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Progression Of The Soul

Written by husayn
Thursday, 02 November 2006

Numerous different religious texts and books by gnostics exist today, each
employing different terms to describe the various spiritual concepts therein.
However, sometimes the terminology used and the concepts they describe are so
abstract that they become hard to picture and understand. And unfortunately, more
often than not, the understanding that the author tries to portray becomes masked
by the jargon he uses to try and describe it. Thus making the topic of
spirituality some kind of a "science" that necessitates study before one can
understand it. At the outset, this really need not be the case. This subject, in
my humble opinion, has been somewhat over-complicated and over-mystified. And so,
the purpose behind this article is to bring a clear understanding behind the
workings of the soul (and other spiritual concepts) to as large an audience as
possible by using as ordinary a language as possible. My intention is not to
introduce new terminology to describe the same thing, but it is to avoid the usage
of any unnecessary "mystical" jargon so that as many people as possible can
benefit from understanding their-selves (souls). As it says in the Tao Te Tsing:

"Knowing others is wisdom;

Knowing the self is enlightment." Tao Te Tsing, Chapter 33

It is worth noting that i am not writing an exegesis of anyone else's texts, but
their texts should corroborate my explanations herein. And hopefully, after
reading this, you should find other texts of a spiritual nature easier to
comprehend. With that said, let me start my article on the progression of the
soul, with the intention of making things as clear as possible.

Categorising the Physical & the Spiritual

The Physical: Firstly, let us understand our physicality as being the part of us
that responds to a form of physical stimulus. And what i mean by this is that the
physical comprises of the 5 senses that respond to taste, touch, sight, smell and
sound. These senses are our interface with the physical world. If we lost all 5 of
these senses we would be pretty much "dead" to the world around us. An example of
this would be when we are asleep; all of our senses are temporarily "switched off"
during this resting phase, and we disconnect from the physical world. As Prophet
Muhammad said, "sleep is like a minor death".

The Spiritual: Given that we now know that the physical body is that which
interfaces with the world around us, where does the spiritual side of us come in?
Well, if the physical is that which must be experienced by one of the 5 physical
senses, then the spiritual side of us is that which cannot be experienced by any
of the 5 physical senses. Let us bring the soul into the picture. The soul is that
which is "unseen"; it cannot be seen by the physical eye nor can it be experienced
by any of the 5 physical senses. The soul is the part of us that decides what the
physical body does. The physical body is really just a vessel for the usage of the
soul. It is the soul's way of "entering" into the physical realm/world. It is
similar in concept to man needing a space suit to enter space. Without a suitable
container man could not enter into space. So too, the soul cannot enter the
physical realm without a physical container (as the norm). The physical body gives
the soul a way of manifesting its wishes and desires into the physical realm. And
it is for this reason that the physical world we live in today is also known as
the "manifest world/realm" (dunya in Arabic). As what the soul desires and intends
to do subsequently happens/manifests in the physical world.

Refining the understanding of the relationship between the body and the soul
Now that we have categorised the physical and the spiritual, we need to refine our
understanding a little. In some respects it would be more accurate to understand
the relationship between the physical body and the soul that inhabits it in the
following manner. The physical realm is of a lower vibrational frequency, a lower
energy level if you wish. And this realm houses the physical or the 'seen'. The
spiritual realm is of a higher vibrational frequency, a higher energy level. And
this houses the ethereal or the "unseen". To understand this notion, perhaps it
would help to think about a block of ice that we can see, in comparison to water
vapour that we cannot. As energy is "added" to the ice-block, the molecules
vibrate more and it becomes water. This continues as more energy is added and the
water becomes vapour. As the vibrational frequency increases and the energy
reaches a higher level, it becomes "unseen".

The physical realm, being the lowest "layer", is basically where we see the
results of the "layers" above. It is where the desires/thoughts/intentions of the
soul filters down into the physical realm. For example, there is a cake on the
table. My soul desires my body to eat the cake, so a thought enters my mind as
"hmmm... eat cake {slurp}". An intention then forms in my mind for me to pick it
up and eat it. And then, after all that has happened, an action manifests in the
physical world; i pick it up and put it in my mouth. So prior to me actually
eating the cake, many things have already transpired in the realms above. So, in
summary, the desire of my soul to eat the cake results in a manifestion of me
eating the cake in the physical realm.

