c||drer
- Vaddox, 11, Pax, r|re,
Zaara, e|gl, S||o, s|x, ard
lour]earo|d lW|rs Krox ard
V|v|erre - sa]s oe|rg a laler
as carged ever]l|rg aooul
|s ||le ard err|ced |l |r so
rar] Wa]s. le sa|d: 'You |earr
lo va|ue le oas|c oeaul] ol lar|
|], ol Walc|rg ]our c||drer groW
ard evo|ve. 8e|rg a laler as
carged re or so rar] |eve|s
ard rade re rore gererous
ard a||ve. l see r] c||drer as a
oas|c parl ol r] ||le ard |l rears
so ruc lo re lo educale ler ard e|p ler ra|e le|r Wa] |r le
Wor|d. l |ove oe|rg a laler ard a|| le respors|o|||l|es |l erla||s. l lee|
|||e le r|cesl rar a||ve s|rce l've oecore a laler.
Tol la|es horl wesl lurr
Rea||l] TV slar K|r Kardas|ar
gave o|rl lo er l|rsl c||d W|l
oo]lr|erd Kar]e 0rar| wesl
ard desp|le prev|ous specu|a
l|or lal le] ad sell|ed or le
rare Ka|derce 0orda lor le|r
reWoorr daugler, le slars
ave reporled|] opled lor a
d|recl|ora| rare. 0oss|p Weo
s|le :3@ as seer le o|rl cer
l|l|cale lor le oao], Wo Was
oorr al CedarsS|ra| Ved|ca|
Cerlre |r 8ever|] l|||s,
Ca||lorr|a, W||e oler reporls
lror le uS corrooorale le
rare, a|so. ;Y3GMG`OTKIUS
corl|rrs le lol's rare as horl, add|rg lal le coup|e W||| ca|| er
'hor|' al ore. 8ol roler ard oao] are sa|d lo oe 'do|rg greal
ever loug K|r, 32, Werl |rlo |aoour l|ve Wee|s ear|]. A source
sa|d: 'Te oao] |s so sWeel. Kar]e |s |r |ove. K|r's rea| due dale
Was Ju|] 12 - Kar]e's ror's o|rlda]. Tal Warred |s earl.
Flaying il sae
tIe pIoneer
Leadership to me means duty,
honour, country. t means character,
it means listening from time to time
~ George W Bush
Now Dolhi, Juno 23, 2013
tudents at all Boston public high schools will soon
be able to obtain free condoms on campus as long as
they sit through a few minutes of counseling
about safe sex under a policy approved by the school
Condoms are already available in 19 high schools
with on-site health centers. The policy, endorsed on a
5-0 vote by the Boston School Committee, expands dis-
tribution to all 32 high schools and their 17,000 stu-
dents. Parents will have the right to exempt their chil-
Several US urban districts, including New York and
Los Angeles, have already made condoms widely avail-
able in high schools. So do many suburban school dis-
tricts around Boston.
The expansion in Boston will not cost the district
anything since the contraception is donated by public
health agencies, district spokesman Lee McGuire said.
Schools will distribute the condoms on request, after a
brief counseling session with the nurse or another staff
The Archdiocese of Boston issued a statement call-
ing condom distribution misguided, but did not organ-
ise formal protests.
Tourist guido or Parisians
he soppy details about the rela-
tionship that some couples post
on Facebook may actually be
strengthening their marital bond,
says a new study from the
University of California, San
Francisco (UCSF). It has found that
people who post about their rela-
tionship on Facebook are more sat-
isfied and secure in their marriages
than those who do not.
It may seem obvious that peo-
ple who are happy in their relation-
ships will post about them more
often, but now there is scientific
evidence of the connection - and a
possible answer to the argument
that theyre overcompensating or
just looking for a self-esteem boost,
Huffington Post reported.
The research team, led by
Laura R Saslow a postdoctoral fel-
low in the Department of Medicine
at UCSFs Osher Center for
Integrative Medicine, conducted
three experiments among married
Facebook users over the age of 18.
The first experiment showed
that those who often posted a pic-
ture of themselves and their spouse
as their Facebook profile picture
were more likely to report being
happy in their relationship.
The second experiment indi-
cated that participants who
reported higher levels of marital
satisfaction and closeness with
their partner were much more
likely to have posted a profile pic-
ture that featured their spouse in
the last year.
The third experiment
found that participants
were more likely to post
information about
their relationship
on Facebook on
days when they
were feeling par-
ticularly satis-
fied with their
Mea mat0re at 43, W0mea at 3Z
The age lhal men malure comlelely
is 48, which is 11 years aler
women, a research commissioned
by hickelodeon uK has ound.
women were regarded as being
malure al lhe age o 82. Men were
nearly lwice as likely as women lo
describe lhemselves as immalure.
Also, emales were lwice as likely as
men lo eel lhal lhey were lhe
"grown u" in a relalionshi. A lhird had broken u wilh a man lhey
lhoughl was loo immalure. Men whose molhers slill did lheir
washing or cooked lhem meals raled low in lhe malurily slakes.
hirtytwo-year-old Vinit
Singh had planned for every
eventuality he had a pension
plan in place, medical health
insurance, life insurance plan
and even an investment portfo-
lio that would give him good
return. What he hadnt planned
for was a situation where he may
be without a job. To meet the
household expenses and pay his
childrens fee etc, Singh had to
borrow money from his rela-
Financial experts say that
had Singh kept aside a certain
sum of money every month as a
contingency fund, he wouldnt
have had to borrow. So what
exactly is a contingency fund?
Its a kind of reserve fund put
aside to handle unexpected
needs of money arising outside
the range of the usual expendi-
tures. Keeping in mind the pre-
sent lifestyle, each one needs to
maintain this fund so that in
case of any emergency normal
savings or long terms invest-
ments are not dipped into, Rishi
Mehra co-founder of, a Delhi-based
company says.
Agrees Anil Rego, CEO
and founder of Right
Horizons. No matter how
many plans one
makes, life has
their own
plans. One
may have
planned for
goals, the
emergency comes
without prior notice.
To avoid such situa-
tion, one must plan for
contingency fund. The
fund is the amount of
money kept aside to tackle
the unforeseen events in life like
accident, job loss, medical
emergency, death etc.
Contingency planning is
a part of risk management.
People realise the importance of
contingency funds when they do
not plan it and get trapped in
such situation.
And how much should be
allocates towards it? Financial
consultants tell you that this
depends on an individuals com-
fort level. However, thumb rule
says that at least four to six
months expenses should be kept
aside for this fund. Expenses
would include all the necessary
expenditures, outlays for luxu-
ries can be excluded. Basically,
expenses like household expens-
es, medical emergency, EMIs
and childs school fees should be
considered. The first goal should
be to save for contingency need.
One can also set aside certain
percentage of their salary for a
contingency need, Rego advises.
Therefore, liquidity is the
most important feature of con-
tingency fund. The best option
for contingency fund can be a
savings account. If one wants
better returns then flexi-deposit
can be chosen. Even liquid/ultra
short term mutual fund schemes
can be considered for contin-
gency fund. Mutual fund can be
exited in a days notice. Some of
the mutual fund offers ATM
card so one can withdraw money
from ATM machine anytime,
Rego tells you.
So, the best way to manage
this fund is get over the mind-
block that why should one save
for a situation which isnt likely
to arise. People find it difficult
to built and manage contingency
fund. It looks difficult at one go
but laying a foundation is vitally
important. To manage it hassle
free, an account can be set up
which will be used when the
emergency arise. If one is invest-
ing in debt/liquid mutual fund,
fix the fund and keep pouring
the money set aside for contin-
gency fund. Also, its very
important to rebuild the contin-
gency fund once its utilised.
Lets say C3 lakh is kept aside for
contingency fund. Suddenly, a
need arises and C1 lakh is spent
on it. In a subsequent months,
the deficit of C1 lakh should be
fulfilled by monthly savings,
Rego explains.
Hence the approach should
be that one should maintain four
times the amount of monthly
expenses in this fund and invest
in something where one can
withdraw within 24 hours. This
can be a fixed deposit or even
liquid funds. The rest of savings
can be invested as long term and
shouldnt be touched for any
other purpose but emergency.
Keeping money in saving
account or current account isnt
a good contingency fund option
as the rates are very low and
keeping money in accounts
should be only limited to
monthly expense requirements,
Mehra says.
tIe pIoneer
You can ask me anything about
Ashton, won't answer. But can tell
you, love is wonderful and it's all
around us
~ Mila Kunis
Now Dolhi, Juno 23, 2013
hen 37-year-old Ritu Sharma
confessed to having an extra-
marital affair, no one was more sur-
prised than her husband. Ritu, after all,
was an epitome of what an Indian wife
should be a perfect homemaker who
never gave any reason to her husband
Rohit to even get angry with her.
Whatever he needed was rushed to
him. His clothes were always ironed.
Hot food was served to him for every
meal. She would wait up for him. Their
only child was well-looked after. And,
the in-laws were all praise for her,
telling friends and relatives that every-
body should have a daughter-in-law
like Ritu.
However, once in a while,
Ritu started having an off-
day. Rohit could feel her
emotional disconnect.
Thinking this was due to
stress of household chores,
he took her to a counsellor. It
was during one of these ses-
sions that Ritu confessed to
being in an extra-marital rela-
Counsellors tell you that there
is no profile of what kind of a
woman can stray in a mar-
riage. They say, not just
working women but
also longtime home-
makers are now
stepping out and
seeking opportuni-
ties for newer rela-
tionships while
staying in a mar-
When it
comes to an extra-
marital affair, there
are no typical traits
that will tell us who
will stray and who
wont. Its all about
Whether its a man
or a woman, if
theres a gap between
a husband and wifes
relationship, the
chances of either of
them having an affair is
almost 100 per cent, Dr
Nishu Shukla, a marriage
counsellor with The
Counselling Institute, New
Delhi, says.
She also tells you that
physical intimacy plays a big
role though, in India, the affair
often starts of with emotional bonding.
Women dont cheat for the sake of sex.
Its secondary for them. The No 1 rea-
son they cheat is because they are look-
ing for an emotional connect which is
lacking in their marriage. The sex part
comes later. It isnt just about having
fun, Dr Nishu says. Todays woman,
she adds, is well-educated and aware of
what is happening around her. She
meets people, she has opinions and
wants to explore herself.
A woman longs for her man to see
her for what she is and not merely as a
mother of his children or a bahu or
someone who looks after his
home. In such a situation, if
she finds a man who
sees and appreciates
her as a woman, she
gets swayed. Also, if a
woman is in an abu-
sive relationship
with her husband,
the chances that she
will form a bond
with another man
Nishu says.
Meera Sharmas is a case in point.
