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html Dear Aruna, please find the attached CV and do needful. Total Experience: 2.8 Relevant Exp. in Dot NET: 2.8 Qualification: M.C.A Current Organisation: CSC Current CTC: 3.5lpa Expected CTC: 4.2lpa Notice Period: 30days Thanks, 8147037158 No.8/1, 8/4, AugIm not sure what do you mean by deploying silverlight web parts. If you want to show your silverlight component or application in Sharepoint 201 0 this answer works. 1. Upload your .xap silverlight file in a document library 2. Go to the webpart page where you want to add the silverlight 3. Click Edit Page from the ribbon Click Add a webpart In the webpart category choose - Media and Content->Silverlight Webpart Click Add 4. In the dialogbox give the URL (relative URL) of the .xap file that was upload ed earlier (Mark this as answer if this is what you wanted)usta, Embassy Golf Link Biz Park , Off Intermediate Ring Road, Challaghatta Village, Varthur Hobli, Domlur, Banga lore - 560071 | View Map (080) 46760000 create database practice use practice create table dept(dno int primary key,dname varchar(20),loc varchar(20)) create table emp(eno int primary key,ename varchar(20),salary money,dnum int ref erences dept(dno) alter table emp drop constraint PK__emp__D9507B8703317E3D insert into dept values(10,'sales','marthalli'),(20,'purchage','silkboard'),(30, 'hr','btm') sp_help emp insert into emp values(1,'suresh',10000,10),(2,'hari',5000,20),(3,'mahesh',15000 ,10),(4,'prasad',20000,30) select * from emp

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