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Adda haku - Place to hang out Akkanna - Neither man nor woman; another term for Chakka Akkannan

Baaglu - Emergency exit on BMTC buses (the front door is usually used b y ladies and the back door by men) Admu/ Adamankondu Koothko - Ask someone to shut up Alladsu - To shake; used as a tongue-in-cheek expression for suggesting masturba tion Amavasye/ Amavase Devva - Literally meaning a 'New Moon Day'; used to refer to a very dark skinned person or a black person. Maga, avna Area - For a controlling space of a Rowdy Aunty - A buxom young girl or a married woman Aykollodu - Literally means picking up - used as a slang for dead/died, Eg: ivnu ivattu aykontaane maga Awaaz haaku - To shout at Bayanaka - Derived from hindi word Bhayank and means the same (Ex: Illi bayanaka traffic jam aagide) Bitta - Used as an expression suggesting that someone has just farted Blade haaku - To talk at length to an uninterested listener Bachaav - To save BJP - Short for Bejan Jatka Party or An obssessive masturbator Bollisu - nicely 'shave' a person of his/her money Bomman - Brahmin Bomb haaku - To fart Bond - One who is good at studies, used for kutching(see below) also Chachaaku - Actually means to hit well, used to refer to somebody who has perfor med well in exams Chakka - Shemale Chamcha - A sidekick, literally means a spoon Chatri - Cunning person; not to be trusted Chindi - Perform exceptionally well, Eg: exam chindi uDayisbitta Chitranna - Indicates someone in a bad shape or situation Choola/Chool Nayi - A man with excessive lust Chooli - A woman with excessive lust Chot - To steal; (Ex: Yaaro nan pen chotkond hogidare) Deal - To use force to ensure submission Dealer - Any Rowdy or deal maker Deal Agoythiya - To threaten someone that he/ she would have to face dire conseq uences Dengu - (Literally to insert perhaps from Telugu) used for intercourse or to ste al Deng Tinnu - To be corrupt or earn by cheating - Konkanigalu Dengi tinno nan mak klu Dove Kachhodu - (A variant phrase for 'olu bidodu' - to lie or to bullshit Dow - A girlfriend or boyfriend Dabba - Literally an empty can, but actually means an insensible/useless person Dagal Hodiyodu - Similar to 'Blade haaku'; refers to someone narrating false sto ries Dagaar - A whore/prostitute Figarru - Pretty girl Gaanchali - To indicate someone who is behaving out of the way, and in an irrita ting manner Gamad - Another term for a fool or an ignorant person (perhaps from Hindi Jaahil meaning illiterate) Gandhi - To indicate a person who is very innocent or behaves like innocent Goobe - Stupid, literally an owl Gubbal - similar to goobe (Ex: Yaavano aunu gubbal nan maga.) Gubold - Alias for Guldu or Guldu khan Guldu - An idiot Guru - General term to address people, usually within guys; actual meaning is fo r someone who is learned