The 26-year-old was in a relationship
with her husband since Class IX. The
families approved of the match and
when the two reached a marriageable
age, they got engaged. This is when her
husband Abhishek Sharma started beat-
ing her up. Meera broke off the engage-
ment and started seeing another man
in her office. But her parents inter-
vened and she was forced to marry
Abhishek. From day one, their relation-
ship was rocky. Abhishek thrashed her
when she refused to consummate the
marriage. This drove her
into the arms of the
other man who
was very sym-
pathetic to her
plight. One
thing led to
the other
and the
I never confessed that I had a
physical relationship with this man. I
only said that he was my confidant.
While he wanted to marry me, social
pressure and the stigma of divorce held
me back. Now, Ive reconciled to the
situation, Meera tells you.
Agrees Sumati Kanwar Chauhan,
counsellor and consultant psychologist
with There are many
issues that keep a woman in a marriage
despite the extra-marital affair. Social
pressures, log kya kahenge?, the fact that
divorce is still considered a blot and
what will happen to the children
makes the woman stay put. The fact
that there is no commitment in the
other relationship is another rea-
son why women remain married.
There are many cases where the
woman cares for the husband and
yet strays. This is because these
women dont get what they are
looking for despite the fact that the
husband is caring, Chauhan tells
you, adding that out for every 10
women who come to her with an
extra-marital affair issue,
eight are working women.
The new word for a
man having an
affair with a mar-
ried woman in
office is corpo-
rate spouse.
Experts say
that more and
more women are
spending many
hours in office
and working in
close proximity
with men for
10 to 12 hours.
They eat
together, work
on the same
projects and
travel together as
well. In such a sit-
uation, chances of
emotional bonding
are high. From
here on, one thing
leads to another.
Usually, women dont
have an extra-marital
affair intentionally. They
dont do it out of revenge
or the fact that if a man
can have an affair why
cant I. Women fall for
the I understand your
plight. They feel that here is a man who
recognises their problem, Chauhan
explains. But she is quick to point out
that a husband alone cant be blamed if
a woman is having an extra-marital
affair. Both husband and wife are at
However, Mumbai-based matrimo-
nial lawyer Mrunalini Deshmukh has a
different take on this. Extra-marital
affairs often start when the woman is
unhappy in the marriage. Though
there are many reasons behind married
women straying, the main is the
absence of warmth and the vacuum in a
wifes life. Also, one has to keep in mind
that an extra-marital affair doesnt nec-
essarily lead to a physical relationship.
It could be a strong emotional depen-
dence that a married woman may
develop for another man. Of course,
there are some women who have an
affair for fun as these women are flirta-
tious. But there are few such women,
Deshmukh says.
(Su| |+| |+1 || |+|J
|u p|u|| iJ||i|])
Dangerous ishq
QSlalislically, women don'l cheal or
lhe sake o sex. l's o secondary
concern or lhem. The ho 1 reason why
lhey cheal is or an emolional
conneclion. And lhis is arlicularly lrue
o women over lhe age o 8O
Qn more lhan a ew inslances, women
won'l even cheal hysically. They will
carry on emolional aairs where lhey'll
all in love and exerience emolional
inlimacy wilh a man, while never laking
il lo lhe hysical level. l's lhese lyes
o aairs lhal can conlinue on or years,
wilhoul ever being delecled, and olen
leaving a wake o deslruclion in lheir
QSludies have ound lhal in longlerm
relalionshis, women, whelher lhey
work oulside o lhe house or nol, olen
ind lhemselves 'shul oul' emolionally.
0ver 7O er cenl o women are slill lhe
rimary caregivers or lheir children
while also being lhe cook and lhe maid
whelher or nol lhey have a ull or arl
lime job. This leaves lhem recious
lillle lime or lhemselves lo osler a
woman's nalural urge lo grow
emolionally. An urge lyical ignored by
men whose rimary inleresl is hysical
QThus, lhe longing or a man who can
'see who lhey really are' begins. And in
lhe weeks, monlhs or even years lhal
ollow, lhey will usually ind such a man
- or lhink lhey've ound one. An
inleresling oinl lo nole is lhal a
woman needs an 'emolional bonding'.
Aairs inilialed by women generally lasl
lhree limes long lhan lhose inilialed by
WhY WMEh 6hEkT
WMEh Wh hkVE kh
EIhT kE WkIh
WMEh. MEh 8EEIh 86h
6FkTE 8F8E8
8MkTI kkhWk
nidelily is as old
as lhe inslilulion
o marriage and il
is nol jusl lhe
men now who are
crossing lhe line.
Even women are
Counsellors lell
SAKSEhA lhal il
is nol jusl
working women
who are having
homemakers loo
are on lhe lookoul
Jlat SOS funo
Financial consullanls say lhal while almosl everyone lans or lhe ulure, many
orgel lo reserve unds or emergencies. Exerls lell ShALh SAKSEhA how
crucial il is lo reare inancially or exigencies
QSel aside our lo six monlhs o exenses
in a conlingency und
Q you have all lye o insurances like
medical, ire, lhel elc lhen you can
relenish lhe und every lhree monlhs
Qhow many eole are deendenl on
you inancially is a aclor. The more
lhe deendenls lhe larger should be lhe
QExenses would include all
necessary exendilures. 0ullays
or luxuries are excluded
QExenses like household
exenses, medical
emergency, EMs and child's
ee should be considered
Q0ne can invesl lhis in any
orm o ixed deosil wilh lhe
bank and link il wilh lhe
accounl. n lhis way, one can
break lhe ixed deosil and
wilhdraw cash rom lhe ATM.
QLiquid unds are olher
examles o conlingency
unds. Anylhing where
one can wilhdraw lhe
money in 24 hours
can be a good und
hW T MkhkE
n ursuit of lainess
propos Epidemic uninhibited by Biswajeet
Banerjee in Foray dated June 16, 2013.
Nothing could be more shocking than the
horrifying figure of 50,000 deaths and 16,000
disabilities due to encephalitis in the eastern UP
which has failed to wake up the State and the
Central Government. We have no right to
celebrate the successful eradication of polio
from the country because now another disease
encephalitis is killing thousands of
children every year. The State cant ignore its
duty to provide the medical facilities in the
affected districts. The Centre too must not pay
only a lip service to this problem. The fact that
the affected children come from poor families
also can be a major reason behind lackadaisical
approach of the Governments in dealing with
this menace. It will be better for the Akhilesh
Government to focus its attention on saving the
lives of poor children instead of distributing free
laptops to the college-goers.
Manoj Parashar
propos Epidemic uninhibited by Biswajeet
Banerjee in Foray dated June 16, 2013. The
article is quite disturbing and speaks volumes
about the neglect and indifference to
the large number of the poor guys
afflicted by deadly disease
encephalitis. Biswajeet Banerjee has
taken pains to go around the area and
found that there have been many
deaths just because the Centre and the
State is simply not bothered. He has
also done well to tell the readers how
the people how the villagers in
Kushinagar district are fighting the
malady through a technology developed
by the locals.
RL Pathak
his refers to Cong happy with BJP
infighting by Hari Shankar Vyas in
Foray dated June 16, 2013. The
disenchantment of the common man in
general and the regional political parties in
particular with the national parties the
UPA-II and the NDA, the formation of a
Third or Federal Front cant be ruled out.
The Congress must be on the cloud nine
over the fragmentation of the NDA when
JD(U) chief and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish
Kumar parted ways after 17 years. Moreover,
when even BJP is divided over the Advani-Modi
issue. The Congress will exploit the situation to
its benefiting States where the Assembly
elections are due. On the face of it, Congress has
an edge over BJP given the former. On the face
of it, Congress has an edge over BJP given the
former's clear stand on the pre-poll alliance with
the regional parties while the latter's intention to
cut a post-poll alliance evinces a streak of
opportunism. The writer hits the nail on the
head in his observation that the real test of the
success of the BJPs decision to put Gujarat
Chief Minister Narendra Modi at the helm of
affairs vis-a-vis the election campaign hinges on
the outcome of the Assembly elections.
Rukhsana Khan
his refers to Cong happy with BJP
infighting by Hari Shankar Vyas in Foray
dated June 16, 2013. Yes, the Congress will be
over the moon over Advani episode but then
it should not be overjoiced with the latest
development as its own record of
governance has been pathetic and there is
no point being happy over the development
of its main rival party. Rather it should soul
search about its own prospects in 2014 Lok
Sabha elections. As far as Third or Federal Front
goes, though it looks premature at this stage.
West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee
and the Left will not sit together, but in politics
never say never. It will turn into a reality if both
the BJP and the Congress dont win enough
seats and all other regional parties combined
reach the tally of the two national parties. The
division in the NDA has opened up the game.
Bal Govind
his refers to Eat right by Manjari Singh in
Foray dated June 16, 2013. One should keep
cool, eat light and feel right. It is a proven fact
that there should be a minimum gap of two
hours in between sleeping and eating dinner.
Also more of raw salad especially before lunch
helps in better health as than one eats less of oily
and fattening food items at lunch. Also
moderate breakfast is a must for good health.
Eat less quantity but at more times during the
day it helps in better digestion and over
eating is avoided in this way of eating habit.
Mahesh Kapasi
ujarat Chief Minister
Narendra Modi was in
Delhi for the first time since
his elevation as chief of BJPs
campaign committee. He
had a meeting with the
Planning Commission as
well as his senior leaders.
There are reports that his
Delhi visit kickstarted the
partys all-India campaign.
A visit to Ayodhya was
on the cards he was to
attend a VHP function
but the trip got cancelled.
There was confusion over
whether Modi will go to
Ayodhya or not. When the
invitation was issued by the
VHP, his office did not
decline or confirm.
Meanwhile, the VHP
spokesperson issued a
statement that Modi was
scheduled to be a part of
their function. Source say
that Modis advisors have
never been in favour of him
visiting Ayodhya, because
that will give Modis
opponents an opportunity to
call the visit playing the
Hindutva card. His advisors
want him to concentrate on
the development agenda.
Meanwhile, Ashok
Singhal, Praveen Togadia
and Baba Ramdev all of
whom were waiting at
Ayodhya to welcome him
were disappointed.
However, Modis Punjab
visit on June 23 is right on
track. He will be
participating in the birth
anniversary function of Jan
Sangh founder Dr Shyama
Prasad Mukherji. From
there, he will go to Mumbai.
6hVEh WE8
When the Janata Dal
United (JD-U) broke away
from the BJP last week,
JD(U) president Sharad
Yadav resigned as NDA
convenor. Since the BJP
doesnt have many alliance
partners, all eyes are on
Punjab Chief Minister and
Akali Dal chief Parkash
Singh Badal as the next
convenor. The post has
traditionally been held by an
alliance partner of the BJP.
When Atal Bihari
Vajpayee was Prime
Minister, the NDA
comprised of 24 political
parties with then Andhra
Pradesh Chief Minister
Chandrababu Naidu as its
convenor. When Naidus
Telugu Desam Party parted
its ways with NDA, the
alliances senior leader
Sharad Yadav was given the
post. Today, the BJP has only
three NDA partners the
Shiv Sena, Akali Dal and
Haryana Janhit Congress.
