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Introduction..1 Concreted Ideas 2

Mission and Vision 3 Project Promoters Form Juridical Elections .. Company location ... 4 5 6

Offered Types of Products ...... 7 Product process. Marketing analysis .. Human resources ... Partners and duties .. Company structures.. Working positions definition .. Marketing Plan.. Company Analysis 9 10 11 12 13 14 16 17

Investment and financing 18

In this working plan, we explain our good performance making a product focus to international fame growing up. Lots important aspects will be found along the company creation, since its constitution, its history, its bonds and characteristics.

Besides we treat the reaching of business like restaurants. Our goal is how to approach public with a new product propose to be accepted for everyone.

We use tools to build a business plan and are very important to get a good ending and reaching objectives as every institution. Coming up the reader will know main production process of this company paste with fruits, likewise the marketing analysis, product diversification, and operative parte in exporting process of this one, as other aspects.

Company name:
Initially we realized that name for our business was necessary, so we decided to have a meeting among partners, and besides to invite experts in logo designers; next we concluded to name it paste with fruits and possibly we can get big scale fame.

Developed activity description:

This paste that we have made with much ideas, will be known by different restaurants where the children like Italian food, this is very interesting for administrators whom will visit us because we have diversity for every preferences, so versatile even birthday events, etc.

We are a Company that is looking for satisfice the client necessities overcoming their expectations through our products with a unique quality, offering the best marketing price.

Take a representative position such as a company with unique products for whole Colombian territory, following the quality focuses path maintaining a good service to our clients, preserving a traditional and characteristically homeland flavor that we offer.


Two classes of pastes will be made and commercialized complemented with fruits to show a difference, this product must be served presenting a hot temperature instantly for a better flavor, this shall be distributed to different places which are selected and other that may make solicitudes; we will start with 5 workers (founder partners), and Limited Society. An administrative and handworker charges will be made. The partners curriculums will be annexed later.


The juridical form that we chose is LIMITED SOCIETY (LTDA), accountants followed legal steps through Unique Enterprise Window. As itself indicates, this models delimitates the company responsibility to social patrimony; the partners dont respond social debts, else if the society in itself. The formal requirements for constituting are 5 partners and a public writing willing and an inscription in Mercantile Register in a notary must be done. The companys social capital will be $500000 pesos (U.S $250) given by each one. The membership fee wont be able to be called stocks nor to be incorporated to negotiable title; these are going to be equal participations accumulated and indivisibles. This capital shall be totally paid out into the societys formal constitution.


-Register: Mercantile -Notary: Public writing willing This constitution writing must be given by every founder partners, whom will have to assume whole social participations. This shall strictly express: -Partners names. -The constitution willing adjusts a society with limited responsibility. -Membership fees given by every participations assigned in payments. -Society orders. This determination of concrete mode which the administration is initially organized, in case the orders could be changed. partner numbering

Geographic location: Our company is located in this address: Barrio Espaa Carrera 44D # 30-96. We are placed in an easy access area for clients can get our offered products, mainly restaurants. The production of this one is done in a place highly conditioned, which is maintained in a cold room for preparing pastas and all required stuff, into it we have samples disposed for client testing. This location decision was chosen because its strategically important for offices and besides this a recognized zone with possible clients and a future branch offering this product satisficing the demands. Geographical view:



Our products and services:

This company is adjusted by different and special preparations of pasta; his duty is to prepare every kind of pastas in coast region. Our services will be useful for every place that wants our product, besides certified personnel is necessary for elaborate it. This company offers some offered services to clients, so if we have to transport to a better place for its preparation with respective element that we will use. Corporative identity service includes: -Available products. -Product production and its spreading. -Demonstrations through available samples for tasting.

Companys handbook includes:

-We keep available full dispensaries for any solicitude. -Made Sample photos. Given services to this company or any particular person shall be done with who make the product.

Information design:
We handle variety in the samples which can be seen by social webs and we have a web site which helps us much to sell and give our services for restaurants.

Photoshop and graphic designs:

Our product is eatable; therefore we have to keep cleaning and necessary hygiene rules to avoid public health problems.

Covered necessities:
We cover any necessity in every enterprise; we give services for every party, wedding, restaurants, companies with New Years Eve; these drinks are excellent that are a good regional coasting too.

Product process steps:


The client arrives to our location asking for pasta in agreement his preferences


Our sure client in his solicitude give us his request and how he wants his paste with fruits and we process it with an effective way getting a good quality.

When our client is tasting his pasta, he will be asked for finding out if the product was satisfactory, when he accept it, we can know that CLIENT ACCEPTATION this process is finished and it was very good.


PRODUCT DELIVERY 10 minutes is all the time to respond any request with good treatment BILL DELIVERY Finally, the client receives the bill with discretion to be cancelled.


Our clients receives a variety of samples and tastings, everything depends of personal preferences because not everybody likes the same kind of pastas, for example, the Italian people like it so much as every family wherever is come from. The client is the most important part of the company and its very important satisfice him.