Hava Idu - To keep scared of ones Hava Ebbisu - To Kutch, eg: Hava Ebbisabeda sumne Hoge/Kenda - A boy says to a girl go away. Dead/caught in grave danger and also means to die (fire put in front for the person house when he is dead) Hula bidu - Literally means to 'Leave a worm' - Used in the context to say - Mak e them to think Jhappar/ Jhappar Khan - Anyone who's dressed in rags or comes from the lower str ata of the society. (Evening shift nalli Jhappar gal thara adthare) Jhappar Ayodu - To Rag pick Jhappar Ayovnu - A Rag picker. Usage: Jaijo Jhappar Ayovan thara kantane Jhatka/ Jhatka Hodko - Masturbation Jingchak - Used for vibrant and fluorescent colour dressed characters. Eg: Maga, aun shirt nodo, jingchak aagi idhe Juttu - A Novice, a rookie, not matured - still a kid Kaage harsu - Literally to fly away a crow, but means to fool someone Kaal haku ( Bale Beisu ) - Derived from "propose". As soon as u see a good femal e (Figure) attract her Kachchko - Literally to bite, but used to mean to linger on in traffic, or also to protect a wicket in cricket Kacchu (Kacchings) - in its classical sense - to bite; to us Bangaloreans, it is to talk incessantly without any meaning or even lying sometimes Kalachiko/Kataysko/Aepase - To fled out of the scene Karaab - Hindi word meaning bad, but usually used by Engineering Students to mea n heights of bad, depending on context Karga - Karaga - Literally a dance form to show off Kaat/ Kaatpadi - Another term for Konga (perhaps derrived from the place near Sa lem, Tamil Nadu). Katthi - Literally a knife, means Superb Kireek - Disagreement which usually leads to a fight (Panga/lafda in Hindi) Kichayisu - To trigger a fight Kolte/Kwashtu - Waste person Konga - Kongas or Kongaties - Tamils who are living in Bangalore Koole - Means have fun Kudumi - Bookworm Kumaarr - Unmarried boy Kutching - Art of praising someone unnecessarily, for fun Kutti/ Kutty - Another term for Mallu Kwaatle/Kirik - (fight) Person who always induce problems Line Hodi - To romance someone LKB - Not to be mistaken for Lord Krishna Bank (refers to a man's private hair u sed to refer to a loser or a pathetic person) Loosu - A insensible person Laththe - Clumsy Maga - (In Banglore boys calling to their friends.) literally means son/one who is young. If you go to some remote village in south karnataka (around Mandya), o lder people usually use the word. But, especially in bangalore, it is used to sp eak to someone whom we know well like a friend - closely maps to the English wor d Dude. Maja - Enjoy Mallu - A malyali or a native of Kerala Mallu Tullu - A Malyali Woman or a Keralite female; (Tullu is a slang for vagina ) Meter - ( how much courage you have.) Measure of bravery by asking crudely Meter estidhe or How much Meter do you have. often compared to Auto Rickshaw meters o f Bangalore which jump at road humps and are notoriously dear even for a short d istance Maaruva Katte - (A place of selling at one place.) Meaning a katte (elevated spa ce) for maarata(selling) Mannu Hodkondu malko - Dead/Buried inside the sand Minchinguu - To show-off. Minchu means lightening streak, but is normally used t

o denote Muslim Burkha clad women who put chamki - shining apparels. Used for so meone wearing gaudy coloured dress Mindri - Literally a parmour or a gigolo; used to refer to cunning or visious pe ople. Shrini sakkath mindri munde maga. Mouth Kiss - Lip-to-lip kiss or French kiss Mundayisu - (Means cheating someone) means to nicely shave a person of his money Mundevu - munde means basically widow (woman whose spouse has died) mundevu is n ormally used to scold the small children with out taking the meaning of munde (i ts like scolding in love) Ombodu - Another term for chakka Oost - Gone Case Paachko - have a sound sleep Paaketuu - country liquor. Pandu - Gaandu Paper haku - Resign from job Pantar/Panta - (Means a big rowdy) From Pandit for someone who is a master. Also used for betters/match fixers Pataysu - (Teasing the girl) To make girl fall in love. Penga - Monkey (Fool) Pekkru - Person who is fool/dumb Piteel - Actually means Violin, So, used to indicate lies or words of no use Pote Aagu - Another term for Yescape Punda/Pokiri/Chappar - equalling a Loafer Puntar - Ustad, Skilled Qwarteruu- A quarter of country liquor Rowdy - A Rowdy Saaman - (literally an article, instrument or thing) A slang term for penis Saaman Nayaka - Another term for Shaat Nayaka Saabi - A Muslim Sakkath - Super Shaata - Private hair or bush hair Shaat Nayaka - Someone who behaves like a very important person without anyone r ecognising it. Shata Teri - (Literally to shave one's private hair). Used to curse any wasted o pportunity or curse any time waster Shishya/Sisya/Maga - For a friend - considering as a disciple Sikkapatte - very much SKB - short for Suvar ke Bachche.. (immortalized by the swearing police inspecto r of the Paapa Pandu serial) Soda - One wearing spectacles, usually with high power or thick glasses Soi Tapak - An expression used while doing something smartly or easily. Introduc ed by Jaggesh. Immortalized in the serial Silly Lilly by the doctor. Sink Madu - To steal(Not to be confused with Sink Agu) Tagdu - A person who is dumb Thepu - To steal Thukal - A person who is of no use Ticket kodu - Fire from job Tight - Used in two contexts; one when someone's broke the other when anyone is tipsy or heavily drunk Thika - A person's backside Thika Hodosko - (Literally meaning get one's backside pounded) used to curse som eone to get lost or get screwed Thika Kobbu - Another term for 'Gaanchali' referring to arrogance. Thika Kodu - To cheat or to not care for Thika Nekku - To be a toady (literally to lick someone's backside) Thika mucchu - literally to shut one's backside used to ask someone to stop bull shitting (ticka muchkond kutko) Thika Uri - Another term for Uri Tinnu - referred to some false Story (namage tinn kattbEDa - Don't lie to us)