Hopefully this somewhat highlights the workings between the soul and the physical
body. And more importantly hopefully it has highlighted that the physical realm is
a manifestation or a transpiration of the spiritual realm above.

Now that we have a better understanding of the physical and the soul, let us try
and understand how each one "progresses" (or changes).

Change in the Physical Body verses Change in the Soul

Firstly, let us be sure that maturing of the physical body does NOT denote a
maturing of the soul. Let me elaborate... when we first enter this physical world,
via birth, both physical body and soul are "immature". Degenerating diseases
aside, with the passing of "time", the physical undergoes change; it "matures", it
goes through a growth stage, puberty, perhaps a growth spurt, hormonal changes
etc. until it peaks before it begins its downhill phase towards expiration
(death). This is pretty obvious as it can be seen. And i mean that in the litteral
sense. The progression (and degression) of the physical body is well understood,
researched and documented as it is something that can be seen with our own eyes
and can be studied under a microscope.

However, what about the soul? Does the passing of "time" do the same thing to the
soul as it does to the physical? Does the soul automatically progress through
stages with "ageing" until it reaches enlightenment? Well, the short answer to
this is "No".

"Time" plays no part in the progression of the soul. Time is just a measurement
that uses planetary movement as a frame of reference for our daily activities. And
it has no direct affect on our souls. It is only our physical bodies that
experience the light of the sun or the darkness of night. So even though the state
of the physical body changes with the passing of time the soul can easily remain

So, if the soul does not progress on its own then the progression or change must
be a concious one. But how do we conciously make this change? And how do we
recognise how far we have progressed? Let's start by investigating the easier of
the two; how to recognise if a soul has progressed.

- Recognising an Immature Soul -

If we just remind ourselves that the physical actions are a result or

manifestation of our spiritual side. Then we only need to look at the way children
behave to see a manifestation of an undisciplined soul. At an early physical age,
the soul has not yet learnt any self-restraint; restraint of the soul's emotions
or desires so the soul is very animalistic. And because there is no self-restraint
the whims of the soul are all just "poured out" (manifest) into the physical

So by looking at a child's behaviour/actions we can see just how animalistic the

soul is at the outset. And by comparing our own behaviour against that of a
child's it becomes quite obvious which souls have progressed and which ones are
still in the animalistic state that they were in when they first entered this
physical world. Now that we understand a little more about the soul we can discuss
how we can conciously change and purify the soul.

- Progression of the Soul -

A soul's progression can be broken down into stages to make it easier to

understand how the soul develops and what the benefits are. If one is on the Path
of Perfection, one can also use this as a yard stick to measure one's own

Analysing the Stages of the Soul's Progression

Stage 1 - Self-Control, Self-Restraint

The first stage in a soul's developement deals with it learning self-control/self-

At the beginning stages i.e. birth up till the point that the soul learns some
self-control, the soul is very much like an animal. It only concerns itself with
that which it needs/wants, be it food, sleep, warmth etc. It is completely selfish
in that it does not care about the tiredness or welfare of its parents. So long as
it is happy, then it is ok. We can excuse and expect this sort of behaviour in new
born babies i.e. souls new to the physical realm. However, this sort of selfish
behaviour will remain until the parents instill some form of discipline by
admonishing the soul within the child. Thus admonition forces the new soul to
learn some form of self-control.

- Admonishing the Soul -

The soul needs to learn self-control either through being admonished by someone
else OR being admonished by its self.

"Therefore give admonition in case the admonition profits (the hearer).