There is no leader of
stature who can be made
convener. Former Chief
Minister and senior Shiv
Sena leader Manohar Joshi is
an option but Sena chief
Uddhav Thackeray is
unlikely to allow this. In
such a situation, Badal is the
only option he is a senior
leader acceptable to all and
Akali Dal is one of the oldest
allies of the BJP.
1kYk'8 IEIT Th
Tamil Nadu Chief
Minister Jayalalithaa has
given the BJP a big jolt by
deciding to support CPI
leader D Raja for a Rajya
Sabha seat. Without her
support, D Raja couldnt
have become an MP. This
move has brought the Left
and Jayalalithaa closer.
Both had fought the last
Assembly elections together.
Now, once again, they have
come together, giving rise to
speculation that Jayalalithaa
may be tilting towards a
Third Front. The Left had
been looking for a leader for
the front and it now appears
that their search has ended.
For them, Jayalalithaa is the
answer to West Bengal Chief
Minister Mamata Banerjee.
The BJP was banking on
Jayalalithaa, especially after
Bihar Chief Minister Nitish
Kumar broke away from the
NDA. Also, she had
congratulated Modi when he
was made BJPs election
committee chief. But, if she
sides with the Left, she cant
be with the BJP. In
comparison to Mamatas
dream of forming a Federal
Front, the chances of a Third
Front are greater. This gives
an indication about who the
Third Front will support at
the Centre.
E8kTE h
A debate is raging in the
BJP and JD(U) on who
insulted and betrayed senior
party leader LK Advani?
Nitish alleges that it was the
BJP who had betrayed its
veteran leader. The BJP has
countered the allegations by
raising the George
Fernandes issue. There are
reports that some BJP
leaders had said that when
the party fought the election
with Advani as Prime
Ministerial candidate, the
party lost.
On this the JD(U)
retorted that Vajpayee was
the partys Prime Ministerial
candidate three times before
he finally became Prime
Minister, so Advani should
get one more chance.
The BJP said that it was
Nitish who had betrayed
Fernandes and hijacked the
party. The party has alleged
that at the time of the partys
presidential elections, Nitish
had influenced election
officer Anil Hegde which led
to Fernandes defeat. The
party also said that Nitish
settled a score with the late
Digvijay Singh then an
Independent MP
representing Banka in the
Lok Sabha and Arun
Kumar, two aides of
Birender Singh, Rajya
Sabha MP from Haryana,
who was supposed to take
oath as Minister in the
recent reshuffle, didnt take
oath. Sources say that
Birenders name was on the
list of Ministers supposed to
be part of the Cabinet. In
fact, the list sent to the
President had his name. The
mystery is not whether his
name was on the list but why
and how was it removed at
the last moment?
Some party leaders say
that a controversial CD that
showed up Birender in poor
light was the reason he was
denied a Ministerial berth.
However, nobody has
divulged the contents of this
CD. Others say that he was
dropped at the last moment
two of the four new Cabinet
Ministers couldnt be from
same community Jat. So,
Sisram Olas name was
finalised and Birenders
struck off.
However, this argument
doesnt hold much water as
the names of both leaders
made it to the list together.
8hEIIk IE8 Ek8Y
The Congress has made
things easy for Delhi Chief
Minister Sheila Dikshit. She
will not face any challenge in
the November Assembly
elections. Ajay Maken, who
resigned last week as
Minister for Housing and
Urban Poverty Alleviation
and who is a known Dikshit
baiter, has been made
general secretary and given a
bigger role to play. This
means, he will
stay away from
Delhi politics.
He has been
and given
of selecting a
that will
tickets in the
opponent is JP Agrawal.
His wings, too, have been
clipped. Agrawal was hoping
that after Maken he could be
made a Minister from Delhi
quota. The present Ministers
from Delhi Law Minister
Kapil Sibal and Minister for
Women and Child
Development Krishna Tirath
are Dikshit supporters.
With Maken and
Agrawal out, Dikshit has
become even more powerful.
Though Agrawal is State
Congress president, there is
not much he can do. When
Mahabal Mishra was in the
running as Delhis State
president, Dikshit had
managed to stop him in his
The Congress and the
BJP have made Uttar
Pradesh their new
battleground. The BJP has
given charge of the State to
Modis close aide Amit Shah.
The Congress has given
responsibility of UP to
Madhusudan Mistry who is
also from Gujarat. In other
words, UP has become a
mini Gujarat for now.
Earlier, it was rumoured
that Shah would face Modis
fierce opponent, senior
Congress leader Digvijay
Singh. But now he has to
fight with a Gujarati
strategist like himself. Mistry
has been trained on the RSS
line because he is Shankar
Singh Vaghelas find who was
with the RSS for 40 years.
Vaghela was instrumental in
Mistrys entry into the
Congress. He is a veteran
when it comes to working at
the ground level and
strengthening the
organisation. He is also an
expert in chalking out
strategies. He has run an
NGO for several years.
He has the ability to
bring to fold those
who have been
While Shah and
Mistry fight it out in
the State, it will be a
show of strength for Modi
and Congress vice-president
Rahul Gandhi who will be
the driving force behind
the Congress campaign.
But political analysts
opine that the greatest
challenge facing Shah and
Mistry is put place their
respective parties into the
arena. Many say that the
two national parties will be
fighting for the third and
fourth places. The real fight
will be between the SP and
the BSP.
M04IfIe4 M04I 0r
M04I m04IfIe47
his column will attempt the impossible a dispassionate
appraisal of Mr Narendra Modi as possible Prime
Minister of India! Too much passion surrounds analyses of
his leadership and proven track record. Wheras one side will
claim Gujarat has evolved a first world economy amidst Third
World conditions (and therefore India needs to follow suit),
the other will insist Modis success story is a carefully crafted
PR job, not to mention the inherent Fascism lurking behind
his strong persona, and never to forget 2002.
Frankly, Modi is a huge enigma. The signals he gives out are
a cornucopia of contradictions. His appeal itself is extremely dif-
ficult to decipher. It is no good enough to say the middle classes
have taken to strongman Modi because of the political decay
that has set in thanks to Congress misrule and the fragmenta-
tion caused by identity politics. To call him a Hindu icon, and
therefore a favourite of the Sanghis, would also be inaccurate.
Dr Pravin Togadia, surgical oncologist and Hindu fanatic at
large, who carried Modi pillion on his scooter in their younger
activist days, is Modis bte noir numero uno within the larger
family. The Sangh may have no option but to back him, but it is
Advani, not Modi, who is more committed to Hindutva. To call
Modi another Hitler is also a bit sharp. He is a strongman, but
he is not an idealist, like Advani. Hes pragmatic, and rational,
unlike Advani, who is driven as much by emotion, as he is by
reason. The classic ultra-right leader is a bit of a madman,
which Modi clearly is not. What this short analysis suggests is
that we need more sophisticated models than has been currently
invoked, to understand the Modi phenomenon.
I believe we need to travel a few thousand kilometres west
to understand the type of leadership Modi proposes. Modi is
popular among the professional classes primarily because he
has positioned himself as a western European style Centre-
Right leader. His leadership claim is cleverly located amidst
the larger paradigm for the Indian State revealed in the
Liberalisation programme of 1991. With one major difference
however. He has perfected the model crafted by Dr
Manmohan Singh; by his own admission, he has, so to say,
ensured the trickledown effect. The economic model of devel-
opment for India he has been signalling for some time now is
singular in its emphasis all round development will occur
only if the primary emphasis is on economic development. In
a largely agrarian economy (in terms of demographics, not
GDP contribution), Modis model is counterintuitive for the
masses, though not for the professional classes. In western
democracies, from where the Modi model draws its ideologi-
cal basis, no more than five per cent of the population is
engaged in agriculture. Of course, the Chinese have success-
fully transformed huge swathes of agricultural workers into an
industrial workforce, but China is not a democracy!
Apart from the economy, there are certain other signifi-
cant things that Centre-Right politics promises in the
European context good governance (a given in western
democracies), strong and independent institutions, firm for-
eign policy, and absolute equality before law (which under-
scores the Enlightenment emphasis on a strong Civil Society
born of Social Contract theories). It is here that Modi needs
to re-evaluate his own model. He harps on good governance,
and is lauded for many of the delivery systems he has initiated
in Gujarat. On foreign policy issues, it is clear he will take
strong positions if made Prime Minister. On the count of
absolute equality before law, he has to answer for 2002 and
extra judicial killings (even of terrorists), though it has been
reported that when roads had to be broadened in Surat, he
ordered the bulldozing of both temples and mosques that had
encroached on Government land.
It is actually on one count, and this is perhaps the real
hole in the bucket, that his claim to enlightened Right politics
will never brim over. He is not really a defender of institu-
tions. Given the absolute power politics enjoys in determining
outcomes of almost everything in this country, politicians just
cant learn to let institutions be, especially when they become
inconvenient. The Congress CAG spat is a great example of
this. Personal predilections (even morality) cant replace the
law or institutions. Till Modi truly believes this dictum, well
remain Third World, Modi or no Modi.
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play Bond
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almost gavo up dubbing as
loarning Hindi was a Horouloan
task. But Anand & Sonam novor
gavo up on mo & 'm thankul to
thom. will tako moro timo to
mastorod tho languago
LEARhlh0 llh0l F0R TlE V0VlE
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on|oy going livo. t's a vory
unusual oxporionoo. Conoorts
holp you to got moro
oonidonoo & you soo your
ans in ront o you. Thoro is
nothing liko going livo
FAK|$TAN| $|N0EP 8 A0T0P AL|
Readers can email us on
NaMo slies away from 'Hinoutva` visit
aslr|]a Jarala 0a| RJ0} c|el La|u Prasad
Yadav |s or c|oud r|re lese da]s. T|s |s
oecause le 8JP ard le Jarala 0a| ur|led
J0u} ave parled Wa]s aller 17 ]ears ol
a|||arce. le |s c|ear|] loresee|rg |s relurr |r
8|ar. hoW |s parl]'s soc|a| erg|reer|rg car
oe ellecl|ve|] slrerglered. Te RJ0 as a
poWerlu| vole oase ol Yadav volers ard roW lal
Lo| Jarsa|l| Parl] pres|derl Rar V||as PasWar
as s|ded W|l La|u, PasWar's voleoar| ol arourd
lour per cerl a|so adds lo La|u's ||ll], la||rg up |s vole
oase lo arourd 20 per cerl |r le Slale.
V|clor] |r Vaarajgarj o]po||s as rade |l c|ear
lal le Ta|urs are a|so W|l le RJ0.
