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Precise Air Management Technical Site Services

Flkt Woods experience at your service

Flkt Woods is a global leader in air management. We specialise in the design and manufacture of precision technology to deliver complete, integrated solutions. In everything we do, energy efficiency and environmental responsibility are always our major priorities. And our collective experience is unrivalled.
Our knowledge and reputation has been built up through a century of engineering innovation and development. This reflects an impressive track record that equips all our customers with a special confidence. An assurance that, whatever the need or application, Flkt Woods can deliver the product, the performance and the service that is required. Precisely. Our expertise is not confined to original manufacture and supply. It is available to you from the selection process onwards, and continues well beyond installation, throughout each systems operating life. When you first select and install one or more of our systems, our partnership with you is only just beginning. Because youll always be able to call on Flkt Woods experience. Were at your service.

Extending operational service life

Team services summary

The Flkt Woods Technical Site Services Team can provide all levels of post-installation attention to air management equipment.


Services include
Inspection Monitoring Maintenance Repair Rebuild Replacement Upgrade

It pays to retain a long-term perspective. Investing in air management equipment is far more than the moment of specification and purchase. Real value lies in the efficiency and reliability that comes from continuing care and attention to your investment over time.

Flkt Woods Technical Site Services (TSS) are there for you. Ready to provide the regular checks and services that will ensure the systems are operating safely and efficiently. And the expertise to anticipate and resolve problems or to implement upgrades.

Maximising the value of your investment

Flkt Woods experience offers you an enduring after-sales partnership. One that can engineer extra value from your investment and extend it into the future.

Whether youre responsible for multiple equipment installations serving very large multi-storey buildings, or for a single unit, your goal is the same. Air management systems that continue to give the full performance in service you require continuously, efficiently and reliably. The TSS Team can help you achieve that.

Ensuring legal compliance

Regulations are everywhere. Inevitably, someone will be watching your compliance. Flkt Woods can help ensure you satisfy them all.
Health, safety, air quality, hygiene, airborne particulates, conditions in the workplace, codes of practice and operational efficiency: theyre all pressing topics of statutory responsibility to varying degrees depending on building structure, size and function. The TSS Team is always up-to-date with all the latest regulatory changes and introductions and sensitive to how they translate into the practicalities of air management operations and equipment.

Condition based monitoring Prevention is the best policy. Keep a close and expert eye on your air management systems, and youll avoid the unexpected.
It means you can retain the initiative for any works that may become necessary over time. No nasty surprises and no costly disruption. The TSS Team can help. Using portable or permanently installed equipment on site, theyll give you real time information on the condition of your systems. Through careful monitoring, either remotely or via successive inspections they can analyse the findings on an annual, twice-yearly or more frequent routine. This trends the data so that they can predict the consequences of operational wear and tear, help you plan maintenance downtime at your convenience and prevent failure.

These issues can include

 Indoor air quality Maintaining and exceeding acceptable air hygiene thresholds and ventilation standards Legionella The prevention of bacterial infection  ATEX Installations in explosive environments  Local exhaust ventilation Efficient, safe extraction of dangerous gases Plant efficiency Standards of cleanliness and operational function  Health & Safety Statutory requirements of Electrical, Health & Safety and Construction (Design & Management) regulations Environmental Being environmentally conscious and careful comes naturally to us. After all a fresh, clean & healthy air & environment is what we deliver to our customers

  On site monitoring of Bearing condition Rotational vibration levels Fan balance   Analysis of results and trends  Predictive

 Maximising component life  Improving equipment reliability and avoiding failures  Minimising downtime for necessary repairs


Year-round Peace of Mind

No guesswork or unqualified hope is necessary. TSS expertise can be relied upon to check and assess your installed air management systems ability to satisfy all current legislation. With regular maintenance inspections from Flkt Woods, your lasting reward is complete confidence that you have met your responsibilities. And it is renewed each time the TSS Team fulfils its next contracted visit.

Breakdown repair & refurbishment Emergencies can still happen. Or an urgent need identified. In which case, fast and capable assistance will be needed to minimise the impact of the problem.

The TSS team has the experience to resolve any problem without unnecessary delay. Wherever possible, we can be on the case the same day, and, if needed, well work round the clock to achieve the solution. Perhaps its just normal wear. Heating and cooling coils in Air Handling Units, for example, can be susceptible and need replacing. The TSS Team can fit new coils on site, tailored to the unit requirements, even where access is restricted. If Fans need repair, this can also usually be done on site, so normal service is quickly resumed. Even if the situation requires new parts or full replacement, youll find Flkt Woods responsiveness is impressive.

Its underpinned by strong relationships with engineering partners and suppliers. And if repair is ruled out, we have factory stocks to provide a replacement fan fast.

 Fast response assessment  Diagnosis and tailored action agenda On-site replacement of components

Minimising downtime  Earliest possible restoration of normal operations

Upgrades Circumstances and needs change. Technology advances, regulations change, and operational needs can move up a gear.
There are many possible reasons why previously installed air management equipment could benefit from an upgrade. The Flkt Woods TSS Team can plan and implement an appropriate upgrade strategy. System performance is enhanced, service life is extended, and life cycle costs can be brought down. It will all make very sound sense and be carried out with maximum efficiency and minimal disruption on site.

Getting TSS into action for you

Site survey and recommendation Upgraded systems and controls  Fan upgrades including variable speed drive  Integration of higher specification components  Project planning and start-to-finish management from scaffolding and access, through to final installation and set-up P  rovision of full test and Operations & Maintenance documentation

Whatever the size of your installed air management systems, the Flkt Woods Technical Site Services team is ready to give expert service.

Youll be assigned a Flkt Woods project manager to work with you from initial enquiry through implementation of agreed programmes to completion of works. Whether for cleaning, maintenance, repair or upgrade or any combination to suit your needs you couldnt have made a better choice.

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Reduced maintenance and downtime  Lower life cycle costings  Extending the life of older plant  Increased energy efficiency

Maintenance contracts Routine pays dividends. With any form of air management plant, regular maintenance is easily overlooked, but a wise essential. It helps ensure maximum operating efficiency, full compliance with regulations and comfort for building users.

Set up a maintenance contract with the Flkt Woods TSS Team, and breathe more easily in every sense. We have the techniques, the equipment and the skills to make a difference and deserve your year-round confidence.

Fan maintenance AHU maintenance Chiller maintenance Filter replacement HVAC cleaning services

It starts with your call to

01206 222547
or your email to

 Early detection of faults to prevent minor irregularities becoming costly breakdowns Accurate maintenance record keeping  Improved plant reliability to keep the building operating efficiently with the minimum of down time

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Flkt Woods operates a policy of continuous improvement and reserves the right to supply products that may differ from those illustrated and described in this publication. Certified dimensions can be supplied on request on receipt of order.