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In meeting a partner, the astrologer would immediately check the basic aspects of their
horoscope charts, such as Saturn Uranus aspects, which provide a touch of destiny. If there is
no destiny aspect, then lightweight squares like Venus Mars will do. Any Moon Sun affliction
qualifies as positive even in marriage. This in short is synastry which is done by heart or with
the help of a computer, along with the first meeting chart. Topocentric altitude is important in
progressing the Moon towards the next meeting. The next stage consists in progressing the
first meeting chart and relationship horoscope, that is directing the synastry charts in order
to obtain next meeting, marriage and baby. Accurate timing depends on the correct synastry
data input in a trained astrologer, but even an amateur will know the exact day of marriage in
seconds. As concern the year and month of marriage, one needs no astrological knowledge, as
everybody can calculate marriage with ease in minutes. The best is that most calculations do
not require a computer, ephemeris, pen or pencil, as they are easily done by heart. Often we
need rough data only, no need to inspect the chart in detail. For divorce the calculus is the
same, except that the partner is represented by the seventh house.


“We shall meet again next Wednesday, noon sharp, Tokyo”. How did the lovely astrologer
know the date of their next meeting? She met her host ten minutes ago. While talking to the
person in question, she calculated his horoscope, compared the aspects and made a quick
A+B/2 calculus, that is; midpoint in time, place and altitude. Such a calculus is often done by
memory where using a laptop would be inconvenient. In espionage during World War II,
Hitler's astrologers often performed like this. The same method is used while browsing
graveyards, the favorite learning method and astrological pastime. When an astrologer meets
someone, instinctive synastry immediately sets in as the chart is calculated and directed by
heart. Depending on the skill of the astrologer in question, dwarf planets, centaurs, LILIT
VERA or dark planets are added to the chart. Minor corrections can be made later with NASA
or any astronomic equipment. Of course, in calculating a horoscope, an amateur would need a

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First published by Klaudio Zic Publications, 2007, www file:///home/user/Synastry.html

computer and program, but astrologers tend to calculate and direct synastry charts by heart.


Mass synastry is possible in places like German schools where data are fairly reliable. In some
cases, even up to 500 horoscopes were entered into synastry calculus in order to produce the
temporary chart for the enterprise. Such a chart, if reliable, can be directed by time, place
and altitude. Thus, a chart for three alpinists would be directed by altitude. In the case of less
reliable data, we would find ourselves in a desert looking for an oasis, but in other cases
depression would show the exact place where a treasure lies hidden. As aided by reliable
zodiacal positions like the present 2002 AW197 in Hydra, we can even spot illegal
underground activities like shadow market, money laundries or falsified money printing
facilities. Namely, according to Orcus Report, this year is “favorable” for underground
activities, especially in the financial realm.


What about people whose first meeting happens underground? In the case of Egyptologists,
even marriage can take place underground. As every horoscope includes topocentric altitude;
synastry, direction and horary data deal with the precise elevation as concern the event in
question. Amateur programs may not include such calculi, but then, the astrologer tends to
calculate by heart anyway.

Klaudio Zic

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