T|s |eaves le Vus||r volers. ll le
Corgress erlers |rlo ard a|||arce W|l le RJ0
ler |r le 2014 Lo| Saoa e|ecl|ors, Vus||rs
W||| vole errasse |r lavour ol RJ0LJPCorgress
a|||arce. Ever |l Corgress doesr'l lorr ar a|||arce
W|l RJ0, le Vus||r voles W||| go lo La|u.
lr suc a scerar|o, 8|ar W||| go le ullar
Prades Wa] Were le Vus||rs ad voled lor le SP,
le 8SP ard le Corgress or|] lo preverl ser|or 8JP
|eader LK Advar| lo ga|r grourd. lr a s|r||ar
las|or, lo slop 0ujaral C|el V|r|sler
harerdra Vod| |r 8|ar, Vus||r volers W|||
supporl le RJ0, le J0u} ard le Corgress.
T|s s|lual|or oerel|ls le RJ0 le rosl oecause |l as slrorg oac||rg lror oler
corrur|l|es as We||. As corpared lo La|u, 8|ar C|el V|r|sler h|l|s Kurar's pos|l|or
|s Wea|. w|l Vod| al le e|r as c|el e|ecl|or carpa|grer lor le 8JP, h|l|s's u|lra
8ac|Ward C|ass voleoar| W||| oe ourg|ed as a|so le ForWard voleoar| Wo W||| roW
vole lor le 8JP.
Tho oountry should bo run in a way
so as to tako ovoryono along.
Coalition Govornmonts aro a norm
now. No party should bo undor tho
also promiso that thoy oan run tho
oountry on thoir own
8|hAP 0h|EF H|N|$TEP N|T|$h KuHAP
wl0 FEELS TlAT lh0lA Sl0uL0 8E Ruh
|A|u l| uPBEAl |
tIe pIoneer
Eminent people who dress up &
appear on talk shows every day to
discuss rape with great relish, many of
them are associated with pornography
~ Mamata Banerjee

Now Dolhi, Juno 23, 2013

lmost everything around us these days
is influenced by the West. From our
mode of transport to the kind of clothes
we wear, everything is a copy. Enter a rail-
way coach. The washrooms have a western
WC. In fact, railways was given to us by
the British. Let us see the kind of clothes
people wear who travel in trains. Most
men wear shirt and trousers. The youth
wear jeans and T-shirt. Only the women
in their 30s and above either wear a sari or
salwar-kurta. But sometimes even they
wear a kurta and jeans.
The mobile came to us from the West.
The concept of living in an apartment
(flat) is also a western idea. Television,
refrigerators, almirahs, cooking stove,
sleeping on the bed, eating meals at the
dinning table, using a spoon, working at
the computer in offices and going from
one place to another in a car all are
western concepts. The electricity that we
use to practically run every gadget in our
lives has come from the West.
We if closely look at our lives, every-
thing that we do is increasingly getting
western. All things that are primitive are
considered to be from the East. The upper
caste in the country were the first to drop
that bespoke of eastern lifestyle. The rest
of the communities followed what the
upper caste did. Dalits, too, are enjoying
the western lifestyle, but with a difference.
They are candid enough in admitting
superiority of the western civilisation.
As I have said in previous columns,
people all over the world were nomads.
They searched for their food, hunted ani-
mals and lived in little hutments. We all
started off without wearing clothes. We all
lived in forests before settling down and
building houses, towns and finally cities.
We didnt have a language or a written
script. People all over the world communi-
cated using sign language for thousands of
years before they learnt how to communi-
So, where should the tribals in India
be in 2050? I am not from the tribal belt
and therefore capable of making mistakes
that is being proposed by me for the good
of the tribals in the country. Should the
tribals not be following the same trajecto-
ry the people world over have done?
Shouldnt the tribals try to walk the path
of urbanisation as one of its main goals?
Shouldnt they view living in forests as
their emancipation? Shouldnt the tribals,
like the Dalits, at least try to walk towards
the integration with the mainstream soci-
Even though the Dalits are forced to
live in small settlement outside the vil-
lages, the choice was not theirs, they were
forced to do so. Entering the mainstream
society thus equals their emancipation.
Did the tribals choose the live near the
forest? If not, then entering the main-
stream society ought to equal the emanci-
pation of the tribals. But who will explain
this to the tribals? It has to be the educat-
ed people of their community.
But for this to happen, the tribals need
to produce a whole new generation of
people from within their community who
is completely in tune with the outside
world. This generation will then act as role
models for other tribals and spread the
message of modernism with the masses.
If there is one State initiative that is
worth a praise, it is the Jawahar Navodaya
Vidyalaya (JNV) taken in 1985-86. The
JNVs provide quality education to chil-
dren living in villages. With hostel facili-
ties, the JNVs are now spread all over the
country. Their result is at par with some of
the best public schools in the country.
JNV students are studying in IITs and
some have even gone on to clear the UPSC
exam. True, JNVs are in tribal belts as
well. But, thats not enough. We need to
have a policy which needs to cover the fol-
lowing points:
QMore JNVs are needed at the district
level in tribal areas
QAt least six tribal boys and girls
should be picked up each year from each
tribal village and made to study in JNVs.
This will make their integration easy
QParents who send their children to
JNVs should be given a cash incentive
QStudents who pass out from the
JNVs should be given jobs in the private
sector. To begin with, the selection process
for such candidates should be easy
QPosting of the trained tribal profes-
sionals in metro
The above mentioned steps should
make it easy for the tribals to be integrated
into the mainstream society. This will be
good not just for the tribals but the rest of
the people as well. The ideological founda-
tions of integrating with the mainstream
will be laid by JNV students who will
become part of the mainstream society
first. The JNVs should become torch-bear-
ers of a new kind of renaissance among
the tribals.
With an initiative like the one being
proposed in this column, the tribals will
have undergone the same trajectory the
people world over have undergone.
Bravo ohallongo to
groat war myths
erhaps the greatest of all journalistic cichs is, One thing is cer-
tain: Things will never be the same again. In the case of the First
World War, however, one might think it is undeniably true. No previ-
ous conflict killed so many people or brought about the collapse of so
many empires in so short a period. It was the time, as Hardy wrote, of
the breaking of nations.
So it is bold of Radio 4, and its presenter, Michael Portillo, to chal-
lenge the orthodox account. For 15 minutes each day last week, the
programmes questioned the classic story of golden, peaceful
Edwardian afternoons suddenly exploding into the mud and blood of
the trenches. (The series continues all this week, too.) The argument is
that the Great War did not come out of a clear blue sky. Nor did it
invariably precipitate change. In some respects, he says, it applied a
In the case of womens suffrage, for example, the Prime Minister,
Herbert Asquith, told campaigners in 1913 that it could no longer be
delayed. The war, however, delayed it, and most of the suffragettes
though not Sylvia Pankhurst did their patriotic duty.
In the case of Ireland, where a Liberal-dominated House of
Commons had voted for Home Rule in 1913, Civil War and Army
mutiny threatened as a result. Once war broke out, however, the Irish
Nationalist leader John Redmond agreed to postpone Home Rule.
Unionist Ulster calmed down and sent many of its best to die on the
Somme. From a strictly British point of view, it was better that the
Irish civil war, which finally arrived in 1922, was between two types of
nationalist rather than a battle between unionists and nationalists.
Again, it is often suggested that modernity in the arts was born
from the shock of war. Not so, says Portillo. In terms of popular enter-
tainment, the cinema was thoroughly embedded already, with roughly
4,000 picture houses operating by the outbreak of war. As for aesthetic
revolution, the post-Impressionists and Vorticists (no more beauty
except in strife) in art and the cacophonists in music were already
hard at it well before a shot had been fired.
You could argue that the tyranny of modernism under which,
despite the collapse of other totalitarianisms, we still groan, was the
product of the complacencies of peace rather than the brutality of war.
If you were actually fighting for your life, you tended to find The
Banks of Green Willow by George Butterworth more consoling.
(Butterworth was killed on the Somme.)
Portillo also attacked the view that the First World War came
unexpectedly. As early as 1903, in The Riddle of the Sands, Erskine
Childers had called for all Englishmen to be trained for the coming
conflict with Germany. In the novel When William Came (1913), Saki
imagined the German occupation of London sky-blue Saxon uni-
form in Hyde Park, and the serving of lager beer, coffee, lemonade
and syrups: A prophecy which, despite the non-invasion, seems to
have come true. (Saki was killed at Beaumont-Hamel in 1916.)
Even the idea that cavalry charges were horrifyingly anachronistic
is wrong, Portillo told us. The cavalry had already been well reformed
before the British Expeditionary Force set sail for the Continent in
1914. It played an effective dual role in the Great War, sometimes as
infantry, sometimes charging the enemy mounted.
To make his points in one go, Portillo took a copy of The Times
from June 4 1913. It included stories about Queen Mary opening a TB
hospital in Toronto by pressing an electric button in Buckingham
Palace, of guns being smuggled to Ulster, of instability in the Balkans,
of suffragists burning down a boathouse in Oxford and of the end of
a railway dispute (there were no fewer than 1,459 stoppages in the
It would have been perverse if the makers of these programmes
had pursued their thesis so relentlessly that they had pretended that
the Great War did not really make much difference. But they avoided
this trap. Michael Portillos mellifluous and thoughtful broadcasting
voice never becomes assertive. What I find refreshing about the series
is that it tries to get behind the over-sequential and over-dramatised
view of history.
In this centenary month, for example, we are being told again and
again that it was the heroic sacrifice of Emily Davison that won
women the vote. It was she, you will remember, who threw herself
under the Kings horse at the Derby, thus causing the poor horse to
fall, injuring the rider and killing Davison herself. It was interesting to
be told that her foolish, selfish act was not, in fact, suicide, but a bun-
gled effort to run out and unfurl a banner on the racecourse. Even bet-
ter to listen to the extracts from the diary of a suffragette called Kate
Fry, which rather sweetly described the embarrassment of a young
policeman who tried to arrest her on a demo and then felt he had
gone too far. The voice of moderate protest is so often drowned out by
history, particularly broadcast history. I am sure future generations
will be taught, for instance, that Margaret Thatcher was brought down
by anti-poll tax riots in Trafalgar Square. This series protests at such
It is only natural that people tend to see a world war as a turning
point. Memory likes to categorise everything as either pre-or post-war.
But the trouble with this approach is that it does not explain why
things happened as they did. It is as if one wrote about falling off a
cliff without reference to why the person falling had reached the cliff s
Cuu||] +il] ll|+p|
60Ia f0r a chaae
he two regional parties, the
ruling Samajwadi Party (SP)
and its rival the Bahujan Samaj
Party (BSP), have pulled up their
garters for the 2014 Lok
Sabha elections. The
battle will give their
final TRP ratings
in Uttar Pradesh.
Realising that it is
high time that
they put their
respective houses
in order, the two
national parties,
the Congress and
BJP, have sudden-
ly woken
up from
only to
find that
they are far
behind the
regional players
as far as poll
preparations go.