The admonition will be received by those who fear (God):
But it will be avoided by those most unfortunate ones," Qur'an 87:9-11

It is easier to make changes to a child and admonish it at an earlier stage, prior

to its behaviour taking root. At this stage the soul is easier to shape by an
external party (usually parents). However, after puberty (as a general rule of
thumb) the responsibility of the soul's progression leaves the parents and rests
with the individual. As one gets older and one's behaviour takes root, it becomes
harder for external parties to change/uproot a soul's behaviour. So, at this
point, it is up to the individual soul to change its self by finding its own
faults. As the years go by and no change occurs, behaviours become ingrained in
the soul. The soul at this stage generally does not want to change. And even if it
wants to change, the time and effort required to change is usually more than most
care to put in. Hence the saying, "he's become stubborn in his old age".

When the responsibility of change lies with the individual, humility plays an
important role in its progression. Without humility, the egotistical soul (ego for
short) will refuse to accept the advice or admonishment of others. Without
humility the ego will refuse to find fault in its self and will therefore never
change. The soul will remain very animalistic. Or in its spiritual reality, it
will remain in the form of an animal.

It is also perhaps worth mentioning here that having the humility to accept
admonition from others or from one's self is only half of the story. Uprooting the
bad behaviour becomes harder the longer it has been allowed to root itself. This
then becomes a struggle, a battle against what has become an ingrained nature. And
this is why it is known as the "jihaad al-akhbar", "the great struggle" ('jihaad'
being Arabic for 'struggle'), as it takes "strength of character" or spiritual
"strength" to enforce and maintain the change until it becomes the new, purified
nature. It is, by far, easier to fight an external battle than it is to fight the
internal one. If you think about it, how hard is it to pick up a gun and shoot
someone? but to admit one's faults AND change one's self... now that is the real
struggle. As it says in the Tao Te Tsing (Chp 33), "Mastering the self needs

So it would seem that for the soul to change or progress, one needs humility to
accept or find fault in one's self AND one also needs spiritual strength to effect
this change.
Seeing as it is spiritual strength that allows the soul to control its self
in order to change its ways, we should look briefly at how we can increase this
spiritual strength.

- Fasting, the Spiritual Gym -

Spiritual strength, required to acquire self-control/restraint, can be gained by


"O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those
before you, that you may (learn) self-restraint," Qur'an 2:183

By the soul denying the physical what it wants, one can start to "separate" the
spiritual from the physical i.e. the desires (and subsequent intentions and
actions) of the soul are no longer dictated by the desires of the physical. The
phrase, "if you (the soul) do not control your desires (triggered by the
physical), then they (desires) will control you (the soul)" springs to mind. As we
are told above, and as we can see in numerous different religions, the act of
fasting has been carried out for thousands of years as it has been prescibed by
God to give us the tool to control our selves. And not let the physical dictate
the actions that manifest from the soul. So once we have increased our spiritual
strength and started to gain control over the self, what are the benefits?

- The Benefits of Self-Control -

Well, gaining control of the animalistic soul allows one to act as opposed to re-
act. It gives one a chance to think before acting. So that it does not have to
react to every external stimulus that triggers the desire or emotion of the soul.
And by being given this chance to think before acting, it gives one the
opportunity (that was absent before) to act in the right way i.e. God's Way.
For example, a man receives some verbal abuse in the pub. His natural
response, or should i say his uncontrolled animalistic response, is to throw some
abuse back or maybe even escalate it into a physical confrontation. If the soul
never learns self-control and this emotion is not reigned in, he will always react
in the same way. This animalistic response then becomes his "2nd nature" or, more
accurately, remains as his true nature. This response will happen without a "2nd
thought". If he learns self-control, then he can handle the situation in a
different manner. He does not have to react in an animalistic way. So long as he
remains in control of his self, he now has the option to not follow his animal
instincts and "rise" [above them].
So a major benefit of self-control is that one now has the opportunity to
change, to progress; to change one's spiritual nature to become more human-like
and less animal-like.

It is worthy of note that another benefit of self-control is that it is a

prerequisite to decoupling the soul from the physical body. Thus allowing the
freeing of the soul from the shackles of the physical realm. This will be
discussed in more detail later on in this article.

Also, it is only after this stage of self-control has been attained that the soul
can have the opportunity to progress to the next stage; self-sacrifice.

