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ARL 4460 Metals Analyzer

The ultimate performance

Analyze Detect Measure Control

ARL 4460
The ultimate performance for spark emission metals analysis
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Continually improving capabilities to allow rapid, reliable quality control of metals.

ARL 4460 Metals Analyzer

The metals analysis answer for any environment

The ARL 4460 has been designed to meet all metals analysis requirements from routine use to metals research. In varying laboratory conditions or in a hostile environment, Thermo Electron provides the solution for outstanding analytical performance. Increasing regulation requires new partnerships in quality control. Prociency testing and laboratory accreditation are becoming mandatory. Thermo Electron can provide guidance to a program that will meet these quality control requirements.

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The ARL 4460 combines several advanced technologies into the worlds best established range of optical emission spectrometers to bring your metals analysis to the tightest specications. Launched in 1994, the ARL 4460 has undergone continuous improvements to provide enhanced analytical performance and shorter analysis time. With more than 700 units operating in the eld, the ARL 4460 is truly the most advanced instrument for analytical performance. Thermo Electron Corporation's rugged construction guarantees years of instrument stability, reliability, and accurate analysis in any metals laboratory or foundry operation. User demands are providing ever increasing challenges for metal producers wider elemental concentration ranges, more accurate analyses, and tighter controls. To meet these product demands the total system concept of the ARL 4460 has embodied critical success factors: Unmatched stability and reliability World class factory calibration Widest range of metals analysis Speed and accuracy Capability to identify and count inclusions and to calculate cleaness indexes Most advanced software technology Easy operation by unskilled operator or research scientist Automatic sample manipulation system (optional capability) Advanced technical/service support and laboratory accreditation guidance Continuous upgrade possibilities to optimize performance and productivity.

Comprehensive application summaries are available for all major metals. Each summary gives specic performance guarantees for detection limits, precision, stability and analysis time. Some common products are: Stainless steel: Food and pharmacology handling equipment Super alloy: Jet turbine blades Cast iron: Auto engines Magnesium: Luggage and auto wheels Aluminum: Airplanes Copper: Tubing and wire Lead: Batteries Zinc: Galvanizing Precious metals: Jewellery

Proven applications
Thanks to several years of methods and applications work completed before its introduction, the ARL 4460 makes signicant advances that enhance the ease and accuracy of analysis for all metal products.

The cost effective answer to fast and accurate metals analysis

Optical emission spark analysis is, by far, the most widely used, industry accepted technique to provide chemical analysis for both alloying and trace elements in metals. The reasons are many: Versatile: Analyze any metal in many shapes and forms Fast: Duplicate analysis in less than 40 seconds Range: From trace (ppm) to alloy concentration levels Accurate: With certied type standards accuracy nominally better than 1% relative Economical: Low capital investment and operating costs Special applications: N2 and O2 analysis Inclusions analysis: Al2O3, CaO, CaS, TiNin steels, TiB2, MgO in aluminum

WinOE software: Simplicity itself

Thermo Electron's WinOE software is, quite simply, the most powerful software available today for metals analysis by optical emission spectroscopy. Thermo Electron is rst to integrate HTML/Internet technologies. They make it even simpler, which signicantly reduces the learning phase. Large, user-friendly icons allow the user to reach the functions at a glance. In addition, shortcuts icons start an analysis with just one click or keystroke. These are just a few of the many features contributing to the fast routine operation of WinOE. WinOE assists your operators in achieving their routine tasks efciently and quickly. This can be done either by use of push-button automated functions to guide the operation, or via blackbox intelligent modules running in the background with minimum (or no) user intervention required.