The truth is star-
ing both the nation-
al parties whose
popularity graph has
steadily gone down in the
last few years in the Hindi
heartland. This has given
rise to caste-based
electoral politics
and seen the SP
and the BSP come to power in
the State alternatively. This gave
little opportunity to the national
parties which were virtually
reduced to mute spectators.
Recently, both the Congress
and the BJP came on the cen-
trestage as they
made shrewd
moves. Close
on the heels
of Gujarat
Modis eleva-
tion as chief
of the partys
election cam-
paign, the saf-
fron party acted
quickly and
made Amit Shah, a
Modi confidante, the
election incharge of
UP. The rumblings
in the saffron camp
suddenly came to
a standstill as all
warring factions
within the party
called it quits.
They waited for the
next development
and for Modi to give
them an audience so all
joined hands to accord him
a grand welcome.
Quick on the uptake of
BJPs plans, the
Congress fielded its
winning commander also a
Gujarati, Madhusudan Mistry, to
counter Shah. But State Congress
leaders are yet to reconcile to this
as both the Gujaratis will take
stands in the boxing ring for sec-
ular and communal bouts in the
Lok Sabha elections.
The question doing the
rounds in political circles is
whether Shah will be able to ele-
vate BJPs prospects? The
Congress, too, is wondering
whether Mistry will be able to
repeat his Karanataka victory in
the State.
Of course, the challenges
before both men who are from
outside the State, will be to prove
their mettle. Senior members
from both the parties remain
sceptical of the success of the
Gujarati leaders. They are
tightlipped and prefer to watch
the performance of the two. One
thing is clear though that
UPites are in for an interesting
If you are closely following
political developments in UP, you
will know that bureaucrats and
police officers in the State hap-
pen to be the most frequently
tossed around lot as every party
that comes to power draws up its
own policies and programmes
after assuming charge. Each time,
the transfer season for officers is
fixed after which only important
transfers are made according to
the needs of the administration.
As is customary, even the
Akhilesh Yadav
drew a line
when it
came to
was in
with the
move. But
shortly after-
wards, it was
found that senior
officers continued to be
moved sometimes in
small batches and, at
times, in large numbers.
Of course, the reason
given was to tone up
the States functioning.
Recently, when a
journalist visited a bureau-
crats office, the officer
told the journalist to ask
whatever questions he
wanted to as the officer was
not sure whether he would
remain on the same post the next
day. Believe it or not, he was
transferred the very next day,
much to the surprise of the jour-
However, this is not the first
officer to be transferred at such a
short notice. There
are many who barely
stay on one post for
a month. By the
time these offi-
cers settle
down and tack-
le the problems
in their respec-
tive depart-
ments, it is time
to pack up
again. The
Secretariat is the
worst hit as the
officers here have
to keep in tune with
the frequent shifting.
Is Akhilesh listening.
The blue brigade which
was busy organising
Brahmin sammelans in dif-
ferent parts of the State, has
yet again surprised her politi-
cal opponents. The party has
now started organising ral-
lies to win over the minority
community. People who had
been wondering whether
the SP will follow in the
BSPs footsteps got their answer
when the SP started holding
Brahmin rallies to appease the
upper castes.
So, while the SP and BSP are
busy trying to outwit each other,
the Congress and the BJP are
drawing up strategies to make a
ews channels sometimes
call it latest headlines
and sometimes breaking
news. There are reports how
policemen are slapping or
insulting women publicly. It
makes me wonder if there is a
trend here? Of course, the
latest news on TV is how a
constable walked naked in
front of his neighbours house.
The constable in ques-
tion would walk out wearing
a towel and then urinate out-
side the neighbours door as
the old man went for a walk.
If this was not enough, the
constable would then take
off the towel causing a public
nuisance. The behaviour
started after a minor fight
last Holi. The cop in ques-
tion has since then been
arrested but it brings to light
the unruly behaviour of cops
in general. It is for this rea-
son that most people dont
go to the police to file a
The aam admi, especial-
ly the women and the elderly
prefer to suffer in silence
than go to a police station
that is how scared they are.
Rapes, acid attacks and even
murders the most recent
is that of a Manipuri student
may have caught the
medias attention. But there
are many such cases that go
unnoticed. Confidence in
the police in non-existent
But it doesnt rule out
the fact that there are many
women who are now coming
out in the open and report-
ing their abuse. Social
activism and work being
done by some NGOs has
ensured that a womans voice
is now being heard. After
decades of remaining silent,
women want justice. The fact
that there are many women
who are now at the top of
their profession, that there
are many more women
politicians has given the rest
of them the confidence to
stand up for themselves. But
there is still a long way to go.
To remain in the system and
fight it in a male dominated
society is not easy. Finding a
way to fight this is an uphill
battle. Rectifying this is not
easy. The fact that some of
our leaders often take the
soft stand on women-related
issues adds to the problem.
To bring about nay
change, we must change our
mindset and attitude. And
social change that takes
place in the society must
change an individual's atti-
tude as well. It has to be a
battle that needs to be fought
together. No single person or
an institution can bring
about a change. Public par-
ticipation is must.
To pacify the common
man, politicians take refuse
in there is need for social
awareness. By doing so, they
shift the blame from them-
selves, from the breakdown
in the law and order in the
country and from the politi-
cal games that are being
played. The answer which
nobody wants to address is
the need to exercise control
over the system. The cop on
the street needs to be told
that he is a public servant,
hence he must do everything
to help the common man.
There is need to increase the
number of women cops.
There is need to train the
cops to be gender sensitive.
The training must be giving
to every cop at the district
level to the top cop in the
city. For quick and effective
results, every Government
employee needs to do his
duty diligently.
Cops deal with people
and criminals daily. But they
must be able to differentiate
between a criminal and a
victim. A personal touch is a
must. Words like mataji,
amma, behenji or even beti
leads to instant connect the
local police chowkis need to
be patient and have self-help
groups to assist them. But
nothing succeeds unless it
has participation of every-
body involved.
Jrilals neeo a movement to letter tleir lot
fraI4 0f 0Ia t0 the 0IIce
The olice are lhere lo rolecl lhe ublic bul women and lhe elderly are so scared o going
lo lhem or hel lhal lhey reer lo suer in silence ralher lhan risk iling a comlainl
0Ev ChERAh
vCTM. T0
Wlo will le tle
greatest of tlem all?
tIe pIoneer
intend to seek negotiated cuts with
Russia to move beyond Cold War
nuclear postures
~ Barack Obama
Now Dolhi, Juno 23, 2013
For the tribals to be
integrated into the
mainstream society,
they need to produce
a new generation of
people from within
their community who
will be completely
tuned in with the
outside world. This
generation will then
act as role models for
other tribals and
spread the message
of modernism
or gaming enthusiasts, this sum-
mer promises to be very excit-
ing. With the launch of new
gaming consoles, the industry which
is already growing in leaps and
bounds, is going to get a boost like
never before. Console players in the
market say, 2013-2014 is really special
for them. The time, they feel, is just
right to conduct experiments and
apply them too.
With the massive economic
downturn which lasted for a little
over two years, the gaming market
had also hit an all-time low. But this
year, things are improving rapidly.
With new players entering the market
and with the latest technology avail-
able to existing players, the gaming
market seems to have been revived
just in time. We are hoping to see it
grow by at least 45 per cent in the
next quarter. Mostly because of the
new consoles that are going to make
a robust entry in this quarter and the
next, Kapil Singh from Game Zone,
an IT-based game company in
Gurgaon tells you.
Game Zone has its presence
in 16 countries and is one of
Indias largest gaming compa-
nies that deals with consoles,
with the technology behind the
devise and also online games.
We deal with gaming consoles
from various companies and the
demand is always increasing. It will
be interesting to see how the world
reacts to Sonys PS4 which is touted
to be revolutionary. Sony still remains
the biggest player in the gaming mar-
ket, Singh tells you. Game Zone
already has 1000 pre-orders for the
PS4 to be released later this year.
With Microsoft having already
launched the Xbox One this season
the gaming world is agog with posi-
tive reviews. For most, this console is
a one-stop solution for everything
while other critics feel many features
could have been upgraded.
The gaming experience is only
getting better and bigger from what it
used to be a decade earlier. The latest
XBox is sans two major features that
the earlier version had. The regular
online authenticity checks required
whenever the player wanted to play a
game is no longer there. That is a
blessing. Then there is no restriction
on what one could do with a game
purchased. With the XBox One, the
consumer has the liberty to choose
between the physical and digital con-
tent, Dheeraj Mathur a power source
and game critic of,
says. Mathur tells you that a market
analysis shows that the PS4 is being
more talked about than Microsofts
The Play Station has its
own audience. It has been
around for long and the
makers understand
what needs to be
packed into the
console to grab
attention. The new version which has
already launched in some parts of the
world comes loaded with extra fea-
There is a lot happening with the
controllers as well. While XBox is all
for making it game friendly, Sony has
tried to give the developers a
breather. The Sony DualShock 4
controller with a clickable touch pad
on the front gives developers an addi-
tional option when designing games
and this could act as a major plus in
its favour, Nitin Markhande, the
CEO of Tech Paradise in Bengaluru
says. Markhande says it is not possi-
ble to draw up a conclusion on which
console is going to be more popular
but for the time being it is win-win
for the console industry. He says
there are a few other players waiting
to announce their entry into the mar-
ket in this decade.
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9} V|lar|r 0 souce lor person
prov|d|ng da|ry products 7}
10} 0ueer cul up W|l a
meda| 8,5}
11} Ed|lor relurrs arourd |l
aller ra||rg erlr] to
compose 0}
12} S|] Tor raraged more
than ha|f 0}
15} Eag|e on moon 7,0}
18} 0over sadorasoc|sl
rexl lo lealre W|l er 7}
19} 0ather a We|gl 5}
20} |t takes you to a f||ght
21} 0utstand|ng cop EC
serds lo Lordor v|a lA 7}
1} h|ndustan| person sleered
ve|c|e up lo |s roler 5}
2} Hade subt|e o] lurr |rs|de
carred produce 7}
3} Haster[|! 0,7}
4} Vore] lourd or lop ol
|rsl|lule peak 0}
5} $Weet correcl|or oelWeer
Aru| ard Cadour] 4,9}
0} $peed ol a lreeWee|er
7} Farous ser|a| house 8}
11} 0re cr|rsor arl doesr'l
ave a lousard tooth var|ety
13} Vusl lar creale storm?
14} Loves puo||c|l] ol r|rera|s
10} 0rears ol sate|||tes 5}
17} 0orporate group ra||rg
Wor|d ol erlerla|rrerl rear
Vuroa| 0}
ere's ar ergag|rg
lorral lor CrossWord
|overs, ca||ed le
Cr]rp|e CrossWord.
