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The undersigned affiant, being duly sworn on oath, deposes and says: That he/she is an officer of the below named debt collection agency. That, as an officer/owner/agent of

the collection agency/debt collector, he/she has the authority to execute this affidavit on behalf of the collection agency/debt collector and to bind the company/individual to its provisions.
It is understood that I follow the Laws regarding the Fair Debt Collection Act, the Fair Credit Billing Act and the California Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. It is understood that I have first hand knowledge if the alleged debt in question. It is understood that verification of the alleged debt is by affidavit, sworn statement as per the FDCPA and that this Affidavit must be notarized to become a valid verification. It is understood that I have first hand knowledge that the bank followed (GAAP) General Accepted Accounting Procedures and the Federal Reserve Bank's policies and procedures. It is understood that the financial institution gave me full disclosure of all the terms and agreement. It is understood that the financial institution is the holder in due course and I am willing to accept all liability in the statements contained in this affidavit. It is understood that I have a written contract that I own this debt and that I can product the Original Contract with Wet Ink signature and that a photo copy is not acceptable and that the Federal Trade Commission has stated that a photocopy or general ledger is not evidence of a debt. It is understood that that sending unsubstantiated demands for payment through the United States mail system might constitute mail fraud under federal and state law. It is understood that reselling, reassigning, or sending an unverified debt to another debt collector is fraud. It is understood that failure to respond by verified sworn statement to on point within 30 days to satisfy this request within the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act ,will be construed as my absolute waiver of any and all claims against alleged debtor and my tact agreement to compensate debtor for costs and legal fees. It is understood that referring any unverified debt to any other debt collector could be considered fraud. It is understood that verification is defined (Blacks Law Dictionary, 6 th Edition) as follows: Confirmation of correctness, truth, or authenticity, by affidavit, oath or deposition. Affidavit of truth of matter stated and object of verification is to assure good faith in averments or statements of party.

Signed under penalty of perjury.

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