Stage 2 - Self-Sacrifice - the Key to Self-Anhilation (fana') and Complete

Now that stage 1 is understood and that we have decoupled the physical from the
spiritual, the next stage of self-sacrifice becomes somewhat more spiritual. It is
more geared towards the decisions of the soul as an independent entity. In this i
mean independent of the dictates of the physical body. Stage 2 deals with a
concept known by some mystics as self-anhilation or fana' in Arabic.

- De-mystifying Mysticism -

Now, just because the understanding is a little more spiritual in nature, it is by

no means beyond the grasp of the average person on the street. It is in no way a
"science" that must be studied before it can be embarked upon as some would
purport. It is not something where one has to be special in nature, nor is it
isolated to the learned or the scholar. Not at all. In fact many do it without
realising it. Moreover, everyone should embark upon this journey if they wish to
completely submit to God and achieve "complete" submission ("Islam" in Arabic).
Let me start by summarising what self-anhilation is. Self-anhilation would be
more accurately described as ego-anhilation or complete removal of the ego, as we
are obviously not seeking to commit suicide. And how does this happen? Well, in
order to align one's will to the Will of God, one has to sacrifice one's
egotistical desires in order to do what is right. This sacrifice is known as self-
Self-anhilation is the final result and self-sacrifice is the mechanism by which
to achieve this result.
One has to fight the egotistical "'i' want to do this" or "'i' want to do
that", and instead choose to do what is right in the "eyes" of God. This
struggle/battle with the ego must happen before one can fully submit to God.
Because otherwise, one will have submitted to the whims of the egotistical soul
(ego). And therefore, one cannot have fully aligned one's will to that of God's.
As Jesus said, "man cannot be a slave to 2 masters". So you are either a slave to
your own ego OR you are a slave to God.

Let us take an example to help demonstrate this concept of self-sacrifice. God has
ordained that we should feed the poor, by giving 2.5% of our harvest for their
sustenance. This is known as paying zakat (this is different to zakat al-fitra,
which is payed annually after the month of Ramadan). This is part of the divine
plan to sustain all creation, where the rich look after the poor. However, the
desire of the egotistical soul will be to ignore this and hoard the money for its
self. It would rather the poor starve than give up what God has ordained for the
poor; what is in reality their right.
If one cannot sacrifice the desire of the egotistical soul for this money,
then how can one submit to the Will of God? How can one purify one's self and
begin to break down the ego? In order to sacrifice one's ego, in this example, one
would have to go against the desires of the ego and pay the poor rate. The
concious decision to be self-sacrificing destroys some of the ego thus purifying
the soul. And ofcourse, at the same time, one is aligning one's will to the Will
of God i.e. submitting to God. And it is these concious decisions that we make
that change the state of our souls. Because as was explained earlier, time has no
affect on the state of our souls and changes must be concious.

Hopefully, it has become clear that both submitting to God and self-anhilation
necessitates self-sacrifice. And infact, true (complete) submission and fana' are
one and the same! However, it should be said that, although the concept is
straight forward enough, the actual internal struggle to perform self-sacrifice is
not so easy. The internal struggle is not called the great struggle (jihaad al-
akhbar) for no reason. And it takes a lot more than just fulfilling the obligatory

This reminds me of an Islamic hadith (tradition) that goes along the lines of:

The Imam (a divine guide, not your average mosque Imam) stood watching those
circumambulating the kaaba ("house of God") with one of his companions. The Imam
did not look happy so the companion asked him what was wrong. The Imam replied,
"you would not be happy if you could see what i can see". The companion asked,
"but what do you see?". The Imam passed 2 fingers over the companion's eyes and
asked God to open his companion's spiritual eyes. Moments later the companion saw
what the Imam was seeing. Previously where he had seen many people
circumambulating the kaaba, now were just animals circling the kaaba. He could
only see 1 or 2 humans walking around the kaaba out of the hundreds that were

The companion was allowed to briefly see the unseen; to see the real state of the
people's souls and see beyond the physical realm. What the companion saw was that
the large majority of muslims still remained in their animal states, and had not
progressed much (if at all) since first entering the physical realm.
In fact, what the companion saw is what we will see when our physical body
dies in the physical realm, and our own spiritual eyes are opened. We will see our
true selves. We will see if we have managed to shape ourselves into humans or
whether we are still animals.