Topi haaku - To make a person wear a cap(topi) - symbolic of making him a fool Tussu - Originates from fire crackers that don't go off (Tuss-pataki), refers to a person who is not capable Thurka - A slang for muslims (perhaps from Turks) Uri - Jealosy Yedda/Yabuda - Fool/Brainless Yaandalli - Someone who's very rustic or ignorant of social behaviour. Tarun Yaa ndalli nan maga. Yescape / Sink aagu - Derived from 'Escape'. Introduced by Jaggesh. Means to Run away from trouble Some English words commonly used with Kannada include image, level, demand, guar antee, by-two tea, IT/BT(software), road, coffee, tax, etc. [edit] Terms in sports [edit] Cricket Alak mel pulak - used to refer to fluke Aadsko - Instructions to a bowler to keep the batsman on strike or not to give a way runs Ata Aadsu - To fox the batsmen or tease the bowler; also used as a variant for ' Aadsko' Baby Over - A 3-ball over in gully cricket; usually asked by other fielders to t he captain or the umpire when a bowler is bowling too many extras and giving run s away Baarsu - To hit or bang Beesu - To Swing Bhavi Thodtavne - Literally means someone is digging a well - to refer to someon e's slow batting Chachhu - To pound Current stumping - A practice in gully cricket where stones/ bricks are used as wickets and a batsmen is run-out when a fielder has his leg on the stone or bric k wicket and has caught the ball. Esithavne Hushar - Used to warn the batsman that the bowler chucks or the bowlin g is very fast Haku - Indication to put or throw (made famous by Nayan Mongia's usage while kee ping to Anil Kumble and Prasad) Hodadadu - Indicate the batsmen to hit out or get out (Usually in the slog overs or when the asking rate is high) Dubba Haku / Score Dubba Haku - To Cheat with the score or increase runs Kachko - Used to indicate a batsman to hang on Kachkontu - Used to indicate when a flook catch is taken Kan muchkondu bisu - Another phrase for 'Sumne beesta Iru' Kitha Haku - Asking a bowler to clean bowl a batsman (usually used against a wea ker batsman) Kolte Batsman - For someone who covers the stumps and smashes powerfully on On-s ide but equally incompetent when it comes to Off- side. Kuktka - Defensive Batsman Mayalladru adko - Indication to the batsmen to use his body but not to get clean bowled Muttbit bartha iru - to touch and run; usually used by the nonstriker who wants to get the strike or run fast Ota / Kudure (literally horse) - In cricket commentary it is used for denoting a run. Peeku - To snatch runs or to smash hard Pillay - Used to refer to a weak or a small, young or inexperienced players Pinda - For a dead ball which comes rolling to a batsman. Solle Hodi - To miss a catch or to remain idle Sumne beesta Iru - Blindly swing your bat at every ball

thootu - For a misfield. Thukali Batsman - A Batsman who always gets consistent low scores. Pitch Catch- A one pitch catch usually used in gully cricket. Lodde - A left-handed batsman/bowler Soudhe shot - Any chop shot (soude literally firewood) Two-Dee or Two-dec - A shorter boundary in gully or small field cricket, when th e ball touches such boundry line 2 runs are declared and the batsman need not ru n for it. Yesi - To throw, chuck or bowl fast