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Healing Hearts: Divorce Care provides support for hurting individuals, families
By RACHEL MARI Founded by Steve Grissom of Church Initiative, a Christ-centered, non-profit ministry, Divorce Care is a network of recovery support groups that offers help and healing for those experiencing separation and divorce. Groups follow a 13-week, Bible-based video series that includes group discussions and workbook exercises. As Angie Fetrow attests (testimony on the right), the support offered by the program is key. For this reason, Community Bible Church in San Diego ( runs its Divorce Care program multiple times throughout the year, said Pat Rusheen, a facilitator for the program. Special attention is given to the timing of the cycles, so that they are offered during holiday seasons and summers, when most ministries shut down and individuals may be feeling alone. For example, a new cycle was started May 1, providing support during potentially difficult holidays such as Mothers Day and Fathers Day. Rusheen relayed how one participant experienced dramatic change: When she started the program, she cried during the entire session for many weeks, said Rusheen. But as the discussions and videos continued, we began to see a metamorphosis take place. She began to talk about her pain and the horrendous circumstances around her separation and divorce proceedings. And the more she was able to do this, the more we saw her heal. She is still on the road to recovery, but can now smile and be engaged in life again. She has grown closer to God through her pain and has learned to trust Him through unbelievable circumstances. She draws her strength to continue from the Lord. Along similar lines, Pauline Blas, facilitator of the Divorce Care program at the Rock Church in San Diego (, indicated that the program has become key in congregational care. Rock Church has approximately 12,000 attendees each Sunday, she said. With that amount of people, there are many married coupleswho are facing some sort of marital crisis. Divorce Care has been a most valuable toolbecause of such an overwhelming request for counseling for those who have been confronted with divorceunexpectedly. We are like an emergency room for the broken hearted. The church also offers DC4K, (Divorce Care for Kids) for ages 5-12 (www. and a seminar called Surviving the Holidays. We have seen people come to Jesus Christ, rededicate their lives, and their lives which were once shattered, are healed, said Blas. There have been marriages that have been restored. Many of the former participants are now serving and involved in other ministriesPeople realize that God often uses tragedy and suffering to help us grow. Like Fetrow, once individuals have experienced healing in their own lives, they often are passionate about showing others the way. For Sher Takahashi and his wife Barbara Webster Takahashi, co-leaders of the Divorce Care group at Skyline Church in La Mesa (, the ministry is something that is close to both of their hearts, because they each experienced divorce in the past. Ive been on both sides of divorce and know what both sides go through, said Sher Takahashi. Its through our marriage that we show others that there is healing and hope in what the Lord has planned for us. And in addition to ministering to the congregation, the group has proved to be an effective way to reach the community. The outreach has really brought in a lot of people from the community that have never been to Skyline and have stopped going to church, said Takahashi. They are suffering from rejection (the person getting left) and guilt (the person doing the leaving). They are all looking for answers. The answers are in the Bible and this is getting them there. o For information about Divorce Care or groups in your area, visit Just a couple of months before I came to Heart Healers, I found myself lying on a cold bathroom floor, crying until there were no tears left. As I faced the end of my 17 year marriage, I believed it was actually possible to die of a broken heart. I felt like I had fallen down five flights of stairs in slow motion, into a pit that I didnt want to be in. I had three small children to care for and I wasnt quite sure how I could possibly manage that. I needed relief for my pain quickly! I somehow made my way to Heart Healers, a member of a club that I never wanted to join! I felt like I was in a coma, wearing a T-shirt with a big D on the front. This was the last place I ever expected to find myself. My emotional pain was so intense that I didnt speak to anyone in my group for months. I cried a lot! When I came to Heart Healers, it was as if I was carrying a heavy backpack full of issues that weighed me down. Most of those issues had been with me for so long, it was as if skin had grown over the backpack and the issues had just become a part of who I was. As I went through the Heart Healers programs, the Lord began to work in an incredible way in my life! In order to get to the issues inside the backpack, God had to peel off that skin one layer at a time. The process was so painful! It was like having heart surgery without anesthesia. But, as God worked in my life over those months, I was finally able to unload my backpack and find personal growth and healing. Whats the end of my story? I have no idea, because God continues to work in my life and write new chapters all the time! I do know that I am a much different woman than the one who walked into Heart Healers nine years ago. God has used this ministry to stretch me and change me. Most of all, God has provided me with the HOPE that only He can bringHOPE for healing in the midst of a broken life and a broken heart. God has asked me to pass on the HOPE that I found to people just like you! As you openly trust Him in your pain and patiently wait to see what He does in your life, I guarantee that you will be surprised by the results! Angie Fetrow, a Divorce Care leader in the Heart Healers ministry at Emmanuel Faith Community Church, Escondido


June 2013


Let us consider how to stimulate one another to love and good deeds, not forsaking our own assembling together.