"Oh, Son of Adam! Death will reveal your character" Al-Hadith Al-Qudsi, Chpt 20:1

Hopefully muslims will realise, from this hadith, that by praying 5 times a day
and fulfilling the obligatory minimum is not enough to become a true human being
(Ihsaan al-Kamil in Arabic) or to achieve complete submission to God. Man needs to
realise that the rituals taught by God through his numerous Prophets and
Messengers are tools to help us to achieve complete submission/fana' (self-
anhilition) and not just rituals for the sake of them being done.
God has nothing to lose by us not doing them. Therefore we should be asking
ourselves, "in which case, what have we to gain by performing them?" Hopefully,
this is becoming clearer now.
Understanding Self-Sacrifice and Detachment
Above we saw the importance of self-sacrifice in order to completely submit to God
and achieve fana' (removal of the ego). However, as always, i'd like to dig a
little deeper so that the reader can understand the mechanics behind self-
sacrifice. Because, understanding (in this day and age especially) is of paramount
importance. And i cannot stress this enough. i could write a whole separate
article about the importance of understanding with proofs from here and there, but
suffice it to say, understanding allows for a purity of intention, it is the
bridge across the valley of blind following and mimicking. i could go on... but i
will refrain.

Anyway, please bear with me because, in order for me to explain the mechanics of
self-sacrifice, i first need to explain some surrounding details. Let us start
with why we are here... our goal if you will.

So, why are we here?

We know that the physical is a vessel for the soul and it manifests the souls
wishes. But why does the soul need to be here in the physical realm? Well, this
realm is the realm of change. Hopefully this is obvious by the nature of what must
happen to the physical body in terms physical changes with the passing of time.
Bascially, in the physical realm, the physical body must undergo change. This
simply is the nature of the physical realm.
So, getting back to "why is the soul present in the physical realm?" Well,
the following answer is definitely as valid as the rest, if not more insightful...
We already know that the soul that resides within the physical body is not subject
to the passing of "time". We also know that the soul does not change on its own.
Why? Well, this is because the spiritual realm of the soul, is a realm of relative
permanance (eternity) and non-change {details are out of scope here}. So, if the
physical realm did not exist, a realm where change IS possible, then how could the
soul change? The point is, the soul (the resider of the physical body i.e. YOU OR
ME) has now been given a chance to CHANGE; a chance to choose right over wrong, a
chance to purify its self, to shape its self into a true human being and submit to
God. Perhaps it's worth taking note of some of the following teachings:

"Truly he succeeds that purifies it [the soul],

And he fails that corrupts it!" Qur'an, 91:9-10

"But those will prosper who purify themselves," Qur'an, 87:14

"The yogis, abandoning attachment, act with body, mind, intellegence and even with
the senses, only for the purpose of purification," Baghvad Gita, Chapter 5:11

We came into this physical realm to purify our-selves, not to just perform
rituals. The rituals, such as fasting are tools to help us to achieve our goal
here; to learn self-control to be able to self-sacrifice in order to submit to
God. We may have arrived into the dunya as animalistic souls, but we should aim to
leave as Perfect Human Beings (Ihsaan al-Kamil). We need to gain control of our
animal selves and sacrifice our egos and completely submit to God. Anyone reading
this who feels that he/she is ready to strive to becoming perfect human being
should contact us for Path of Perfection lessons.

Back to the mechanics of self-sacrifice

Every material goal that the soul engages in (beyond necessity) shackles the soul
to the material realm. It is like the soul attaches a rope around itself and then
throws the anchor into the material realm, thus stopping it from returning to the
higher spiritual realm and ultimately returning to God. Each of these worldly
desires we have is an attachment that must be severed before we can return to God.
Each of these goals or attachments we have act as a distraction from doing
God's Will i.e. doing what is right. Like i mentioned earlier about paying the
poor rate. Man's attachment to his worldly money is what will stop him from
soaring into the heavens. Why? because he has not purified him-self, he has not
made that self-sacrifice (of his desire) in order to do God's Will, so he remains
attached to this world. But man's worldly-attachments are NUMEROUS. Man needs to
learn to control these desires so that they do not lead him away from his true

"The one who knows the world and discards it has purified himself." Al-Hadith Al-
Qudsi, Chpt 24:9

"A person who has given up all desires for sense gratification, who lives free
from desires, who has given up all sense of proprietorship and is devoid of false
ego - he alone can attain real peace." Baghavad Gita, Chpt 2:71

Man has many self-sacrifices (CHANGES) to make in order free him-self of the
shackles of this world and to submit to God completely and achieve fana'.