Cr]rp|e crossWord |s a
coro|ral|or ol cr]pl|c
ard s|rp|e crossWord |r
W|c le s|rp|e porl|or
ol le cr]pl|c c|ue |s
ll see|s lo der]sl|l]
le cr]pl|c crossWords, so
lal rore ard rore
peop|e, Wo rorra||]
so|ve s|rp|e crossWord,
gel oo|ed or lo le
er|gral|c rea|r ol cr]pl|c
crossWords, W|loul ruc
ll car a|so serve as a
pr|rer lor lose Wo
Warl lo gel |r|l|aled lo
cr]pl|c c|ues.
- Ed|lor
u|||+i||] +u |+1i| |u| |+|ili|] |u| ]uu
+| | +| + Wi|| || u|||+i||] u| || Wu|lJ
W|| ]uu |+li || ||+i||] u| || l|
l| |u||| |+|u| i1||, +|uJ +|J
|+1+J, | |+||| |uu...l+|J |l+i|i|
+|J |+|p+|| ill+l u|||u|iu|. |]
p|+]| |u| u||+|+||+|J
w|il l|Ji+ |+ li||J |+piJl] up ||
l+JJ| u| u|u|i |uW|| |+|, i| |+
|+ll| |l+|i1l] ||i|J i| || +l u|
ui+l i|Ji+|u|
wl||lA| A|RY|P|E
lll(uippJ, u|i||||J |u|+u|+| +|
i| pui|iu| u| /p||i. l|] +| || |u|
u|+uu||+|l +|J |u| |||||J!
|lRA| BEl
w|] i i| ||+| W uulJ Ju + |illiu|
||i| |i||, |u| | |u|1| |||||J
|] u| i|l |i|+|!
l|Ji+ i +| iJ+ ||JJJ i| ||
Cu||i|u|iu|. Y| i| 1|] l|iu| +|J
u|||Wi, i| uiJli| +| u||l]
|luu|J. w|+| i l|Ji+ |||
|1| i1 up u| + J|+| |u| |+u
u| || |i| i| Will |+| |u +u|pli| i|.
li| Will p+ +|]W+] W|||| ]uu
J|+| u| |u| E+|l |i||i|+l
ony India recently
announced the launch of
Indias first 4K televisions in
65inch and 55inch screen
sizes. The current launches
are an extension of 84 (213.5
cms) 4K TV that was intro-
duced by the company last
The 4K BRAVIA screen
contains no less than eight
million individual pixels
(3,840 x 2,160 pixels). Thats
four times more detail than
a Full HD TV. The TVs
powerful 4K X-Reality Pro
processing engine up-scales
any standard definition con-
tent to 4K resolution irre-
spective of its source.
The X9004A series of 4K
LED TVs will have the
Triluminostm Display LED
backlighting is used in the
TV which significantly
achieves wider color gamut
and provides a far more nat-
ural and vivid viewing expe-
rience with a heightened
sense of depth.
Also, 4K content will be
made available from Sony
Pictures in the form of Blu-
ray discs with 4K re-mas-
tered logo. These discs will
have extra information
encoded into them, which
the 4K X- Reality Pro can
use to deliver fantastic 4K
picture quality.
Along with offering the
best-ever picture quality, the
X9004 series TVs boosts of
extraordinary audio enabled
by Worlds first Magnetic
Fluid Speaker design for TV.
At the launch, Kenichiro
Hibi, Managing Director,
Sony India said: We aim to
further strengthen our posi-
tion with the newly
launched line-up of 4K
Bravia televisions, in addi-
tion to the other series
announced this year.
S|i|+|i Ru]|uuJ|u|]
Sony`s new
anvas Music is a cost-efficient edition
to Micromaxs rapidly increasing
portfolio. Also known as the A88, this
one comes with a fancy JBL headphone
and access to download unlimited
songs using the Mlive online service.
The design and build isnt much to boast
about. Rather, the phone looks more like
a miniature version of Canvas 3D. The
glass front is a magnet for finger
prints and it is a pain to keep it clean.
The rubberised back extends a bit
onto the sides as well, offering good
The A88 runs on Jelly Bean and is
powered by a dual-core MediaTek
MT6577 SoC. Theres also 512MB of RAM onboard,
which together makes for a relatively pain-free
Android experience.
The display is regular TFT variety with
just a 480 x 854 pixel resolution, yet images
and text are quite sharp and clear with pretty
good viewing angles; at least much better
than what we saw on the Canvas 3D or even
the Canvas 2.
The quality of audio is average even with
a good pair of earphones. The rear speaker is
quite loud so you would not miss any of the
alerts even in a noisy place.
The Canvas Music gets a 5 mega-pixel
sensor on the back and just a VGA sensor
upfront. The censor is not the best and
manages very average looking pictures. For
C8,500 this is a decent buy.
S|i|+|i Ru]|uuJ|u|]
9JJJ pupl |uJ. 5cJJ |+W+|
|+1 || Jplu]J. A W+|||
i|p|u1, |li| Wu|| i|||i|i +|J
|i| |u|i|u|J +| +ll || l1l
A1AY |A|E|
A|+|J +|J|i BWX_^UCWTbTdb i
u|Juu||Jl] + i||+|i |+||pi,
|u|iu|+ll] i||lli|| +|J |iul]
|+||J. A |u| W+||
|ARA| 1|AR
8LLkk1 fI8h. A new blenny ish secies has
been discovered by scienlisls wilh lhe
Smilhsonian nslilulion al a dee ree o
Curaao while conducling a yearlong rojecl
lo galher dala on lemeralure and biodiver
sily or moniloring climale change eecls in
lhe Caribbean. The leam was caughl wilh
olher ish around 525 eel (1GO melers) dee.
l is nearly an inch
long and has irides
cenl ins and an
orange and while
The discovery occurred o lhe soulhern
edge o lhe 0ulch Caribbean island as scien
lisls used a submarine lo exlore delhs u
lo 1,OOO eel (8O5 melers). 0r Carole
Baldwin, a Smilhsonian research /oologisl,
lold lhe AF lhal lhe leam is sludy
ing 25 lo 8O olher secimens o
ish and inverlebrales col
lecled during lhe lri
lhal lhey believe are
new secies.
LkNIkL0 NIh 100 IM08 L0).
by Sylvia 0ay. Eve and 0ideon ace
lhe demons o lheir asls and accel
lhe consequences o lheir obsessive
desires; a Crossire novel
...LIkL 6L06kN0k IM08 LI8Lk).
l's lhe sixlh sludio album by
American rock band 0ueens o lhe
Slone Age. The album ranks ho 1 on
lhe Billboard 2OO
h0NLI 86Lk0 ML IM08 801).
huawei's Ascenl Male smarlhone
has G.1 inch h0 dislay wilh Android
4.1 JellyBean 0S, 1.5 0h/ hiSilicon
quadcore rocessor and a 4O5O
mAh ballery. Friced C24,OOO.
8 8LL8kh. Team ndia
and Rajaslhan Royals bowler
who is acing FL sol ixing
charges and is oul on bail, is
sel lo marry a Jaiur girl
rom royal amily in Augusl
or Selember lhis year
8hh 0kh khk.
Bollywood aclor along wilh
wie 0auri are going lo have
a baby boy in July lhrough
JML8 6k00LfIkI.
American aclor, besl known
or his role as Tony Sorano
in T|c 5cprancs, died al age
51 due lo a hearl allack lasl
86hIk Lk00Lk. Aler
laking reliremenl rom FL,
lhe crickeler is now lanning
lo own a Mumbai badminlon
leam in BL
0khk0. More lhan 2O7
eole have been killed and
around 5O,OOO eole slranded
in lhe Slale due lo lash loods
and landslides
M060I8h0. Seven al0aida
linked mililanls on a suicide
mission allacked lhe uh com
ound on wednesday, killing
more lhan 18 eole beore
dying in lhe assaull
6hIk. More lhan 8,2OO eo
le have been arresled in
China since a crackdown on
ood saely crimes was
launched in January.
kTIh: 3l6
Gamo is on
kh kkY EkI I M8I6 IVE8
tIe pIoneer
Mobile is a lot closer to TV
than it is to the desktop
~ Mark Zuckerberg
jj ;
Now Dolhi, Juno 23, 2013
MI6MkX 6khVk8
M8I6 kBB
Xbox 0ne and Sony FS4. There is a lol haening in lhe gaming console ronl, says 0EEBAShREE M0hAhTY
Xbox ne FIay8IaIion 4
Frice $4OO $8OO
Availabilily hovember 2O18 holiday 2O18
Bluray Yes Yes
hard drive Buillin (5OO0B) Buillin (5OO0B)
Molion conlrol hew Kinecl (bundled) Move conlroller
CFu 8core x8G AM0 8core x8G AM0
RAM 80B 00R8 80B 000R5
uSB 8.O Yes Yes
wireless Yes (8O2.11n w/wiFi 0irecl) Yes (8O2.11n)
0igabil Elhernel Yes Yes
h0M Yes (in and oul) Yes
Susend/resume game suorl Yes Yes
Background downloading Yes Yes
halive gamelay sharing (video) Yes Yes
Reallime gamelay sleaming Yes (Twilch) Yes (uslream)
QWhat was the USP of the show that
you hosted on the Rana Plaza tragedy?
The programme was very aptly titled
Our Worlds Bangladesh: Out of the
Rubble and it covered the timeline of
events leading up to the collapse of the
building, the actual disaster and the
aftermath. Through the show, we also
looked at what actions are being taken to
ensure that a similar tragedy doesnt
recur (the Rana Plaza collapse is one of
many incidents in the last few years).
And finally, the episode talked to key
players about what needs to be done to
bring about change in the garment
industry in Bangladesh. All these ques-
tions were pertinent ones that needed an
urgent redress. I am happy with the
show. It was our small initiative and we
are all very proud of what came out of it.
QHow was your experience travelling
to the site and meeting with affected
Most survivors I met were in a
pitiable state in some hospital or the
other. In ward after ward, all I found was
people with amputated limbs. They were
suffering but happy they had survived.
This was one of the only ways to ensure
that people came out alive by ampu-
tating limbs. On one of the days when I
was in the hospital, the local community
had collected money and was distribut-
ing it among the survivors. Most of these
workers are hoping that they would get
prosthetic limbs. Many told me that
while trapped under the building, all
they wanted was to live even if that
meant having their limbs amputated. But
now, they wonder how theyll cope for
the rest of their lives with this disability.
It was one of the most painful journeys I
have taken but I am glad I did take a
tour. It brought me closer to the pain that
these people and their families
QHow are the victims
coping with life? What
has the Government
done for them?
There is talk of
compensation but it is
not clear if this will
happen. I found hun-
dreds of people outside
the collapsed building
with photos of their missing
loved ones. Their bodies
havent been identified and they
cant get compensation without a DNA
test. Most families I met during the shoot
of this special programme told me that
they had little hope of stitching their lives
together. They didnt expect the compen-
sation to come through either. All they
wanted was that the Government should
ensure that accidents like the Rana Plaza
never happened to any building ever
QWhat kind of assistance was been
given to people who were indulged in
the rescue work?
