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Interactive Whiteboard

CKPAD 2 . 0 ( Without PC Operation System )

Unique IWB Different All-in-One LCD Display

touch brilliant l ife

" Three in One Functions Interact

Supports for the use of interactive game, educational software, multimedia presentation or many other softwares.

Unique Technology Smart Technology

Unique annotation H ardware - based Two-layer writing
SBA - Smart Backlight Adjustment

Write Draw
Write on screen with finger or pen,Pen in three sizes,Board in five colors,You can write,draw,annotate, erase,print and save.

Just connect it to your iPad,Visualizer, PC, DVD,Camera, HDTV,USB disk to start woking on your digital projection.

SGD - Smart Gesture Distinguish

STO - Smart Touch Operation

Easy to use
Easy insallation

No need for training




Easy operation Easy to select signal

No need for mantenance No software setup

Education Application

Business Application

Military Application











Specification are subject to change without notice.

Unique IWB Different All-in-One LCD Display

System Specifications
External interface 3xVGA4xHDMI1xYPbPr1xCVBS 1xUSB1xWIFI 1xMIC2 x RCA audio1x3 . 5mm audio DVI - I,RCA stereo audio, USB storage Integrated infrared touch 1920x1080 @ 60Hz 12 Sec. Connected to optional printer , S upport PCL3 GUI language Aluminium cabinet, movable bracket TVTouchDisplay all ine one Volume,brightness, contrast adjustable by touch control Floor stand,track hanger mounting,wall mounting

Display S pecifications
Size Display type Resolution Colour Brightness Contrast Viewing angle Response speed Life-time Others Quality 55' / 65' / 70' / 82' / 84 ' ' TFT LCDLED backlit 1920x1080 @ 60hz 16 . 7M 360cd/m2 4000:1 178 8ms > 80000h r s Support HDCP ISO9001,3C,FCC,CE,CELP , ROHS User Manual,Warranty card,Certification of inspection, Power cord,VGA cable, PC audio cable, Whiteboard software, Stylus,Wall mounting barcket

Screen content output

Touch function Resolution Start up time P rinting

Architecture System module Function setting Installation method


Touch Writing System

Techology Integration Interaction method Response time Position accuracy Touch resolution Touch recognition PC response Communication USB touch control Optical infrared multitouch Seamless integrated Finger, pen or any other non-transparent objects 4ms 1.5mm 40964096 > 5mm Auto detection Full speed USB 3 group,driver free

Power S pecifications
Power supply AC100~240V 50 /60 HZ Power consumption 380W Stand - by consump. < 1W

Environment Specifications
Temperature Humidity Storage spec. 050 85% 20~ 6085%

Fireware P erformance Item


With five colors available for writing selection: red, green, yellow, black and white colors. Writing brush sizes : Big, medium, small levels. Pen, soft pen and brush are offered for selection.

Text effect

Can achieve good text effect without installation of any writing software, the writing speed of writing might affect the size of writing trace. Can write on any background layer.

Eraser Empty page Built-in page Index Freeze page Board colors Saving function Remarks on playing image Screen content saving Export Smart backlight Adjustment Smart gesture distinguishing Smart Touch operation

Using eraser to erase all the contents written on the screen, can erase to empty the current page or cancel the full screen erasing. Empty all the contents of the current written page written through one button. Six built-in writing layer pages, can be saved to USB disk. Facilitate to recall what have written and view the content of each page via the page turner. Can freeze the content of external inputs including motion video and make it as a background layer to comment on. Can choose Black/White/Blue as board color through one button. Can save as image format to external USB disk (Unavailable when connecting with printer). Remark can be added on the real time playing video image. Combine the external input and written remarks as a JPG file which could be edited in the future. Export all the contents of the current screen as a JPG file. Protect your Eyes By Automatically adjusting screen brightness based on wrting and touch operations. Recognize gesture for switching between Pen and Eraser function, recognize intention to write or to touch control by users' finger gesture. Finger touch hiddenable menu to achieve input signal switching, and screen display, backlight, volume, and other parameters adjustment.

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Specifications are subject to change without notice.