We are like birds with the capability of soaring high into the heavens. Yet we
choose to walk on the ground, anchored/lured by the bread on the floor or the worm
in the grass.
For those that are not successful with their detachments/purification of the
self, they will find separation from the physical realm at the time of physical
death quite "painful". If we imagine, how much "pain" we feel when we lose someone
or something that we are very attached to now... Well, imagine, at the time of
death, having to sever all our remaining attachments all at once! i feel sorry for
the poor soul that remains animal-like at death as it will have made less self-
sacrifices and thus have more attachments than most.
But we have been warned in the Qur'an that we would be tested with our
wealth, our families, our possessions.

"Say: If it be that your fathers, your sons, your brothers, your mates, or your
kindred; the wealth that ye have gained; the commerce in which ye fear a decline:
or the dwellings in which ye delight - are dearer to you than Allah, or His
Messenger, or the striving in His cause;- then wait until Allah brings about His
decision: and Allah guides not the rebellious." Qur'an 9:24

We are warned in the bible against hoarding material wealth:

"It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to
enter the kingdom of God." New Testament, Mark 10:25

Yet, still man accumulates wealth through greed and attaches himself to people and
objects within the material realm. We have been also forewarned in the Gita:

"... Detachment; freedom from entanglement with children, wife, home and the rest;

... all these I declare to be knowledge, and besides this whatever there may be
is ignorance." Baghvad Gita, Chpt 13:9-12

So, in summary, this realm allows us to change, to actually choose to make

sacrifices. The mechanism/act of self-sacrifice allows us to detach from the
material goods and thus the material realm. The soul that manages to completely
sacrifice all it's attachments in order to fulfil God's Will will have been
successful in its purification. It will have achieved fana' or complete submission
to God (the true Islam) and will indeed have been a blessed soul to have made it
so far.

At that point one will have achieved what the Sufi sheik, Bawa Muhayideen, termed
"to die before death" i.e. death of the ego before physical death. This is in the
same vain as what Prophet Lao Tzu mentions in the Tao Tse Tsing (Chapter 33), "to
die but not to perish is to be eternally present."
They are just telling us that to achieve purification and successfully change
in the realm of change; we would return to the realm of the Spirit, the realm of
We read the same thing about the righteous (those that follow God's laws) in
the Old Testament being written into the "book of the living".

"Let them (those of iniquity) be blotted out of the book of the living, And not be
written with the righteous." Old Testament, Psalms 69:28

"In the way of righteousness there is life; along that path is immortality." Old
Testament, Proverbs 12:28

"The truly righteous man attains life, but he who pursues evil goes to his death."
Old Testament, Proverbs 11:19

Stage 3 - Ambassadors of God

"A person in the divine conciousness, although engaged in seeing, hearing,
touching, smelling, eating, moving about, sleeping and breathing, always knows
within himself that he actually does nothing at all. Because while speaking,
evacuating, receiving, or opening or closing his eyees, he always knows that only
the material senses are engaged with their objects and that he is aloof from
them."Baghvad Gita, Chpt 5:8-9

Now this stage is the stage where one has detached from the wordly things
completely and one's will is inline with that of the Divine Will of God. Therefore
effectively, the physical is just a vessel for God's Will to be done.