I spoke to a number of rescuers at
the site. From what I learnt and heard,
no assistance has been given to rescuers
yet. In fact, all those
involved in the rescue
operation, from the
ordinary factory
worker to the mili-
tary and even
those who wit-
nessed it, are trau-
me sto-
hearing voices
from within the
building for days, workers
begging to be saved
and how they could
not do much about it.
They threw in
water bottles and sent
down oxygen, but slow-
ly one by one the voices
faded away. Just 72
hours after the building
collapse, the Army chief
told me he was preparing
to end the operation and
start sending in heavy
However, he said the will power of
the ordinary people to rescue as many
people as possible made him change his
decision. They continued to work for 17
days after the collapse, when 18-year-old
Reshma was pulled out from the debris.
In some way that was their big victory.
The rescuers were very pleased to see
Reshma come out unscathed. It was a
miracle and they felt rewarded.
QThe clothes factory had been under
the scanner for illegal construction.
Could the accident been avoided?
There were many reports that sug-
gested this. A Government study sug-
gests it was illegally constructed and built
on a swamp. The Rana Plaza had wit-
nessed many minor accidents before the
final collapse happened on that day.
People say this major scene could have
been avoided.
While we were there, we learnt that
one of the major issues was the fight to
raise minimum wages. Its currently
about $38 per month. This is some-
thing workers and the unions are
fighting to change. The second is the
actual condition of factories and
pressure on workers to meet cer-
tain quota within a timeframe.
For example, about six
months ago, there was
another incident in Dhaka
where a garment factory
caught fire and 112 people
were burnt alive inside.
The workers failed to
escape from the burning
building because the fire
doors had been locked.
We were told the reason the
doors were locked was to pre-
vent workers from leaving the
factory floor and taking a break. The
unions within the country are now try-
ing to take full advantage of this incident
to ensure it is not downplayed and to
increase pressure on the Bangladesh
Government, the Bangladesh Garment
Manufacturing Export Association
(BGMEA) and international buyers.
They are hoping to make a difference.
QTell us more about the survivors.
I was amazed by the courage and
resilience of Reshma who survived for 17
days despite being trapped under the
building and surrounded by decomposed
bodies. She held my hand the entire time
I spent with her, it helped her feel at ease
as she recalled the horror of her ordeal.
She told me how, one by one, her col-
leagues died around her and the stench
of their rotting bodies enveloped the little
breathing space she had. Reshma
described how she managed to find some
water which she used that to survive for
17 days. She also told me she found fab-
ric, which she used to drape around her
body, to keep warm. She has never been
to school and is now hoping to make the
most of her life, which she says is a gift
from God.
I also met an actress who went to the
collapsed building site to help out. She
told me how she came across a woman
whose name was Bakul and who was
trapped under the building. Bakul was
screaming please save me, please save
me. But unfortunately there was nothing
the rescue teams could do for this
woman and eventually she stopped
screaming and died.
Everyone I spoke to was involved in
the rescue operation or had been rescued
and I think the trauma will stay with
them for the rest of their lives.
tIe pIoneer Commendable work has been done
by the Army to rescue people. We
need to get together & support to
rebuilt lives
~ Director Onir on UKD disaster
Now Dolhi, Juno 23, 2013
that high. And since its in our
DNA, if one went for a test, the
chances of the tests coming back
positive are high, Dr SK Das,
senior consultant gynae-oncology
with Action Cancer Hospital in
Delhi, tells you.
Dr Das is, however, quick to
point out that though there is no
cure for the virus, most of the
time, HPV goes away by itself
within two years and doesnt cause
health problems. Its only when
HPV stays in the body for many
years that it may lead to oral can-
cers. And though researchers are
not clear why the virus goes away
in most cases and remains in oth-
ers, one reason could be that in
some people, the immune system
doesnt recognise the infection as
a threat and its allowed to stay in
the body. Although HPV can
increase the risk of developing
some types of cancer, most people
who have HPV dont get cancer
even though the HPV oral and
oropharyngeal cancers are harder
to discover than tobacco-related
cancers because the symptoms
arent always obvious to the indi-
vidual who is developing the dis-
ease, or to professionals that are
looking for it.
Of course, it goes without say-
ing that its extremely difficult for
the doctors and oncologists to say
with certainty what caused the
cancer in an individual. There are
other reasons as well that raise the
risk of head and neck cancer. But
between 1988 and 2004 (in the
US), head, neck and throat can-
cers that tested positive for the
HPV rose to 225 per cent, accord-
ing to one study in the journal of
Clinical Oncology.
In India, the threat may not
be so alarming but doctors opine
that approximately 30-40 per cent
of all cancers in males and a sub-
stantial percentage in women are
HPV-related. Both smoking and
oral sex are on the rise in our
country. Once the HPV gets
lodged in the oral cavity, its very
difficult to eliminate the virus.
Even a kiss may spread the virus
to a womans oral cavity.
Therefore, the country is likely to
see a rise with people aping the
West and lifestyle becoming more
like theirs. The rise in HPV infec-
tion may be due to the wider
acceptance of oral sex among
teenagers and adults as this is
viewed to be a form of safe sex,
Dr Ravi Mehrotra, director with
the Institute of Cytology and
Preventive Oncology, explains.
Dr Mehrotra, who has been a
part of part of three research pro-
jects on oral cancer, warns
Indians. These infections are
common and rarely cause symp-
toms. Although HPV infection is
linked to oropharyngeal cancer,
most people with HPV infections
of the mouth and throat dont go
on to develop this cancer.
However, the good news is that
HPV-related oral cancers have a
higher cure rate than those caused
by tobacco. While the line of
treatment remains the same, peo-
ple who have HPV caused cancers
respond better to treatment and
the cure rate is higher too, adding
that one should maintain proper
hygiene before and after having
sex. Use condoms correctly and
consistently to reduce transmis-
sion of HPV between sexual part-
ners. The most important thing to
keep in mind: Avoid sex with
multiple partners, Dr Mehrotra
Doctors at the Oral Cancer
Foundation share the viewpoint.
The symptoms can be subtle and
painless. A dentist or doctor
should, therefore, evaluate symp-
toms and analyse anything that
has persisted for two or more
weeks. Although there are many
oral cancer screening devices and
tests, not all of them can find
HPV positive oral and oropharyn-
geal cancers. The best way to
screen HPV-related oral cancer is
through a visual and tactile exam
given by a medical or dental pro-
fessional, who will also do an
oral history taking to ask about
symptoms that cover things that
arent visible or palpable.
Like other cancer screenings
one engages in, like cervical,
skin, prostate, colon and breast
examinations, opportunistic oral
cancer screenings are an effective
means of finding cancer at its
early an highly curable stages.
However, like many other cancer
screening techniques, this
process is not 100 per cent effec-
tive and any screening technique
or technology can miss things.
This is why its so important that
persistent problems are pursued
until a definitive diagnosis of
what it is established. Most of
the time these will be issues that
are not cancer, but persistent
problems need to be addressed,
cancer or not, Brian Hill, execu-
tive director of the foundation
Touled lo be lhe worsl accidenl aler
lhe Bhoal gas leak in 1O84, lhe
Rana Fla/a building collase in
0haka, Bangladesh, was a slory o
ain and loss. Aboul lwolhirds o
lhe more lhan 8,OOO workers in lhe
building escaed. Bul as many as
1,5OO may have been buried under
lhe rubble. An oicial dealh loll o
1,O5O makes lhis one o lhe mosl
unorlunale incidenls in recenl asl.
Bul where lhere was desair, lhere
was also hoe. Begum Reshma
Akhler was dug oul alive, 17 days
aler being lraed in lhe rubble.
Yalda hakim, BBC corresondenl in
Bangladesh, recenlly hosled a
rogramme on lhis incidenl on BBC
world hews.
0EEBAShREE M0hAhTY brings
you lhe slory wilh an inlerview
F80M FA0E 1
ore lhan a lhousand Bangladeshi
garmenlmakers were crushed lo
dealh in 0haka when lhe illegally buill
warehouse lhey worked in suddenly
collased. Many locals ilched in lo rescue
lhose lraed under lhe concrele, even i lhal
meanl culling o lheir limbs. hearly lwo
monlhs on Uur Wcr|Js, Yalda hakim visiled
lhe sile o one o lhe world' worsl induslrial
disaslers and mel some rescuers - and
lhose lhey had saved. The 8.G million
communilies o men and women working in
lhe garmenl induslry have enabled
Bangladesh's osilion as lhe world's second
largesl aarel exorler. n lhe absence o
basic worklace heallh and saely slandards,
lhese workers have become viclims o
syslemalic human righls violalions.
told me how,
one by one, her
colleagues died
around her & the
stench of their rotting
bodies enveloped
the little breathing
space she
Jongue in clecl
egum Reshma Akhler was
clad in a simle salwar
kamee/ and a scar lhal day she
gol lraed under lhe debris.
She worked as a seamslress on
lhe second loor o Rana Fla/a
and was a girl wilh a lol o
dreams. 0n lhal unorlunale
day, Begum had arrived 15
minules early lo send lime
wilh her besl riend and
colleague. Lillle did she know
lhal lhal would be lhe lasl day
lhal Begum saw her and many
o her olher riends.
"when Begum was rescued
aler 17 days o being buried in
rubble, she could hardly lalk.
Allhough she suered rom
only minor injuries, Reshma
could barely move. She was in a
slale o shock. Al lhe hosilal,
when she mel her arenls or
lhe irsl lime aler lhe incidenl,
Reshma broke down. She
lhoughl lhis was a dream lhal
she was alive. l look her a ew
days lo recover rom lhe
lrauma," Yalda hakim who mel
her a ew days aler in lhe
hosilal, says.
As or Reshma, even loday
she gels u in a ranlic slale. l
is nol ossible or her lo orgel
all lhal she has endured in
lhose hours. " had given u all
hoe JiJi. didn'l know
whelher will come oul o il
ever," she lold hakim during
her brie visil.
Al resenl, Reshma is
emloyed wilh lhe weslin
luxury holel in 0haka as a sales
reresenlalive. She makes a
decenl amounl and is lhe sole
breadearner o her amily.
"She is very hay wilh lhe
love she has gol rom her
relalives and eole around her.
This job is her only resile ever
since lragedy slruck. we are all
quile hay wilh lhis generous
inilialive laken by lhe
0overnmenl bul a lol slill needs
lo be done. There are olher
amilies lhal need lhis kind o
rehabililaion and care," hakim
lells you wilh a hinl o
E8hMk: I
Bul|l| A |l|E
l|+| R||+ W|u W+
|uJ +||| ! J+] u| |i|
|u|iJ u|J| || J||i. (BluW)
l| ull+pJ R+|+ Pl++
|uilJi| W|i| |uu| !J5J li1
Y+lJ+ |+|i|
tIe pIoneer
You always want to win. That is why
you play tennis, because you love
the sport and try to be the best you
can at it
~ Roger Federer
Now Dolhi, Juno 23, 2013
rom the red clay of Roland
Garros, the focus of the ten-
nis world has now shifted to
the green courts of the All
England Club.