For instance, SPC-Basic checks the instrument working condition using the best on-line Statistical Process Control (SPC) package. This fully integrated program makes all required data treatment in the background (including the statistical evaluation) and immediately informs the operator of any anomalies just with simple messages. It can even suggest corrective actions, ensuring simple and safe operation. This high-level functionality also contributes to error reduction, which helps you improve product quality and eliminate costs. This is certainly benecial in increasing both the productivity of your laboratory and the satisfaction of your clients, managers and users

Signicant performance improvement for practical metals analysis tasks

Thermo Electron has always set the standard for excellence of instrument design and analytical performance. The ARL 4460 continues that tradition by adding a Current Controlled Source (CCS) and Time Resolved Spectroscopy (TRS) to extend the range of capabilities. Their combination signicantly improves all facets of analytical performance (accuracy, sensitivity, precision, analysis time).

Easy navigation and comfortable operation

CCS + TRS working principle

An example of many different results presentation

On-line Spark-DAT
The optional Spark-DAT adds a new dimension to the ARL 4460 spectrometer. The ability to measure intensities during each elemental spark, allows the determination of cleaness indexes as well as the identication and counting of inclusion types within seconds. With this increased versatility, it is an opportunity to replace microscope analysis and to improve your process control.

Spark-DAT recording of individual sparks

Specications for the ARL 4460

Spectrometer Spectrometer design: Sample stand: Gratings: Resolution: Slit widths: Photomultiplier tubes: CCS and TRS Electronics Spectrometer control: One meter, Paschen-Runge vacuum polychromator made of cast iron and temperature controlled to 0.1 at 38 C. Maximum 60 channels. With self contained, recirculating coolant system. Argon ushed table. Spectrometer provided with one of the following gratings, appropriately selected for the analytical task: 1080,1667 or 2160 gr/mm Dependent on grating, secondary slit, and spectral order Primary slit: 20 m; secondary slits: 25, 37.5, 50, 75 m. 28 mm, 10-stage side-on-type, MgF2 , UV glass, borosilicate glass or synthetic silica windows Current Controlled Source (CCS) and Time Resolved Spectroscopy (TRS) to extend the range of analysis capabilities ARL MMB 386 Microprocessor utilizing CMOS technology with Status Measuring Card A/D converters and attenuators included for each channel Attenuators with 41 steps each Up to 12 programmable attenuators available as an option Dynamic range of measuring electronics proportional to measuring time, typically 2*106 counts/sec Typically less than 40 seconds (for 2 runs) depending on sample type Built-in dust protection with high capacity cooling fans Ambient temperature 16-30C (59-86F); maximum rate of change 5 C/hour. Relative humidity: 20-80%. Voltage 230 V (+10%/-15%), single-phase with protective ground (5kVA regulator required if uctuations exceed 10%). Current: 12 A; power: 2.6 kVA; frequency: 50 or 60 Hz; grounding < 1 . In conformity to European directives (89/392/EEC Machinery), (73/23/EEC Low voltage material), (89/336/EEC Electromagnetic compatibility). > 99.996% maximum 5 ppm oxygen (maximum 2 ppm oxygen for samples with high Si content). Optional argon purier available and recommended for low carbon analysis. For VUV lines (nitrogen, oxygen, chlorine), argon purier included. Flow: 4 l/min. during analysis; 0,7 l/min on stand-by. 1385 mm (55 in.) wide excluding excitation stand; 1690 mm (67 in.) wide including excitation stand; 1220 mm (48 in.) high, 910 mm (36 in.) deep; 540 kg (1190 lb) approximately Spark-DAT, single spark Data Acquisition and Treatment Small and pin samples analysis kit Argon purication systems Voltage stabilization systems Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Suction device accessory to exhaust toxic fumes Stand up-grade for semi-automatic operation Data communication software options Analytical results processing software options

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State-of-the-art instruments are only the beginning with Thermo Electron. Comprehensive service and support programs are offered on our products worldwide by a network of factory trained and highly qualied scientists and engineers. Our experts help you choose the right instruments for your lab, then keep the instruments performing to specication. Contact us today for more information on how our specialized sales and service engineers can help you meet your laboratory needs.
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