Heb. 10:24-25 (NAS)

Middle school ministry . . .

Continued from page 1 wasnt optimistic about the success of any effort, let alone an actual attempt at having a Christian club during the lunch period. Im not shy, he says, Ill talk to anybody. But without fellowship there really isnt any point. And then fellowship hit this young man, hit him hard, and he decided to try. RENOVATE is defined as making new or as if new again; to repair, reinvigorate, refresh or revive and the word is as appropriate for your soul as it is for your lawn. Anthony Monahan found this out when he attended a Renovate worship event, started by students just like him and supported by Urban Youth Collaborative, where Pastor Dan Bauch is on staff. Renovate is an event where students sometimes 300 to 400 from Christian clubs all over come together to worship and share the love and ministry of Jesus Christ, Bauch explains. Weve seen tremendous results, lives not only being changed, but lives being saved. Anthony saw the same thing, and he believed something similar could be done on his own campus. Getting permission wasnt the easiest thing because he couldnt immediately find a teacher who would sponsor the club, and then when the club actually got going, It seemed like months and nothing really happened. And then one student came, and then another, until there were seven! They stayed in touch through email, praying that God would do something which, of course, he did. He came up with The Hot Seat. ANGELYN KING was one of the seven that came up with the idea of having a chair in the middle of the room the hot seat where a student could sit if they wanted prayer. This, however, was not just your classic Oh-Lord-bless-our-friend type prayer, this was intense Lord-we-beseechyou! prayer. On the count of three, Angelyn recalls, everyone in the room would start praying as hard as they could for the person sitting in the chair. Word traveled around campus that the Christian club was going to do something very different, and when it came to the day of the hot seat, a modest crowd of sixth graders had gathered in the classroom during lunch. What happened next, though, can only be explained as, well, a God-thing. There was this guy, Anthony and Angelyn begin, excitement creeping into their voices as they describe something that happened nearly two years ago, both talking over the other as they think of the day when you could feel the Holy Spirit rush into the room. This guy was a notorious student at the middle school, who was at the very least a bully, and some students considered him wicked to the point of bordering on satanic. Yet it was this student who asked to sit in the hot seat. So he walks to the chair in the middle of the room, the story continues, and he sits down and one of the students is playing worship music and we go 1 2 3! And everyone starts praying for this guy! Enough students returned to school from lunch that day sobbing especially the guy who had been in the hot seat that the school administration decided something needed to be done. I TOLD THEM IT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN, Anthony remembers telling the school, but I knew I was lying. I wanted it to happen again! And it did. Word of the bullys courage in seeking prayer, and the student after student who followed his lead to the center of the room for 1 2 3! Prayer, attracted so many students that a second classroom had to be assigned. And still they came so many that you had to get a pass to gain admission to the rooms. Prayer had to be stopped 10 minutes before the end of the 30-minute lunch period so students could compose themselves before returning to class. And still students came so many that the school finally allowed the Christian club to meet in the auditorium. All this because one student believed in the power of fellowship and was willing to try. ANTHONY AND ANGELYN have moved on. They have turned their efforts toward a new focus called Project 25, where Christian clubs see what they can do with $100 to reach others for Jesus. The two Mira Mesa High School sophomores put their talent toward a successful local fun run to benefit a mom whose husband recently died of cancer. They are also looking forward to the June Renovate, the worship outreach that started it all for them, way back when they were sixth graders learning stuff in middle school. They learned the OK stuff and the not so OK stuff, but their lives will never be the same, because they allowed God to help them learn the awesome stuff! NEXT: whose side are you on? For information on the June RENOV ATE event, go to the Urban Youth Collaborative website at

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