Targeting competences:
The competence is always a factor in our view because our location is full of people, but we have something different because we are internationally successful, besides there will be surprised clients with music to call his attention inviting him to taste all what we offer; this was proposed by one of our partners, and immediately was approved.

Our company has a tendency focus to an own pasta complemented with a personal Italian touch, besides we design the position of the fruits to give a more natural environment, more typical, this point has given us more acceptation for more tourists who come to our location. This kind or marketing is very competitive; therefore our tendency is more original compared with others.




PROJECT BOSS The production is in charge of: Valentina osorio George Fernandez

ACCOUNTANT IN-CHIEF The bookkeeping is handled by: Antonio Rocha chelsi tejada

CREATIVE DIRECTOR Our creative in products and sales is: Camila Medina


George Fernandez: He has been chosen by all the partners to work as project boss because he is capable to organize and how to keep the working machines, so he loves make special pastes. Valentina Osorio: This partner was chosen by all the partners and will work as auxiliary project boss, as everyone will collaborate to join ideas to make new kind of pastas and fruits that are in competition. Chelsi Tejada: This partner work as was chosen by a democratic election must be participative in contracts, besides, she responsible by control accountant in-chief, she made by partners, she purchasing and sales, of weekly inventory.

Antonio Rocha: This partner was chosen to work as auxiliary accountant. He controls client service and his capacitation is caused by his professionalism keeping it his job. Camila Medina: She is a specialized partner on client attention; she knows how to attract clients, thats useful, she uses her imagination to convince people to they want the daily pasta.


Partners board of management is too important for us, every month we have an extraordinary meeting to conclude the monthly profits, we take choices about how to invest and new ways to make paste with fruits to surprise the clients. The partners meet when these situations are real: -When one of the partners needs to present any doubt. -When any product shows any problem. -When there is no any agreement with the partners about any internal problem. Design or production department: We try to make new fruits and pastas following the same path looking for a good quality, this is done every end of month to give novelties for the company. Administration and finances department: The accounting is driven by one of the partners, in this department ordering the accounts, cleaning them to avoid any problem with finances. Marketing department: This is an important department; a partner is responsible to launch new pastas invented by ourselves, we start a promotional campaign as soon as its possible with advertisement.


Project boss: This person must make the pasta with fruits and organizes its presentation when there are invited tourists.

Specified functions: -We organize every material that will be used during the week. -A date is established to give samples of new pastas and fruits launching. -An auxiliary must supervise every novelty in pastas. -Motivate to auxiliary their self-overcoming in the area giving them opportunities to show new ideas. -Have responsibility to get good quality pastas.

Accountant personnel in-chief: Our administrative and finances department are handled by one of the partners as we mentioned before. Specified functions: -Drive the accounting of the company. -Realize payments and personnel payroll. -Realize purchasing and sales of the company. -Suggest account handling and opinion for contracts. Membership contract types: Our contracts with partners are undefined and depend of their duration, so for new partners would be handled for 1 year, and with law establishes.

Maximum objectives: Our main objective as a company is to become the only place with this kind of pastas keeping a nice atmosphere for people, besides, offering them to other places our services as to be an important company. Minimum objectives: We have some goals, i.e. make more pasta in a site useful as a branch for a long time. Marketing variables: Service: Our product is offered with high quality giving the best pasta of market, we have a good adviser who helps us respond the demand. Price: The pastas price is easy to handle for clients; the standards are controlled and moderated agree with quality and amount to present. Distribution: This would be into national level; we have analyzed some places where our product is directly required if its prepared in the location, so we have qualified for this kind of event. Later, a global distribution could be possible and its payment would be adjusted by an additional percentage off for a short-time paid. Advertisement: We have web site to control propaganda and publicity.

Threats: These are the competition with lower prices representing disadvantages that we have to affront. Strengths: These are unique products handled with professionalism. Opportunities: We approach every event that is organized listing all the agencies and enterprises where our products could be freely tasted in exclusive presentations.

Structures: Our designs will be growing up, allowing us to get the rest of companies because we have a mission and vision to execute reaching the succeeding. These would be our services to fulfit our goal: -Product warranty. -Pastas made by professionals. -Handle this company and their pastas by partners. -Special event service (Demo products). Prices strategy: This product is handled in agreement the market, but some prices are special from us and are a little expensive classified for events and global prices for simple contracts, we allow a 15% off, but for exclusive VIP we left a 20% off.


In the moment to constitute this company we began with $100000 pesos ($U.S. 50) as a partner capital each one, it means that the initial total capital is $500000 pesos ($U.S 250). The location is determined for workshop, is in rent and a price was adjusted for $150000 pesos ($U.S 75) monthly. Coming up we detail our patrimony with bought machines: WORKSHOP MACHINES PRODUCT Blender Universal Special plates Special spoons Special sticks Special caps and mouth covers STYLE Original Elegant Electro silver Medians Standard UNITS 2 100 12 Dozens 3 12 PRICE (EACH ONE, pesos) 33.500.oo 7.000.oo 500.000.oo 4.500.oo 2.000.oo