- Exacting Judgement -

God will utilise the purified individuals to exact judgement upon the evil doers:

"It is not you who slew them; it was Allah: when you threw (a handful of dust i.e.
stones), it was not your act, but Allah's: in order that He might test the
Believers by a gracious trial from Himself: for Allah is He Who heareth and
knoweth (all things)." Qur'an 8:17

This in fact has not only happened in the past, but it will also happen in the
future when the Mahdi (12th Divine Guide) and Jesus return to realign mankind with
God's true teachings. All 313 individuals (the Mahdi, Jesus and their 311
companions) should have reached this purified state and they will act as one for
God, exacting God's punishment upon mankind:

"Al-Qa'im (12th Divine guide) will rise with a new task, new principles and new
judgments. He will be severe with the `Arabs. He will do nothing but killing. He
will not forgive anyone and he will not care for any blame because he acts for the
sake of Allah."

Thbat al-Hudat, vol. 3 p.540, Bihar al-Anwar, vol.. 52. p.354, Mu'jam Ahadith al-
Imam al-Mahdi, vol. 3 p. 253

These purified are the ones that are spoken of here:

"The companions of Al-Qa'im are reserved for him. Even if all the peoples will
have gone, Allah will bring him his companions. It is they, about whom Allah has
said, "Therefore if these people disbelieve in it We have already entrusted with
it a people who are not disbelievers in it, [6:89]" and has said "Allah will bring
a people, Hu shall love them and they shall love Hu, lowly before the believers,
mighty against the unbelievers, they shall strive hard in Allah's way and shall
not fear the censure of any censurer. [5:54]"
Tafsir al-Burhan, vol.1 p.478, al-Mahajja p.64, Bihar al-Anwar, vol.52 p.370,
Yanabi'ul Mawadda p.422, Mu'jam Ahadith al-Imam al-Mahdi, vol.5 p.93, 100.

The prophesies spoken of above are, however, outside of the scope of this article.
For those interested in reading about what will happen when the Mahdi returns with
Jesus, please contact me for the "Revolution of the Mahdi" article. The point is,
the purified are used also to exact judgement amongst mankind.

- Beacons of Light -

God will also use the purified to guide the seekers of Truth. God's Light of
guidance shall shine through the purified into the manifest world, cutting through
the ignorance of the masses; cutting through tradition, culture and falsehoods.

"Nay, We hurl the Truth against falsehood, and it knocks out its brain, and
behold, falsehood doth perish! Ah! woe be to you for the (false) things ye ascribe
(to Us)." Qur'an 21:18

It is worth remembering that the Truth shines through that individual. It is God's
Truth and not the individuals. Therefore it is worth noting that, because of this,
true knowledge or truth cannot be forcibly acquired. It is bestowed:

"True knowledge is not gained nor acquired through forceful learning and studying,
true knowledge is the light that Allah (Ta'ala) places in the heart of those who
He wants to lead to the right path." Imam Jafar as-Sadiq

- Guardians over His creation -

The purified "individual" would also become an ambassador of God on earth, his
agent. Overseeing harmony amongst It's creation.

"Fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the
birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth." Old
Testament, Genesis 1:28

The souls that reach this stage, these are the souls that God wants to look after
the earth. These are the souls that deserve to be given "dominion of all of His
creatures" as the Old Testament says. Not the animalistic souls that have yet to
learn self-restraint; those that use the earth and God's creation to fulfill their
own egotistical desires; those that care nothing for the oppressed or the poor.
These souls are worthy of nothing and are wasting their opportunity to change
whilst in the realm of change.

- Concluding -

i am hoping the understanding that i have tried to give above will help people to
see the bigger picture with regards to how the soul operates, why we are here, how
to achieve our true goal and to realise that there is more to a ritual than what
one sees on the surface. And hopefully, the understanding will spur the reader to
analyse and contemplate upon the progression of his/her own soul. For the readers
of this article who feel ready to try and become true humans, i strongly recomment
Path of Perfection lessons.

Note: Details have been purposefully left out as to what sacrifices should be made
in order to completely submit to God. As this would be based upon what God says is
right and wrong, and this is the wrong place for this discussion. However, those
who have read chapters 1 - 5 should have a good idea where i am steering this.
But, still, i leave this search to the readers themselves. As Jesus said, "seek
and you shall find".

The following chapters (7 to 10) will detail some other "rituals" that have been
taught to mankind in order to help him achieve complete submission to God.

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