The big surprise this year is
the fifth seeding awarded to
Rafael Nadal.
The Spaniard, who won a
record eighth French Open title
earlier this month, is one of the
top contenders along with Roger
Federer and Novak Djokovic.
Although grass is not his
favourite surface, Nadal has
been a force to reckon with at
Wimbledon and his epic five-set
battle against Federer in the
2008 final which he won
readily springs to mind.
Djokovic, perhaps deservedly,
has been picked as the top seed
this year.
The big serving Serb is in top
form this year.
He started 2013 in fine fash-
ion with victory at the Australian
Open. It was third consecutive
title win at the Melbourne Park
and he is the first male player in
the Open era to do so.
The 26-year-old from
Belgrade gave Nadal a run for his
money at the French Open semi-
finals before the eventual cham-
pion prevailed 6-4, 3-6, 6-1, 6-7,
9-7 to seal an extremely hard
fought victory in a marathon of a
match which lasted an amazing
four hours and 36 minutes.
It was an extraordinary
match which showcased the high
levels of skill and physical fitness
of two of the greatest players of
the current generation.
Given the fact that an ageing
Federer is not at the top of his
game at the moment, Djokovics
chances do seem quite bright.
But the attention of the
English public will be focused on
local favourite and second seed
Andy Murray.
His campaign at the 2012 edi-
tion ended in tears after a gallant
effort against Federer in the final
which the Swiss master won 4-6,
7-5, 6-3, 6-4.
But the Scot avenged
that loss less than a
month later by surpris-
ingly winning the gold
medal at the 2012
London Olympics
with a 6-2, 6-1, 6-4
straight sets victory
over Federer in a rather one-
sided final.
Murray repeated that feat
when he defeated Federer at the
semifinals of the Australian Open
in January.
His triumph at the London
Olympics, coupled with his run
to the final the Australian Open
has increased the weight of
expectations on Murray by the
perennially hyper-excited British
media and the 26-year-old from
Glasgow will be out to prove that
his Olympics crown is no flash in
the pan.
Federer, on the other
hand, is on a bit of a
poor run of late, rather
contrary to his usual
high standards.
The semifinals loss
at the Australian Open
to Murray and a shock
quarterfinal defeat to
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga of
France at the French
Open are Federers
only achievements so
far this year.
The All England
Club has been a
happy hunting
ground for the
Swiss leg-
end and he would hope to end
his poor run over here.
The third seed has won seven
of his record 17 Grand Slam titles
at Wimbledon and a successful
defence of his title cannot be
ruled out.
This years edition could well
be the last Wimbledon campaign
for the 31-year-old Federer and
another successful campaign
would be the perfect send off for
one of the greatest players to
pick up a tennis racquet.
In the womens section,
defending champion Serena
Williams is the hot favourite.
She started the year on a less
than perfect note with a loss in
the quarterfinals of the
Australian Open. But she has hit
top gear after that setback, win-
ning the womens singles crown
at the French Open.
The younger of the Williams
sisters has 16 Grand Slam titles to
her name. She seems almost
unstoppable at the moment, hav-
ing won three of the last four
Grand Slams.
The leading candidate to
put up semblance of a
resistance to Serena is
Maria Sharapova of
Serena, who defeated Sharapova
in the final at Roland Garros, has
won her last 13 matches against
the Russian - winning streak
stretching back to 2004.
Sharapova, who is seeded
third, has reached only one
Wimbledon final since winning it
as 17-year-old in 2004.
At 31, Williams is already the
oldest woman to win a major
since Martina Navratilova
claimed a ninth Wimbledon sin-
gles title in 1990.
She needs two more to draw
level with both Navratilova and
Chris Evert who sit above her
with 18 major titles on the all-
time womens list headed by
Margaret Court with 24.
While the ultra-competitive
mens game holds few parallels
with the Williams-dominated
womens, the American needs
one more Grand Slam to draw
level with Roger Federer, often
hailed as the greatest player to
pick up a racket.
Serenas elder sister Venus,
who won the last of her five
Wimbledon titles in 2008, has
pulled out this year with a back
injury, and among the rest the
title credentials are flimsy.
Victoria Azarenka of Belarus
is the second seed this year
behind Serena.
But her record at
Wimbledon is noth-
ing to write home
She has fall-
en at the semi-
final stage in
the last two
years and has
enjoyed grand-
slam success
only in Australia.
The grasshoppers
he Indian challenge at
Wimbledon will, as always
rest on the sturdy shoulders of
Leander Paes and Mahesh
The two legends of Indian
tennis will be in contention in
the mens doubles event along
with their respective partners.
While Leander will partner
Radek Stepanek of Czech
Republic, Bhupathi, who usual-
ly partners compatriot Rohan
Bopanna, will have Julian
Knowle of Austria as his dou-
bles teammate.
Paes and Stephanek are
seeded fourth while Bhupathi
have got the eighth seeding.
Bopanna, who will compete
alongside Edouard Roger-
Vasselin of France, has been
seeded 14th.
Paes has been
going through some
tough times of late.
He and Stephanek
crashed out in the
first round at the
Australian Open
thanks to a 3-6, 5-7
result against Kevin
Anderson of South Africa
and Jonathan Erlich of Israel.
The French Open brought
forth more disappoint for the
Indian legend. He teamed up
Jurgen Melzer of Austria and
started his campaign on a
bright note with a 6-3, 6-3
result over the French duo of
Pierre-Hugues Herbert and
Nicolas Renavand.
Bhupathi has enjoyed
somewhat better luck, reaching
the third round of the
Australian Open with his
Canadian partner Daniel
Nestor before being upstaged by
Simone Bolelli and Fabio
Fognini of Italy.
He teamed up with Rohan
Bopanna at the French Open
but the Indian duo went
down 5-7, 4-6 to the
Austrian combina-
tion of Tomasz
Bednarek and
Jerzy Janowicz.
Bhupathi and
Bopanna fared
much better at the
Championships in
London last week, where they
reached the semifinals.
For Purav Raja and Divij
Sharan, this will be their first
outing at Wimbledon.
This will be a big occasion
for the inexperienced duo.
Getting past the qualifiers was
an achievement for them and a
win in the main round will be a
The experience of top level
tennis will prove valuable.
noian clallenge
This year's wimbledon romises lo be exciling wilh Raael hadal and hovak 0jokovic in ine orm, deending chamion Roger
Federer keen lo end his oor run and local hero Andy Murray looking lo end Brilain's 77year wail. AJEY0 BASu lakes a look
deservedly, has been
picked as the top seed
this year. The big serving
Serb is in top form this
year. He started 201S in
fine fashion with victory
at the Australian Open.
t was his third
title win
8EEhk'8 WIhhIh 8TEkk
Its hard to imagine anyone ever hav-
ing been a bigger favorite to win a
Grand Slam title than No. 1-ranked
Serena Williams is at Wimbledon this
year. She comes in as the defending
champion; shes on a 31-match winning
streak, the longest single-season run in
womens tennis since her older sister
won 35 in a row in 2000; shes 74-3 since
the start of Wimbledon a year ago.
Williams has claimed three of the last
four major titles to raise her career total
to 16 - two shy of Chris Evert and
Martina Navratilova.
Wh 6kh 6hkIIEhE WIIIIkM8?
There are, to be sure, other women
capable of walking away with the trophy
from the All England Club, starting with
Maria Sharapova, who won the title in
2004 by beating you guessed it
Williams in the final. But although
Sharapova put up a fight in this years
French Open final against Williams, she
really didnt represent much of a hurdle
and has lost the last 13 times theyve
played. Petra Kvitova, the 2011 champi-
on, seems to have the grass game figured
out; No. 2-ranked Victoria Azarenka is a
two-time semifinalist; Agnieszka
Radwanska and Marion Bartoli have
been the runner-up. Still, hard to imag-
ine any of them beating five-time cham-
pion Williams if shes healthy.
Until this years French Open, no
man had won eight titles at the same
Grand Slam tournament. Rafael Nadal
got No. 8 in Paris, and now Roger
Federer can try to match that accom-
plishment at Wimbledon. Federer is
the defending champion, and hes still
as good as it gets on grass; he finally
ended a 10-month title drought by
winning a tuneup tournament on the
surface at Halle, Germany. Wimbledon
is the major tournament that people
figure hes most likely to win if hes
going to add to his record total of 17
Grand Slam titles.
MkY kh 1936
Andy Murray is no doubt tired of
hearing the name Fred Perry and the
year 1936 - and we all will hear those
words over and over again, so long as he
keeps winning matches during the fort-
night. Murray once again will try to give
Britain its first male champion at
Wimbledon since, well, you-know-who
in you-know-when.
A year ago, Murray became the first
British man to even reach the final since
Bunny Austin in 1938, then lost to
Federer in four sets. Then Murray won
the Olympic singles gold medal at the All
England Club, beating Federer, of all
people, in the final. And in September, at
the U.S. Open, Murray became the first
British man in 76 years to win any Grand
Slam singles title. He pulled out of the
French Open with a back issue, but won
the grass title at Queens Club, so all
appears fine.
ThE 8kI 88FE6T8
Nadal and No. 1-ranked Novak
Djokovic have combined to win 11 of
the most recent 13 Grand Slam titles.
Those two plus Federer have collected
31 of the past 33, and when you add in
Murray (who won one of the other two),
that quartet sure seems likely to produce
this years champion at the All England
Club. Djokovic won Wimbledon in
2011, and Nadal has two titles plus three
runner-up finishes; neither played a
tuneup tournament on grass, but that
might not matter.
Will be worth watching how Nadal,
whos seeded only fifth, fares a year after
his surprising second-round loss to
Lukas Rosol, who was ranked 100th at
the time.
ThE "ThE Y8
There are other men capable of
making deep runs and maybe even
pulling off a significant upset in the sec-
ond week - Grand Slam runners-up Jo-
Wilfried Tsonga and Tomas Berdych,
2009 U.S. Open champion Juan Martin
del Potro, and good servers Marin Cilic
and Milos Raonic all come to mind - but
really, who are we kidding here?
h ME I6k
For years, Andy Roddick showed
up at the All England Club with his
rat-a-tat serve and big forehand and
wiseacre attitude and outplayed
pretty much everyone except Federer.
And that meant Roddick came close
as can be, but never won Wimbledon,
losing to Federer in three finals,
including a 16-14 fifth set in 2009.
With Roddick retired and off to a TV
career - perfect fit, right? - the ques-
tion becomes whether any U.S.
man can stick around for Week 2.
Because it still could be a while
before another American man wins a
Grand Slam singles title. AP
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