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2008 Bond Program Capital Improvement Program 126 Projects for $15 million

Category HVAC # of Projects 10 Cost $1,272,000 Details Repair HVAC systems at Candalaria, Four Corners, Hayesville, Keizer, McKinley, Miller, Scott, Sumpter, Walker, and Whiteaker Replace sections of roofs at Crossler, McKinley, North, and Whiteaker. Replace roof at Yoshikai. Plumbing projects such as fixtures/flush valves replacement, drain repairs, and hose bib replacements at: Englewood, Kennedy, McNary, South, and Washington. Replace/repair flooring at Auburn, Brush College, Centennial, Grant, Hammond, Lamb, North, South, and Washington. Repair/replace auditorium lighting South and classroom lighting at Four Corners. Repair/Replace fire alarms at Myers and Salem Heights. Replace intercom system at McKinley. Replace windows at Claggett Creek, Cummings, Gubser, Keizer, Eyre, and Scott. Repair parking lots at Hayesville and Schirle. Repair/replace playground fall zones and asphalt at Four Corners, Kennedy, Liberty, and Salem Heights. Replace moveable partition walls with permanent walls at Houck, Myers, Pringle, Scott, Sumpter, Swegle, Washington, and Wright.









Windows Parking Lots Playgrounds: Asphalt and Fall zones Interior Walls

6 2 4

$2,298,000 $252,000 $366,000


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2008 Bond Program Capital Improvement Program 126 Projects for $15 million

Category Exterior Seals Walkways & Curbs Exterior Doors

# of Projects 5 11

Cost $480,000 $630,000

Details Seal the exteriors of Claggett Creek, Hammond, Kennedy, Myers, and Weddle. Repair/replace damaged walkways and curbs at: Brush College, Englewood, Hoover, North, Parrish, Pringle, Salem Heights, Schirle, Scott, South, and Washington. Repair/replace exterior doors at Brush College, Candalaria, Eyre, Four Corners, Gubser, Highland, Keizer, Myers, North, Scott, Sprague, and Swegle. Repair ceilings at Centennial, Myers, Scott, Washington, Whiteaker, and Wright. Replace/repair build in cafeteria tables at Four Corners, Grant, Highland, McKinley, Morningside, Parrish, and Richmond. Replace bleacher system in gyms at North and Sprague. Repair stage rigging and equipment as needed at McKay, McNary, North, Parrish, South, Sprague, and West.



Ceilings Built in Lunch Tables Bleachers Stage Rigging

6 7

$570,000 $624,000

2 7

$960,000 $504,000

Exterior work: Other

$690,000 Repair/replace damaged siding at Crossler and Whiteaker; repair/replace storm drains at Swegle and Kennedy; repair/replace portable porch, ramps and stairs at Brush College, Kennedy, North, and Sprague; repair courtyard handrails at Sprague. $1,035,600 Extend the loading docks at Clear Lake and Lamb; refurbish/replace lockers in hallways and lockers rooms at McNary and Whiteaker; repair or renovate restrooms at Morningside, Grant, Liberty, Crossler, and Scott; repair wall at Eyre; door replacement at Judson; counter top replacement at Swegle; and resolve sound/noise issues in cafeteria at Bush.

Interior Work: Other


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